April 20, 2022

Learn The Risk In Telling Truth

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Tina Marie joins us again for round 2 in the studio! She is the current president of learntherisk.org after founder and her good friend, Brandy Vaughn died a very suspicious, untimely death. Brandy was speaking out about the dangers of pharmaceuticals and vaccines. Tina shares her same mission, integrity, and passion for Truth.

Show Notes

Round 1 with Tina can be found here:
The Truth Warrior Legacy of Brandy Vaughn
Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today's fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I'm your host Bradley freedom and today's guest is Tim Petticoat. The Liberty Advisor tim works with Bitcoin and crypto early adopters to provide advanced financial planning solutions to help them pay as little taxes as legally as possible on their highly appreciated assets.

He also advises crypto enthusiasts as how they can invest into crypto. Ira's using self directed iras and 401 Ks. I had an excellent time talking with Tim and I know that you're going to have an excellent time. Listen to this conversation. We're gonna jump right in. But before we do, I need you to head on over to the freedom people dot org and sign up to become a contributing member today if you haven't already done so You can contribute as little as $0 a month and it helps us keep this liberty and freedom train a rolling.

Come on, let's go. Mm hmm. Yeah. So okay, well, I mean we're all in each other's head now. That's, that's great. I've got this little computer thing over here, but I forgot we're not really on a computer anymore. Welcome. Welcome. That's the thing that I uh, we don't ever get to do is play with this thing because this isn't actually how it hello dC. What's up? She isn't going to go silent now. I can't hear you dad. Yeah, go ahead dude. Or do whatever you want. Your mic is muted. Yeah.

That's the thing. Right? Kids. That's the thing. That's the thing that we gotta prepare for or write and that's kind of what why we do what we do a big part of it, a huge part of it, right? Which is uh which I think is interesting that we had the conversation earlier ah about how the earlier generation doesn't seem to really be thinking about that. It's a super selfish generation. Actually, my dad has even said to me even unlike how, you know the older generation before them saved all their money so that um basically they pass it after they died, they passed it on to them.

And he's like, well you guys will be out of luck because we're spending all ours. Like it's just a real me mentality. Well, how did that happen? Right. I mean where that where that happened was was that like MK some a MK ultra shit or like like how did they convince our parents that our future's weren't valuable or worth them? I don't know because yeah, then the government will just take care of us, right? Yeah, nanny state bitches. Don't worry about it. We got you. Government loves you.

Hi, I'm here from the government and I'm here to help. I'll give you a stimulus check. Baby bonuses. Yeah. Well, I mean and but okay, so let's let's kind of sideways here real quick. This is a it's been going around the, you know, just conversations a lot is okay. They're building a lot of multi family homes everywhere, seems apartment buildings, condos seem to be going up in a plethora not just here, but all around the country. People I talked to on a daily basis and everybody's perplexed because also the roads seem to be a little empty and everywhere you go there's for higher signs, everybody's trying to get fucking employees, people to come in and work please.

We were at the bank the other day, Wells Fargo. And then it was it was kind of a weird thing where he was just like bro if you know anybody who can speak english that wants to work at the bank, we're paying $20 an hour starting please. Like and this is we were there to open up our trust account thing, right? And the dudes just like they can't hire, it's like, okay, so what the f yo okay, it doesn't it doesn't it just doesn't even right And so back to the government's going to give you stuff which they did for everybody for the covid shit to start, Right?

So okay, But now what are they still giving they're not giving money out so but so people aren't working right? And as an investor, you're not stupid you're not going to go build a huge multi million dollar building and not know that you can put people in it to recoup your investment, right? I mean they don't just build shit for, or maybe they do now. I don't fucking, no, everything's upside down. So anyway, I'd like to start there. What's going on? Where are, where are they going to fill the people, are they going to fill the building?

Real estate has been going up? If so many people have been dying, why is real estate going up? And then I hear people say, oh, it's because people are moving here from to Arizona from California and I'm like, but California is not diving in real estate either. They're still getting a good price when they're selling. Yeah. So where's all the empty houses? Why is rent going up? None of it makes sense. You would have thought all of that would have taken a nosedive if we have so many people dying.

Like their story doesn't add up in any direction. But there was remember years ago when I was researching there was this construction list that I found that they're they're creating these like lifestyle communities, um where they want everybody close in together and the way they described it were, you know, it's usually by railroad tracks and they'll have, you know, big apartment complexes and stores and everything like crammed together. And as I was reading it at the time, I was living in morgan hill California and that was happening in morgan hill and I thought I've got to find this list because they say there's a certain contractor, there's a list and all these towns are on it, where this is happening.

All part of Um it must be agenda 2030 or agenda 2021 because it was before then that I was researching it and it was already starting to happen. I found that list and sure enough my town was on it and I knew just from what I was seeing in the town and it's still going on right now. But in the middle of a quote unquote pandemic when we supposedly have less people, it's because they're trying to funnel us all in, they don't want us out in the rural land. Yeah.

Yeah, of course. Yeah. Yeah. Blackguard, Black, Blackguard, Blackrock and Vanguard. Yeah. Well we almost lived in a community here that was like Carlos. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I remember um what was the name of that place? There's someone else you should get on at some point. Her name's Debra Tavaris, do you know her? So she uh she covers what's going on with the cell towers. But she also was covering the fires in California. And I remember watching one of her videos several years ago where they had an outline of where the fires were happening.

And she also showed a meeting, they had had several years a couple of years, 2 to 3 years before where they were talking about how they wanted to develop this certain area. But you couldn't develop that area. It was a residential area. Well, the outline of what they wanted to do that they had spoke about a few years before was the exact same area that was that had burned down in the fires in California. And she was like piecing it all together and had done videos on it. And then they had like buildings where they weren't allowed to rebuild because of how, you know, the building codes and whatnot have changed.

You couldn't rebuild the same type of house you had before on the land, they had to go elsewhere basically. There's a lot of crazy stuff. I can be clever to bring it on. Right. So Tina, what's been going on? So he just uh, thank you miss lucy in case everybody's just joining. Uh, this is Tina Marie from learning the risk dot org. Say hi, hi, thanks for having me again. Yeah, thanks for coming. Thanks. And uh, in case everyone's wondering why there's no video, it's because we're in studio, which is a rare occurrence And a welcomed one.

So thank you. Yeah, thanks for being around like minded people, especially when you live close enough that I can go visit. Right. Right. Yeah, because it doesn't, it's the world we like we were saying it's it's we can't find anyone to watch our daughter and I mean, you know, because we're the crazy people on the on the little boards, like, you know, we'll see crazy, crazy, strong willed, strong willed, definitely strong willed. But yeah, trying to find somebody that you would even trust, you know, hang out with your daughter even here in the house, it wasn't like we were trying to find somebody that was like gonna come here while we went out on the town or some bullshit, it's just why we're here trying to work together and you know, you know, that's fine.

