May 4, 2022

Obedience is NOT a Virtue

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This weeks chat is with Dr. Mark Sherwood. Dr. Sherwood was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma and raised in nearby Berryhill. His time spent in law enforcement, as well as helping thousands of patients at the Functional Medical Institute he founded with his wife, have shaped in him the principled leadership that Oklahoma needs. He sees all too clearly the suffocating socialist agenda that is sweeping the nation and making its way to Oklahoma. Dr. Mark is not naive enough to believe that Oklahoma will be exempt from the marxist strategy to destroy families, silence the church, and push for a totalitarian regime. In critical times such as these, the need for strong and bold leadership – instead of self-serving politics – is crucial. Dr. Mark has risen to the task of filling this void in the governor’s office. He is running to challenge and replace Kevin Stitt, and provide Oklahoma with the proactive leader it needs. The Oklahoma governor’s office must be willing to face controversial issues head on. Unfortunately, Stitt has not demonstrated a willingness to be that leader.

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today's fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of Anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom Together, I'm your host, Bradley freedom. And today's guest is Mark Sherwood. That's right. Mr Mark Sherwood, who is running for governor actually in Oklahoma, joined us on the podcast. What a wonderful time. I had a great time speaking with Mark.

He is the real deal. He's a solid straight shooter. Tells the truth. I like him anyway. I think you'll like them too once we jump into this conversation. But before we do, what I need you to do is head on over to the freedom people. org and sign up to be a contributing member today. You can contribute for as little as $0 a month, which is a pretty good deal. And it gives you an award. You all of the benefits of a private ministerial association that we are under.

Also we can help you set one up. You got a business you want to take from the public into the private. Let us help. We're also getting into that nice little trust stuff. Come on, let's go. Okay. Mm hmm, mm hmm. Yeah, it's a beautiful thing. Thank you so much. Thank you. Yeah, it's uh, I know that we we did speak a little bit in the past um, with Doug and all that good stuff. And uh man after reading about you and stuff, we're just honored. Thank you so much for being here before we get too much into it uh, for the listeners and the viewers and all that good stuff.

Can you just let everybody know who you are? Yeah. Mark Sherwood, I am a naturopathic doctor. My wife and I dr Michelle run the functional medical institute in Tulsa Oklahoma and running for governor of the state of Oklahoma, That's probably the, the newest best news. And I'm just excited to be here with you tonight. Oh man, awesome. So governor, what sparked that? I did not contrary to popular belief, temporary losing my mind. No, um, you know, honestly, um I was frustrated with a lot that was going on in the world.

Um, I had complained like probably all of us have at some point in time and I didn't want to be part of the problem anymore and wanted to become part of the solution. I looked at myself in the mirror. Um, God directed me to be obedient and I don't make any bones about that. It was just stepping up and saying yes, after listen to that talk to my wife, we decided to just, you know, again step forward and obey the call and when we did last summer, it's been a, it's been one heck of a ride.

I mean we've met all kinds of people and heard the heartbeat of our state, the heartbeat of people and it's clear to me, we did the right thing. And I'm very pleased we did. And look when you win, lose or draw, we already won because we said yes, ah man, that's a beautiful sentiment. Seriously? Yeah, that's beautiful. Uh and you know, speaking of your wife, that that's one of the things that I kinda wanted to talk about, um your guy's story is very unique and I don't want to focus too.

But I mean for people that don't know, could you kind of tell your your background story about you and your wife? It's such a beautiful story. Yeah, so my wife um Michelle, you know, she, she truly is my best friend, my pal, my buddy, my co Ceo and I've said this before and I say it every time I get in front of people that she's not just my spareribs, she's my prime rib, you know, perfectly glazed, no doubt. Right? So it's, it's cool. But honestly, um we both have been through a lot of tragedy in our lives, You know, my wife was actually homeless at one time and uh climbed Claude, you know, fought her way out of that.

Um I've been through many, many tragedies in my life as well and we met um, you know, kind of at a time in our lives where frankly we didn't really want anybody around anymore. We were very content with who we are, but I learned something powerful during that time I learned that in order to have a uh not just a good marriage but a great marriage the way it's supposed to you have to be content with who you are as an individual otherwise you become dependent upon somebody else to always meet your needs.

