June 28, 2022

The Proof Is In The Private

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The Proof is in The Private With guest Steve Johnston! Listen to Steve’s story of how he learned of the legal system’s corruption at a young age. He is full of fascinating stories and we tried to keep this Fireside Freedom Chat on the topic of PMAs. From ex-NFL player to cleaning up asbestos, to now helping businesses express their God given rights, Steve is The Freedom People BAMF.

Show Notes

Listen to Steve’s story of how he learned of the legal system’s corruption at a young age. He is full of fascinating stories and we tried to keep this Fireside Freedom Chat on the topic of PMAs. From ex-NFL player to cleaning up asbestos, to now helping businesses express their God given rights, Steve is The Freedom People BAMF. 

Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of Anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom Together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Next up is steve, johnston. Steve is a entrepreneur galore, a ninja, a ninja, a ninja and a badass mofo all around. That’s right. We call him the vamp, steve vamp. Anyway, steve came on to share his story about being a business owner and bringing his business out of the public and into the private and what that meant for him. He shares stories of Being a kid, a kid, a 19 year old kid and having to defend himself in court, doing all these amazing things at a very young age. So honored to have him on the show and also more honored to have him as part of the Freedom People team. This was an amazing conversation between us. I really enjoyed it. I think you will too. We’re gonna jump right in. But before we do, I need you to head on over to the Freedom People dot org and sign up as a contributing member today. What does that mean? That means? Just signing up with us. You can contribute as little as $0 a month and we’re just happy to have you come, on let’s go go for it. Well, are we rolling right now? Okay, good. Well, let’s talk about, let’s talk about me. It’s exciting, right? I don’t normally talk about myself. So that’s why it’s important to do it here, man. Yeah, it’s a good point. Yeah. Well just my background, you know, for those listening and so on. You know, I had a pretty good childhood, had really good parents. I have three other siblings and one of my younger son, my younger brother has down syndrome. So it tells you growing up with a disabled, you know, sibling, your parents are very special people that go through a big challenge like that. So my, my heart pours out to those that are in that situation because I know exactly how it feels and uh, my brother is just an amazing young man too. So, but with that being said, that kind of the background, that’s how that’s where I came from. Um, my father was a plastering contractor, you know, my mother was a domestic engineer having to take care of us kids, which was for the most part, not too bad. Um, I kind of got sucked into the athletic aspect and that’s all I ever want to do is play sports. Um, and as I watched my father, you know, work his butt off every day, I thought to myself, that’s the last thing I want to do is use my back to make a living. Like my dad, I respect him, but it was such hard work. I didn’t want to do that, you know? And, and I had this desire to play football so that’s the route I went, I was like I’m going to play football so from his hard work man it is you know it’s like yeah that’s pretty pretty physical intensive stuff dude that’s like what your dad did plaster right? That he was a plastering contractor. So just imagine you you know you’re you’re carrying a hot with a bunch of um stuck on and you’re climbing up a ladder and you’re doing this by hand putting it on houses and so forth. You know it’s not easy work man. And as a kid growing up you know he would drag now to the jobs and I would learn the industry and so on. But it was one of those things where I was like I don’t want to do this you know and that is not is not that great. You know what? Here’s the funny part about that is back in the 70s and the 80s. Um my dad I mean they you can make a couple 100 bucks a day And and it’s pretty much yeah it’s but it’s flipped now you know you come full circle, you can’t make those kind of wages like you did in the 70s but that’s another story all in itself but it is hard work you know working in the construction industry and regardless of what facet you’re in, it’s not easy work and and then as you know being a domestic engineer at home taking care of a bunch of rug rats. You know, that’s tough to, you know, you know that Yeah, I mean not yeah, not not as much as yeah, it’s a challenge. But you know, I’m fortunate, I’m very thankful. But you know, when you grow up in a, in an environment like that, it’s like feast or famine, a lot of people will tell you that in the construction industry, you know, 11 year you make really good money and you’re driving a nice car and the next year you’re on food stamps because you can’t make enough. Um, and but the thing that’s funny, it comes full circle when we start talking about the freedom people is because I recall my father telling me as a young kid growing up don’t ever trust the government. I mean, I remember that like it was yesterday, he would constantly telling me, don’t you trust these guys. They’re gonna lie cheat and steal from you and you know, you watch your father have a small business where all the government is doing is trying to regulate you, charge more taxes, keep you down rather than flourish. I mean, as a kid growing up watching that and now, you know, I’m 52 years old now and the light bulbs gone off the last four or five years and I’m like, man, my dad was right about everything, You know, You know what I mean? It’s like all that stuff always comes around that way. It’s like, damn. They were right. Isn’t it funny how that works? You’re like, geez, you know, not that you just believe them. It’s just, you don’t until you experienced something right? It has to be experiential. Then you’re like, oh ship that’s what they were saying, man. You know, that’s exactly it. Like you, you don’t know what you don’t know, right? And when you’re young growing up, how are you supposed to know something you’ve never experienced? And then the older you get, you start to buy a house and you go what property taxes? Oh my gosh, and then you buy a car and you’re thinking about the interest rate and then, you know, registration and I mean you start adding this stuff up when you’re hitting your forties, you’re like, oh my gosh, when am I gonna retire? I gotta work till I’m 67 years old. You know, that’s, that’s