Yeah, my daughter got a babysitting job in the early days of the early days of the pandemic. Um we were at a cafe and this woman had come in and she looked all frazzled and I remember thinking I'm gonna know her before she leaves and then she went and got her drink came out and her little boy came running over towards us and she was like, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I was like, oh no we're not, I'm not afraid of germs. And then you just saw her her soften and she was like, oh thank you.

And then she says, you know, I I bought the masks, I stayed home for two weeks and this was at the two week mark and of course never stayed home and for her she was like two weeks, that's okay, I'll do this. Yeah. And so, but then what happened is on that on the two week mark, She says to her husband, they're doing this intentionally, They're crashing the economy, This is all play, it hits her, it just hits her and she says to him, I'm leaving and I'm going to go find my people and she's telling me this and I'm like, well you hit the jackpot.

I said because all I know are people like this that are awake to what's going on right now. And then, you know, she actually had a lot of knowledge, you know, and I would bring up Rockefellers Rothschilds, like all that kind of stuff. She was like, she goes, I know like I heard all that and I know what's going on, but it was never really affecting me in my life. She was a non vax er she was a home schooler, she was already doing so many things right, but it hadn't really pierced her bubble enough to realize that this also was a lie and it hit her.

So she ends up losing her babysitter because the babysitter's mom didn't want the kid to come in and uh so she meets me and that's how my daughter got her babysitting job because we're like, well no, we don't stay home and so she started working for her, but in the meantime they were buying a house out in Queen Creek and she was like, I don't think we can go through with this? I don't, I I think we need to get further out, like what would you do?

And I said, well if I didn't have the complications in my life that I have, I to easily move out of this area. I would be out in like Cholo or something a little bit removed from the greater phoenix area and she started then looking out from where like bug out land and ended up in an area that was a smaller town, but not necessarily completely bugged out land either. She kind of did that in between compromise more of the small town, feel a lot more people are awakened in the area she's in and they moved, I was like you just woke up a couple of months ago and you're already out like your were unhappy, you know, an acre of land as you know, in a great community and I'm like, and I've known for years and I'm still feeling but I feel like I'm meant to be here to, you know, there's work to be done and I think I'm supposed to be, you know, meeting people like her and I met so many people at the beginning stages of this pandemic.

It was like for me, a time to connect with people, the more the government said you need to social distance the more I realize I need to go out and connect with people, I'm like can this just ends when you stay home again, I just want to be socially distanced again. I was, I collected so many names and everybody had put into my phone was whoever their first name was. And then freedom so that if I needed to like send a mass text out to all the new people I have met.

I just had to look up the word freedom and send them all attacks. But no it's been for me a great couple of years because on the vaccine issue people are more open than ever. More open than ever to receive this information which I've been like screaming about for years. I was warning about the coming after the adults next. Well people put all their people thought the FDA was legit that's the thing that and that's what 20 it eroded. Of course C. D. C. All the B. S. Shit which bss apparently bullshit shit.

So yeah I know it's been a really amazing couple of years. I mean of course the beginning I didn't really particularly love what was going down because my oldest was living in Canada and I immediately was like oh my God they're gonna force the vaccine and he's never gonna get it and I'm never gonna get it and it's going to force it before you can cross the border and I'll never see him again. Like I was that was my initial amping up in like psychologically like having right now like I feel like I mean up there it's just it's terrible of it.

But he moved he ended up coming here. It just all fell into place. He was like, mom, he had to renew his green card. No, he came, he was the one that was there and he moved here. It just all happened very naturally and like it just fell into place. And so then I was at peace because I'm like, I have all my kids nearby and I'm I'll just, I'm just going to get out there and do what I'm supposed to do and educate as many people that are willing to hear me out.

And so recently we got the billboard put up In Tempe on March 21, which would have been Brandy's 46th birthday. I got some ships somewhere. People. Yeah, so that is awesome. That's dude, that is that is uh super exciting because it's um yeah, I wanted to do something to honor, you know, her birthday and I thought I'm gonna, I need to push making this happen. And I was really lucky like when I started reaching out to the company and she's like, so what do, what what kind of board do you want to put up?

Like what does your company do? It's like uh well that's an educational platform and she's like, okay, and so then, but and it's all in an email, right? So learn the rest dot org is right there in the email. So she went and then she wrote back and she's like, wow, I'm you have my curiosity piqued and good for you like Yeah, she was How big of a win is that though to hear that on the other side. Because you know when you know that's unheard of, especially you know, No, she was like, she was open like you could tell she wasn't like just jumping on board with what it was, but she was like good for you, that you're doing this.

And she said something like you're brave. And and then I was like, well I know there's always the higher ups yet like maybe something's going to happen yet higher up and it's the it all it went flawlessly. It was wonderful. I have friends that are like, I'm calling the company and I'm letting them know like good for you. Thank you for being like freedom. Because I mean it's information, right? Yeah. And I left it a simple message. I didn't want to put anything actually the only thing they wanted taken off of it, which actually when I recreated it, I thought it looked better anyway because they wanted the syringe off and when I took it off I thought you know, I even like it better like that because it's like, it's like yeah, all it says is no it says did you research vaccines?

Question mark learned the risk dot org. That's it. It's just a question. No statement. No. You know, we have put boards out in the past even before the pandemic struck that. Um I would say you know they would give the ingredients which you can look up online and you we would have in California of course that would like set off, we had one board off the Bay Bridge taken down um ended up being free advertising for a week. But because you just, it's very verifiable facts and there's still silencing it.

So I thought you know, I'm just gonna keep this really not in your face. Just did your research simple simple message. And then it's got a picture of a woman with her hands up and like a big pile of books almost falling on top of her. And that's it. It's a clean simple just get you know, I thought it's good to get people asking people questions instead of being in their face with information. Sometimes it's good to just ask them a question. And I had something similar happen at the park recently where this little girl wanted was playing with my daughter and then she came up and said can I have your phone number on a piece of paper for my mom so we can get together another time.

And I thought I got my business card here with my business card says do you know what's in the vaccine. So I don't know that I just want to pull it out just yet. So then the mom and I end up meeting and we're chit chat and I'm really good at getting into the vaccine conversation. Like sure I'm so good at just and it comes out real naturally just And so I somehow get there and I don't even know how like because even do that you're an expert man.

It's like ours like what is it 10,000 hours or something makes you an expert or something. I mean you gotta knowledge of vaccines at this point. It's just this real like yes, it's your message man. It's your it's your mission. I connect with people, it's just so easily on it. I don't know how I do it. Even if they're not there at all, I can do it. And so we get there quickly really quickly because I just don't have time to waste and she might leave. So we get there and then she says, you know, you know, I got it, she says, but I'm living with my parents right now and my parents pushed for me and my daughter to get it.