And so instead of codependent we are interdependent which is is really cool and we met kind of a cool story you know she she was a osteopathic doctor still is and I was you know studying nature empathy and um I was working for a company that was selling supplements to educate physicians and I came and called on her one day at her clinic where she just opened it up the functional medical institute and we had a great conversation and I finished the conversation and stuck my hand out and shook her hand and said thank you dr Neil you know her maiden name for the time and and I couldn't let go of her hand.

It was crazy you know like there was people around you know this is weird what am I gonna do now and I asked her you know if she would have dinner with me and she did she brought a chaperone go figure right and uh but we haven't been apart a day since it truly was love at first sight and by the way for those that don't know this there was a movie made of this story and our lives and it's called the prayer list and I highly encourage people to watch that because if you want to know the backstory of all of this and in a really inspirational um you know, kind of a faith based movie, go to the prayer list and it's out there everywhere right now on all the media sources, the prayer list, the Perlis, That's amazing.

Thank you, thank you for sharing and we always really do appreciate you guys sharing. It's a, you know, because that's that's personal stuff and and it's also just so inspiring and beautiful and to see you doing what you're doing, right? So let's move back to more to that. Um so you and and and uh what exactly do you guys have going on right now, I mean you're running for governor. There's a lot that's a very open ended question more specifically like your your your practice, you guys have a practice together and we do um we, shortly after, you know, we met um she had just opened the functional medical institute and obviously our love story progressed to where I told her I loved her and she reciprocated, thank the Lord. Right?

And then a year later we were married But during the process I joined her in the in the practice and so now that was, you know, almost 10 years ago now. So since that time when we started the functional medical institute, you know, me being a nature path and her being an osteopaths, we had this dream, this vision, I I know it's gonna sound commonsensical but somewhat crazy. We had this dream that if we treated the human body right and actually followed true science and gave people medicine through food letting medication not be first line therapy but a last line therapy.

We believed that the body made an image of God had ability to correct itself and heal itself and do some extraordinary things. Well obviously that was not met with great optimism by our colleagues. So we stepped out and did it. Um we truly stepped out in faith with that belief and we were you know, just straightforward, not wavering in that vision and it has grown to the point now where today I I say with all confidence we are the premier wellness based medical clinic in the United States of America right now, right in Tulsa Oklahoma and to that end a lot of people don't know this that starting in March 2020 we all know what happened then in our world.

We took the same mentality the same concept and treated the idea of this covid virus with that idea. And to this day, 10,000 people later that have either had covid or been exposed to COVID. We have lost no one, no one not a person and I can only thank you know God for that for giving us the wisdom and and by the way through the time that we've been together, we've been blessed to write three, number one bestselling books. We've made three movies and we've got two more on tap um this summer, man, like you know, it's funny Emily and I were talking about it.

We're like they do so much like we think we do a lot. No wow. It's like uh wow, wow, that's that's pretty amazing. Um Yeah, so the whole cuf bs stuff like um you know, what do you what do you think of that? I mean, you know, we're two years whatever in right March. I don't even know. But yeah, so now it's gone by the way, like nobody's even talking about it. They whitewashed all the grocery stores. It's all gone. It's like it's weird. It's like it happened, it's like this bad nightmare that we want to pretend didn't exist, right?

Yeah. No, I honestly we looked at that and I'm just shooting from the heart like I always do the at that moment in time when the leaders of our country, we're talking about this deal. What this is what I saw. I saw leaders in government, medicine and church. I saw them leading with this one word called fear and I gotta tell you, man, that went right through me. That didn't make sense to me. It didn't resonate with me from my background being, you know, former law enforcement swat team, you know, been around the world, it didn't fit and it didn't sound right.

And so you know, we thought perhaps there's some kind of virus perhaps. But we also thought that there was a hidden agenda behind it. And I think now that we look back clearly most people, it doesn't matter what side of the aisle you're on. The majority of people are going, you know, we probably messed that deal up. We, we sped up the idea of a vaccine with this thing called Operation warp speed. We got manipulated by doctors that were in charge of the White house messaging. We got locked down.

We got our constitutional rights violated because we didn't know them. We were told stop assembling together when we never should have stopped assembling together. We were told that these cloth mask work, they never did. And and get this over the year From 2020 to 2021. The first year of this thing. The lifespan of the average american dropped two years since that time in the next year. We've had the lifespan drop another half a year. So now instead of living longer, we're living less. And how many people had to die because of isolation, fear and loneliness unacceptable from the core.

