July 13, 2022

The Grass is Always Greener When You Can Eat It

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At age 19, Jim first learned about the power of writing his goals. From the practice of inspired visioning, he became a 4-time All-American and National Champion wrestler. After college, he moved to Hawaii, backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, explored cultures, and searched for his next inspired vision. He wrote his goals again at age 29, which included being retired in 3 years. Jim went on to create a mortgage company that reached $1.3B in sales in 3 years, leading him to early retirement and the achievement of another life goal. He bought a boat, lived on the ocean for a year, and then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages where he discovered permaculture. It changed his life and he realized he needed to bring it to every household in the world. The idea whose time has come became Food Forest Abundance. Jim speaks about sovereignty, entrepreneurship, mindset, and freedom.

Show Notes

At age 19, Jim first learned about the power of writing his goals. From the practice of inspired visioning, he became a 4-time All-American and National Champion wrestler.

After college, he moved to Hawaii, backpacked through 37 countries, lived with the Maasai, explored cultures, and searched for his next inspired vision.

He wrote his goals again at age 29, which included being retired in 3 years. Jim went on to create a mortgage company that reached $1.3B in sales in 3 years, leading him to early retirement and the achievement of another life goal.

He bought a boat, lived on the ocean for a year, and then moved to Costa Rica to build eco-villages where he discovered permaculture. It changed his life and he realized he needed to bring it to every household in the world. The idea whose time has come became Food Forest Abundance. Jim speaks about sovereignty, entrepreneurship, mindset, and freedom.

You can find Jim and his work here:  https://foodforestabundance.com/

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s guest is jim gale from food forest abundance. That’s right. Jim gale everybody. What an amazing conversation that I had with Jim. If you don’t know who jim is, well strap in for an awesome, awesome conversation.

Uh he is a entrepreneur, uh expert in sovereignty mindset, freedom. Just what we love here at the freedom people, I think you’re really gonna love this conversation, we’re gonna jump right into it before we do what I need you to do is head on over to the Freedom people dot org and sign up and become a contributing member today. That really helps to build the community. It can cost you zero, just come over, sign up, let’s have some fun and let’s kick butt in this new earth.

Come on, let’s go. Hello, my friend, how’s it going? Good man, how you doing? Oh good. Have been, we’re running all day doing videos of food forests here in Minnesota. Beautiful. You’re up in Minnesota, yep. Yeah, up here for five days and uh you know, it’s, it’s just so cool to see a lot of people think that growing food, I showed them my food force in florida and they’re like, yeah, but I’m in Minnesota, I can’t grow food and I just laugh, that’s amazing dude. First of all I want to say thank you, Thanks for doing this man.

It’s an honor. I found out about you, I don’t know about a year and a half ago maybe on instagram. I saw you guys and found out about you guys and uh, I just thought it was amazing what you do and you go and you take people’s homes, right? And you just kind of like make you make you make it a food forest. It’s, it’s brilliant. It’s um, it’s exactly what we need right now. So I just, thank you. Thank you. Thank you for coming on and doing this man.

I do appreciate it. So welcome. Thank you man. No, I appreciate this is how we get the word out together right? For sure. Absolutely the world by, by showing them what’s possible. Yes, yep 1000% man. Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay, so, well before we get too far into it, um, can you just let everybody know who you are? And Um, yeah, my name is Jim Gale and I’m from food forest abundance. I grew up in Minnesota lived in about 47 countries in Costa Rica for 12 years and now I’m in Florida and we’re creating off grid communities and we can get into all sorts of good details.

But one thing I’ll frame this, I’ll talk with is there’s one thing stronger than all of the armies of the world and that is an idea whose time has come. We are going to shine a light on that idea today right now. That’s beautiful man. I love that. Yeah. Alright, well welcome jim. Um thank you again for coming on. So let’s let’s start out. So what food, you said you’re from the food forest, Right? So food, food, can you give them the web address? We’ll get it again.

But I just want its food forest abundance dot com. Beautiful, beautiful forest abundance, yep. Dot com. And if you look at food forest abundance, you’ll see stuff all over everywhere. Okay, Okay, so what is a food forest? Food forest is a designed food system that is less maintenance than a lawn and yet provides food for generations? It’s basically like the garden of Eden in your yard. It’s perennial edible landscapes that are designed to whatever the landscape, whatever the customer wants, right? You want a really fancy neat and tidy landscape that can fit in an H. O. A. Narrative or do you just want to grow the most amount of food you possibly can and everything in between?

Got you. Okay, so that’s a that’s a great question there. So you can go into H. O. A. So obviously have to stick within their guidelines of whatever that current H. O. A. Is right, but you still you can go in there. Is there any sort of like restrictions on things. I mean for example, if you’re renting right now, it probably wouldn’t make a lot of sense may be right. I, I don’t know. I’m trying to think or would you want to do that just for your next guy coming in?

Why not to me? It’s just like, why wouldn’t we do this with everything? But I just want to leave it out there. You, you nailed it. You’re right on track. There are 44 million acres of lawn in the United States. Corporation alone, Alright. I said Corporation. Yeah, there are 44 million acres when we turn half of that into the type of landscape that I’m envisioning and the type of landscape that has been proven all over the world. Like nothing that I’m saying is a hypothetical solution. These are all proven solutions.

We will reverse deforestation, we will reverse mass extinction. We will reverse cancer and heart disease and diabetes trends. We will end hunger and we will end tyranny around the world when we simply take the poisons out and replace the ignorance and the poisons. Instead of getting awards for a landscape that has every blade of grass is the exact same color in the exact same height. That’s the definition of insanity. You might as well just get astroturf right. People are winning awards for the most insane they can ever possibly be.

Instead we’ll be giving awards to that. Those people who produce the most love and joy and light and vibration and food on their properties. Yeah, buddy. And you know what was one thing that I saw it was one of your posts or something somewhere and said excuse the weeds, we’re feeding the bees, right? It’s like we gotta kind of get away from that. Um, well it’s that uber clean kind of thing. The hand sanitizer, right? All of this, where it’s like, don’t go in the sun, don’t get dirty, slot yourself inside, mask, it’s where have we come to this place?

