October 27, 2021

Tune Your Antenna With Network

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Dr. Ben is a badass, certified by The Freedom People. He is a fascinating man with a variety of knowledge and a great sense of humor. Listen as this former engineer of ten years tells his story of how he got into practicing a non traditional method of chiropractic.

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the Freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host Bradley Freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is dr Benjamin Banyuls. Yeah, buddy, that’s right. We got dr Benjamin bananas in the studio. Uh we sat and talked.

It’s it’s um this is a new new format for us. We had one camera kinda you know, just facing uh dr Ben and myself and just you know, another candid conversation, you know how we do ah if you don’t know who dr Ben is, well uh you’re in for a real treat. He is um practicing network and what is network while network is a sort of wizardry healing ninjutsu ninja uh to be redundant sort of thing. I don’t even know. Uh we’re going to get into it and it’s it’s a really exciting conversation uh before we do what I’m gonna have you do is this time we’re gonna change it up a little bit.

What I want you to do is I want you to go over to the website. Uh I want you to go to the Freedom people dot org. I want you to sign up and if you have not become a contributing member yet, please do you can contribute for as little as $0 a month. But once you do that, then you get all of the cool protections of having your own P. M. A. Right inside of our platform. That’s right, beautiful, beautiful thing. That means everything that you do on our platform is completely protected in private.

Uh Yeah, pretty exciting stuff. Anyway, so head on over there, sign up with the freedom people dot org and join the movement to keep freedom alive and to build this counter economy, no one else is going to do it, We gotta do it. Come on, let’s go. Yeah. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah. Yes there are. I think we all want to move to the forest and just get away from technology at the same time, we make podcasts and that’s one of the conundrums in it, it’s kind of weird where uh I’m the same, I’m the same way I’m uh I’m a techie, but I want to be so connected to nature and so I have these like grandiose ideas of of that melding and the way to do that where it’s not destructive.

Do we need to turn out tunes a little bit or something or? I don’t know if we can you hear in your head? Oh the music, yeah, we can turn it down. I mean it’s not it’s not bothering me, but okay, wait as long it’s not bothering you. I love music music music. Another thing man that’s why we like our our idea for these holistic development communities are in in um in harmony with nature and also using technology to do the heavy lifting right? Technology can be such a beautiful thing.

I mean right, any sort of robotic work I think should be uh left us some sort of robots and then what makes us human and beautiful. We should do all that creativity things of that sort. Uh yeah, maybe. I don’t know. It’s it’s um, you know, I I have a tech background too. Um, and so like yeah, I mean I used to think it was the solution to everything and now I’m realizing like it’s very much a tool and it can be used for, you know, for good or for awesome or for evil.

It’s depending on who uses it and how they do it. And uh, and so it’s something you gotta be, you gotta be careful with. Absolutely. Yeah. And what does that mean? You know that’s a tough one to because I mean look at, I mean whatever you want to say, I mean there’s very destructive technology, but where is that? I mean you have to change the individual. I think right? Like the intent behind it, behind the tools will always be there. I mean can’t stop innovation just because there’s some Oh yeah, content.

Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. I mean and you know, I think a lot of people have what they think are good intentions but they don’t realize doing um, you know, we see that right now with like all this, you know these new vaccines we think oh if we just change people’s freaking shoot them up with the R. N. A. That we can bypass you know 3. 5 billion years of evolution and they could just be immune to a disease. And it’s very shortsighted thinking um and uh and then you know and it’s like okay well we don’t want to make it look like it can be harmful in any way we want to make it look like it’s 100% effective all the time.

And so we’re gonna just you know shut down any information that contradicts it and just make ourselves look like heroes and yeah. Yeah that’s that’s really going badly. It is yeah. Yeah. And what are you seeing on on your side uh when it comes to that? I mean I you know this is dr Ben by the way everybody uh dr Ben thanks for coming in the studio. This is awesome. Um But yeah like kind of what are you seeing? Are you seeing anything from a doctor’s perspective or or I mean anything like that or?

Uh huh. I mean you know a bunch of anecdotal things but I’m seeing people that you know I got Got the shot and then end up get still getting it and getting really sick and then like I ended up in the hospital but I guess I would have died if I hadn’t gotten the thing, you know um and then you know, people like me who you know didn’t get it never even been tested and haven’t I haven’t been sick since 2018. And then the time before that was like 20 14.

So um I do see you know some adverse events, you know, I I um I saw a woman who has what you could call call multiple sclerosis, you can call me and berate severe neurological issues. Um all her doctors are in denial of it actually just saw someone else just the other day who had or like having all these um neurological issues and all the doctors are denying and she had to get the first one for her job, she had the adverse event, You know, trying to get got a medical exemption for not getting the second one that works says no we still need you to get the 2nd 1 ridiculous.

And then but like no, but like my foot won’t stop spot spasming and like my legs are like always spasming and they’re like well you know, safe and effective, safe and effective, safe and don’t worry about that. Um So um let’s see, I’ve seen people with autoimmune diseases which is something that I’m very passionate about helping people with once you, people who have them um and they have like one of them or they have it, it’s very under control either with medication or with that lifestyle and they get the shot.

It’s like, Like, you know, this one lays thyroid antibodies skyrocketed like 300, which if it’s over 30, it’s supposed to be out of it’s bad. And so it was like 10 x the kind of the limit. Um, and so the other people who have like, oh, they just have rheumatoid arthritis. But then after they get the shot within a month or two, they developed like five or six other autoimmune diseases, you know? Um So it’s it’s uh, but if it wasn’t for pharmaceuticals, like we wouldn’t just we wouldn’t live as long, right?

I mean, that’s the argument. That’s the one argument I get and I’m like that. No, like, no. What, what did we do before that? Right? And and we hope to look at things like santa santa sanitization, right? We were much more sanitary, right? We’re not living in poop our own species and stuff like that. Right? So we’ve come a long way in that to think of that. But it wasn’t till, you know, 100 years ago when the farm is really, or even less right? Really? Kind of when the bankers and the oil people kind of took over health care, sick care for.