And I just think that people at this point in time, I've encouraged the folks all over the United States and any chance I get to um, to stand up and don't be, don't be afraid anymore, treat your body right? Honor. It don't live in fear, learn to live with viruses. Don't freak out about them. Somebody needs a hug, give them a hug. It's going about your business. I love it. If somebody needs a hug, give me a hug, you know, that is the saddest part about what they were able to and I always say that they were able to, but it wasn't everybody did it on their own accord.

And that's the thing we allowed it. We sure did. And and this is unfortunate. You know, I've talked about this as I've been stomping around the state and even around the country in a sense we had, we we did not know the precious freedoms that we had, we did not appreciate them. We've lost the awareness of them. When you lose the awareness of something, you almost take it for granted, you know? So I have learned like right now, you know, I'm on a podcast with you and I'm appreciative of you, I am grateful for you and my whole attention is here and that's good.

But a lot of people and it's not anybody's fault we let it happen. We lose the appreciation of the moment, we lose the appreciation of the freedoms we have and when we lose the appreciation again that taking it for granted tends to be the focus and we go into something else and I'm hopeful that we got a big wake up call and I'm hoping that we never go back this direction again. Mhm. Amen brother, man. Yeah, yeah. Well said, um it's a it's heartbreaking in a lot of ways, you know, and at the same time I, I found that It was a wake up call that was the shaking, you know, because it's not like this just happened in 2020, right?

I mean, these small erosion of fears are fears come back to that small erosion of of our freedoms has gone on for for decades. This isn't something that just happened, you know what I mean? And so and finally, you know what I mean? The frog in the pot heating up the Yeah, I don't know if they turn it up too fast real quick, you know, and people were to like, I don't know, because I'll tell you, man, there's a lot of us coming together now, that's what I'm saying is and I think that we have an ability, I have more optimism now than ever.

I'll say that me too. Uh and people should be optimistic now. And I'm just saying from from what I've seen in personal experience in the last, You know, nine months being really engaged in listening to people listening to the heartbeat of America, the heartbeat of the grassroots the workers, the people that go out and just do the thing every day to exist and and want to help somebody else. I I am hopeful and we should be hopeful because there's a voice out here that has it has been quiet, has been silent for a long time.

But I'm seeing confidence arise. And when I see confidence arise, I see the people's voice rising up again. And um, and truly the whole idea of we, the people, that whole concept is coming back and I see it as not just coming back. I see this getting all the way back to a place that perhaps we haven't experienced in our lifetime. Mm hmm. Right. Exactly. And I, I think, uh, what you just said right there is exactly hitting the nail on the head because I don't think that we ever have, you know, I mean like we thought we were free.

But then the more you wake up so that you're not free, you realize we weren't. And how long has it been since we really were free? Were our parents free? Mm grandparents. You got, you got to go back a ways and be like, oh, that's before the manipulation started. And they started creating all these corporations and all these weird. There's a lot of stuff going on. There is, and I go back to probably the last time we experienced freedom was, you know, kind of in the World War II area era.

You know, where, um, you know, they call it the greatest generation. You know, they were able to make do in America while the men were all fighting. The people here may do they, they found a way we as a as a country bound together. And then you progress to the 70s and 80s. And that's when we started seeing a real clear erosion that was like unmistakable. You saw government get involved in our food. Remember the food pyramid, you know, what was that about? Yeah, they started trying to tell you how to eat.

And since that time we've seen the clear degradation Of health, not just in America but in the world. And we did that. You saw the the de regulation or the transference of vaccine liability from the vaccine manufacturer to the federal government. I mean 1986. Yeah, yeah. Like who does that? Right. zero. They have zero liability. People don't know that. I know it's crazy. And then you then you have all this big money manufacturing that started uh, along the lobbyist lines. You know, people manipulating and you use how these, these rules changing and all these political action committees and the lobbyists donating money and you saw a government controlled and government got bigger.

The federal government got bigger. And the bigger the federal government became, the more we realized hopefully that they were never designed to be that big. And so the people and their voices got smaller. State government got smaller. Federal government got bigger. We saw the family erode, we saw manhood erode, right, aren't we? Seeing that right now. And then all of a sudden, you know, now we've got this quagmire on our hands and but look, all hope is not lost because as we just stated, we can we can regain this because it is it is more than a right.