It’s, that’s not how mother nature is. That’s not how we are. We are nature. That’s not how it is. I love playing with all the possible levels of reality, not pretending I know the right answer, but I know that what we’re talking about solves all of them right? Everything from the carbon footprint narrative that some globalists like to push down our throats to the freedom narrative, which I’m all about, right? We saw all of the narratives when we take the poisons out, you know, I was just talking to Joel Salatin the other day and he was saying he was sharing the details about his farm, which they he grows cows and pigs and chickens and he has proven very with scientific method that he can grow more food produce more yield per acre, right?

In other words, more profit per acre while building the soil, while increasing life and while employing more people. Like he’s literally solved the whole meat issue and guess here’s the kicker while reducing the carbon footprint because the way he grazed it And again, I realize, realize what the carbon footprint is all about, right? It’s a tool of enslavement. But that’s not the point of this. The point is that he has proven the narrative completely falls using animals to eat grass and then to do the whole process.

Yeah man, Well, I mean, look what we did like, right, so the dust bowl, the original, right? It’s all about eradicating the soil. That’s what we’ve done. Like, do you know dr um um what’s the name? Bush? Um Zach Zach bush, you know, have you heard him talk about the soils, the lungs of the planet, right? And it’s just like man, it makes so much beautiful sense when you listen to that sort of right? I mean just like everything pharmaceutical, it’s all to blame, right? They came and put chemicals down and then said, oh man, look at this, but chemicals will solve it.

And so the soil is the lungs and the immune system of the planet. When you build soil and put the right plant combinations together that create nutrients and and all the different beautiful things that is meant to be right, dandelions, for instance, Danny Lyons only come up in soil that’s depleted of certain nutrients. So the dandelions once they come up and spread their beautiful flowers and and they they’ll they’ll literally hell the soil and then once the soil is healed, then guess what dandelions of that type don’t come up as much. Right?

Makes sense. It’s always trying to find homeostasis, right? That’s nature, that’s what it does. It will always try and find balance. It’s the most epic technology, right? Nature, God’s source, whatever you wanna call it. A handful of soil has more life than there are humans on this planet. And there are thousands of seeds in that soil. And if the soil gets really compacted then it triggers certain seeds to germinate that have really strong tap roots that reached out and they open up the soil for air and water and nutrients to flow in.

If the soil is really loose then other seeds will germinate that create this mesh network that brings things together. So literally all of the answers are right there, man, that’s beautiful. How long you’ve been doing this About 15, 16 years? I’ve been very passionate about it. They called me nature boy growing up. I was always a huge fan, but I just didn’t know what I didn’t know, I didn’t know permaculture, right? So that’s what this is, this is permaculture. Is this like the definition of what permaculture is, The definition of permaculture is permanent culture.

And it started out as a as a regenerative agricultural design science. Right? Where we design systems to meet the needs of the system right? Of the people and the habitat and the animals that are in that system to the max amount of energy. And then what I like to take permaculture, which a lot of people have right to the next level and the next level. The levels of how do we engage the other elements of society, politics and religions and schools and healthcare and military and you know, for instance, what’s the spoken goal of the military to provide security for the people of the country that the military supports?

Right. Well, the number one way that the military should be using their energy is by growing food all over the place. It makes a lot of sense, you know, like, but we’re in an upside down world is I I think a lot of us can agree. There’s just, it’s, it’s pretty wild. Like you said right now we’ve got awards for the most insane that people can be and and more insane. You are, the more, you know, high position you seem to be put in, right? And especially if you look at all, we don’t, we’re not political in any way.

We’re we don’t anyway. It’s just, I’ll give you like, these are funny. These are mind blowing examples. Okay, so in the last two years, the Fed has put To $10 trillion dollars Into society, but not really right. What 3-4 being 5% actually went to people. The rest of it Went to the corporations that are all basically controlled at the top by two corporations, vanguard and blackrock, right? So if they would have taken one of that $10 trillion, which is a $100 billion, you could create $100,001 million dollar nurseries and food education centers in the United States.

What would that do? That? That’s an average of 2000 nurseries per state, showing how to build the garden of Eden everywhere. Well, we know it’s not about that. And you know what man, this is like obviously I’m just meeting you for the first time. So I don’t know. But you always obviously, no, that’s so on our telegram channel, I went through and I don’t think people get it. But I went to Dun and Bradstreet, right? And I went and I got all of the links to the United States corpse of aeration. Right?

I got them. And also the franchises, all the states are franchises, you can go, for example, I’m in Arizona you can go look up state of Arizona. Dun and Bradstreet go look it up. People like what’s done in Bradstreet? Well done Bradstreet’s like the credit agency, right? It’s like the um, what is that? What are the trans union? Right? Or Equifax for for corporations. Right. So, and just like if you want to produce a mobile app, right? If you want to put it out on the app store, you have to have it done in Bradstreet number.

So that’s done in Bradstreet, you can literally go there and look up and see how much they make that the that the president of that franchise corporation or the key principle is the governor of the state. It’s right there in your face. They don’t hide it. It’s so ridiculously obvious governed means to manager controller steer invented time, right? Like like the word legal means the undoing of God’s law. The bar exam is the british. Yeah like what we are still subjects of the crown gear just said none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

We have been slaves and now we are seeing clearly that’s what the apocalypse is. Is the unveiling. I love it man. Yeah that’s what that’s what we do is the freedom. I mean I don’t think you even know us but that’s what we do. So we help people with express trust. We set up trust P. M. A. Is anything to get out of the public and into the private. But I’m telling you the Express trust the Foreign Express Trust has to be it’s that’s the way to go man.

That’s that’s but what takes you. So first of all your bond through your birth certificate. That’s your bond right? So you were literally born into bondage when they say that in the Matrix. That’s some real sh it and you know what’s funny is like I didn’t realize how much of a documentary that movie was until the past few years where all this is new this is all new information. I mean I’ve been on this, I was in the marines in the late nineties kind of blew everything blew out.

I found out it really just was that CNN was lying right? This is the nineties. So we didn’t have the internet. Well the internet was there but it wasn’t for news or anything right? I mean you had tv and newspapers right? So I joined the marines right? As a young kid like believing everything that they told me right? Like every right that’s your narrative. It was CNN you’re there and then once you find that anyway that just exploded. So I was on like bent like hell trying to figure it out, nothing moved.