And but I don’t know, it’s it seems like there’s this it’s programming messaging somehow. They’ve gotten into people’s heads. So so hardcore that we can’t live without these chemical foreign substances. Yeah. Well, yeah, absolutely, and I think to your point like yes, um, sanitation measures accounted for great leaps in terms of like longevity of people because you know, 100 years ago it was communicable diseases, you know, maybe a little bit longer than 100 years ago. It was communicable diseases that were like the leading cause of death, like In the 1800s, like Diarrhea, it was one of the leading causes of death.

Um, and so as we, you know, got clean water and sewage and basically kept all these, you know, I didn’t live in our own waste. Um, we found that we could live longer and um, and, and we had less babies and Children dying at young ages. Um, and so it’s like the average lifespan has increased, but now we’re in a world where you know, we’re not dying of, you know, people are dying of communicable diseases for the most part, like the major killers are chronic diseases which are almost all of them are, you know, diet and lifestyle induced.

But yeah, at some point we realized, oh, we could, you know, for a long time, health care was the Wild West, like there was, you know, up until the 19 twenties or thirties, you could basically call yourself a doctor and there wasn’t really license sure. You know, if there were medical schools, they were usually like a few months and you would like to learn a few things and there was, and there was just a vast array of, of different modalities and practitioners, people that heal you with magnets and herbalists and um, you know, uh many different, you know, many different types of healers and, and there wasn’t like the unilateralism now that there is where it’s like, well it’s Western medicine or other quackery that we try to keep at bay, but somehow they managed to stay alive.

There is quackery. Yeah. Um and so when you, when you created such that like um most of the money is made with the administration of a, of a foreign substance. Um, well then the people who manufacture the foreign substance of the ones who basically control everything. So now you have, you know, whereas like it used to be, you’d go to a doctor and they would, you know, with stuff they grew on their land or with their hands or with instruments, they would Get you better. And there was no 3rd party who could make money off of that.

Um, there was a reward, big financial interests. Uh, but then when we could commoditize things into these drugs and all of the doctors would all sell the same drugs for the same things and we had this very quid pro quo like, oh you have this disease to get this drug, you know, you have that disease to get that drug that’s not the model, I teach them. But then it became easy to commoditize things and turned it into a financial system where the doctor just became essentially the vending machine.

Um And then you know did a lot of stuff to prop them up to make them look like they were intelligent. And we’re gonna have, you wear a white coat and you’re gonna you know, have you learned all these latin words? You sound really smart but really your job is just to memorize a bunch of crap. Um And and you know we see this with medical school where they basically self select for people that are very good at memorizing lots of information like oh you want to get a high S. A. T. Score, you gotta memorize a bunch of stuff, you want to get a high M. Cat score, you gotta memorize a bunch of stuff you want to get through undergrad, Biology, Chemistry, you gotta memorize a bunch of stuff you want to go to med school, gotta memorize a bunch of stuff.

So then you become, this is like robot who’s like really good regurgitation machine. You’re you’re really good regurgitation machine. And so when you do that you really don’t have, there’s not time or capacity to critically think. Well you know it’s just like this is what I learned, I’m the doctor, I know the stuff this is what they taught in medical school. I remember I got A’s and all the tests. I I learned all the information that they crammed in my head or I crammed in my own head.

I never had time to critically think about it. Um And so so you self select for these people who are like very good at looking smart. But really all they’re really good at is like just repeating things and remembering all the things we’re told to repeat. So they become the perfect drone army to um, you know, basically peddle drugs. Amen. Yeah, they’re drug dealers. They’re just, yeah, it’s crazy. My mom’s worked in the same doctor’s office here in Sedona, Sedona, Sun city west, right For, I don’t know, around 14 years, something like that. Anyway.

Um they she’s been there obviously to see the different ah I guess restrictions put on on the drug reps. Because those, those dudes that’s crazy man. Full on. They used to just, they’ll come by by you out and just get you to sling their drugs and that’s not stewed. That should right there alone really have people questioning things. But just on, on any level. And I don’t know if they may even make the correlation that uh, that a pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical company even though it’s fighter and they’re saying their name everywhere is also a pharmaceutical drug that they are making billions of dollars on not just that, but we subsidize subsidize them the people or whatever.

They take the tax, whatever they say, they tax the people all this stuff and then they pay for it. But then they have to pay for it again on the back end by paying for the drug. Yeah, it’s it’s there’s no it’s nuts. And we think we’re like, oh we’re contributing to this noble cause they’re developing these drugs and then it’s like, well, you know, if we’re contributing all this money, you get the drugs developed, why the heck do we have to pay for them in the back end?

You know? And so you’ve got the government printing money to develop the drug and then the government printing money to buy the drug from the company. Um It’s uh did you hear about that? That they just removed The Federal Reserve now is not even a reserve at all, even though it was only 10% now they removed it all together. You don’t have to keep any unreserved any amount on reserve anymore. You know How the fractional reserve works. Right, Okay. Well then they were supposed to, you have to keep 10% on reserve.

Not anymore. They just get away with that. Like in the past couple weeks, so it’s okay if they weren’t didn’t have enough carte blanche to screw the money system, whatever, you know? I don’t know, like hyperinflation. I don’t even know what it’s it’s I don’t know what we’re in for. It’s gonna be interesting. Economics, I’ll talk to you a lot about a lot of things. But economics is not something, you know anything about. Well, yeah, and I don’t really like it at all. All I know is that uh there yeah, if we don’t have to have any sort of, wow, there’s no value to the money anyway.

We the people or the value. Yeah. But you know what I’m trying to say is like basically um like pharmaceutical company is the situation where their research is funded by the government funded by tax dollars. And then um then they get to just manufacture the product, they get to market up, you know, 90, profit margin. Um And then the government is also the customer and they just pay whatever price they demand. And then if it’s, you know, in the case of vaccine, there’s no there’s no liability. So how beautiful is that?