It is a privilege to to live in freedom. I think of the the tombstones in Arlington Cemetery. I mean, come on, I mean is that not like make you think people fought and died for this? Let's wake up and appreciate it and begin to walk in victory in it right every day man. Yeah, you said it and that that's that's a like you were saying earlier too, it's it's really that it's the people who have lost family, friends loved ones to to fighting for freedom or whatever it may be.

We I I think that there's a, you know, you're more aware again, it goes back to that it's the awareness were more aware of those freedoms, right? And and or or the sacrifice that people would give even even to try and preserve those freedoms, right? So it's a yeah, they're the way that they're and you know there women can't be women anymore and and and it's it's so weird that you think that the feminine is and then the men can have baby right? There's all it's just it's there's so much noise out there man.

Um it's crazy what is wrong and what is wrong is right, what is left is right, what is up is down? I mean I don't know how much more backwards we can get at this point. Alright, okay, so, so just kind of kind of switching gears a little bit. I'm curious on how how did you get into um natural apathy, natural medicine, How did you get into that? Yeah, it's, it's cool and I appreciate these questions because I like, you know, this, this is just real stuff right here and I love this.

This is, yeah, I'm really curious because I like, we, we met that one day we talked on the phone and you know, and, and but then when I, I mean, you know, you guys are pretty amazing people and so we just started doing research and I'm like, wow, I mean how like how does all this stuff actually, even even even how did you plug into all this man? It's like, you know, because you guys are very unique and, and um and successful, do you know what I mean?

It's also, you know, and you're flourishing and you're handling it all real well and, and you're still, you know, joe viant nice people. Uh you know, and haven't gotten swamped up or anything. So I'm just really curious about all these things man. Yeah, we're blessed. I mean, look, we, we try to stay grounded and balanced. I mean, look, we're not bible thumpers, but we have a relationship with God that we believe is real and he gives us peace. Um but I really got into this back um probably the last several years when I was working at the police academy doing training background investigation, I was in charge of, you know, hispanic outreach and recruiting and all this kind of stuff for the city of Tulsa.

And then I was tasked with the responsibility of starting a wellness program. This has been, you know, 20 years ago now for the police now. Okay, so maybe we need to pause there and that's something that I guess I should hit up. So you also were in law enforcement uh police officers. Okay. Right. So you also that so yeah, a little backstory. So he did that. So, okay, so you were working in the police force and then you were you somebody said, hey man, you know what, we need you to start a wellness program, yep, that's right.

And I had no idea. But I got I started research and this is fascinating. I I wanted to know you know, how long police officers are living, right? And so I found out that there was an old FBI study from back in the day. It seems like it might be in the seventies or early eighties. But it said that the 20 year male police officer retired, I would live an average of 66 years and I thought, wow, that's less than life expectancy. So there's something going on. Then I made the assumption at that point.

Surely things have changed. So I dug into the data in Oklahoma and I looked at the state of Oklahoma and then I looked at the city of Tulsa And I want to know how long the male police officer lives that worked at least 20 years on the police department and I found something shocking. I found that in Oklahoma as a whole, The average age of death was 66 Hern't changed in 50 years. And then I found in Tulsa that the average age of death was 64. And so then I knew something was wrong and I went on a mission and I traveled around to several police departments around the country and I tried to find the best practices, you know, I tried to find anybody that had anything and that got me thinking intently that there's more to this than just a workout plan, there's there's more to this than just trying to build muscle, there's something else going on, stress shift work and all this.

And I began to dig deeply into that and started a program there that I I know um really made a lot of difference because it talked about all phases of lifestyle, physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and we brought them all together. It wasn't just about all the physical stuff that's important. We tried to talk about emotions, we try to talk about learning new things intellectual health because like you can get so negative and cynical in police work that the whole world is just a bunch of idiots. I can't imagine.

Yeah, because that's what you're focused on, right? That's what your job and you get called when stuff goes wrong. It's not like they're like, hey, everything is awesome. You want to come over and hang out. It's like, you know, call the cops, something bad is going on, right? I can't, you see people at the worst part of their life and nobody dials 911 to bring you over for coffee. It doesn't work like that, you know? And so I started the program and got to studying more and decided to um I'm gonna go back and learn some more stuff.