the thing. You know, you realize this along the way, but I’m no complaints. It was a good experience that helped me have a better insight today by going through all of that. And yeah, it was, it was a great experience. But like I said, I, I admire my father. He’s, you know, I still think he’s the smartest man I’ve ever known and he never got past the 8th grade and that’s just how that generation was. They were hard workers and and they make it through, but I swore I didn’t want to use my back. So then I, I took after this career playing football and I was fortunate enough, I did pretty well. I made it through high school and college and you know, I earned a bunch of awards, you know, all conference state, all american. And I earned a scholarship to play up at Washington State. And I, the Cougars go kooks for all my fellow Cougars out there. And then I spent about six years trying to, to make it in the NFL. And unfortunately everyone there is an all american. So you’re not any better than anyone else. Everyone is good. And uh, and unfortunately just I didn’t make it. But while I was doing that, I fell into working in the financial world and wearing a suit and tie and forced to drive a nice car. And, and then you’re running around with all the big boys, you know, living the high life, you know, doing well, making good money. And then it dawns on you again. Like wait a second, the more I make, the more I pay them taxes, I mean, how do you ever get ahead? Right? And what, and what does the government do when you’re doing this? They get you in these tax brackets where okay, I made this much, but now they’re going to tax me this much. But if I spin this, I can avoid paying it. So they keep forcing you to buy more and more and more get bigger houses. More cars drive consumerism. Dude, it’s, it’s, it, it’s all organized. It’s, it’s, it’s really the Matrix, right? And that’s where, that’s where we say is like the, once you start to wake up to this stuff, you, you start to see the finer, finer weaves of the Matrix, you can start to see more and more and you’re just like, oh my God, how like literally quite literally everything is manipulated, our whole reality is manipulated or these for profit and consumption, right? It’s just kind of like, but they have to and we know this fiduciary responsibility, right, which we’ve learned a lot about, right. Corporate law says that you have to keep making money right? You have to keep turning more and more profit for the stock owners produce very responsibility. You have to do it. And once you know that these governments, our government service corporations posted all their dun and Bradstreet pages up on our telegram. So if anybody wants to go check out our telegram, the freedom people telegram anyway, it all makes perfect sense how that’s all it’s generated to do. And that’s why all the laws, regulations and all these bylaws and things are passed this way is two. It’s all designed that way. It forces you to either pay more or you’re gonna have to spend more that you really don’t want to spend. You would rather save that for your kid’s tuition for college or for retirement but oh no, no you’re giving all these vehicles to put it in if you want to save it right before a one K. But then it’s all regulated, they tax all of it like and you don’t you don’t have to do all that. No you don’t. Which by the way I think I may have forgot my name is steve by the way, I don’t even think I introduced myself and actually I am part of the freedom people so we’ll get into that. But I think I forgot that. Yeah. You know what’s funny is it’s um the more and more the last several years is really the light bulb has always been on, it’s just never been as bright as it’s ever been until now for me. You know I mean you know this, we’ve talked about this, you can’t quite put a finger on it but your whole life, my father ingrained in me, they’re cheating you, they’re stealing you. They’re corrupt. The judicial system is corrupt. I mean story after story and meet a lot of personal experiences I’ve had since I was a young kid. You and I talked about it just confirms that you can’t quite put a finger on it and then it was like the last four or five years for me, I really started diving in more and more and then the light bulb went off so bright, I had to put sunglasses on like I like now I see it, you know what I mean? Like the analogy of like walking through a house and turning on different lights and a massive but you don’t even know how big your house this house is. Dude, you just keep walking through and you’re just like new light bulbs continuously going off man. It’s just like holy moly, that’s how you do that. That’s how you do that. Right? Exactly. I mean it’s just like, and and once you, I always use the analogy, it’s like seeing a horrible train wreck. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it now. Like what do you do? Are you gonna take the blue pill or the red pill and you’ve already seen it. So it really is in that, in that way you’re just exposed and what do you do? You better take that blue pill? It wears off and they go crazy at some point, right? You can’t, you can’t ignore truth, you know what I mean? Like once you’ve seen, you can like go and bury your head in the sand for a little while dude, it’s gonna eat at you because the truth does, right? I know it, it kind of kind of coincides with what happened with me, I was working in the corporate world and you know, after my football career, I started working in the corporate world and ironically some of the big name football athletes that you’re probably aware of in Colorado the biggest one of all ended up being one of my clients. So um, and and the interesting part about it is a lot of these guys, you know, I I’ve known obviously in my playing days and some of them and but the point of all this is when you get into that corporate world and and now you’re following all these certain regulations and all these different requirements, all of it to try and make money to save money. You know, part of what I did in the financial world is might the firm I worked with, we we would help design reinsurance programs and we would teach our clients and we would do it for them. We would set up a company in the Turks and Caicos and create a reinsurance product. They would sell insurance products to customers. We would re insure it and we would take that and Merrill lynch would handle the management of it and increase the funds and profitability in this section. We would handle the claims. So when you’re doing all of this, you realize why are they doing it in the Turks and Caicos? It’s because you can’t do it here in the