Yeah. So there’s no way you can get sued. Your product is like you’re just immune from anybody ever, you know, um suing you. So you it’s like guaranteed money. Yeah, it’s and they’re mandated, right? How many, how many of these facts? And again, I will argue all day. I think they’re the problem in the first place. But how for how long have they been mandated for kids? So I I they were mandated when I was a kid that, I mean, these are like government mandates of these vaccines and then it was 1986, right?

The Act of 1986 is when they well they there’s been a schedule and there’s been laws that say, well, you should follow the schedule and if you don’t, you need an exemption. And so then there’s been different types of exemptions with this religious, personal or medical. And so it’s like they’ve never really been mandated up until recently when new york and California passed certain laws that said that for school kids, these vaccines are mandated for whatever. And then they started yanking exemptions. Oh, you can’t get a religious exemption anymore.

You can’t get a personal belief exemption anymore. But you can still get a medical exemption, don’t worry. And then like two years later, come on, you know what, There really shouldn’t be medical exemptions. If your doctor is giving you one of those, they don’t know what we’re doing in the state’s going to override that because you know, state practices medicine. Uh, so you know, when you have that much money and that much power, you know, essentially you can dictate what the government does, you can dictate what, um, you know, doctors do, you can dictate what the media says.

You just, you hold so much power that you can, you control a lot of things. Yeah. Amy. And it’s crazy. We were just watched a video yesterday day before of um, have you heard about how vanguard and blackrock like on everything. Yeah, it was a really well put together video. Um, it’s up on our telegram channel, but it, it’s a, they quite literally own all the narrative of everything and not just that, but all the way our food, our health. They were, he was breaking it down to the three largest foundations.

The Bill and Melinda Gates, the George soils, what is the Open society foundation and then the Clinton foundation, those are the three largest foundations that kind of run everything and that includes education, health, everything that food, everything that we can even perceive in our daily life, all the way down to the clothes you put on your back to your mattress, they control everything. And uh, so you can see and that’s where people are like, oh you mean all the doctors are in on it. It’s dude, they were, they were trained this way.

It’s like, you know dr Tommy john yeah, his story about how he, he realized because he realized that fighter was writing all the medical books, you know, I mean and that’s a scary spot and like you were saying it’s health care that is dictating or insurance, that’s dictating the healthcare. We realized that when when we had to go to the hospital, like I, I didn’t really comprehend much of much of any of that until all of that experience. And yeah, it was quite bizarre where they, there’s no critical thinking whatsoever, man and no even no attachment to spirit or source or anything or or realizing why mom and baby should be close together and stuff.

It’s so odd. It’s zombies. They’re freaking and then with the mask on, it was even more zombies as well, they see pregnancy and birth is like a disease that they’re supposed to cure. Here’s another thing that we’re supposed to treat you know. Uh not that it’s like all of life. Yeah so this is but this is the type of people that they recruit into their system. The people were just like very robotic and very like I memorized the things and like um you know I just I just follow the protocol and I know you know I follow the algorithm and I just do it And then you know it’s 5:00 on a Friday and your wife’s doesn’t give birth.

Well I gotta go play golf so let’s get the C. Section rolling. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Come on we gotta go. Absolutely. And not only that but they want to push those surgeries more than anything. It’s something and something so invasive and crazy like that. It’s pretty nuts that they won’t even entertain any order. And then how long have they been doing this practice? I mean I know since my mom had us why would C. Section when I was a baby and it was pushed on her? You know she had five and it was all everyone was pushed that she couldn’t give natural childbirth and that’s I don’t know I don’t know the system perpetuates the system that just makes more and more money and gives less and less health and I’ll tell you when I I went through my own you know um health challenges and really like saw the thought for what it was, it was a big believer in it for most of my life until then and um I really saw just how screwed up the system was the inside just trying to be a patient.

Okay sure you don’t have to be closer just so it’s yeah there you go. So so so so can you can you kind of hit more on that because I’m really interested to know how because I know that you were a microchip engineer or something and so yeah man how how did how did that all go down? Um So yeah I uh I was an engineer for about I worked in that industry for about 10 years and um it was like a total math and science was kid growing up that’s just what I loved what I was good at and and like I had I had toyed with the possibility of getting into um more of like biology and biomedical engineering and stuff like that and I started college doing that and and it was funny because it was right around the time that pharmaceutical ads were started coming on tv.

Um and uh you and I are old enough to remember that once upon a time there weren’t drug ads on TV and it was like the late 90s, early 2000s it started happening and um you know now it’s like we just, we’re so conditioned by them, we don’t blink in Iowa and they’re like, you know, you’ll feel great but side effects include nausea, vomiting, you know uh rise. Yeah. Oh and death. Yeah. You know, some cancers may occur and you know, fatal heart attacks that are fatal can sometimes occur, talk to your doctor.

But like when that first came out all happened and you first saw these ads are like Holy Sh it I can’t believe this is like this is an and and they just like say that with a straight face like Oh you may die or like, you know, fatal things may have you may get cancer or whatever, it’s rare, but talk to your doctor with an 80 word paragraph on the bottom of yes. And so I started in biomedical engineering and then it was like my freshman year and these ads started coming on Tv for PROzac, you know, and it was like Viagra.

And I was like, okay, so we’re selling like boner pills and antidepressants and these things can kill people like what the hell am I getting into? And so that was when I kind of just like, you know like unhook the seat belt open the side hatch and like tuck and roll. Um and so I just I did straight old mechanical engineering because I figured like, yeah that’s something I can get a job in anything with and just went down and so it’s just like, oh, worked in tech, you know, I didn’t really have much of a, what’s your sense of what I really wanted to do.

I just knew like, oh, I’m good at, this is what my parents want, I’ll make good money, I’ll have a good life. Um and you know, technology will improve people’s lives and you know, like we were talking about earlier, sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Um And uh so I started having health problems around like 27, 28, 29. Um and it started kind of innocently enough. I just noticed that um that like, my body didn’t feel good. I was having some like muscle aches And then I was having a lot of fatigue and then I was having a really bad digestive issues.