I'm gonna go back and start a new career. I'm gonna get to become a naturopathic doctor. And despite my friends, colleagues saying you're an idiot, you know, you're too old for that, I thought, no, I'm not. And I've kind of got this ambitious side to always challenge myself to be the best that I can be and even better that every day and that was just the next step of the journey. And of course, that led me into meeting my, my queen of course at that point in time.

That's awesome. That's really cool, wow. Okay, so again, what an awesome story though, right? It's just kind of was like gifted to you. It was like, hey, and then you were, you were kind of forced to or forces a weird word to even say, you know, you were, You were gifted the ability or the opportunity to go and research this stuff. And then now, now here we are, how many years ago was that? That was about 10 years ago that I left the police department so that we'd go back probably um 16, 17 years.

And it's, it's been fascinating because people say, well, what, what made you change for being a police officer? Well, it's still protection and service, isn't it? Absolutely, absolutely. Still, I went from protection and service local community protection and surgery service to the, you know, to really a different population and now and now moving into protection and service of the people in the state of Oklahoma man, That's beautiful, that's beautiful. So, another question I got for you man. So, and uh this is really um so you know, here on the freedom people uh here are our main objective is to create solutions, right?

We know things bad. We've known that for a long time. Our objective is okay, well what can we do for solutions? Last time we talked to you um you had mentioned like natural alternatives to these other things that were, that were really working things like Ivermectin. Right? So then that, that, that bad word for whatever reason, right, finances reason. Now we know man, it was crazy, right? We there's, wow. Anyway, so, but there can you can you help us to well let's take that for Ivermectin for example, and I remember you were telling me, but I wanted to ask you again, what is a natural alternative to ivermectin?

Great question. A lot of people today and let me put this in a nice contextual box or preface it, if I will, we are not saying Ivor Mactan is not good, it's great, it does awesome. It has a little bit of um you know, anti parasitic properties and obviously some anti viral replication properties. That's good. Right. However, we really want to sort of rethink along the lines of what I'm saying, if we are dependent and looking for an answer first line through pharmaceutical drugs and we're not considering anything else, we're making a mistake because if it doesn't matter which side of the coin, if we say you've got to take a vaccine over here, that's gonna keep you alive.

But you got to take this drug over here, that's gonna keep you alive, we're still trusting the same system, right? Not God's system, not our innate ability to heal, which is That's right, that's right. So let's think about this. What does the ivermectin drug potentially do? Well, it can inhibit a little bit of the viral entry. Cool, that's good, Right? And the barriers up here, if you breathe it in, it might hinder a little bit of the entry and secondly it might hinder a little bit of the replication process inside the body, but what if we had something else inside the body that we could activate by a natural substance, substance that did more than that?

Well we can we've used a very high dose broccoli sprout powder that actually there's two ingredients within the broccoli and this is kind of cool. There's my rossini's and glucose raffin it again the big words, my rossini's and glucose rafting. But they're in two separate compartments of the plant. When we chew on that, our digester two hits the belly. Those compartments bust loose and they joined together and they create a chemical called sulforaphane. And sulforaphane actually is a compound that activates our antioxidant regulatory element A. R. E. Now that element when it's activated it's like your nuclear warheads in your body.

It will go around and kill everything that's trying to kill you. It will inhibit the entry up here. It will stop things from replicating your system. They're trying to grow inside of you that are gonna try to take your life from you and it does it so efficiently because it's kind of activating the body to do what it does. So the body the moral of the story is and we use other things as well. But that's an example to your point our bodies are capable of doing far more than we can comprehend.

They're capable of doing far more than we understand and they're capable of doing far more than any drug could do because none of us are born with a drug deficiency, Right? Common sense, right? Yeah, Absolutely. Let food be thy medicine, right? That's it. I think Hippocrates had it, right, Didn't he? He said that it's interesting, isn't it? You know, he's the father of modern medicine. I don't think so. He's the father of what I do actually. The father what I do is God. Yeah, he's not the father of this other nonsense.