But then in the past couple of years this is the awakening. This is the return of christ, whatever you want to say christ consciousness right? And that’s a lot of it. But that’s what this is. It’s us realizing whoa, whoa. You know what I mean? We, we are direct heirs of God, the kingdom of heaven. We are the heirs to that and they and people have known about it. So in 16 66 this suv act of 16 66 is what enslaved all of us and most people don’t even ever asked but they know what is Washington Washington D. C. Is a territory right okay cool.

But nobody asked where why where the crown fools like dude, I’m sorry. That’s your interview and we’ll know. Dude, I love this. This is the kind of interaction that people really engaging I think. And what about the church? Right legion is the roman army? Like looking up the word legion to re legion is basically to join the roman army. F that army, God’s army, right? Let’s let’s let’s do God’s law. Let’s practice lawful instead of legal, right? I was thinking last night and I caught some no idea.

I went to procure dinner, right? Because the word picking is a legal term and I’m like, oh man, screw this. I just wanna talk how I talk. But at the same time it’s it’s important that we educate, right? That we learn even though there’s so many layers to this. But anyway, I will never again get a license to catch myself dinner. No way. And if they come at me and they try to give me a ticket. Well, very soon I’m going to be a florida state nationals.

I’m in the process now. Yeah. What should I do that? Is that the way I should go. Well, yeah, but there’s there’s I’m telling you, man, there’s um we’ve been through all the processes. We literally um Anna von writes David straight. All of them. We are now like the next level. So we should talk about it, brother. We should talk about it. I’d like to know kind of where you’re at and stuff because we this is what we help people do. We have Yeah. This is what we do know that this interview if you don’t mind.

I’d like to talk about it right now. All right. Let’s do it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Learning. This is so much part of the freedom puzzle. In fact all past the freedom must include local regenerative agriculture and a freedom mindset. And then the technicalities of it, which I think we’re gonna blast through. I I truly think that over the next six months to 18 months we’re literally gonna blast through this need to write anybody a paper declaring freedom. We will simply declare. However in the meantime while we have the system and control that’s in control.

Now please share with me what you think I should do. 1st 2nd and 3rd steps. Yeah man. So well you already know a lot. So the first thing people need to move is become aware that the government that those are corporations, right? And then then because for me, we ran into the problem of trying first if you come out of the gate and you say you’re a slave through your birth certificate. People like whoa what? You know what because you got to walk them down that like you know that little pathway of okay first the corporations you know that right?

And then then the bondage. So first thing you do is you double authenticate your birth certificate regardless of your nationality, right? You get a double because now you’re a lawyer, a loyal or spirit or superior title holder of that bond. Okay. And and you’ve essentially just taken your soul back, in a sense, I’m doing that right now. Beautiful. That’s the first thing that you want to do. Um uh The second thing is you want to get your trust set up, right? And the reason we have a completely different process than anybody else, and that’s just because we’ve been through all of them and then they ended short, we didn’t have remedy. Okay?

So you still need to conduct commerce, right? So so five filing an affidavit or repudiation with the whatever. But there’s nothing that comes back. There’s no proof that that’s where and then they’re like, you do that now man. Everything in God, we what in God we trust trust law. Again, I don’t know if, you know David Straight or anything, but they talk about law land air water, right? And that’s the three jurisdictions. Well, what’s the highest jurisdiction? Air right. And what, that’s why they call them heiress.

You’re an Air or an heiress to a trust, right? If you think about it, yeah, Because trust is everything. Look at everything in this land trust. The steel trust. Everything’s in trust, including your soul. It’s called your sex QV trust, right? Everything is in trust and it has to be. So what they do is they create that bond, which is a it’s a it’s a franchise corporation. So now you’re a franchise. But the beautiful thing of that is that that was fraud because you can’t enter into a legally binding contract as an infant.

You just can’t do it. Right? And so in fraud, there’s no statute of limitations on fraud. So that fraud always and you go back to when that fraud occurred. So if they ever came at you anyway and said anything anyway, back to what we were saying. So the trust process, what we do through that is we help you correct your status through the trust process. So once you get your trust set up, then then you say, okay, well now I am the the rightful owner and this this trust.

Well, so it’s Yeah, names are weird, right? And you are not your name. And this is another beautiful thing about this. It’s an awakening process. This is awakening because it even helps you detach from your name, which is a big thing for people know I am john or whatever, right? It’s like, well, are you really like, And that’s a beautiful this whole thing has been an awakening process. The freer you get inside that you’re outside has to start to accommodate that. Right? That’s just how imagination works.

That’s how this works, right. That’s why everything is your imagination and why do you think they’re trying to hijack our imagination. That’s what they’re there. They’re hijacking reality through our imagination and saying this is what that is. This is. And you’re like, wait no it’s not. And people like us who’s funny, we’ve never met but we’re on the same vibe. We’re all and not why? Because this is that like this is all. And I, we used the ascension because it’s like we’re going up, A lot of people were just anchoring.

Yeah, we’re anchoring the awesomeness, right? And there’s just more and like what you’re doing, right? So for the process, that’s what we recommend. I mean if you want to go through whoever’s process and and change and correct your status that that that’s fine. Well I would like for sure. Totality. So I’ve got one of my friends named Lindsay, she’s helping me very much with it because I don’t have time for the freaking details right now. Um So what I would love to do afterwards is I’ll connect you now.

What about land patents? Because I’ve got this piece of land where we’re building paradise and let me share with you our plan. It’s called Golf Landing After john GALT and atlas drugs like I’m not sure if you read epic book, like and it’s all about what’s happening now of course. And well I just, I did want to say the one about the Matrix, the one that really blew my freaking mind was the passport scene in the Matrix whereby they’re going through and you stop it on the exact right frame?

And Matrix came out in 1999. The passport expiration date in the matrix which came out in 1999 which they had one frame of guess what it is. I don’t know. Tell me was it really it’s all there in your face. And that’s the thing is they have to tell you and that’s what they’re doing. Like man it’s it’s uh okay so but tell me so but let me answer your question, the land patent. So um we I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Ron Gibson but we had I had Ron Ron and Ben Barlow like Ben Ben is part of the Freedom People team.