Like, that kind of started off innocently. But I got to the point I was like, every meal I was feeling like my stomach want to explode and I was I was waking up every day and my body and my my muscles almost eight and I had no energy. I was knocking back like 23 monsters a day to get through the work day, you know? Yeah. And I just kind of, I guess I just kind of thought it was normal. I was like, oh, I’m 28 I’m I’m getting old, you know, I tell myself my age remember life, man.

Yeah, I felt like, I mean, you know, I’ll be 40 next week and I I feel 1000 times better than I did in my twenties, you know? Because I’m actually, yeah, because I’m taking care of myself, I didn’t know any better than, like I was still thin, I worked out, I thought I was healthy, you know, by my own metrics. And what I saw around me, I thought I was doing pretty good. Um just like, okay, well, this is just a consequence of, this is the thing that happens.

But it kind of got it got to a point where it’s really bad and um I finally decided, you know, um to go see a doctor because it was like, well I’m a red blooded american male. I’m I’m just going to tough it out, it’s normal. I’m getting mobile. It was just like, well, maybe I should see a doctor, this is just getting unbearable. And and you know, I was, you know, I was raised, you know, in a family where we believed in the medical model, my grandfather’s medical doctor.

Um I had some in my family. And so, so I just sort of assume, well, you know, I went under the impression of like, oh, I’ll show up and I’ll tell them I have symptoms A B and C. And then they’ll give me drugs, X, Y and Z and I’ll take them and I’ll go home and everything will be fine and believe it or not, that’s not what happened. Um So first off, you know, I rattle off a bunch of symptoms, muscle pain, digestive problems, skin issues, fatigue.

And like each one of these is like, oh well for your skin issues, you have to send you a dermatologist, you got stomach problems, gastroenterologist, you’ve got uh muscle pain rheumatologist. Um You know, and so it was like a one doctor’s appointment turned into like four or five, you know, and I had insurance, so it’s like oh it’s been paid for by your insurance, you know? But then it’s like I’m spending all this time going all these appointments and you know it’s gonna take two weeks to get into this guy, four weeks to get into that guy.

Oh this guy wants to run the blood work that checks your thyroid and this guy wants to check this. And um and it was like, they just all seemed to be just like making it up as they went along and like they didn’t talk to each other, right? Oh well you know this guy already ran my my this test. Well I need to run it, okay, I just send you to the lab, I need to do this test. It’s another $1000 man. Yeah self sustaining systems. Yeah, it was like every guy’s and so each one of them is just like looking at their little silo, the dermatologist and he looks at the skin, the gastroenterologist only looks at the gut.

And um and so and I was getting nowhere. Like they run my blood work and they’d be like well guess what good news? Uh we ran your blood work and it looked at your thyroid, looked at this, we looked at that and um good news, everything looks normal and it’s like and I’m thinking like how the how the hell is that good news bro? Like so you found nothing? I still feel like I still feel like hammered ship. You found nothing. So that’s that’s bad news. Well I don’t know.

You know well you know what I’ll refer you over to this other guy and everyone was just kind of passing the book like you know they did what they need to do with me to bill insurance to pay for the Ferrari and then they just to the next and no one gave a fuck. Like I’d like to say, oh they were compassionate but they just didn’t they they were just following an algorithm and you’re just a patient. You’re not you’re not the people you’re not yet a man that they care about.

You know what I mean? That’s a weird thing also about our system the way it works and how you know what happened to the family doctor. You know what I mean? That knew you from the time you were born, you know what I mean? And that’s that’s bob, he cares about my health really we know each other, we have dinner, you know, I mean, this whole system the way like you’re saying it’s set up that way. Yeah. Yeah. Right, right. It’s not the norm anymore. Yeah. Yeah.

Anyway, and you know, and I was living in a place far from home, I grew up in boston massachusetts, I was living in austin texas at the time, you know, there’s, I didn’t really go to doctors and I started having a problem. So there was um, and I did meet one later on, Maybe I’ll tell you about her who like after I kind of got hip to everything, she was the person that I went to for like, um for help because she was in the know. Um but uh yeah, I was just basically getting the run around like the pope in an abortion clinic, you know, like let’s just send you here as anything and I, like eventually I just got really disenchanted with things like it took me a while.

My patients was like, My fuse is pretty long. Um, but in retrospect, I should have, you know, smell that something was up early on, but this was about 6-8 months of just like going around this, going around with that. Meanwhile, just getting worse and worse and worse. Like my boss is pulling me into his office and he’s like, hey, what’s going on with you man? Like your work levels declined used to be like the best guy on the team, he used to be like the best guy in this office now you’re like, like you’re so inconsistent, what’s going on and here we have this, I just don’t feel good.

You know, he’s like, well, you know, if you don’t and I worked at this company where they’re very like, it was very high caliber of people, like if you didn’t perform or you, you dicked off or you were, you were difficult to work with, they just fired you story, okay, performance review this year. You know what, You just didn’t cut the mustard and we’re letting you go. Um And I saw that happened while there, which was nice because it was nice to work at a company where um you know, everybody else is dependable, everybody else is good to work with, like it kept the work environment good.

Um but at the same time if you don’t perform, you’re out and he’s like, you’re kind of head that way and I don’t get it because he used to be like my best guy and I don’t really have an answer for him. And so I just kind of at that point like, and you know, there were many things along the way, but I just kind of realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere and I was getting really frustrated having all these people go like you’re the professional bro, like what do you like if I don’t not supposed to go to you who do I go to?

Well he’s got some people maybe you could talk to, I don’t know. Um And so now I’m so eventually I just dropped out and I was like this is not helping me, I gotta figure this out on my own. And I was like okay well I have a science background, I have you know I tutored chemistry and Biology and to biology, chemistry and math and all this stuff in college. Like I can I can read research, I can read books like I can there’s gotta be something out there because I just can’t keep living like this like this is getting bad and so I read a bunch of information, I just got into like mad scientist mode, it’s just like I’m like I just I gotta I gotta figure this out.

And so I just started reading articles, books after book after book watching youtube videos, um checking sources, looking at scientific articles and it just became like a full time hobby basically. Um And I came across information and said well you know if you change your diet need healthier a lot of these problems go away. And my first thought was like oh no like that sounds nice but I’m not doing that. Like I live on a steady diet of like burritos and like now and do and take out chinese food like it’s and I’ve been healthy and thin my whole life so I have good genes.