They're still practicing. We don't practice in my life. Isn't that crazy? It's like it's practice and they even tell you it's practice. Yeah. And and and um that's the funny part is is that we feel anyway, it's it's an exact contradiction to nature, everything that right there and they're they're trying to tell us that we're not part of nature, right? And that that's like um no wonder what we feel so disconnected or or I mean in that sense and then, you know, you can take it the other side if you don't have any connection with source, If you don't have that connection with God, if you don't have that with, then then you're easily led astray as well, right?

So it's um man, it's so many levels deep and they've been again, generations and generations of manipulation. Um Well, they're taking it to a brand new level even now you you get up in the areas of the world economic forum, you know, um Klaus Schwab and uh you've yeah. Klaus Schwab Neuville, Yuval noah, Harari. uh, they talk about hacking the human system so that the system because they believe, and I've heard them out of their mouth that the computer can know you better than, you know, you and people's idea of free choice is no longer efficient.

That's what I saw that. Yeah. Where he was up and he was actually explaining this and, and there, there's so cavalier about it. It's very interesting. And ah, is this the tech takeover? Is is this the terminator two movie? You know what I mean? It's close man, you know, right here it's starting and people need to be aware with these health smart cards, those are coming around the country Oklahoma, my state, it has already been signed off on. And this is where they put your medical information on a card right now.

First of all, let's think through that, is that anybody else's business And I don't know. And then they're gonna put eventually electronic currency on there and they will eventually control you because they're gonna know everything you do. They want to track you. They want to make social credit score, right? That's what, that's what this is. And and that, that's exactly, it's, it's, it's all been laid out and again, like you said, the world, they're not, they're not hiding it. It's not like and Right at 2020, it was already ready to go.

They, it was launched. It was, that was the launch of their campaign for 2030. They needed they have their ten-year agenda to make all of this to where you own nothing and and you'll be happy about it. Yeah. And what's gates of cities? You know it's built in a couple of cities around where you live in this little bit tiny. Um hum. Have nothing. Yeah smart city. You have nothing. You live in kind of a virtual world and you don't have any relationships and hey life as we know it is a whole different experience.

Your batteries now. I mean which ironically enough like the Matrix the movie and it's it's really they're just moving everybody into that where you have no autonomy. Um if you don't if you speak out, if you you know, if you're a Mark Sherwood or a freedom anything you go your they'll just shut off your mind. I mean not us because we're not going to live in that we refuse to live that way. That's just not going to have at least for us. And we made sure we're going to create uh systems that we can live in that we aren't going there's no way that right.

I mean how what would it take for someone to convince you that God messed up so bad that you had to take a vaccine to a pharmaceutical, a chemical made up by for profit by the way people which everybody pays for them. That's the thing right? If you pay taxes then you paid for the research and development R. And D. Right? And production, not just the R. And D. But the production of these and then they're going to sell them back to you. Yeah. Yeah. And you know, I think it we we don't think about, you know, and I do you know now I always have been a person who wants to think about what are the root causes of the problems.

And like you said correctly earlier, how do we solve them? And and this is a this is part of the solution right here when we're talking about these pharmaceutical this pharmaceutical control. Because right now they control they own their own pricing schemes because they have no regulation. They control the government through lobbyists. They're the biggest donors to political candidates. Did you know that? That's crazy. They spend a massive budget because none of us are oblivious to these commercials that come on during prime time. Is that free?

No, we are. I think we're one of the two or three countries in the whole world. And this is shocking. That allows pharmaceutical companies to advertise straight to the public. I mean, if we would stop that right there, what would that do? Okay, that was totally that's what we have to do. And that's what I would propose eventually stop it. Stop it. Now. Some people say, well, that's that's not freedom. Look, it's not freedom when you manipulate people either. Right? And that's the thing is this manipulation.

It's lying and that's that's messed up right? I mean you can't do that. You can't do that anywhere. You can't manipulate markets and that's what they're doing. It's manipulating markets on a massive scale. Like who do you think writes the books for the doctors, the the the education books Fizer and like we had dr Tommy john on the on the podcast before and that's how he woke up to it. He was in the he was in the you know, MLB maybe he was a major league pitcher and he was like injured.

He's like I can't get better because the pharmaceutical. Why? Oh because guess who writes these books, Fizer? Yeah your doctor's education brought to you by Fizer. And people wonder why it's not right Because and I may just I mean the physicians out there are some of the most intelligent human beings with their I. Q. Etcetera. But here here this is it intelligence really. When all you learn how to do it's driving nail and all you know how to do is hold a hammer. You don't know how to hold a screwdriver, you don't know how to hold a file, you don't even know what a toolbox is.