So I had Ben and Ron Gibson on for a two hour, two hour podcast and we talked all about land patents. However if you put it under trust, you don’t have to because now also you create what’s called real property and not real estate. So you create it into real property. So now you own the the minerals below in the air above. And it’s all trust again, but it has to be an express trust. It’s a type of trust. It’s it’s just like a living or family or any of these other trust.

It’s called an express trust. And that’s the secret sauce buddy do I first need to be a free man upon the land or can I do this simultaneously. Well you do it simultaneously and that’s so we correct your status. You become, you become a national. So and again, even the term state national were starting to think is not correct. It’s kind of like saying a sovereign citizen, right? You’re, you’re like state in nowhere, anywhere in the legislation or anywhere does it say anything about a state national, Its national.

But not only that, I’m I’m technically I am officially technical all of it. 100% and Arizonians, that is my nationality. Exactly. So that would be your nationality. What? Right? Well, where you were born, wherever you were born on the land, Right? That’s right. So then that would be that’s your nationality and we do that process again. But we do it once everything else has been done. That’s kind of the last part when you go and you fill out your application and we actually help you. So Muhammad Ali.

But before he was Muhammad ali, do you know he was cassius clay right? Now, if you go and you listen to people and they ask him, well, why did you change your name? You’d say it was my slave name. Well, and everybody assumes it’s because he’s black, right? That’s not what it is. He knew he knew this stuff, right? And that is your slave name when you’re born that your name, your bond name. So what we do is we help people to assume a new name, right?

A spirit of God name the one that’s never been tied to the state because you can’t the states the devil dude, like you can’t be tied to that. So we take control of your bonds, all your bonds, right? We take control of all those cusip numbers, you know, hundreds of millions of dollars with stuff. We take control of those that those bonds. We put it under your trust, which you don’t own because you we don’t own anything. We control everything, we own nothing. That’s the key, right?

And everybody has always said that. So it’s all the guys are saying that they do, I say big guys, the smallest wickedest people on earth who happen to control like trump and all them, right? Yeah. No, exactly. They but they know why do you think that they file bankruptcy? They don’t ever lose property. There’s a lot to it that we don’t know about that’s been hidden from us for For generate forever. Right? Since the 1666, right? So it’s all been hit from us. And then um, so anyway, I want to digress there, give you some more time.

We’ve been talking a lot. But dude that you’re right on it, you’re you’re right there. But the point is you can get a land patent. It’s a lot of work and all that or once your trust is set up, we’ll put all your property under the trust and it’s iron. They can’t touch it. I’m in 100% again. And I will document the whole process. So we’re building our community at God’s landing. When you you pull in, we’ve got two flag poles and we got the civil peace flag flying and the whole four flag, right?

And then you go to the gate and it’s the phoenix right rising up out of the ashes and and rebirth. And then the fence, the whole fence, 3000 ft fence on the left side on the east side, he has got a new vining plant every eight ft. We’ll be able to do 1000 bottles of wine just off the grapes on that fence plus passion fruit and dragon fruit and everything right on the other side is a runway that we’re looking to purchase. It’s 5100 square foot pave and we’ve got permits where people can land their planes in and park them right there near our tennis courts And then it’s on a private 430 acre lake.

And I’m saying this because even It blows my mind how this is manifesting in ways that are not described through Newtonian physics. Right? So we got this and now we’re putting its 52 acres at the end of the road with all these different things completely off grid community. And we’re growing a shipload of food like We’ve got over 200 different species now and within two years we’ll have over 1000 different types of food, growing right? We’ve got a pond, a six acre pond with seven types of fish, we’re putting in there, it’s we’re maxing it out.

And what we’re gonna be doing soon is an open house and we’re going to be given away to our neighbors only, right? We’re starting, we were very strategic in this path to freedom. So we’re getting all of our neighbors and we’re gonna come in. I’m gonna give a talk and we’re gonna I’m gonna video the whole thing and I’m gonna share with them the process of becoming free. And then I’m gonna give them sweet potatoes are one of the different stars that we have because we recognize that the food supply chain is under attack.

And it looks like we’ve only got months left. Um definitely not long term even it’s short term for sure where the food supply chain is gone. The supply chains themselves could be completely gone through an E. M. P. Next week. But anyway, we’re doing what we can in the moment to grow as much as we can grow so that we can help our neighbors because then by helping our neighbors then they help their neighbors. And then we’re taking like a Mycelium Network and we’re networking people all around the world doing the same thing.

So we can literally be the anti cancer, the antivirus that goes all over the world. And then and we can supplant the current B. S in a very very short time by thinking logically, Dude, well said yes, yes, that’s all it. Well, and and again with your solutions, right? And so what I heard there was biodiversity and biotech, right? And if you drive up California, you know, from I don’t know, san Diego or L. A. Up to two san Francisco, it’s all the same, right? You have acres and acres and acres and miles and miles and miles of the same walnut trees or whatever it is, right?

And they consume ship water. And and it it doesn’t make sense. Again, what they’ve done is they’ve they’ve hijacked all our stuff right long ago. Um, but to have that biodiversity and what you’re implementing what is the greatest benefit of biodiversity. And I think we’ve already hit and touched on them. But I mean it’s just that life or not life we either live or die. That’s the greatest benefit. When you’ve got a diverse system, diversity is the foundation of strength of any system. Because more diversity means more choices when you have an expansive language, every word is a different concept.

It’s a different experience of reality. So the more words that you understand, the more choices you have and the more choices you have, the better you are in every context, right? And that could that’s nature because so mono crops and all this. I don’t know if you’ve seen the new Jurassic park movie basically. It’s about it’s just exactly about what’s going on right now, right? It’s hilariously funny how how much it’s exactly what’s going on, right? It’s manipulation, putting crops in the ground happens to be corn and then creating a plague of Locusts that eat all the other corn except for your corn.

Because you created in a certain kind of way. That’s what it’s about. Yeah, I mean it’s in that’s monoculture that is the plague is using these poisons and using these non diverse systems. Right? When you got a diverse system, a bug will come in, an animal come in. Like I’ve got in my garden so many different types of blue growing and one particular plant, it was a type of type of kale and the worms came in and attacked it. And then it started at one end. Right?