So definitely, yeah, it’s not my diet. Like I’m not doing that. That’s like last resort if nothing else works. So I have like tried a bunch of supplements, tried a bunch of like alternative things, some things made me feel kind of better and, But nothing, I was still like, you know, I felt maybe, 10 20% better at best. And I was like, well, you know, I could try this eating healthier thing, you know? And uh, and so really like, I was like, but I don’t like to cook. Like I was like, I was like a microwave guy was like put in the microwave.

So that’s when I started like doing smoothies cause I was like, well, you know, a blender is kind of like a microwave. Like you open it up, you throw it in there and you close the lid and press the button and it makes some noise and then 30 seconds, 60 seconds later you get your food right. It’s like, I was very lazy man mentality. So that’s why I just started doing like, I had no plan. I didn’t like think like, oh, I’m going to become like a vegan or raw foodists or any, this stuff is just like, I just want to feel better and I want to eat food that doesn’t completely cripple my digestion and so it’s just OK, what do I have?

You know? I got like a habanero pepper some strawberries and banana and like a couple stalks of celery. Let’s just throw that in there. Let’s see what happens. I had no formula. Just like you just, you know, I got to eat fruits and vegetables because I remember in kindergarten, the teacher said those were good for you and uh it’s been that long since you heard it. Yeah. Right. Well, because it says everywhere mountain dew and burritos is best for you. Yeah. I mean, if you look outside, I mean it’s like, that’s what’s available.

It’s like totally everybody, it’s like, people know inherently that like, oh yeah. And they’re like, oh, I get a lot of fruits and vegetables and they’re like, well, I guess like maybe the tomato sauce and pizza is a fruit french fries and potato is a vegetable. Oh yeah. I mean I vegetables yeah, all the time. So that’s kind of what I, I kind of had to come to that humbling realization. Like, I really don’t eat a lot of them and they’re good for me and I like them.

So why not? I just started making smoothies and it was like, it was just kind of luck of the draw like this one tasted good, awesome. This one tastes bad. We’ll just kind of knock it back and at some point I thought, well, you know, I should look up some recipes because I was getting into it and I was like, okay, I’m on this health kick making smoothies. I mean fruit and vegetables, my stomach doesn’t hurt as bad. I’m starting to feel better and I that I went on youtube typed in smoothie recipes and that pretty much it was like a turning point in my life that didn’t realize what’s happening right then.

Um but I found this guy, His name is Dan MacDonald, I know him. Okay. Yeah, I’ve talked to him on the phone before. Okay. Yeah. In Hawaii. Yeah, he just got off his year fast of social media. Yeah. So back then this was like 2010 and the guys living in an RV in Washington state in the woods, he’s just some hippie like making recipe now. He lives in Hawaii and he’s like, sure he’s been doing a long time. Yeah, but at the time he was just, he was just some dude, he was just some burnout ex druggie guy, like he was, I mean he was great, but he was like no success in his life and now he’s got a ton and he deserves every ounce of it.

Um But uh so you found him and got recipes from him, like his green green guy. Yeah, so I found him and I was like some of these recipes and I thought like, oh hey this is funny, you know like this is just some like this guy, like I wanted to laugh at him because he’s just some hippie on the woods and so what he would do in a lot of this was back when Youtube was like 10 minutes and that was it, right? So what he would do is he would um he would do one of two things.

He would make the recipe and then talk jabber for 10 minutes or he would jab her for seven or eight minutes and then okay we’re out of time here, here’s what we gotta do to make the recipe. Um Yeah and so I watched his videos but like it really kind of annoyed me in the beginning because he would be like you know everybody that goes chemotherapy dies. I see with my own eyes man they got cancer and they just want to I don’t want to get cut up and drugged up and like oh it’s the worst.

And I’m just like oh my god this guy is a nut job. Like what are you talking about? Like of course you have cancer. You got surgery, chemotherapy, shut up and make it shut up and make the juices doing happy. Um But I kept watching right? Because it’s kind of like morbidly fascinated. It’s like oh this guy doesn’t know ship like I’m ivy league educated. This guy is just some doofus in the woods like he doesn’t know anything. Um But I kept listening and I kept watching.

I kept you know making the recipes and I was eating more and more of the stuff and I would comment and like, make fun of him. And I remember one time I like, I would kind of like just make the recipe, you stupid hippie or something like that and I would troll his account but I kept watching it. I like I liked him, but I also like to make fun of him. At one point he said something to me. He responded and he was like, you know, I see you making fun of all my videos, but like, you’re still here, so why is that?

Yeah, and I was like, I didn’t want to admit to myself that what he was saying was starting to make sense because I started to as I did this and I was drinking more and I got a juicer, I was making green juice, I was just fueling my body with plants, I was feeling really good. Um My energy levels came back, my skin cleared up, my muscle pain went away within like weeks of doing it. Um My digestion started to get better. Like, I really, I started to feel better and um and then as I got more and more into it, like eventually I healed everything.

Um And I really, it was really like witnessing my body heal itself. Like I was there was no external forces acting on the other than the food that I was eating in the food that I wasn’t eating. Um And so I really like it was and other things happen like, you know, like I um like I leaned out a little bit. I had, I’ve always been into fitness, but now I had a six pack which I had always wanted. I didn’t know why. I thought I just needed to do more mountain dew was going to do it. Yeah.

Um And so I really saw my body transformed, like, like um you know, I was at this really low level of health, like really bad and I just wanted to get back to baseline, just wanted to get back to like, normal guy, you know, not have not being pain, have energy, like feel pretty good. And I got to like way higher than that. Like, I got to like, I feel amazing. I have tons of energy. I have mental clarity after wazoo. Like at my job, I um are you still at the same job for a while?