So you know, we have all the doses she says, but I didn't really want to do it because I'm not really that afraid. And then we keep talking about more stuff and then she comes back around to, you know, I don't think people need to um have all the same beliefs to be friends. I think you can have, you know, different views and different beliefs. Yeah. And then she goes, but you know, she goes like I don't believe everything that you believe to me. And I say, oh, oh really?

I said, well what don't you believe that I believe? And she goes, well, like the vaccines because I also went into the fact that all of them are bad, not just the code. And so then I go, what don't you, what is it that I believe that you don't like the vaccines? I go, oh really? I said, well could you just name three ingredients in the vaccine? And then her mouth drops and she has a stair and she's like, no, I've I've never looked into it and then you can just see this look overcome her face and then she says, you know, I don't like how the media is trying to push that.

I don't like people like you because you have a different belief, especially considering I haven't ever looked into it. I've never researched it. She actually that's an intelligent being like what? Why aren't where you think that, you know that was your approach, I'm telling you man and that's something I'm learning. It's your approach is the asking the question nonconfrontational. Um and she had the energy that I could be there to, you know, there's some people, adrenaline kicks in and fingers point, she was kind enough girl that I could and she was younger.

She was a young mom. I think she had had her daughter at a young age and that's why she was, you know struggling financially and living with her parents and she's appeasing her parents and getting the shot because they want her to one or two. So I mean that part is not intelligent, right? Like she went against her own intuition, but she still open enough to really and I hope maybe I pushed her that next next layer that she gave her a card then gave her my business card, give her my phone number.

We've now been texting that what you just said right there. That, that was a complete awakening for somebody, you know, a shift. You saw it. I could see it in her eyes when I asked, you know, I put her on the spot because she's trying to tell me we don't believe in something the same. But how do you have, she has zero knowledge in it whatsoever. All she has an man and that that's something, it's tough. The boob tubes very, very powerful, very powerful. It is. And I think her intuition was already the air because on many, you know, she was not really afraid of the virus.

She wasn't really wanting to get the shot. She was doing it to appease the parents. So she already had a little bit of resistance to what was going on but realize wait a minute. The media is trying to make me not like people like you because you write, you get and that's where people say, hey, you've got to plant the seed, right. And then, and then somebody else comes along, we were talking, they got to hear in a lot of different from different sources too. And that makes sense, right?

And an intelligent person needs that, right? And, and um, I don't know why some of us maybe we were just exposed to things over time that you're just like, okay, I don't know. But I think if you're over the age of 40 and you can't see that the government has been lying to you at some point, then I don't know. I'm just saying like just for pharmaceutical companies, it's just like, oh my God man. And I was raised with that mentality. I was raised with my grandfather questioning the flu shot.

I'm not, who knows what's in that. He would say like, and, and my mom never got it. And then for them to just all of a sudden be like, wow, we like to travel like what's going on? Why would you do that to yourself? And then my dad always had me questioning things like he would talk about, you know, the wars they all started because of religion. Like, so he always had even questioning questioning religion. Like, so he would always plant these seeds and now that I think they just want to be comfortable, they just want to know what happened, Where is that what I mean?

And, and uh, is because our, our grandparents and great grandparents suffered and that hard times make hard right mate. And, and because freedom is not easy if you want to be a truly free individual, you have to educate yourself, you have to educate your Children, you gotta be your own doctor, your own lawyer. Yeah, you know why? Because if you, if you, if you, if you outsource that stuff you will be taken advantage of and that's something that and this, we talk about this right now is esoteric schools and how do we pass down?

Because the most important thing is going to be passing down the knowledge of what's, what's transpired here actually transpired, not the media bs, not any of that stuff, how are we going to, how are we going to pass on the knowledge to our future generations on how to stand steady, how to fucking stand in your ship and even in the face of, because it's, you know I mean, you know what I mean? And, and at some point you just love it and you're just like whatever, but you know, I mean, it sucks at some point, I mean what I have done, people look at me and they're like, you're so brave because I've never put a mask on, like I've been walking out my door all my life, I will be 50 next month, I have been doing this a long time, what is so brave about that, what is so there are people that afraid of words and another human being might say to them.

I just I mean I would see like big muscular biker tattooed guys with a mask on and I was like I know I'm like what are the rebels dude? I was dude, I was raised where it was like my men were just like dude you can't wear pink because you're you know and you get party dude, I mean just like like hardcore ship where it's like and now you're seeing dude, I'm like oh man dude yeah yeah and that whole bob Dylan all these are Neil who who the funk was this just recently remember?

No, but anyway it was, it was the music um I could hear it dot dot dot, I loved that girl um who was it? Um new york Neil young Neil young right? And he was in Spotify the whole thing now again, I maybe they're all robots and this is all just like a game or whatever, but if we're all watching the same fucked up uh reality tv show, which I believe it is, I mean donald trump was the host of a reality tv show and they just but coincidence right, nope.

Anyway, so I think it's all just a big reality tv show everything that we're watching over there. So and that's what we were kind of starting to hit on earlier that I want to talk about is I think that again it's our reality is our reality, we have that choice. We can create our own reality and it can run parallel to their reality if they want a fearful lockdown society. That's weird. I think that they can exist at least I'm willing. And I'm open to say we can coexist, right?

I don't want complete annihilation. I did early on because I'm like, just get the funk out of here, You know what I mean? Like what we had to toughen up along this path as well, right? Absolutely. Hey, you know what I mean? It's it's called compassion and and stuff, right? So all right, alright, we can live on the same plan. But dude, I'm not going to live in a fearful lockdown mass society. I'm not gonna I'm not gonna raise my Children to be Yeah, I refuse to be in fear from either direction from the people that know either way. Yeah.

And from the people that don't know what's going on, I fall in the middle of all that I don't want to be pierced by the fearmongering on either side, I really don't. So the ones that don't know what's going on or masking up and they're afraid of a killer virus, even though in nature nothing has changed. Just a new narrative. The government is pushing out all around the world coincidentally and on the other side, we have the people that are awake to the agendas going on and fearmongering on that as well.

There is somewhere we can land in the middle where I think we are most effective at helping others get through this and that is not being in fear, just living authentically being an example for other people and try to touch and you know, wake up as many people as we can wake up. I think that the only thing we can do for the future generations, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. That and that that's saying and it's like cliche I guess, but it's not to me that is the most I've been saying that and then know thyself and my other one is level change the world. Yeah.