And then the first day it just child then it is gone. Right the next day, the middle of them getting about half eaten and all of a sudden you can see a few wasps, right? And you can see the next day there’s a gecko. And then the next day there was a spider web. Right? So now we’ve got our generals and colonels and our admirals and everybody there are frontline, the wasps, the geckos and the spiders. There are defenders. They’re our friends. But what do we think about these creatures?

We grab the we grab the poisons and we kill them. It’s exactly the opposite. We kill the things that we use to kill these things are the things that kill us. Hmm, ironic, right? Yeah. And they say, oh well don’t worry, it’s, it only targets the bugs. It doesn’t go into the food, right? That’s the glyphosate stuff that they it’s just been, It’s um it’s laughable and someone like yourself, I mean the level of frustration you’ve had to go through in the past 15 years trying to explain to people, I mean, right, a lot of people, it’s just I feel your pain, you know, So I’ve never been happier in my life because I let go of all that.

I don’t give a what anybody thinks because I know that I’m right, I know that we are right. The permaculture people around the world have proven this. Like I was talking to David Holmgren, he’s the founder of permaculture and he’s completely in alignment and where his book is called retro suburbia. David Holmgren. It’s basically our business model made into a 600 page book, right? We like simplifying things because about the permaculture a list, they’re incredibly wise and they’re incredibly connected and they don’t like computers, they don’t want to sit, they get more joy out of life being out in the garden.

I recognize that these amazing people, they need better marketing, right? So now are in fact our marketing team. Um the producers of the crocodile hunter did a tv show called The Land of Plenty that’s going to market, We’re now doing a movie feature length called the solution will be looking and we’re gonna be funding that one here in the very near future. Darren Olene who did down to earth is a is a big contributor and partner of ours, he won the Emmy last year and then the other one was Del Big Tree.

So now we’ve got Emmy award winning producers creating our marketing content. Right? That’s beautiful isn’t it nuts? Pretty soon joe Rogan and Russell brand and Peter thiel and all of these different people are going to be saying this is the answer because it is yeah 100% it is. And like you said it’s it’s um it’s also it’s also very uh detrimental to the powers that be you. You know, you know what I mean? Obviously you do it destroys it destroys them without firing a shot. Let’s take our bullets And those are seeds of Liberty.

But the better seeds of Liberty are the ones that you can put in the ground. Right? Absolutely. Because they have bigger guns. I don’t it doesn’t matter right now where we’re at right now they’ve got all the guns. The best way to do it is to be like exactly what you’re saying this is the solution to fire from within right? That’s the solution is to inspire from within to turn them. That’s why I go after Warren Buffett Now I don’t expect to get through to Warren Buffett.

But Warren’s if you’re listening here’s my message. You just said that you’re gonna send $97 billion upon your death to build a G. Who produces these poisons. If you truly want to leave a legacy that your heirs will enjoy and your grandkids, grandkids that will change the world. Then you could use that $97 billion to put 97,000 $1 million food force education centers around the world. And you my friend, well you’re not my friend at the moment but you then would literally leave a legacy that would be the most beneficial legacy in the history of the world right?

I’ll keep one apple. You’re worth $2 trillion. You want to make a good investment, invest 5% of your network. That’s $100 billion. And you put $100,000 million food force education sites around the world. You change the world. You increase your profit potential massively because now we don’t have depopulation but we have healthy people that love wise technology right? Not controlling technology but technology that benefits life right? So there’s there’s layers and layers and layers of this stuff and it always makes sense. And so when we inspire from within the army the military and all of these different systems we get people in the system to switch over.

Just like in Star Wars. It was those stormtroopers that woke up and became the good guys. Those are the ones that tipped the balance. Yeah dude. Well said wow. Yeah man. Very inspirational man. And that’s we believe that you said. But that’s our ethos is to free the individual. That the freedom people, that’s why we free the individual. Everything is an inside outward movement, not outside in right. And that’s again this is all part of the awakening process too. And it’s like the power starts here and like you said, like what better way to do it then actually take your power back?

Because that’s that’s everybody’s thing is like, well how will I eat? Power goes out? Uh oh how will I eat? Right? Well if you got your forest food for us, you’ll eat exactly. You know? And so what’s the opposite of government or mind control? What’s the opposite? It’s a free mind. It’s enlightenment. It’s light minting. Yeah. So the church is the only one person can be enlightened. That’s a bunch of bullshit. How? Okay, so then the next logical question is, well that sounds good but how, Oh that’s easy, take a breath and go stand in nature and look around see through your realize because it’s the programming that came from mind control from government.

A that is where I believe I could be wrong. But I believe we are spirit playing a divine game and it’s one it’s one heaven of a game. The thing to overcome just happens to be mind control and the solution is enlightenment. The thing to overcome is scarcity and the death and dying in a horrible world, the solution is the garden of Eden, it’s an epic game we’re in here. So like all the fear. Fear is the number one tool of enslavement. And on a scientific, logical level for those of you who don’t really get what I’m talking about, go look up what fear does to your body.

Fear creates this ease, which creates disease. So when you turn on CNN and all these programs and fox all of them, if you feel less good, if you feel drained at the end then you’re, most people aren’t even aware of how they feel and that’s number one is to take a breath and settle into yourself, let your mind clear. You know, like you brought up imagination Einstein said, imagination is more important than knowledge for knowledge tells us what is an imagination which comes from a clear mind tells us what will be right and that what is becomes through the imagination.

Like the chair, I’m sitting on the chair, you’re sitting it had to come from imagination first, it’s not like it was just there and then Right, that’s arguable. But but yeah, yeah, exactly, yeah. Where did these ideas come from? That’s the beauty of somebody says, you know, you believe in God or stars, I don’t believe in a white haired guy in the sky. I believe in some epic intelligence that we are part of, We are the manifestation of this intelligence in this physical vibration, right? Well I’m gonna say something Tesla said.

And I don’t even know if this is true because they manipulate all history. He says if you want to find the secrets to the universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration. Now I emphasize the word think because that’s wrong, right? When we feel in terms of energy, frequency and vibration, we bring our energy down into our bodies out of our heads. And that’s when we can notice the energy and motion and all the different things that help create new awareness and from that new awareness comes new potential choice. Yes. Yeah.