Yeah, I mean for for maybe a year or two, but like I got this mental clarity where at work, Like it used to be like, I would have to get in there at 8:30 and I’d be lucky to get out by 5:30, sometimes six. It was just a lot I had a lot of work to do. And then my mental clarity, I got everything organized really good. And I was like, I would be done by like three o’clock in the afternoon. But oh well I’ve done my work for today.

like well let’s go fix a process or something or a system that’s broken at the company and then I’ll, it’ll speed things up and then it will be even more efficient and then I’m finishing the work for the day at like two o’clock and then like then you’ve fixed all these things like you’re gonna automate yourself out of a job because my boss said to me um and uh and then I remember like someone left the company and they’re like we’re gonna give her most of your workload or you’re going to give you most of her workload and I was like not really excited about, but then I like took it on like what was a full time job for her?

I was knocking out in like two hours a day. I was just like, I was just like on fire like this is the and I became very evangelical to all my friends like, oh you gotta do these dreams, I of course vegetables changes like this. And and everybody just kind of thought I was crazy. And so back when I was sick, it was just like Ben doesn’t feel good then doesn’t want to hang out. Ben’s tired then just feels like hammered ship. I never looked sick on the outside, right?

So people just sort of thought I was being weird antisocial and I lost a lot of my friends um or just sort of stopped hanging out with people and then when I kind of re emerge from the cocoon, it was like maybe I looked a little brighter eyed and bushy tailed, but like there was no measurable, you didn’t lose £80 or £120 or something. Like, you know, like okay, Ben was being weird about like just feeling blue all the time. Now. Ben is like the other way, why the fucky is he acting so weird?

You know, why is he bringing a watermelon to work and like eating the whole thing in the break room? And and so so it was like nobody got it like um and so that’s when I started, you know, really trying to through the internet connect with people who are like minded And that was really like that experience of seeing my body heal itself and realizing like I just spent 6-8 months in the belly of the beast and passed around every doctor all the best that medicine had to offer who basically, you know, just threw their hands up and then I was drinking this and I got well and I and I and I just kind of, I don’t see the correlation. Yeah. Yeah.

It’s just, it’s just a it’s a really profound coincidence, right? And and so then the other thing was that when I started eating this way um and uh you know, eventually I quit drinking because I just, my body couldn’t handle it anymore. Like when I got that healthy, it was like, you don’t like it anymore. It just doesn’t feel like I would feel so sick. Like I would have like a I drink like a sip of a hard alcohol drink and then like two minutes later the headache, I would get to hang out sensitive.

Yeah, I’ll get the hangover symptoms before I even felt the buzz, the alcohol. It’s just like, I can’t do this. That’s nice and easy to stop drinking. I was like, yeah, it was, it wasn’t like, well maybe this was a bad idea and I should stop. It was like, I literally can’t do this anymore because as soon as I drink it, it hits me and hits me hard and not in a good way. That’s awesome. Yeah. Well, I mean that you were because that, that’s that man, you must have been super clean.

I mean, I’m sure I didn’t know that that happened. Yeah. Um so now it’s like people offered me a beer. It’s like, dude, I don’t know, it’s been almost 10 years. I don’t even know what they would do to me. You know, probably just make it dog sick. Yeah, I became really sensitive and like, I had been sensitive all that time, but I just didn’t know it because I was like, constantly just basically drugging myself with unhealthy things mostly food. Um And uh and so when you do that, like the mental clarity and then I started feeling you’re no longer just pressing emotions with food?

So a lot of emotions came out to be dealt with a lot of past trauma, a lot of things. I would like to finish the work day at like 3 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. And then I would just basically, I I um would walk out of the office, I was in Downtown Austin and there was this creek that kind of ran through the west side of downtown Austin. I would just go down there and take walks along the creek or I started meditating because just like I was going through all this like emotional, try to know how to handle it.

I didn’t know anybody else that was doing this. I was very, I was very isolated alone. Like I went through this whole transformation with like nobody understands what the hell is going on with me. And and so that’s when I started realizing like I can’t do this job anymore, you know? And I remember one time I had like a really like twilight zone moment. I um I was, One of the things I would do is I was in charge of a portion of the sales forecast for basically a semiconductor and microchip company.

It takes about 13 weeks, like three months to go from a wafer in the fab to finish product that’s actually a microchip that you can ship and sell. And so they have to really plan the factory like 12, 18 months in advance. Like what are we, what is the demand out there? What what are we gonna build, who we gonna sell it to? And um like what do we, what supplies do we need to buy? And how much, how much capacity do we need? We we have to think about this ahead of time.

So we’re always looking at the forecast, you know, 6 to 12 months out and trying to get numbers for 18 months out. And so we would we would have these parallels are manufacturing and the marketing guys of the sales guys would all get in a room and be like, okay, this is what I think we need to build for the next year. Um And we try to get those numbers pretty accurate because if you build something that, you know, the customer doesn’t need uh that you wasted money and then they don’t build what they need, well then you lost, you lost money on the table.

Um So I remember we had a meeting with one of the marketing teams and basically the manufacturing people would hang out there. And and then the the marketing sales people would come and go as their product lines went over each one. And so this one product line, these guys come in and they’re super excited. They’re like, oh my God, we just got back from Beijing, you won’t believe this design. We won, there’s this company, they make blood glucose meters for diabetics And we’ve and this was like 2012 at the time.

We got this chip, we designed it back in 1998 And we can now manufacture it for five cents. And they agreed to pay a buck 07 for each chip, like 95% margin right on this old ship, that it’s like the technology was super old. Yeah, but it was is what they needed, right? So we had, and we were like the lowest cost. And and so everyone was like, and like we’re gonna sell millions of these things like what they told us is that the diabetes market is exploding. We’re gonna be rich.

And everyone’s like, hi five. Yeah, this is awesome. Were amazing. You know, we’re gonna help diabetes. This market is exploding. And and you know, we’re helping so many people and like this is great. And I’m just like watching everything just like, oh my God, these people don’t know, you know, they think they’re doing a good thing. They don’t understand that diabetes is caused by like the food that you eat. Um it’s really a foodborne at least type two is and then type one is caused by the drugs that you take as a child that are injected into your body.