What's the opposite of love? Fear and that, that's that's why we have to choose love and that's why the symbol of the freedom people writes the circle with the heart and ship, but that's it's it's um moya moya import Dante man, you know what I mean? But that's and that's why they're constantly pushing fear regardless of what it is. It doesn't matter. And again, like we were saying earlier, is the media just goes from one fear mongering to the next. And the ironic part is is people have known this since I was a kid, what is it if it bleeds it leads, you know, all these things that here or or um you know that oh the the news is always negative and I've heard that since I was a kid from and so everybody knows it.

I know but maybe they just didn't didn't really comprehend the the the magnitude of it. Well that's not realizing like for me the word that saying level change the world or you know um the fear one oh yeah nothing to fear but fear itself sayings to me that didn't really like embrace my entire being until the pandemic. That's when it really like ah ah and I think that those people hear that about you know knowing that pharma is corrupted like they know a lot of people know that stuff but it hasn't really like they're not quite there.

It's just this little thing that people say and yeah but they still think that mostly it's good. Well like what you were just saying a little bit earlier as the people who are kind of in that space and I think that's most of the people who are you know they just they're kind of in the middle. They don't want to rock the boat. They're not like crazy, you know activists like us when you like almost died from vaccines when I was younger from the whole military experiment ship.

You know what I mean? So I'm very strongly opinionated one way. Plus I got family has been fucking injured by it but it doesn't matter that none of that matters right because the media says that doesn't exist, vaccines are safe and effective all of them and it keeps going and going and and this whole thing like with the, with this whatever this is this genetically modifying uh agent that they're giving people and then claiming that it again, it's just so beyond ridiculous. Um, I don't know where we're at.

It's upside down world. It's hard for me to understand. I don't even understand how I, I just don't understand why why are we awake at such a like we're so deeply understanding it. Like we understand and I still think there's so much I need to learn. Like absolutely no, the more I feel like I know so little right? Well that's what it is, right? The more, you know, the more, you know, you don't know right? The more you learn, the more you know, and you don't know and piles of books I don't have time to get to read because and there we know there's gold mines of information actually I just don't have time.

So I'm trying to save the world. I'm trying to read, I'm trying to raise my kids, we have family. I'm trying to eat and poop and like shower showers and you know me like, you know, I've cut out most of my eating, noting bullshit and sleeping okay. Like pooping can't cut that out sucks. And I know it's like taking time away from like this huge list of things I need to do And then when I hear people say they're bored, I'm like how can you be bored?

Like I've got 20 more than 20 books and waiting for me. Audio. I have the podcast of people that you know no more on a certain subject than I do. I just, I don't have time to take it all in and I don't understand how I got here and others are completely oblivious running around still two years in with a mask, Like all by themselves driving and it's still happening. No, not even and this falls right in. So that restaurant, we were just at the outdoor restaurant thing. I've stood there and watched a line of people and every, I don't know 30th person.

There's one. Right? And then the dude, he's just standing there or she standing there with even maybe in a family member or friends. They don't have a massive, but they're just standing there with a mask on and think that they're this because I've molded over a lot. I think those ones aren't afraid for themselves personally. But they will, they have the thinking that grandma at home, they're saving grandpa right? Because you know, they're going to come in with that flimsy math and or mask and lay it on a table or something. What?

Oh yeah, that's okay. We can cut yeah. What does she need because I don't want to do it right now. Address the address here. Oh yeah, it's getting a ride call an Uber ordering pizza or what? I don't know the kids these days man, Holy moly dude, She seems like she's 15. Dude. Like I know it's crazy like the way that she's never been poisoned. Never has been to the school system dude. Yes, absolutely. That that goes like never seen a doctor never spent a day in bed sick.

People don't comprehend that like our daughter hasn't been sick. I know it's normal normal child and I have five of them. So I know that the first two that had the most vaccines were, they had the most, not only because they weren't, I mean they, they were, you know, runny nose and a lot of colds and that kind of stuff. No, your ex, I was lucky there because that's a big one for a lot of people. But the oldest, um, he had a lot of anger issues.

I mean we had, there was other things beyond the normal, you know, just stuff and then they want to medicate them more and that I don't believe in. So yeah, the first two I gave the most to and then we immigrated from Canada here and whatever. I hadn't got because I really did just kind of pick and choose and say, oh do they absolutely have to have, That was just all intuitive stuff. I didn't know. I just felt like I didn't give them too much. I didn't, yeah, I never looked into, it just didn't feel right about it, which was even stupid, but at least it was better than what it could have been and then I was always late with them because I was never really scared of anything.

I was just, oh because they're going to school now. They need some okay, what do they need? Well what's the bare minimum, what they need? And in Canada they didn't push it as much, especially in Alberta at the time. And so I they didn't have everything. But when we moved to the States, that's when they had to get more. And that's when I saw a lot of more issues with, you know, my older Children that but I still didn't piece it together. Then my next to had maybe around or two shots and then it was with the fourth, I was late on shots, went to go see a doctor and I was I was behind on to wellness appointments within Canada.

They didn't have the wellness appointments. And this is now my fourth. And my kids have like there's a pretty big age range between my kids as well. And so they're freaking out on me because I was late with the shots and I was like, well just do it today then what's the big deal? And then they were like, yeah, well we didn't book that kind of appointment. Then I go into the doctor and he starts in on me if you don't get those shots today, you're gonna sign a paper that says you put your your putting his health and you know, you're putting his life at risk.

And I'm looking at him like, have you lost your mind? Like My fourth kid, where are you? And the older ones are like, you know, probably 11 or 12 at this time. And uh so I just can't understand why staff is freaking out because I'm late with these shots and I already told them at the front desk, just do it today. Then what's the big deal? And now this guy is treating me and I don't know what an anti-vaxxer is at this point. I I've never even heard that term.

And so then the doctors, like I'll make time for it, it's that important. And he goes to go get the shots ready and he's going to give him extra shots because I had missed appointments. So he was like, put some in this thigh and some in this thigh, put some in the arm and I'm clueless, I'm about to let this happen until my mom who was visiting from Canada was in the waiting room and she overheard the front desk, People still talking about me like I'm a bad mom.

So my mom comes in to say what's taking so long and I say, would you believe that this doctor now is in on me like freaking out that I am late with these shots. She goes, would you believe that I'm listening to them talk about you in that waiting room, like you're a bad mom over being late with these stupid shots and my mom's not even to this day, I mean they didn't get, they didn't give that money back then either, right? So things have changed a lot.

So, but she's like, upset that she's overhearing that and thinks it's ridiculous. And so when I'm pissed at that point, I'm seeing her ahead and for a Canadian yeah. You know, you push somebody nice and I usually just like, but when I see red, I'm done like this. So I put him in the car seat, buckle it up. The doctor comes in and I was, I point my finger at him and I said, this is the most unprofessional office I've ever been in. You will not be giving those shots today.