I love talking to you. It’s I’m talking myself I guess I like myself. I don’t know this is beautiful man. Because that’s what we say is like the longest journey. Well this is not mine. But the longest journey you’ll ever take is 18″ from your head to your heart. Right? And that’s the longest journey that one will. And but that that is our the hero’s journey. That is the whole thing, right? We’re on this process. And now it’s beautiful man, as we have for the first time in in I mean maybe since in memoria we have a chance to to do something epic.

Dude, this is epic because it’s collapsing it. People are all focused on. And that’s what we tell you don’t focus there man. Focus on what we’re building. Look at all this beautiful stuff. Look at all these new opportunities. This new information that’s coming to us, you know, and the more they sink, the more we rise, they’re helping us in the right. It’s the ego, it’s the egos. Exactly. He goes, yeah, it’s to die. It’s to kill itself right. Once the right, it’s like it’s to kill itself and that’s what it’s doing and these people are so weak, they’re so weak.

And this is why enlightenment, the idea whose time has come is infinitely more powerful because that’s where the creativity is. That’s where sources, that’s where a clear mind is, where the ideas can guide us, right? If our minds are all stressed out with thoughts and worries and concerns and humiliation and shame, which there’s puking on us every minute that we watch them is let that go and just be settled in, right? And make lists of beautiful things in the world. Go walk and meet your barefoot and just feel it.

It’s like how, you know, and then, you know, this black rock keeps coming to mind like this corporation, that’s not just now. How do you name your corporation while mine is food forest abundance because that’s what I visualized. Black rock is not just the name, it’s the intention. You know what’s funny my the name of our trust is light stone boom. You know why? Because black rock, that’s why. Yeah, because dude dude, I’m all in. Yeah man again. Yeah, that’s what we’re in a lot of the same vibes man.

It’s great. It’s great because yeah that’s what we’re doing. We’re we see the same thing. I we see that and that’s fine. It it doesn’t affect us like quite literally now because of our status and the way that we’ve done everything, everything’s set up this podcast, everything is under trust. Right? First we formed a private ministerial association which is something I might want to talk to you about anyway, right? Because we thats what the freedom people is. We’re a P. M. A. And then that’s under the trust.

So the trust takes control. It took control of the P. M. A. But the P. M. A. Is a beautiful thing because we helped. That’s a 508 C. One A. Versus the five oh one C. Three. Right? So that’s that’s one of the things we’ve been doing for quite some time is helping do that. But then once we found the remedy in commerce, right? Because there was a lot of weirdness, you’re like, oh I gotta be risque and all that. Once you find out about trust and how the U. C. C. Works and really how to use the UCC to your benefit.

The I. R. S. Pays us at the end of the year. It’s different. They are a third party debt collector for the corporation, the United States of America that’s what the I. R. S. Is everybody’s super scared of them. Dude. Once you start communicating back with them, trust me they’re way more afraid of you way more. It’s it’s that whole right. Like you’re saying they’re weak. Yeah, they have the facade of strength. That’s why spirit wins because all they can do is copy and steal and use force and violence.

We literally get to use the power of source of nature. That’s that’s who we are. Exactly. So this is so amazing. Have you, I think this is like from what I’ve experienced in the last two weeks, I’ve heard more people talk about this than in my whole life put together. So what I’m imagining based on that is that it’s going exponential now and then the next logical question strategically to help guide us. The freedom is how can we collaborate, How can we share your services with the world in such a way where all of a sudden are amazing.

We now have over 900 abundance ambassadors, 140 cooperatives, 45 designers, a core team of amazing people. These are people Yeah, In 14 months from, from three people 14 months ago. So how do we support and how do we have our team Help learn process. So we can become part of the solution in that way. Yeah. Well this is it, this is the start. I mean we’re meeting, right? That’s the big one because we didn’t know each other existed or you didn’t know what we did, it was just I know you’re somebody we wanted to have on or someone from the organization, obviously we didn’t know you, but we were like, hey, these food because we, so about 12 years ago, 13 years ago I started what’s called the holistic development communities and it’s a lot of what you’re saying, like it’s, it’s learning how to do what you’re saying as far, but, but I’m talking how to heal yourself, you got to become your own doctor.

The most important things in our lives. We’ve outsourced education, law, wealth management. Uh, I mean take your pick everything that’s the most important we’ve outsourced and so that’s what we’re trying to help people become is truly free and freedom isn’t free because it’s not, it’s work and you, you actually, you can’t just sit there as the, you know, drunk stoned out guy, whatever on the couch anymore. Like you, you are a responsible man and you actually have to be a man. Now that’s another thing that people don’t realize is you are currently still a minor in the state and the eyes of the state because you haven’t come to claim your minor estate, which is when you become the age of majority 18, you got to go and claim that, right, but you’re not, you’re still known as a destination and that’s where for me and this is like a little personal, but me, I’m becoming a man for the first time and it’s, it’s, it’s different because I’ve as much as I believed I was free, I never was because I didn’t take the responsibility to be free.

It was I was giving it away to other people always. And that’s again, what we’re trying to help people do is take your power back once you start educating your Children, when you educate you and your trust me, that’s yours. Now, you’re not gonna sit and complain because you’re paying taxes to some douchebag thing that you want them to fix your kid. Come on. And then you’re gonna be mad when they don’t do a good job. It’s uh yeah, Larkin roses book. The most dangerous superstition, right?

It should be on every school’s reading list. The most dangerous superstition is our belief in authority. Instead of being the authors of our own story. I don’t want his story on my story, his story history, right? And that’s what they do and more and more you start to realize, well, time, first of all is not linear, right? It’s time is it doesn’t exist. Anyway. That’s just something that we come up with, right? It doesn’t exist. And the whole thing, right? That’s a my man made thing so that we can we can track and measure engage.

And I mean, it’s totally understandable. How would you and I meet at lunch at noon. You know what I mean? Like it’s there’s there’s there’s things, right? It’s a tool. It’s not reality, but people have it is now a reality, right? And so we kind of collapse it into this weird like collapse of the wave function and and right, it’s now everybody believes it’s this when it’s infinite possibility behind us, it it’s literally infinite. But we are so stuck on what his story is, what they’re telling us and now it’s all becoming Bs right?