No they don't even know a screwdriver exists. They can't no it's not everything looks like a nail when you have a hammer and it's it's funded by big farming and I'm concerned because we're increasingly turning out a bunch of drug dealers and that's all it is. And I don't, I'm not slamming it. We're not anti pharma, but we're anti controlled from pharma. We we don't stand for that. That whole pharmaceutical system has been well, absolutely demonic for the court to the core. And we've got to get it out of our lives because if we don't, it will control you and eat you.

Amen again. And that's that's what I mean. If if you look right and what came first the chicken or the egg. Right. And that's where all this comes And people like, well, smallpox, well, what about, you know, smallpox polio? It's like, well we weren't there. We don't know. And here so his story history, his story, right. And it's written by the victors and they've manipulated. Look, look, okay, look what they're able to manipulate in our reality right now when we're all connected, when we can instantly send a message.

Can you imagine how easy it was to manipulate A narrative? Think about it in the early 1900s from from the position of the United States President. Right. How long would it take for a message to get across the I mean before the telegraph. Right? I mean, so think about how and so we think we know what our history is. We think we know all this stuff. But what we do know is the pharmaceutical companies have been Had had the helm for about 100 years and here we are in this position.

It just doesn't, if you really start to think about it, it doesn't add up. It doesn't make a lot of sense. No, you go back to early 1900s when the Rockefeller Carnegie's of the world decided to um, monopolize and profiteer from the idea of medical doctors and they saw these petroleum products that they thought they could patent to make drugs so that they could sell them and make a profit. That you can control the education to distribute these drugs. You could control the trajectory of health care and turn it from sick care to health care and manipulate people to think we have health insurance.

I mean think about that for a moment. That's not health insurance. That's sick, right? We don't have life insurance. We've got death insurance. Right? And so when you look at this whole deal, people like me back in those days, if I were alive would have been looked at as a quack. My wife would have been looked at as a quack. We would have been looked at like weirdos. But I would submit that. I'll take my chances with the old style medicine, the old style historical way. We healed people over this kind of modern nonsense today.

Um, in all facets. Yeah. And you know that's that's that's that's that's my argument is what we do before all the pharmaceuticals, How do we make it all that? Oh, just that right? Like how Yeah, we're just built this way. We're built, life is built through us and then his life is going to find a way we aren't against nature. Nature is not against us. Go outside, eat some dirt, hang out, hang out, get some sunshine. But again it goes back, breathe oxygen, breathe more, breathe more and more and more, not less.

Don't cover your it's all the antithesis of health, right? Everything that they said, man, it was just so um and like even even the food pyramid and everything is is kind of the antithesis of what it should be. You know, this will trip you out by the food pyramid. It hit me one day, probably several months ago. But I I thought about it. You know, even a biblical story about, you know, the Israelites, you know, God's chosen people being in bondage in Egypt what kind of architecture is famous in Egypt pyramid?

The pyramid, People were in bondage, right? They were controlled, they were in bondage, they were enslaved. And now I go fast forward. The government gets involved in their life with a food pyramid, putting us in bondage and slavery to a system that's making you sick dependent and it's profiting on our stupidity and our naivety and we need to snap out of it. I've said many times, Get our heads out of the sand in our other end out of the air? Yeah, man. real real. So okay, well, real quick.

So you are as we know, you're running for governor of Oklahoma and can you I wanted to give you some some space and some time to talk about that kind of and you hit on a little bit kind of the things that you would want to change. You know what give your spiel man? No, I think I'm not a politician, my wife and I do not need this job. We're stepping out of our lives to go do this job because we need to be done. So we are truly um states persons statesman and a stateswoman and we are going in there to to really honor God and protect our constitution to represent the people, the majority of the politicians today, which we're not, they do not know the constitution.

And I'm gonna give you like three examples just really quick to prove my point. And even the ones that say I'm a christian and I'm a believer, I believe in God. They don't know the bible well that makes it a double compounded problem. I don't know the bible. Don't have the constitution. You got it all messed up. And so the reason they don't know the constitution. Let's go back and look at the lockdowns and the mandates violation of the First amendment. We have a right to peaceably say anything.