And he's like, well then you're gonna sign up and I said I'm signing nothing and I grabbed the baby and I walked out and two of the nurses actually came and chased me down to apologize to me for what was going on then and he wasn't my doctor, he was like one of the rotating doctors in the office. My doctor and his wife were mainly the doctor we normally had, which I had only been there once. I think it's not like, you know, I'm not from, it wasn't from California, I was from Canada originally I'm new to the area.

My older kids, the old, like, so the the older two, I wasn't taken to the doctor at all once we moved to the States like and then the neck. Although the one was having to see other like we had other stuff we were trying to deal with. Um but the younger to the baby and the three year old I wasn't really taking them anywhere and so I had just started with this office but the other two doctors were really nice. So I write to the office thinking do they know what this guy is?

Like I never hear back from that office at all. Then I go on yelp to do write write a review about this idiot that was acting like that. And I see there was another review from someone that made him that he she says he made me feel like because I'm from Mexico like we're out in the backyard you know I can't remember what she said something about being in the chicken pen with the chicken like I don't know she said something funny but I was like wow he did the same thing to this woman as well and I still wasn't awake at this point but that set me off like alarms were sounding and I was like I need to research this like what is going on that He just pushed it was really a blessing in disguise him treating me just like the pandemic.

You know that is what it was a terrible moment in the moment But it is what made me go, you know what something's off here. And then I started I started digging in and researching and then I would tell people like did you know that I didn't know you weren't supposed to talk about it. And then I started doing it on facebook comes out and I start posting on facebook. And uh I would start getting a little bit of pushback. And that's when I was like, well maybe I shouldn't be doing this.

And then I thought, well no, that's stupid because I would, I wish someone would have told me this information. So I'm not keeping my mouth shut for anybody. So I keep posting and I lose a few acquaintance friends. And I don't care. I really don't care. I'm at this point where I'm like, look, if you don't realize that I'm someone that would, that cares about people. And that research is before I say something like I will never start telling somebody how to invest their money. For instance, it's not my expertise.

I keep my mouth shut and I listen to other people. But when it's something I have really dove into and people know that about me, how can you not listen? Why wouldn't you listen to a friend? Why are you gonna listen to some stranger doctor who gets paid and none of your friends could even name to in maybe one mercury because you hear it all the time. Which They don't even know that they say, Oh no, it's not in vaccines anymore. It's like yeah it is. It's now called time Marysol.

And as long as it's in trace amounts, they don't need to tell you. But it's in trace amounts of 72 doses by the time they don't see more than that, 74 doses I think by the time they're 18 years old. Yeah, that adds up and stays in your system, increased aluminum. Why would you, why would you ever just inject anything foreign? Exactly. It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense. And the body. And then people wonder why do I have all these autoimmune issues? Why do I have eczema? Why do I have psoriasis?

Where do you think all this came from? And what do you think toxicity is trying to come out through your skin? Smallpox dude, it was the it was the vaccine that caused the you don't vaccinate. What about smallpox? And that is the stupidest thing they can say because they don't even give us smallpox vaccine anymore. So it's like you so it is just beyond Julio it's just and it's hard because they're intelligent people. You know what I mean? Like engineers and stuff that I like very smart people that are um yeah, it's the it's the brainwashing and that's the boob tube, I don't know.

It's it's predictive programming, whatever. And like like you said how or no, it wasn't you who did I just have the conversation? Oh no, it was tim and he was like, he's like, how did I know that? That was Osama bin laden, right? Right? At that time it's because he right and that that does it for a lot of people. You're like, wait a minute. I didn't, that's not my thought. You know what I mean? Talk about MK ultra, that is greatest, right? Is implanting thoughts and people write inception.

I think it's good. I didn't always pay attention. I thought teachers are boring in school. I think I was usually daydreaming when I went to church. I was daydreaming because you know this bullshit right now and I swear it's something in the body is the heart, it's living in the heart somewhere because like when you're, when you're spaced out man or something just, I don't know, that's what saved me. That's just something that cannot pierce you. And and you know, but for me, some of its flashbacks to and as I told you earlier about going across the border, I just in my gut, I felt like it's just, it's all intuitive, like how do these human beings have a right to ask us for a piece of paper to cross an invisible line didn't make sense.

And you get, you know, these adult answers at you, that still don't make sense. But you learn to shut up because they're not gonna let up, but then, you know, years later after I start, you know digging and researching and understanding things better then I'm like I was right all along. I've been right, same thing with school, you know you got to go to school because you got to go to school to learn and I'm like but almost of my education comes from after school that I still have never used algebra.

I had decent marks in school. Like I wasn't a straight a brown or anything but I I was always passing and had fair marks but I still have not used most of what I learned in school system. What a waste of time. What a colossal geometry when I'm playing pool. Yeah, I don't know that would be angles right now because I learned playing the pool before I learned geometry is the point. So and I did and then but after I we don't use those things and it's trigonometry like who the heck like in your everyday I mean unless you're I don't know if you're motivated because you need it, you're going to figure it out how to do it right?

Regardless of what the mathematics behind it are just like jumping on a trampoline. You don't have to go out there and measure every little thing to know that you're just going to get up there and bounce and jump around and take advantage of all of physics in a beautiful way, right? You're you're you are physics at that point but you're not like oh well because I can't sit and analyze and know everything about it. Just like electricity. Nobody fucking knows how that ship works. But everybody likes to, they enjoy the benefits every day, don't we?

No it's people that you know with the school system and mine so my unschooled which means you're letting its child led they learned and everything they do. And I remember her dad in the early days was like well she can't learn then. And I said well wait a minute. She I think at the time was three when he made the comment and I'm like well she's talking she was talking early she's walking she knows her A. B. C. She knows her colors. Like I'm listing off all the things she knows beyond most of the kids in preschool who vaccinated and it was all naturally I didn't sit down, I didn't even sit down with colors or anything.

And same with her reading, I never sit down and made her do it. She would look out the window and she would see you know and signs and then I you know I did put you know words around my house that she could, you know fridge and put fridge on it because I knew she was interested so I started to do things that would you know add to it but It's just natural and then when they play games actually and I don't love the electronics but I don't completely stop them from it either.

They will learn to read because they want to get further in some game. I mean they just learn in everything they do. And I, I, she's been up against, I've seen a 10 year old when she was, she was a couple of years ago to spell this word wrong and it made me wonder, I wonder if she knows how to spell that. She knows I spend a lot of words and I've never like drilled her, made her learn. And so I turned and asked her like after the child was gone of course and she spelled it right immediately and this was a kid like four years older than her who had been going to private school off and on, she spelled it right and the, in the, the older child hadn't.