United States without being severe taxation and so forth. Right? But it’s not unlawful to go to go and be foreign like foreign, but they don’t teach you this stuff and tell it outright, dude, like you got to experience it somehow. We’ll think about it all these, you know I’ve worked with a lot of wealthy groups very wealthy. And do you think they want to spend money on taxation? They’re figuring out every way possible to not spend it and everybody’s known forever, right? The key. I right. I mean Caymans like swiss bank accounts. I mean it’s been like, I mean, come on right. I mean and they’re not doing anything wrong, you know I I understand the purpose behind it. They’re trying to save just like we are, but they just have better tax guys, you know? Exactly. Yeah. Well the tax guys are the ones who are writing the tax laws. So what do I mean, what do we expect? They know all the ins and outs and how to avoid paying their taxes, but at the same time they’re keeping those tax experts are keeping them in that public system. Which is where, I mean we can get in. I mean there’s a lot I want to talk about, I mean I’d love it if you want to talk about kind of uh since we’re in the background stuff like like your experience about like um you know your early legal days to deal with the legal system and that B. S. And then we can roll into the P. M. A. S. And kind of how how like being private protects you a little bit. Yeah. Sure. Absolutely. Yeah. Well for me personally, you know I’ve I’ve had to go through some, some family court situations where I was exposed to The justice system and it’s not a justice system at all. It’s entirely rigged. I can recall, you know, being 19 years old and having to go to court and and argue to try and just have custody of my son to share custody at 19 years old in college, trying to, you know, this is a pro player. Yeah, listen to this. This is, it’ll blow you away. This is the justice system. This is a great story and I’ll share it with you. You know, I’m 1920 years old. I I have to go to court. I figured out on my own. I go down to the local law library and I figure out how do I file a motion and I start going through these processes at 20 years old and I’m just simply trying to be able to see my son and I go through this process, file it and then of course they impose child support on me. I’m in college and when I get a scholarship, you’re not allowed to work when you have a scholarship. Okay, So they’re imposing child support on me when I can’t work. Okay, So then I’ll never forget this. I was getting a stipend check for my, my scholarship. It was $411 and $411 is supposed to pay for my rent, my food, my books and everything else. Right, well all the tuition is paid and I had a meal ticket, but then I’d have to take that money And I would take $50 a month, $25 a month. I’d go do odd jobs on the side to earn money and I would send it to his mother for diapers and food. I do whatever I could, but I can’t work. I lose my scholarship. I mean, you couldn’t have anything on the books. So I’m doing whatever I can. And of course, once I’m out of college, I’m paying child for I do the normal thing, which I’m not opposed to paying child support. I want to take care of my son and so on. That’s not the issue. The issue is the corruption of the judicial system and how they trap you like uh and they get paid for all this to their for profit corporations. Absolutely, no. Now. Right. So yeah, I wish I would have known that argument back then. Like the 12 Presumptions of court. I wish I would have known that when I was 12, 20 years old, I would have challenged them and I and here’s an example of corruption that people just won’t understand. I’ll utilize. I was in the state of California. I moved to Colorado state, which is called the state of colorado. And they, the state of California was charging me child support and garnishing my checks in colorado. And here, here’s the funny part about it. His mother was collecting welfare at the time and not telling the state of California that I was sending her child support checks. Okay I have canceled checks. Every one of them are canceled. I kept records on everything, I was sending her $500 a month. You know this is back in the 90s, that’s a lot of money. I was sending her $500 a month and I started to make pretty good money here in Colorado. I was working as a consultant and then I, the office manager comes to me and says steve, we just got a notice from the state of California you gotta garnishment and I says for what I paid my child but I’ve been paying it for years and she go they go, oh yeah they’re charging you $4300 in child support a month a month. And my my office manager says there’s nothing I could do, I have to take it out of your check and I’m like are you kidding me? So then here I am in Colorado fighting with the state of California about child support, I get them to reduce it down to $2,800 a month And it’s $2,800 a month. Now My son at this time he’s 17, 18 years old, he’s almost out of the house mother, His mother is literally defrauding the welfare system, The welfare system knows she is. But they can’t get a dollar out of her. So then they attack me. I go to a court hearing. I show them all of my canceled checks for years. And you know what the state of California judge says to me says well we don’t accept that those are void. It’s not a contract. I had a contract written up with the mother, I’ll pay you $500 a month blah blah blah for. And the mother and I agree, I show it to the court and the court looks at me and says that’s not a contract because you didn’t submit it to the court for approval. Yeah, this is what the state of California says to me. So so I go out, I fly out to the state of California on three occasions I show up for the court hearing and I’m in the waiting room to start and they say, oh the judge postponed your case. Whoa. three times. Three times. I flew back and forth. Finally, the fourth time I get in front of the judge, I was so piste off. I have all the documentation to show I paid everything they didn’t care. They called it a gift. And I sat there in front of the judge and I have my checkbook out and I said tell me right now, how much do I owe you? I’m gonna write a check and I’m gonna get on an airplane and never come back to this corrupt state again. And I ended up writing a check for like $15,000 and I handed it over to the court and I walked out of there piste off and got on a plane and said this system is so corrupt. I did not think about it. But again if you look at blacks law dictionary, what are right? Banks, banks, the courts are banks, judges or bankers Dude it’s it’s right there once