People are like, wait a minute, wait a minute dude, you’re freaking nuts. You know another concept that when I meditate on this one, it blows my mind. So napoleon Hill think and grow rich, you might have heard of that one. Yeah, napoleon hill, do you do you know who neville Goddard is? I wanted to ask, I’ve been listening to him recently lately, like his early 1900 like speeches and stuff. Dude, that makes so much sense. And Alan Watts, these guys are off Me too. And then so napoleon said after studying the minds of the very accomplished people, he said whatever the mind of man or woman can conceive and believe it can achieve whatever I can conceive and believe, I can achieve. Really?

Okay then what’s the next logical question, what can I conceive and believe? And that’s the question I’ve been playing with for 15 years and the more, I ask, it the more I layer pieces of the puzzle in and the more I can believe, right? So then it’s the Bs the belief system that helps to create our reality, our filters for reality. So I’m starting to believe a certain level of expansion of joy and wealth and love and abundance and all this stuff. And then as I start believing it, it starts appearing because the filters that I’ve created help the particular activating system pick out the pieces that are relevant to the B. S. To the belief system, right?

And so their belief system bullshit. Bad science belief system is programming us. So that’s the whole point of whatever my mind and whatever your mind can conceive and believe, who’s ever listening to this, Start asking the question and then start intending your own belief system instead of being programmed from others, right? Create your reality. You can do that, we can do that, we can. What? And that’s and that’s also hard though. Like what do you want? Yeah. Just defining what you want is probably one of the it’s one of the hardest things that and people think, well of course I know what I want. Really?

Okay, sit down, define it, tell me what it smells like, what does it taste like? What’s it look like? You know, I’m 50 years, it’s 50 years from now. I’m 100 and two years old and I’m at God’s land and I’m visualizing and I’m sitting in near where our new home is beautiful home and we’ve got a freshwater pool with colloidal silver and just life everywhere crystal clear, you could drink it and then all around there’s every different type of color and scent and fruit and there’s rabbits and there’s birds and there’s a couple of monkeys that just happened to have found us and I don’t want pet monkeys but I do want monkeys. Yeah.

12 years in costa rica. We uh huh. Oh yeah, awesome. Yeah. That’s crazy. Yeah. So, so that’s my vision is, that’s what I want. That’s what I desire. I created this vision and all my grandkids, you know, all the family and we’re, and there’s a party going on on the deck and a bunch of friends. I’m doing back flips on the trampoline on 102 and everybody’s just enjoy right? We’re playing games, we’re doing art, we’re doing laughing and there’s just abundance everywhere. That’s what I want. Beautiful. Beautiful. And that’s and if we could get, you know, all our listeners and everybody just to take time and active imagining and taking that time, you know, and for a long time.

Oh you’re just daydreaming and stuff. But you gotta spend time, right? I’m not saying neglecting responsibilities but take that time before you go to sleep like neville. Goddard says it’s really important before you go to sleep or meditate, you know, and and really focus on what you want. You know what I mean. That’s huge. I would think it was. It’s the number one use of time. It’s the best ry use of time of anything? I can imagine. That’s beautiful man. We need people to know this and that’s and because I think like that, that’s it.

We need to spend more time and this is me 200% you know, because I’m go, go go, you know, got multiple businesses all this stuff, right? So kind of stop slow down. Try and bring it back in and and and spend that time and I make I make sure I have that time. You know, I’m a big meditator breather guy. And uh before I go to sleep every night, I I like to sit and imagine that this has been going on for years, right? It’s just it’s something came to me 12 years ago, whatever it was about this holistic development community and what the world just like what you’re describing.

It’s it’s I I see almost the same. It’s forest, it’s it’s um designed for it functional. Epic. Just crazy. Beautiful, literally food dripping off everywhere where you walk up and you taste this, you’re like like that happened to me today, I had honey berries for the first time. They’re like long skinny blueberries, right? Not really skinny, but they’re like long blueberries and I ate a couple. I was like, oh my God, I’ve never had that taste in my life, right? And this is northern Minnesota food for us.

So much food growing around. It’s paradise? It’s the garden of Eden Minnesota style. Okay, so is this, are we able to, because I’m in Arizona right now. It’s 100 I think it’s 100 114 degrees right now. It’s hot. Right? So I mean, But I can tell you stuff grows here desert. It does grow. So is this available in every 50 states? Is it available all around the world? Like what’s is there Yeah, limitations on geographical everywhere in the world where there’s any green vegetation, which is pretty much everywhere in the world, you can have a food for us now.

Some places will have much more potential diversity because you know, you’ve got a lot more diverse plants in Ecuador and costa rica than you have maybe in Alaska or Arizona. Right, So it’s just a matter of taking what you can do in your zone and then and then maxing that and here’s what I know for sure is in every zone there are far more edible and wonderful plants than people even are aware of. I’ve never even heard of a honey berry. Like how do you how do you know about a honey berry?

I was walking through chad’s food for us and he goes, I go, what are those things? Those are honey berries? I went up and I was like, oh my God, I just ate so right, but how did he get a honey bear? Like? Is that, is that because he got a seat or is it like I’m just curious like, I mean I’m so pumped up about this. I can’t wait. I want to start. Let’s go. I want to do this. Yeah. You know, I want to so I don’t know how he got it.

He’s got 300 different types he got from just networking. So here’s some other facts that are really quite compelling. So let’s just scale it down to one fruit tree guilt, right? Just for ease of understanding the value of this, of understanding this. So let’s say you get one guilt. You’ve got um some cardboard, some layers of soil, some layers of mulch. And then you’ve got all the beneficial insects, tractors and flowers and different plants around that created guilt. A guild is a community of plants that love each other or that that help each other that support each other. Right?

And so one guild, your main tree in that guild might cost if you buy it skinny and small, it might be 80 bucks or 100 bucks. Let’s say it’s an apple tree, right? And then you’ve got all the stuff around it In the 1st 12 that might cost you, let’s say 80 bucks. So maybe it’s cost $500 for that in the first year. All of the plants, the annuals are gonna grow up and the tree itself is gonna call double at minimum probably triple in value in one year, Right? All of the stuff your first year to your 1st 18 months.