So I'm like, and then I went and got a spelling test from online that was like a grade level ahead of her. She got everything right. Except one word America was like, oh, that one doesn't matter anyway, was actually proud that she couldn't spell that one. Yeah. And and with her dad, I ended up handing one of the john taylor gatto books and I was like, look, I know where you're coming from because I went to public school. I was, I was raised the way you were raised, I get where you're at, I know what, you know on that, but you don't know what I know on this because you won't look into it.

You won't challenge your beliefs to look into it. So I handed to john taylor gatto book and I was like, look, I'm gonna have an argument again until at least catch up a little bit and that you are on the same page with me to have this discussion. And so since then he hasn't really, we don't really argue about it. I don't think it's still his, like, I think a piece of him wants to lean into mainstream, but I mean, he must, he, I think he respects me and the kids enough that he's allowed, he's allowed it.

He's not really pushed it. He's not and I'm grateful for that same, he doesn't, you know, I think he wants to fit in with mainstream more, but he's not wearing masks. I know he has a couple of times and I've teased about it. Um but he, he and he wears shirts to make fun of it, but he wants to, he's one of those personalities that wants to still really be engaged in mainstream and I think it would shatter his world to know how and this is not together.

It's their father. I'm grateful though, that it's, you know, that he's at least sort of awake. He's I mean, he gets it. I think he's just, I don't know, he's one of those people that are in the middle that only he wants to he really doesn't want to go for some people it would shatter everything they thought they knew it. I mean it's like the movie the Truman show. I hated that movie years ago. I think this is a stupid movie like what is this? And then when the pandemic struck I remembered that movie and I thought I needed another chance and then I watched it and had a completely different experience. Yeah.

I was like oh my God right. Yeah. And did you see jim Carey? I don't know if you saw that where he kind of like wigged out or something and it was at the something where he was like hey there it's like mind control all this stuff and then and then something happened and now now he's back and that's why I don't know, I don't know if they reset that world or something. Again to me it's all fake anyway. Do you know what I mean? Like I lived in L. A. And I wouldn't trust even when a celebrity or a famous tennis player if you do something that's on our side, I still don't trust it if it's making mainstream news.

I feel like there is an intention behind why that's in the news. There's an intention behind it and it gets everybody excited and fighting and discussing it and I'm just like there's something right? And that's attention and so energy energy is going to it and that that is, that is, and this is what I was, I was saying earlier and this is what I always say. We are the sureties. We are the only thing that matters in this planet is our attention. And that's why it's called paying our attention as when you're paying your, that's all.

Why do you think marketing and advertising is such a lucrative business? Because what are they doing? They're all just trying to get your attention. That's it. Please just pay me your attention. Your kid. There's a science experiment, right? It's um, it's the water crystal experiment, whatever you want to say, Right? Yeah, yeah. And there were the rice experiment and the rice experiment goes like this. You take three different buckets of rice, right? Little glass things of rice. You, uh, right, some negative words on one label, positive words on one and then one you just ignore.

And the one that you completely ignore, you don't do negative or positive dies the quickest, right? It's all about attention whether it's negative or positive when we know this from troubled troubled Children that they'd rather have negative attention than no attention. Right? And that's dr emoto. That was his Emoto Japanese science. So that is what this is about. And they know this and that's, you know what I mean? That's and, and I think that that's um, why it's so important for us to, to keep having these conversations.

I don't think that a lot of, I don't know and it's so hard to say, right. I I always say that I don't think that a lot of or the most of the people seem like and is that just because it's the mainstream media or the the the air waves that are just constantly packed with? Well, I think that in a lot of ways like I because a lot of people are afraid to talk to people about vaccines. And I think a lot of that fear comes from social media because you got these trolls that are on there and the attack and there I remember in the early days there was some kind of like psychological like some kind of guidebook as to how to psychologically attacked attack people.

So it would fear them from speaking out. And so I think people think that what they're seeing in media and what they're seeing on social media is real and it's not because I will speak to people in real life all the time and I'm I've never been attacked. Their usually open there either. Some have been neutral and and still say thank you and take the card. Um and some are some will be like, oh yeah, we don't vaccinate. I get a lot of that. A lot will say, oh yeah we're not especially since Covid that especially that vaccine that one actually has helped them realize, oh maybe there is more to know about those other ones as well.

There are people who woke up to that. But I I have no problem approaching people and I don't get bad experiences from it, right? That's why that's my point though is like I think that it's just because they have all the airwaves that they have the majority of our attention or something, right? It's that's not really what's going on Dude, that's not the real life. And if more people stood out, I don't know, maybe in California. I don't know. I haven't been there since all this California too.

And I never wear masks there. I never had any confrontation with not wearing it. I because I had to go there, you know, after Brandy passed, I was there seven times trying to, you know, deal with things that were going on surrounding that case and I didn't like it. There was something like inside of me that didn't want to be in California because I mean people are out walking. It's like it was crazy. I mean even at the craziest it was here. It stayed that way in California way. Yeah.

And outside, like most people were wearing a mask and I didn't even, I didn't get hassled going into the hotel and I don't know again, maybe it is. Yeah. You're just like that I bring to the situation where I already know that this this means business like a little like flutter of am I going to have to deal with bull? Sure of course I know me too. I'm just like, I don't want to go to court. I don't want, you know. But what was funny is I just, nobody had, we were just talking about it.

We walked in. I was like, I mean, you know the door said, oh we recommend every now and then as soon as I opened the door to my delight, not one of the officers and I say to my delight that I'm walking into a uh stripped down search area but to my delight in the strip down search area. All the strip down search officers. Uh, no one had a mask. Not fucking one right go all the way down. We get through the thing, go all the way down, go to the clerk recorder.

People to the left walking there. None of them have a mask on. I'm like holy moly all this And then, but then right across the hall we had to go over to the little, the library and, and then I walk in there and then like all the worker people had masks on. That's to me this is the, the psychosis of what the fund is going. How can you don't know, y'all have donuts coffee together and then something maybe the ones with the mask on didn't get the vaccine because there's, there was a stage and they're making them because they didn't get the vaccine.

But I asked it. True. Oh no. Um Wild Wild flower, the restaurant. Our waiter. So most of them didn't have a mask on, but some did. And so curiosity got the rest of me and I'm like, excuse me, can I ask you something? Is it alright? Is it that you didn't get the valley? I said do you guys have to wear a mask if you didn't get the vaccine? And he's like, oh no. Uh he goes, well, yeah, if you got the vaccine, you don't have to wear the mask.

He goes, but I got the vaccine and I'm still wearing the mask anyway just to be safe. And I'm like, oh, and then I I had to learn the risk card promptly. I said, well you might want to look into this. Have you researched at all? No, of course he hasn't. And so I said you might want to. And the night, you know, I think that was the card that says the government is not liable. The manufacturers not liable. Uh the other one is, and how the, you know, the law from 1986 that went into effect that you couldn't sue the manufacturers because they're unavoidably unsafe.