you see it like we were talking about dude once you dude like not knowing right? That’s the shitty part dude. Like if we even knew half of what we knew when we were younger man. But that’s that’s just out of control ridiculous. But that just is a prime example of how corrupt the system is. You know and I look at it this way there’s a lot of good people out there like me, women and men that are trying to do the right thing and they’re trying to fall along and they’re trying to do the right thing and the state comes in and just says well yeah we don’t care. We’re gonna call that a gift and we’re gonna charge you anyways and because because another party ripped us off we’re gonna make you pay like okay yeah that makes sense. That’s the bottom line man can’t yeah we can’t show losses this quarter. And I. Exactly and I sat there with the judge saying why don’t you arrest this? That she did it twice. So why don’t you arrest her? It’s on record. You have it. The welfare department shows it, no we’re not gonna do that. And it’s just it’s it’s just they’re gonna go after whoever has the money. So any time you kind of get ahead in life, they come after and attack you. It’s kind of like when I’m just, you know, it’s kind of like two parties a husband and wife decided to get divorced. What happens? The attorneys come in and say how much money do you have? And then they make sure it’s all gone and then they’re like okay divorces over attorney to take one and give to another. That’s all they’re just they’re stages they get up there and lie. That’s what they’re like after. It’s a court, it’s a court. What else they played is played on a court, basketball, tennis right there games and like they keep tossing the ball, that’s what these lawyers, these groups of teams of lawyers. They passed this ship back and forth until they’ve sucked all parties dry of of all their money. But that that’s they have to buy again. They are corporations they have to they have to keep generating money and like like I said earlier, I mean I’ve gone through a lot of these experiences. So um but when I look back on it. I’ve learned from it and all it did was confirm my suspicion all along, they’re all corrupt. I mean it doesn’t matter what side you’re on. The ill left, right? Doesn’t matter. People need to wake up and realize it’s us against them. They own the whole game. Dude. They own that whole game. It’s public versus private. And we got to stay in this private. Exactly. Great. Segue into what, what, what is the P. M. A. What’s, what’s, what’s, what’s public and private? Let’s start there. Because I think like for a lot of people, you know, I had a conversation the other day here in the hallway at the office and this guy stopped me. He’s like, hey, so what exactly do you do? I was like, well, we take public companies and make them private. He’s like, you mean like stock. I’m like, no, no, no. Like, and so let’s start there. So how do you explain that to somebody? Because you know, it’s, yeah, No, it’s, it’s a great, it’s a great point. A lot of people get a little confused. So let’s just talk public to start off with. Everybody knows public. You go into a local, yeah. You go into, you go into Subway, let’s say, or you go to walmart. These are all public entities. Um, I know the discussion we had about the corporations, those are public entities to talking about the, the courts and the government’s, they’re all public entities. So what does that mean? They’re corporations meaning they contract with other corporations and they have to get a business license, right? If you’re gonna go open up a little mom and pop concrete company, joe’s concrete company, you gotta get a business license from the secretary of state. You’re gonna pay whatever 50 bucks, 100 bucks for that. Then you got to get it. If you’re, if it’s some kind of regulated industry, you’re gonna have to get a specific license. Let’s say you’re a contractor, you need a license for that. Then you’re gonna have to get um, city county or state type of register your company. You’re gonna have to get any type of insurances that are required specifically for that company. Then when you start hiring employees, what do you gotta do? You gotta pay taxes on employee taxes, you gotta pay, I can go down the list of all we all know that. The taxes just get endless, right. You start thinking about it, that’s all in the public. So the startup companies before you can even sell an item or perform a service, You’re spending all kinds of money. Think about a storefront to you got to have, you know, a permit for this, you got to have a permit to put a sign outside your own building because it’s in the public. It’s all regulated. That’s the whole point when you, when you sign up and you get a license, you are now under their jurisdiction. You’re. You’re, you’re playing their game and they control. you make the rules, that’s how it is, That’s a public, right? So how do we get out of that? We go to the private now when the private, we have zero government intervention, right? We don’t have, we don’t have a government coming and breathing down our necks saying you got to have a license for that or you have to have insurance for that or you have to have a permit for that or you have to do this that regulation or you can’t put that sign up. None of that applies when you’re in the private and this is the paradigm shift. A lot of people have trouble doing, I see it a lot, you know, they think about it’s tough because you you’re engraved your whole life generations bro, this has been going on generations of indoctrination that you have to ask permission to take a freaking piss in this country dude to drive dude, like and when you really think about it, you’re like I’m a grown ass man. Dude, I gotta have, I have to ask permission to drive a vehicle now, I mean why? Yeah exactly, it’s got a special driver license to drive a truck versus the motorcycle versus car. I mean really I have to have all these different types of licenses because I want to drive a motorcycle versus a car, right? And I don’t even want to drive. The definition of driving is to do, you know, conducting commerce, right? So, and that’s the old roman laws dude. It’s nuts, man. It is, it’s crazy. So when we talk about the private, how do, how do we get into the private? Well one is, how do we validate the private? What gives us the right to do the private? We have a constitution and the amendments that allow us to to have these rights are already ours. And what do I say all the time? I say stop asking for permission and just exercise the rights we already possess. That. That to me is the tagline to people need to think of stop asking just