Uh but they have no knowledge of this, right? And they think they’re all doing a good thing and I’m like, wow, I’m really not where I’m supposed to be like, these people think that they’re helping the world and they’re actually not like, I’m not supposed to be here like this is like, I have outgrown this. Um, and so then I spent like, I spent a lot of time then it was like more time like out nature meditating. Like I would, I would, you know, go to the creek early afternoon and then I would kind of roll back in the office about 4 30 you answer a few emails and then leave by five, right?

And then I would go home and then I lived near another nature preserve uh, in Austin called like Roy Guerrero park and I would go walk my dogs and I spent hours in there and I was just like, get me away from technology, like I gotta figure out my life. I was hit 30 and I was just like, what am I gonna do? Because I can’t like, I can’t do this anymore. And I just, I was like, um, and I was never a spiritual person, was never a religious person.

I was brought up jewish, but I was never really like that into it. And and I just started like, I was like started basically praying. I was just like, I got to get some kind of clarity because I don’t know what the heck is going on with me, but like I’m transforming into something else and like, and I’ll grow in my life pretty fast here and then it was like okay, well I got this idea of like, well you should, I was like, man, like all these doctors, they just fumbled the ball with me, it’s like I really wouldn’t have to try too hard to get people well, like I could I could do it um just like the knowledge that I have in a few brain cells, right?

Um And so yeah, I could do that. Um And so I thought okay, but I don’t but I don’t want to go to medical school, I don’t want to learn a bunch of drugs and surgery crap just to not do it, you know, like I don’t want to in the best of that time in my life, so it’s like, I want to be a doctor, I don’t wanna do that, so what I’m gonna do, and so then I kind of, and I was reading books, reading a bunch of books and so there were natural paths and they’re chiropractors, and I was like, well I want to be a natural path, I’ll just heal people with like diet and lifestyle and mindfulness and all this.

And then I looked into it, they weren’t licensed in texas, so it basically means you couldn’t practice, there is a natural, and I was like, well that’s there goes that idea shit. Um it’s like unless I want to move somewhere else, which I don’t. Um So then and then I got to think, well, you know, chiropractors are licensed here so I could just go and learn that and then just be a chiropractor, you know, batch but but just practice as a de facto natural path. I was like, that’s what I’ll do.

And so I called up a chiropractor that I knew I emailed him and I was like, I’ve been seeing him for this this knee injury that I’ve had, and I always thought that he was like a cool guy. Um Yeah, and so it was, I learned a lot from him about just like the human body and all this stuff and how muscles and how a lot of things work. Um And so I was like, you know, maybe I should talk to him like um see what he has to say.

And so I uhh I emailed him and talk to him in like six months a year or something like that. I was like, hey, I’m thinking about going to chiropractic school and he’s like, here’s my cell number, call me anytime you wanna talk. It was like later that afternoon at the dog park, we have like an hour and a half conversation. And I was like, yeah, I want to do it, but you know, I’m 30, I’m kind of old for this. And like I got a house and I got a career and I just don’t, it’s probably too late for me and he’s like, he was like, the most encouraging person, he’s like, no, there are people I went to school with her 50 he’s like, it’s never too late.

If you’re pat, you’d be great at it. You definitely need to do it, like, get the hell out of this stupid microchip thing. I know, you know, you never liked it. It’s like, I know you were in to help just by the way we talked, because one of the things that happened was when I had this knee injury, and um, I went to him and he did a bunch of work on my leg, and then he said, okay, do these rehab exercises that’ll help you get better faster than come see me in a week.

And I was like, oh, okay, yeah, sure. And I came back and he’s like, and I was like, I’ve been doing the exercises, and I feel a lot better. And he looked at me like, you did the exercises nobody ever does, you know, it doesn’t freaking exercises. And and so, and I was like, ask him all these questions. I was really engaged because I wanted to get well, because I had been through all this stuff, and I kind of realized like, it’s not gonna be anybody just like, just like doing it to me, like, uh like, so I wanted to be engaged with the care that I was getting, and so I was asking all kinds of questions.

I was doing everything he said and he just liked me as a patient because I actually got well and I and I listened and not only that listened, I was like I want to tell me more, tell me more, tell me more, educate me. Um and so he was just like oh yeah it would be a slam dunk for you, like you’d be amazing. And so that conversation really like changed my life um like it really made me realize that this is possible, I could do this, I could get out of this life that I’m so disenchanted with, I could do something meaningful And like thank God you know, I spent 30 years not knowing what I really wanted to do with my life and here was like here was the chance to do something meaningful.

Um so that’s kind of a long way about how I um changed careers and how I do what I do now, and of course there was many other things that happened along the way, but that was kind of the genesis of it that I got very disenchanted with the health care system and that was kind of my spiritual awakening to it, like this system and these doctors who are so venerated, like actually they don’t know what the heck they’re doing most of the time. Um and that the body heals itself, you just got to provide the right conditions and then we have all these, the diabetes market is exploding.

We’ve got to make these dollar microchips to sell to Taiwan that we’re going to like to have a blah blah. It’s like if they just ate fruits and vegetables you would have this problem. You know it’s like Captain speak on but then also they wouldn’t have their money. And that’s where that self sustaining kind of conundrum of the whole market right? It’s like oh well we we we need these to do this but nobody ever stops to think well maybe we just stopped the diabetes. You know I mean because that’s that’s not that doesn’t make money healthy isn’t isn’t profitable like you were saying before.

So yeah. And and they’ve just convinced themselves that the problem and every solution every problem is a drug and that like they always cured that we we we got rid of the world of polio with a drug and we got rid of the world of measles with the drug and oh we got rid of the flu with the drug now we’re still around and get ready with the drugs. Drugs are bad. Okay drugs are bad. But except for our drugs are drugs but if you want to expand your mind that drugs highly illegal. Yeah.