That's what it says on the back of it hand, that card and I'm like, you might wanna research before you get another shot. Like it's very important that you look into this. He's like, okay, okay. Really young. I mean he's trying in his early twenties. Seemed like a nice guy. He's trying to, you know, he's trying to help humanity by wearing his mask. Double shot. Yeah, he told me. And so he takes the card. He was he was friendly though. And then the next time I go in there, I noticed he doesn't have his mask on and I told them to, you know, you don't want to wear that mask.

It's not really good for your health. It's like having a Petri dish against your, you know, face, it increases the chances you got it. You got to bend his ear for a second. I love that. And so then the next several times I went in, he wasn't wearing a mask and then eventually I go back in and he's got the freaking mask on again. I'm like, what? But he wasn't my waiter that day or you know, they don't waiters there hashtag science or some or someone, someone said something to him.

It's probably it's got to be it. Yeah, by Uber's here, it's beautiful. Yeah, it's a uh whatever where here we are. So, I don't know, I don't know, I want to say about it, but here we are and we'll get through it. Yeah, but again, it was it was the impetus. It would we needed this to create the new world. We would, everybody would just we would all just kept hanging out, you know, drinking beer and playing and I think that there's like this, the new world can go in.

I think it can go in two different directions or in one direction where they all you know, they can all wake up. I mean like as we're never going to go join. No, you can't go back to sleep. That's the thing is once you know something you can't un know. But that that that's and that's what gives us hope hope, right? Because light can can make more light but darkness can't make light. Does that? You know what I mean? So it's kind of like um again, you know what?

You know, and once you know something you can't unknown. Oh that right? I can't be like, okay, well, I no longer know thou that Mercury's in vaccines or whatever it is. You can't unknown. Oh that I think that is what we have on our side. And I want to say our side like again, I don't even wanna make duality of it. It's just you want to live in that way. Cool. We're offering another way, right? Hey. And I'm not and I'm not And that's the thing is there's power in that because you're not wasting energy.

It's like zero. That's where another maybe it's tim it was like fighting and fighting. No, there's no fighting. We're not fighting. I'm not fighting anything. I refuse to fight you. But that doesn't mean I have to agree with you and go along with you. But I'm not gonna fight you. I'm just gonna go my way and and and build my own, let's see what we can build this way, make this happen this way for me. And then if it resonates with other people awesome if not awesome.

But that's my personal preference and like bashar, I don't know if you know like this bashar but okay, Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Darryl, Anka, whatever. Right? So so bashar. Right? And so that's the whole thing. I have the needle, you know, choose your preference and that's I'm just choosing my preference right now in this reality because I believe that we all can live in the reality we want. Exactly. And we are and we're choosing even if we don't know we're choosing we're choosing so we all need to start choosing what we want to choose that because if not then it's being chosen for you.

Like people would have such an easier time with life if they could be authentic and real and true to who they really feel what they really think. Like really live in your truth is so much more comfortable than trying to fit in. And that's why, you know a lot of people they have headaches or they can't sleep at night. Like there's just so many things going on in their world and it's because they're not living authentically they want to fit in to something. We're not really meant to fit into, it's not it's not natural.

I mean even healing is it's also easy like when people ask advice really, all my advice for healing is the same, avoid avoid talks to simplify it and avoid toxicity and considering food and nutrients normally will not have an ingredient list on it. Usually just come in the form of something natural. I tell people, the more you can align with nature, the happier and healthier you'll be and it's not just the food, it's mind, body spirit, but look what they do, They make us believe that we're not nature, right?

We're unnatural. That's what they want, right? The whole trans humanism crap and it's happened. I mean you just see, I mean, I feel like some of them out there right now are zombies. So people say to me when when people say to me, how do you wear, like you're so brave to wear a shirt and you know, have the shirt to say do not consent and it's gotta learn the risk dot org on the bottom and they'd be like, you're so brave to wear that. I'm like, actually I just get positive from it.

The people that are like mine will be like, I love your shirt and start talking to me and I said honestly the rest I think are so zombified, they don't even notice and even if they do, they're so weak, they will never say anything, It's such a weird paradigm, we are in its and again, it's the overcoming of fear, but it's not, we think it's a cliff but it's a curb. Yeah, you know what I mean? We think we're jumping off it. But dude you're just stepping off the curb dude, it's like like like about four inches you think it's 400 ft?

It's four inches? Dude you're not it's not just bust through that little little little bit of fear and on the other side is is all of the kingdom of heaven or whatever you wanna say man because I'm telling you man, it's like you're saying it just feels so much better to be in your truth even if it feels that the initial right? Oh well if I just conform, you know or something like that, it was never comfortable for me. Never. No, never. I remember the first day of school I'd have like knots in my stomach and I didn't want to go because it's not natural for a kid to sit in a desk.

I know that once you get this little be quiet and stare and and be out of the sunshine and not be running it and listen to a robot and that's what they were they and that was the thing is if our parents were already fucked, who do you think we were totally like that? I didn't do it all my teeth man. I don't know, I probably had two or three teachers my whole school career that I liked, you know Bruce sulfur, he was pretty cool. We had a couple of good ones.

Remember in high school? Right, my geometry teacher actually, he was pretty cool. He he just knew that I wasn't supposed to be there, you know what I mean? The teachers that knew that I should just maybe go sit in the corner and just not be there. Those were my favorite teachers. I think for me it's really like to spun in a different direction from my older kids to my younger ones too because the older ones, I was trying to live in that mainstream world but not to the extreme, but I was trying to fit in.

They went to public school system. Yeah, I was kind of doing things the way I was raised with a softer touch and then I get to my, you know, I start really waking up and so by the time I now 17 year old, she, we moved from California to Arizona because of B. S. 277, which you know, they needed to um be fully vaccinated to be able to go to school. So we moved here thinking that way she can go to school and then I don't put her back in.

I just, I don't and don't really talk about it. I just continue with the unschooling and then she starts kind of wanting to go to school because she's being affected by social media, she sees her friends from California, things that they're doing and then every time she approached me with it, I'd be like, why do you want to go, like you're dancing seven days a week? You know, you'd have to do homework, you wouldn't be able to dance as much. Like I'm giving her all the like logical and she wanted to open a dance studio someday or be a dance instructor, so I'm like, why do you want to go there?

Like you're not interested in the subject, you just want to go to socialize, but you're not really socializing as much as you think you will. And so she'd be like, mom, you're not like other moms, like other mom, you're not like normal moms or something like that. She says other moms are like making their kids go to school and they have to have good marks and you keep talking me out of it. And I know, I know, but she ended up um then the pandemic struck and that was hard change for her because then dance was not happening anymore, seven days a week.