do it. Yeah, but okay. So basically what do we do? Well, we have constitutional rights. We got the first, we got the fourth, the 5th 9th, 10th, 14th, all these amendments support our rights to do private trade in the private. That’s the important part has to stay in the private, not in the public. So we create a unincorporated association and it’s called a P. M. A private membership association or private ministry or private health, private education. What’s the first word that it begins with private. That’s the whole point and it’s got to stay private and I share this with our members when we talk about these things is you can’t have one ft in the in the public and one in the private because if you’re if you’re dipping a toe over here and a toe over there, then you could say you’re trying to avoid paying taxes rather than operating fully in the private, you’re committed, you’re in the private, you’re no longer in the public. You know, you need to be absolutely like we have a friend right now, right, who’s going through the 501 issue or a 51 C three. But what people don’t really comprehend, It’s a five oh one C three. That’s just another franchise of the government service corporation. Now, you’re under their franchise by laws. It’s not now now you’re paying taxes and that’s when the devil got into Georgia, man, right? I don’t really understand. That’s when like things really went, went, went south in the, in the churches. Now, that’s what they were aware or not. I’m not gonna say, but I do know that they got money. But then what does that mean from then on? They can’t even talk anything bad about the government, right? And so if you’re a 501 C three out there talking about about the government, which I know a lot of them, right? Then, then you’re technically in default and they can come after you and take your money out of your account. So think about all these churches that have been shut down because they’re not wearing a mask or they’re not vaccinated and so forth. God’s law or nature’s law, five oh one C three, that’s just a state controlled entity, that’s all it is when you’re a 501 C three in a church, you’re literally filing documentation to ask permission to be tax exempt. I thought you already were when you, because all of us are and that’s the beautiful thing, right? And that’s where it’s like, dude, we don’t really have to do anything and that’s why you always eloquently put it, just stand upon the rights you already possess. This is above all the constitutions that do. This is God’s law tax. You can’t tax nature and that’s why we all know through the birth certificate, they had to create a bond, a corporation of franchise entity of your so that you can contract back in so you can contract and then they can tax you and they can hold your, hold your bonds, hold your, hold your inheritance, you know what I mean? So it’s absolutely, it’s nuts, man. It is. So yeah, when we talk about the private, all the things we’re discussing right now, I can’t stress it enough. When I, when I tell people is just when you commit to it, you’re committed, you’ve got to stay in the private. Don’t dip your toes in the public again. But when you, when you start operating in the private, you literally feel the weight off your shoulders go away, you realize the addition, the additional profits that you make one is huge, you just give yourself a huge pay raise. Number two, you’re not dealing with all the government entities and all the regulations and no one likes anyway because they’re unorganized and all they want is your money. That’s it. What are they providing you, what benefit do you get by paying a license fee so they can tell you what to do? And regularly it just blows me, Isn’t it crazy? And I don’t think I mentioned this earlier, but You know, I was in the corporate world for 18 years and I just couldn’t handle the environment, the regulations, the ongoing craft and there was a number of other things, but I just decided one day I was done and I ended up stepping away when I stepped away people in the industry and I had one of the most sought out positions in my industry, you can do pretty well financially and people thought I was nuts like what is wrong with you? And I’m like, I can’t do this anymore. So then I, I did what I swore I’d never do. And I opened up another construction company, uh, that my father was doing right. He was doing plastering and it’s kind of a funny story, you know, my father as a kid growing up, we used to put asbestos in the plaster and asbestos is a mineral that just bonds stuck together. And also it’s used in brake pads, roofing materials, you know, all kinds of bonding materials that’s been around for hundreds of years. Well as a kid growing up, you know my father put this on houses for 40 years you know and then it turns around I open up a business to remove it. Now I’m cleaning it up so It wasn’t planned that way. But hey job security right? My dad started it and now I’m removing it. So anyways for the last 10 years I’ve been a small business owner and and as a small business order dealing with the E. P. A. The most corrupt entity on the face of this earth. I can tell you uh you want to talk about corruption and regulation. Oh my god I can tell you stories that are unbelievable. And I fought them the last couple of years. I had enough and that’s kind of where you and I come together because it was one of these days I was searching and I was like I heard a little bit about P. M. S. And I I started researching it for a long period of time. And I’m trying and I talked with a lot of P. M. A. Companies out there. I even bought PMS from other companies and and it was kind of like um not getting the satisfaction that I wanted. I wasn’t finding the information. It was the P. M. A. S. Were lackluster. Very you know lacking in the documents. They didn’t seem like they had to support around him a number of things like that. So I called up this company called the Freedom People and I scheduled a time to meet, you know, and discuss it and you and I got on the phone and we just hit it off, right? We talked for almost two hours I think. And next thing, you know, you know, we kept talking more and more. We had same like minded individual, right? We’re going the same direction and next thing, you know, over a period of time, you and I were talking and and we decided, you know what, we should work together. And that’s where that’s where I started joining up with the Freedom People and and ever since we’ve been together for quite some time and I got to tell you what it was the best decision I ever made, I think the world of you and Emily, and I just love the concept of what the Freedom