You’re getting well over 100 R. O. I on the value of that one guilt from doll hairs by the way from from worthless paper. Okay, so let’s see. Yeah. Like we’re thing is we’re going for $100 billion our first round ask and we’re going to turn all that fiat which is sh it into compost and it’s gonna turn into food, right? Beautiful. That’s beautiful. Yeah. It’s a transfer of energy. It goes from creating asset using Gresham’s law right into an appreciating asset, radically appreciating in the midst of a food supply chain disaster. Right?

What better time it? And that’s the thing is it’s not what better? It’s necessity, right? It’s it’s not just a, hey, this should be cool. We should kind of do this. It’s like this is absolutely necessity. It’s, it’s not the electric and the we’re running out of fossil fuel and all that. Again, that’s all just more bs it takes more to produce batteries and electricity than it would just put gas in your car. It’s crazy when you actually go and do the numbers. But it’s not about numbers.

It’s about, it’s about panic and fear and keeping people in this weird state, right? So what you’re proposing is, dude, I mean after this conversation, I mean I knew food was it? But now even what you’re saying just taking the money because that’s something that we do right now is we take, we take little fiat and we we turn it into lawful money right becomes lawful money right through the through the suv all that stuff so we’re doing. But that’s just monetary to monitor Dude what better place than take these take this fiat.

Yeah and like grow vegetables. Exactly and and by the way it stacks the functionality right? As you just mentioned, not only is the good V. A. R. O. I. Which literally could be infinite because of what’s happening to the dollar over a little bit. But also now what about the health like the odds of a family getting cancer, How big of a deal is that in your life or your family’s like diabetes, heart disease and then the food security piece of it is priceless right now. Those are just some of the incredibly valuable things.

It’s cool as ship. It looks beautiful. And then you also have a nursery. Every food force is a nursery so now you can cut off so instead of going and and they talk about chopping the fruit. Yeah in other words it’s so easy to propagate. Like I put too sweet potato slips in the ground, there are about two ft long or foot long like 18 months ago. We’ve already gotten about £100 of sweet potatoes. The amount of energy it took was negligible. And now we’ve got 1000 sweet potato slips that could be sold for 2 to 3 bucks apiece.

You know keep it going. And now here we are producing more and more and that’s the thing is life is beautiful. It’s it’s it’s blooming all the time. It’s it’s expanding is booming and blooming and and we’ve just been sold into this lie of lack and fear and dirt and dust. It’s weird. Exactly. And I’ll share to our process like we have spent A lot, we spent over $1 million dollars investing in creating a process with amazing permaculture designers. Like that’s the head of our our teams, our permaculture designers that are using the design principles to design permaculture from a higher whole economic and political and like all the different elements.

I was talking about a societal humanity level. Right? So how do we scale this? So we just had an install dan Wilson just did an install Minnesota never done an install before in his life. And he called us up like, I don’t know a bunch of times it’s got a dozen times in the three or four day process during the install, we gave him the blueprints. So one of our professional designers got with the customer and did the full food forest landscape blueprint and then we handed it to dan And his amazing wife and they then started installing, they started looking around the area.

The nurseries, okay where do I get the soil? Where do I get the Mulch. Where do I get this plant and this plant, these trees and stuff. They put all the numbers together, added their labor added a 40% margin exactly like landscaping. Right? And I’m sharing this because this is our business model that’s scaling rapidly around the world. And so now, Okay, here’s the bid. Here’s the cost of this install. Okay. That one was 15,000. Let’s say you can get them from 1800 to 2 millions. Right? That one happened to be around 15,000.

He put it in, he called us a bunch of times and he got the whole thing done in like three or 4 days and it’s in, creates the best business model in the world right now, in my opinion. That is amazing. Dude, we gotta, I want to share all, um, okay, so I have another question, Do you guys do utilize like, uh, or do you have to utilize anything like um, greenhouses or anything like that or is that all, anything that makes sense. So water catchment chickens are one of the most incredible assets and tools for a food for us, greenhouses are incredible, especially in certain areas.

So whatever makes sense. That’s what the design is all about. It’s a very thoughtful process. Yeah. Now aquaponics, I’m sure you’ve heard, do you guys like implement that kind of stuff where it’s like you’re using or is it or anything and you guys just like, like you said, whatever makes sense. So what, so I’ll tell you about our occupy system. We got this six acre pond golf landing and we’re stocking it with, yeah, 77 different kinds of fish, snails and crayfish and all along the edge of the pond on one edge we’ve got all these sea grape and pineapple are strawberry guava and there on the hill, so when the strawberry go up and fall off the seat great and they roll down into the pond that creates essentially what turns into fish food.

So we’ve got an automatic fish feeding system that goes right in there and then we use the water that is in the pond to fertig ate all the fruit trees, which means to fertilize and irrigate at the same time. It’s, it’s aquaponics to the max and it’s, it’s so simple with biodiversity. All of it’s just right. And it’s, it just makes sense. And like you think if you just sit there and think about it logically, okay, I mean, that makes perfect sense. Right man, I have to tell you this has been like one of the most inspirational conversations I’ve had a long time man, Seriously, thank you jim.

I don’t know. I mean, before we get going, can you please tell everybody how to find you? Yeah, jim gale um food force abundance dot com is our website. We’re coming out with a podcast as well and I really am excited to have you on to share basically almost the same conversation, but this time I’d like you to do 80% of the talking. I’m gonna ask you a lot of questions and I’m so excited so um so the podcast will be called the jim gale show. Um I wanted to be called something else but they’re like jim you gotta get out there.

So anyway that’s the name that they chose for it and I think that’s cool, it makes sense to me. Yeah um and then we’re all over, we got a telegram channel, food forest abundance were all over social media and it’s starting to go exponential with your help like together and by the way we have no non competes, we have no patents, we have no N. D. S. Everything we do, even our meetings are recorded so they can be shared with the world because this process is a transformative process, transparency is actually the fun of it.

That’s actually our business model. People are looking at coming and say oh you can’t share that idea yet. I’m like what are you talking about? But that’s the whole point is share the idea and then somebody’s gonna have a better idea. Like I just planted a seed, somebody else is gonna come around with some nourishment and the seeds gonna grow, right? So that’s what we do dude. Uh Yeah thank you thank you jim I really do appreciate the time man. Um Yeah thank you so much. You have a great day, you got a time to stick around for a second. Okay.

Alright, bye. Thank you.

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