So and she's a kids that like to get out and socialize and be around people and she was dancing like literally seven days a week at one point. And so the the pandemic was really, really hard for her and um so she ends up when she can, she goes online to get a college diploma, her college, her high school diploma so she can work early and if you don't have the diploma, you can only put in so many hours. So I'm like, okay, just like get the one from offline.

And so that way, which she never even ended up having to show it. So she starts working basically full time hours, saving all her money, bought herself a car within no time. And so I think she had her car before she had her license, she had a permit, but she had a car like that, which was a bit of a nightmare at some points and all of this because now she thinks, well I got a job and I got a car, I don't need to listen to you at all.

And so, you know, I've still got my own indoctrination that I'm struggling with on some of this stuff. I've loosened up a lot. I'm way more lenient than the other moms. But now she's even pushing, pushing the boundaries that are not even that big of boundaries anyway. So, but they are there because you know, you, I still, you're still under my roof. You still need to show me some respect. So the body of water needs some sort of boundaries, but I'm proud of her that she, she, and she never would wear a mask.

She did end up putting on like a little guard to work at this place at one point and then she did, if she forgot it should put a mask on, that would drive me crazy. But when she would go out with their friends, if they go to the mall, I would say, I would say, well what if your friends because they would wear the mask, I'd say, well what if you guys all go into the mall and you're friends with the mask on and you get kicked out?

What are you gonna do? She goes, I'll just get you to pick me up. So she was being pretty hardcore in, you know, the early days and she really in social situations was not wearing it at all. You know, her friends put it on. She was actually trying to Educate them and tell them you don't need to wear that. Like just go even because some of them were saying they weren't afraid. They just, well that's what you're supposed to do. She like, no, just don't wear it.

You don't have to. So I was proud of her and my um, 14 year old who's almost 15, he has been, he games a lot all the time. And I in school in school and it's really hard inside of me to like be okay with it. But I'm also trying to trust that I was going to say this because we talked about it like there's a balance, It's not technical technology is not bad guns aren't bad cars aren't bad, right? And he's proved me wrong because he now he starts his own channel on youtube and within no time.

He's at 11,000 following him. Like within no time. Actually, his first little challenge to himself was how many followers does tim have? And now we're talking about tim Pacho advisor. He goes, how many followers does tim have? I'm going to have more than him by the end of the week. That's what he told me. I was like, okay, having no idea what his kids up to. But you sure as hell that he did it. He did. I think he's yeah, he's over 20. Well, he might be at 30,000 followers or something now.

And first he got the first two times he tried to get monetized. They denied him. And now he's monetized, told me the other day I monetized now mom, I'm like, wow. So he's now he's just, you know, he's about to turn 15 and he's already making money online. So I'm like, and that's all I've ever wanted for my kids. Like the more I woke up, I'm like, don't get a job. Well, I mean the other one free that you're not, you know, you're not going to be working for someone that says, oh, you're not gonna get, you're not gonna work here anymore, let's put a mask on or unless you inject yourself with poison.

I don't want my kids to have that hovering over their heads. I want them to be independent and you know, it was harder. It's harder with the old, it's really all of my kids are pretty awake. I'm lucky even the ones that went through the mainstream system have been listening to what I'm saying, and you know, I'm surrounded by like minded people so they've they've embraced it and they're seeing it, they see it themselves, that's beautiful. You know what? And that i that is uh yeah, that's a good place.

We that is where the hope is is in that next step. And I always say, you know why there's hope because we're sitting here talking, we're the hope. Like people always looking for hope. You're the hope. If you're looking for hope, you're the fucking hope man, that's right. You get like it's it's that weird little spot but it is because if you're looking for hope then you're the hope brings out another cliche saying, be the change. Another really real saying that has so much meaning to it, just say it like it's no big deal, but it's the truth, It's what really needs to happen and you know when Brandi passed away and I had to step into her role but in a different way because I'm not her, I'm not a merc whistleblower, I had to figure out what I can't I'm not her and I don't want to try to find what I needed to bring to the table what my thing is and mine is that like trying to encourage people to find the power within themselves, Stop turning and looking for leaders to lead you be your own leader, you have knowledge, you're not vaccinating your kids because of what you've learned that's all you need to share with people.

Be the change, find the power within yourself, stop turning and looking outside of yourself. Maybe you know within the medical freedom movement or um you know listening to pot whatever take knowledge that you hear but then do something with it and be the change yourself, look inside and you know, so I try to just be an example to show my thing even before Brandi past I was always writing little stories like of how like you know meeting that woman, my friend who's a really good friend now from the cafe, what I would do is after I met them sometimes I take a picture with them to post a story on facebook or on instagram and write out the interaction how it happened and you know or if I'm wearing a T shirt I would take a picture, you know if I didn't get one with them I would take a picture of me with the shirt on and I would just tell the story.

Look I was shopping, someone told me the shirt on, started honking at me, I went and introduced myself hand them some learned the risk cards. I would, I would spell out all these stories and then I thought that's really what I've got to continue doing because it's just simple what I'm doing and if more people would do it that know what is going on. Just don't be afraid. Just care about humanity enough to try to touch someone else's life and you know, they'll join us eventually. If we have more and more people that are waking up to this, they'll join us, they'll be we're building, I don't even like to say our own army because I'm not fighting, Right?

Right. Yeah, I know right. Community, community, our community. It's just community. It's like, yeah, I know we said that earlier, but yeah, it's accidentally say those terms sometimes. Like I'm fighting for freedom. I'm not, I'm just I am that Yeah, right? Fighting for freedom fucking for Virginia, right? It's one of those weird things. Dina, thank you so much. Yeah, this is always awesome. I want to do more of these As always. I know we say like uh it was a while ago. Do you remember the last time?

You don't know, it was a while ago. It was a while ago and we got on different tangents into Yeah, but I mean that's what these Yeah, Yeah, I mean it's always going to be good. Um so learn the risk dot org. People want to start being their own leader, go and learn the risk dot org. And we have like magnets, you can slap on the car, you can even take it back off if you're afraid of vandalism, you're just driving around being your own personal billboard or there's, you know, info cards, You just hand a card and encourage someone to educate themselves or slip it in the car next to you when you park or in the credit cards at the gas station.

Like we have tons of tools on the website, resources, detoxing page for how to detox if you did, you know, get shots that you are regretting now or your Children need to detox because they're having health issues. We have a page on the website for that and just tons like just check out, learn the risk dot org. There's just tons of ways to get involved that are super easy indeed. Beautiful. Yeah. Okay, well thank you very much. Thank you. All right, cheers. Mm hmm, mm hmm.

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