people stand for and and the products and services that we’re providing to our members. Uh it is it’s been it’s just been a perfect match. And I joke around like when you and I started talking, you know, you had me at Hello, Right? I was done, but it’s just it’s a great fit and we’re all on the same page and and uh the most exciting part about it is when we’re talking to our members and we’re providing P. M. A. S. Let’s take, for example, and we’re talking to them and we’re sharing with them, you know, how to operate in the private and sharing with them all the benefits and features of it and giving them some insight on it. Um You can tell it’s it’s really making a difference in their life, I mean, would you agree? Yeah, man? Yeah, well, it did on yours again, you you we set up your P. M. A. For you took your business private and then like, and you started now you’re doing it for us, right? And so now we’re doing it together. I mean, it’s it’s a beautiful thing. So I um its its purpose. We’re living with purpose right now and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s um I couldn’t imagine it’s crazy how it all came together. I couldn’t imagine it to be any different though, you know what I mean? Like, there’s no way we could have planned any of this. I have no freaking idea. Dude, there’s um like, like furthest thing I ever thought I’d be doing law and finance for this thing. I mean, for, I mean furthest thing by far right? I’m it’s but this type of law and this type of finance trust, that’s actually for the people, by the people. That doesn’t stink the way that the financial markets and the legal system, the bar legal system that fucking wreaks because it’s all for profit, That stuff. It’s different dude. Now we’re living in purpose and we’re, man, I I really believe, you know, more than than ever that we are doing uh like God’s work, what we’re doing is we’re helping to bring the people back dude. Like bring your your wealth back right through this process we have now man, come on dude. It makes It makes me think just when I reflect back on my life, I’ve been fortunate enough to be very uh plentiful through my life and I’ve I’ve been blessed in many ways but I’ve had a lot of challenges. But the best part about is every one of these challenges working in the corporate world for 18 years, having a private business for the last 10 and and dealing with the crazy environment with the the E. P. A. And being in a P. M. A. The last year or so more than that. And and now it’s brought me full circle to where we’re at and it just I think it’s just prepared me for where we’re at. So now when I’m here, you know the last several years I told you the light bulb is so bright. Now I get to share that with others and I can tell the light bulbs going off right for others, right? And yeah and that’s what we’re building here and that’s a big part that I think sometimes I mean it’s if you don’t know you know what I mean? We’re building a community. All these people we’ve helped and so now all these people are helping each other right? It’s it’s um it’s just spreading and we just keep spreading and doing what do we talk about all the time. It’s all organic too. Yeah. Yeah, that’s what I mean. Yeah. And that’s why I’m kind of saying like, you know, in all humility and everything, I say all glory to, you know, source energy and all that because I’m just like the brush, I’m not the energy behind it. I’m just like here trying to do my best to to fill where I can write because again, I do two years ago I was deejaying and I’m writing software. I mean nowhere near, I mean we do write some software and stuff, but I’m not even doing that anymore, right? Cause we gotta focus on on all this trust stuff and all that stuff, right? We got so much other because it’s it’s again more on purpose with this whatever this purposes. Freedom dude. And that’s that’s where we all kind of came together. That’s why it’s the freedom people, right? So it’s it really is. And and I tell you what it, it puts the biggest smile on my face when other people get it right? But they’re like, and they’re and they’re so gung ho man, it’s like they’re beating down the door for information. It’s hilarious. And just we’re trying I know we’re all doing the best we can to get to them as quick as we can and and and everyone’s really patient and they all got the right attitude, But we’re all going together in this this journey. And we’re going back to to what we’re entitled to what God gave us. It was always ours. It was just bamboozled that was taken through manipulation right through through fraud. Just straight up fraud right through. I mean, you cannot contract an infant and that’s exactly what they did. They contracted us at birth. Well, damn near it. Right. Whatever long it took to create your bond. I mean, they contracted us. How can an infant? No. We know you have to be at least 18 right to get in and but know that so fraud. Immediately fraud fraud. Right? And that doesn’t go away. There’s no statute of limitations on fraud. So it goes back to when that started. So all of this stuff. Once you claim who you are, right your status and once you know, right? And that’s that where you’re saying when the light bulb goes off, there’s just something where it shifts inside of you where you’re not afraid anymore. Because you realize that that’s just been this weird control system of of asking permission. It’s so true. It’s like I said it earlier and I’ll say it again, stop asking for permission. Exercise the rights you already possess. I mean, it’s there. You have it. God gave it to you use it. We gotta stop worrying about what the government is. Now. I’m not telling people go out and commit crimes. That’s not our message close man. No. Yeah, we’re telling you follow the lawful, Lawful. Yeah. Common law, tennis. Do no harm to others. Do no harm to their property and don’t restrict them of their God given unalienable rights. How hard is that? Yeah, it’s pretty easy. It is. And we all know this inside, right? Again, that’s where the system and the manipulation and people are like, oh well there’s the criminals. But I mean who created who? You know what I mean? Like exactly. I mean, we’re peaceful and and that’s again, that’s probably my negativity and and people, but I’ve always seen the best in people. I believe people are good and at the core, right? It’s just manipulation and weird stuff. Dude, if you grow up in certain situations, people you don’t know right? And so, uh, but I do believe that that if there wasn’t so much manipulation, it probably be a lot more peaceful world, right? We were all wealthy like we already are, right? And everybody already