We want to do anything you want and assemble and peaceably protest if we want to We have a right to do that. And that's exactly why when we had those BLM protests, they didn't stop them because they couldn't. The BLM protesters knew more about the constitution than the average american. And the politicians did sad. We had people in Oklahoma that told us you your your essential. Well, no, I'm not essential. We we didn't never have to close that was a violation of our constitutional rights. And then we had people that told us you have to take a shot.

No, you don't. We have people in Oklahoma today that have lost their jobs, threat of losing their jobs or lost their health because they thought they were gonna lose their jobs because they didn't get a choice. I mean, the idiocy of that is to say that why would you be required to have a certain vaccine to work in a job that has nothing to do with the health care industry as a condition of employment or what about you being able to go in a restaurant or a store to buy and sell as a condition of coming in there?

You have to take a shot or why would you even when you go get medical care, do you realize that doctors can't tell you to do anything? It's still your choice, but yet it got all switched around. The other example. I'll give is because of the First Amendment and to make sure we have a First Amendment. We have a second amendment, which means the people, the rights of the people and the militia to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. We need the Second Amendment to maintain the First all right.

What happened to the northern border in Canada? What happened up there? What's happened in Australia? We see what's happened when you take away people's guns and lose the First Amendment. We have politicians that don't know the 10th amendment, which says the states retain the power and the people retain the power unless they specifically give it over to the federal government. That means the federal government is smaller. It's a smaller branch of government than the state government. And all we have to do is push back example in that marijuana is illegal federally.

The state said, nah, we don't like that law, we're not gonna do that. So the states retained the power and they push back abortion is not a federal law. They try to make it one, it's an opinion, but the states and that one say no, we need to bow down to the opinion. So you see the contrary nature. We need to have governors statesman step up much like as an example, Ron de Santis is done. He stepped up and he said, I'm going to represent the rights of the people constitutionally of the state of florida.

We need more governors like that. That are not gonna bow down to big business are not going to take money from big givers are not going to take money from manipulators are not gonna accept bribes from lobbyists, big pharma and organizations, and we need someone to go in there and truly represent the voice of the people and be their advocate. And and without question, I will do that. My wife will do that, and we will stand up for the people and give our life if need be for the cause of righteousness and constitutionality and the people's voice, and we've been very vocal about that, and we don't apologize for that now, is the time that maybe it's somebody's listening time to step up, you know, right man?

Yes, Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Uh, you know, uh, dr Sherwood, um Mr Sherwood Mark, thank you. I I mean, again, it's um it's really heartwarming to find people that will stand up. That that's that's it's you know what that means today, and uh, Well, I didn't know until 2020, I really didn't know the the state of the country, the state of the world. Um and then then then again, we get to kind of start to meet each other and everybody standing up and meeting somebody like you and your wife, They're standing up to do this because I I I wouldn't do it.

That's not a fight. I want to get into. That's not, but, I mean, again, you guys are champs, and thank you, I can't give it. Thank you. Well man, I mean look this is the way I view it wherever I go you go because we're not together, somebody has to go out there and as I did many times in the swat team, pick up the shield, go in the door first and I actually did that, I picked up the shield and I went in the door first not knowing clearly what's going to happen but it was the right thing to do and I know there's a bunch of people that are going to go in the door with me and you're one of them so it's all behind your brother for sure. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah, well done. Thank you again so much. Um We really do appreciate your time. Um Real quick Before we go Sherwood 2020 two dot com. Sherwood 2022 dot com. It's on the screen right now in case you guys are, people are listening or viewing you can see it but uh is there anywhere else you wanna tell them your instagram? Uh Yeah um if people want to connect with us on the campaign side, go to Sherwood 2022 dot com. There's an app that's gonna pop up, you can download that too which is really cool.

I encourage you to do that because it's like the neatest app ever. Sherwood 2022 if you want to connect with us at the clinic with all of our social media and stuff like that, just simply go to Sherwood dot tv. Sherwood dot tv. Alright, and that's S E A S H E R W 00 D. Awesome. That's Sherwood. Thank you. Thank you again, my brother. I we really do appreciate it and uh have a wonderful weekend. Welcome. My pleasure. Alright, by now, my man. Yeah, mm hmm. Thank you.

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