like had had access to their funds and things of that sort like like um or the resources of the planet that weren’t siphoned up to a very selective. That’s right. Well it really is, it’s it’s these I, you know, I I call them evil individuals that are trying to rule this world and they’re just suppressing all of us. We just need to, we need to, I’m not out there promoting let’s get in a line and let’s start screaming and yang let’s burn down buildings were not saying any of that we’re building a new let’s build the new, let’s just focus on what we’re doing and that’s it. It’s so easy because dude, it’s all it is is a shift right? It’s just you just shift your attention over here and don’t give any more attention to that sucking three ring circus clown car, right? I mean who in their right mind at this point can be like, you know oh yeah that’s anyway, it’s all just a joke and so just focus just saying. But the thing is is if you don’t know, you don’t know like you said if you don’t know that there’s an alternative right? Because I have friends like who owned businesses like and they’re like man I wish I was in europe. You know, they don’t have all these regulations that data and I’m like well they do on some level but at the same time they just know that they have these rights that they can just like like the restaurants there. They are P. M. A. S. No they’re not shutting down I mean some I guess but it’s not the same way because the the U. C. C. And this corporate like craziness is embedded everywhere. Like it is here, right? It’s um but you have that option, you have a restaurant and you don’t want to shut down if they tell you to you don’t have to really don’t you don’t, but if you want to ask for permission and ask for permission to pay them to ask for permission, go ahead. That’s your that’s your right as well for our members, our listeners. I mean they can operate in the private and you can your current business right now. For the most part, almost everything applies. And I’ll give an example if you’re a a service industry or a contractor or a wellness individual, you know, do you do massage or acupuncture or any one of these types? You’re a doctor. All of these types of individuals that come to us at the freedom people. We’ve helped all of these type of people to to set up a P. M. A. And the only requirement is you have to be able to make that individual become a member of your P. M. A. And when they become a member of your P. M. A. You can do the private trade with them all day long. Lawfully and don’t have to worry about it. You can I say this all the time. If you’re a heart surgeon, you can do heart surgery if you want. And that’s the thing is. Yes. Absolutely. Absolutely. And and there is that does go on by the way and right. Of course, right? Yeah. And you don’t you don’t have to, that’s the beauty is the non regulation. And and again, how how how do how do you find yourself getting people to, is there that paradigm shift? I mean, I know a lot of, a lot of the times we, people who come to us like you said, are already pretty educated, right? Yeah. That’s what they’re trying to figure out, right? They know right? And they’re they’re kind of, you know, down the status correction process or were becoming from the various groups, you know what I mean? Things like that. No. So, so you being able to express to them, hey, you know, uh what is the main shift? You see, you know what I mean? I think the main shift is as people believing that it’s true. I mean, the first thing is they’re like, is this real, how can you do this? You know, I’m not gonna go to, that’s it, I mean, and I don’t know what it goes down is what it goes back to is what they have been feared their whole life. They’ve been indoctrinated to fear the government, you have to follow what they tell you. You know, and if you don’t, they’re gonna find you and if you won’t pay the fine, they’ll rest you and you’ll go to jail. I mean, there’s all I mean, I have friends of mine that, you know, they chuck on, they call me Wesley snipes, they’re like, oh, you’re going to jail one day and I just right. Yeah. And I’m just like, why am I going to jail? Because you don’t pay your taxes. And I go no I don’t have to their voluntary no and see that’s what they do is people don’t get that. They’re 100% voluntary unless you file that form, your confession form and you tell them saying yes I owe you this. Well then you owe it then they got you and that’s what all these it’s but they don’t realize there’s this whole other. But again it goes back to that. The fear for generations. Dude it is here it is, it is rampant. It is insane. You want to talk about the biggest virus out there is fear man. Well I use the driver’s license as an example, right? The Supreme Court has said it dozens if not 100 times in a variety of different case law to show you don’t have to have a driver’s license registration or insurance to travel on a public highway. You don’t have to, what do people do? Well I’m gonna go down to my state of Arizona colorado California and I’m gonna fill out an application to get a license and then now they regulate you and they give you an idea with your photo on it, There’s your benefit so it’s no longer right? It’s now a privilege that they regulate. And if you don’t do what we tell you, we’re going to restrict it and then we’re gonna find you and then if you don’t do it then we’re gonna take it away and we’re gonna throw you in jail, you see how that works until you pay them more money so you pay them more right? And that they take your freedom for money. And that’s what like if you just pay attention, go sit in a courtroom for a day and go watch. All they do is sit and collect money all day long. And if you can’t afford to pay, they put you in or if you do something really bad. But what do they do if they murder things like that? Well, of course like that. That’s right. Of course those are big crimes, right? But you know, running a stop at a stop sign, right? You’re not hurting anybody. Like no crime crime. Yeah. The court has already noted that is not a crime, no victim, no crime. What have they done? They’ve tried to say, well the state is the victim and it’s like well no show me the body man, show me where they’re bleeding, where’s the injury? Yeah. Present them to me right now but they can’t and they never do it again. It’s manipulation and fear tactics and not knowing enough. You got to produce the injured party in order for there to be a crime. I mean it’s a joke but it’s rigged and most people don’t get this. So when it comes back to the P. M. A. Again, my biggest saying when I’m talking with with our members and their enquiring about doing a P. M. A. It’s just that that paradigm shift is stop being afraid. Okay yeah stop being afraid. We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Dude that has never been more true than right now in our existence I think more so than ever just because we the big bag wolf the I. R. S. I’m afraid they’re gonna come get me. What? Why why are you afraid send them a notice and say I no longer voluntarily pay. That is the most empowering thing and we have member after member I’ve helped members for a while now do this right? Like their first correspondence to they send something to the I. R. S. That does something to it switches something into you. So it’s like you’re no longer like on the defense like no you’re like no now you you prove to me prove to me and once that happens and they come back and they can’t you’re like I send a registered mail, go pound sand because I don’t I know I don’t have to. Yeah and the thing is is you know a lot of these people that’s the paradigm shift. I see most of them are just now they all want to do it. I mean I would say that a lot of them so that’s why and you you and I know this we put together a thing called the starter kit and it’s something no other company has out there and we give them all the tools that you know we give them the how to get your, how to set up your bank account. Dude like because that’s big commerce, how do we still, how do you know how do you conduct commerce still? Well that’s you do everything is normal like like you’re not giving up anything, you’re gaining things right? People are always like what am I giving up? Especially with the status correction you know like what am I losing? Not like not well you’re losing your slave chains if you put it that way. I mean that’s what you’re starting to erode once you start to go through these processes and things like that right? And take more and more back of your. Exactly. It is it really it kind of. Well I know for me it’s draining me for many years working in the corporate world you know emotionally and physically and mentally it just takes takes it all out of you and you think it’s fun when you’re having to deal. I think of all the people out there that are dealing with I. R. S. Issues or or court issues or family law issues. We can talk all day about stuff like that when you start doing that paradigm shift and you move over and you realize wait a second they answer to me. I don’t answer to them and then and then you then you start taking that bold step and actually living that life, that’s the way to do it and I’ve done it personally, so I’m not like just what’s to say, I always joke about, you know, actually I used the product, the hair guy, I might be, I might be a partner in the firm, but I actually use the product. Yeah, not only am I a hair club member? Exactly. Not only am I the ceo what does he say? Not only the founder of hair club, I used the product, but yeah, I mean I’m living proof I, I operate a P. M. A. My business and I’m sitting here with with the freedom people and I help others and that’s the whole point. We want to get people empower them, encourage them, you know, take the power back into your hands, you have it, you know, that’s the whole goal, It’s good stuff man, It’s exciting. Steve ladies and gentlemen, steve freedom, freedom people. I love it dude, thank you so much for doing with this with me man, where I want to do more and you know obviously we want, we got to get some real life examples, you know what I mean? We’ve got to get like Ben Barlow back on here or something, I mean, and and we’ll get more of this because I think it’s important for people to get an understanding or understanding and over standing, you know comprehension of what we’re doing. Um and because it’s a lot of, a lot of people ask, well who else is doing this? Well, I’m one of them and there’s a lot of us we’ve helped a lot of members with P. M. A. S. And it’s growing more and more and and there’s other options for when a P. M. A. May not work. We have our trust, right? Our trust process and that’s huge. The Foreign Express Trust, right? The Express Trust process. And I mean, I’ll say this before we close. I mean, people need to remember in the public, you know, you got you got to be able to be a member has to be a living breathing soul. So that’s it’s got a living breathing soul contracting with another living breathing soul under a P. M. A. That’s how you operated in the private. But if you’re a corporation, you can’t go out there and make a deal with walmart or something because you’re a living breathing soul, you can’t contract with the corporation. So we have other ways to to solve those needs for for our members to with our trust. That’s another option. You know, we’ll talk about that, I’m sure again later. But I think we can do 10 episodes on that one. But yeah, I mean, but the cool thing is is our members need to know, you know, and those that are looking into a P. M. A. S. You know, come to the freedom people, we want to help you, we want to educate you, we want we want to be here for you you know that’s the thing because we also we we eat our own dog food, we practice what we do. It’s like dude and you know we’re now unified law people, you know what I hate the term lawyer but I mean you know the definition is anybody who’s learned in the law and now we’re pretty damn learned in the law man like we are and we got a lot of support groups out there that are helping us and guide us in other ways too. So it’s not like we’re some you know I have 28, 30 years of experience in business so it’s not like I’m some chump like I don’t know what I’m doing you know I’ve actually lived and breathed it and operated it and you two you’ve been in that corporate world and you understand that just as much as I do so it’s great we want to empower people, I want to empower them you know and give them the confidence to just go out grab the tiger by the tail, take care of it right? Yes 1000% and that’s what it is, it’s just giving people that that little bit of encouragement you know and support that they need because that’s what it is dude and that’s why building a community, the more and more we do this the bigger and stronger the community gets. So the the more um empowered people feel right, It’s and and and I mean, I’m feeling it, you know what I mean? I know you do our members do and it’s it’s starting to build momentum and and you know, thank goodness man, it’s just crazy how it’s all good, I can’t complain man. Thank you. Absolutely. Alright brother, we’ll talk soon. Alright, talk to you later, bye. Okay. Hey, alright we’re done.

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