All right you can’t do that. But our drugs and you know in America we have these drug companies and their benevolent and they help people and they make all these things that they like. But in Mexico they’ve got these drug companies and the drug companies kill people, They corrupt the government, they run the border. They’re ruthless murderers who are completely lawless. But it’s their sanctioned here, man. Yeah, wear white coats here. So yeah, it’s the world man. But that’s and you know, that’s one of the big things that uh and that’s more and more is that we’ve outsourced all the major things that you should never outsource, never outsource your spirituality, never outsource your health, never outsource your law for sure.

Right, attorneys, they’re there, but you trust me. And then, and then what’s the other one I can never remember. But uh, that’s why we’re creating these kind of things, right? But it’s our education, right? And that’s all things we’ve outsourced for our Children, for ourselves, right? And the more I was talking to Jeff weiss sermon yesterday, we had a he was on the show yesterday. And yeah, he’s awesome. He’s the president of Health, Freedom for humanity. God, dude, yeah, another really cool. But we were talking about the same thing, right?

And it’s it’s we it’s kind of an odd, odd thing when you when you think about it to say, okay, well, I’m gonna go to somebody else to tell me how I feel inside, right? It’s and especially when you start thinking about the mental stuff, right? And some psychologists and stuff and that perfect self perpetuating system, right? I mean, of course, the more and more you talk about something, the more and more you’re gonna get that, that’s just the way it is. Even if you talk about it positively or negatively, it doesn’t really matter.

It’s just that’s the law of attraction, right? If you will, it’s just you just keep getting more of it, right? And anyway, so we’ve just outsourced all of that, right? And and and and that’s the health is the biggest one because our physical health, it’s all connected, right? Kind of the antithesis of what you were talking about before, where it’s like we didn’t come in pieces, it’s not like our we came out of mom’s vagina and pieces and then they had to put us together. Yeah, and you got like, oh they bring the gastro and yeah, come on.

Yeah, him and bring him the neurologist, We gotta put the brain in, dude, like, come on, you know, it’s and that’s why it’s so odd to even that and again, for them, it’s great, right? For that system. It’s great and it’s set up perfect right for a sick care system because they want to keep you somewhere in there, they don’t want you dead and they don’t want you healthy, they want you somewhere in the middle in that perpetual thing, right? So the more and more I think that we can bring people like you on and talk about because and health is one of the four main pillars that we feel of freedom, right?

Is is our health education, all these good things and so yeah, I mean, yeah, it is our ticket to freedom. It’s like I haven’t, you did to see a medical doctor about anything and you know, since then a decade, right? And it’s like how awesome talk about free. Yeah, I mean financially free holy moly man because they, but even if not it doesn’t matter, right? Because again, they put you in the insurance and they’re like, hey, we got your insurance covered, right? But then they insurance still gets billed.

You go to the doctor and they’ll still build them, you know, $5000 for an aspirin or whatever it is. It’s just, it’s quite nuts, right? And it’s always been like this though, as long as I can remember since I was a kid, right? So it’s not like something that’s just just kind of happened overnight. The pharmaceutical kind of rain of Bs and and also getting around and something I really, really want to talk about is what you do specifically um network. It’s called network right now networking. But network spinal or just network. Okay.

Because that’s um and to preface this, I I grew up going to a homeopathic doctor, right? All that my whole life, I been going to chiropractors. I can’t tell you how many I’ve gone to in my life a lot, right? I mean it’s just because I I just didn’t really like medical doctor. Never really anyway, their drugs are weird, so anyway, but but I’ve never had anything as profound as what I came to visit you and this is just recently and and uh and even now like the darkness in my eyes is like kind of gone, like it’s it’s much better.

Uh I don’t want to ruin too. But but but what I can tell you is that when I went to Dr Ben, let’s talk about, what did you come to me for? And we’ve been working together for like like a month maybe. Yeah, maybe three weeks. I think maybe it was our third week was last week. Just let’s start with you know what you all came to me for and then what’s your it’s been so like what have you noticed? Yeah. Okay. So well I went to because I’m a software guy, right, computer guy.

So I I still I’m in front of the computer a lot, right at least 10 hours a day. And um I started going numb down my my right my right thumb all this started getting numb right? And again I’ve been that I’ve carried my stress or whatever and been in computers my whole life. So it’s not anything new, but what’s new is the numbing started to kind of get crazy where it was tingling in my thumb and stuff and I’ve heard of that happening to other people that never really happened to me.

Um And it was just on the right side and um just fatigue. Um and I mean, I can tell you, hi insight kind of things now, but like it was so much inner tension inside like um that you don’t even know right? Uh our trauma thing that happened with our daughter that was very intense. I mean, I don’t know if I didn’t sleep for months, right? And and I didn’t know that stuff until you start to unwind, you know what I mean? And stuff starts to kind of go back to normal or normal, right?

It starts to release. And then all these things start to change my perception, even my perception of my everyday world has started to shift. So, and I think it’s just it’s letting go, you know, it’s letting go of that trauma and releasing that pent up energy, that stuff that my spine or whatever. Anyway, that’s my hypothesis right now of what’s going on. But I can tell you now, it’s not here, it’s kind of here every now and then the numbing has shifted to the other side, which is great.

And to me that means movement, right? Any movement is good because the stagnant stuff is what and you don’t even know right? But I know that my whole front, right? This is pulled forward and I can tell it’s starting to kind of go back. So those are the things that we came into you for and and and the reaction so far that I’ve seen. I know for myself and and I know Emily uh she’s just feeling, you know, exquisitely better, you know? But she also, it’s much more chill than me, you know?

So she might not and she’s younger, you know, so she doesn’t have as much beaten up on the body. So she’s noticing like went through the traumatic experience. It was tough for you. But like she do physically went through it. So uh that’s insane. I don’t know. Our women are so strong man. Yeah. And especially have you seen like now it’s like women have way more balls than men. You know, this whole freedom movement and it’s the women who are like leaving it and the moms and like, yeah, I feel like I’m just kind of along for the ride.

I’m like what do you need to put me in play? You know, like a thing I just, I’ll just do what I’m good at. Yeah, it’s true. What happened? And it was funny, I was watching this video, you know the after school guy, Have you ever seen those on Youtube where he draws out there beautifully done on a marker board. It’s kind of animations. Yeah, it’s called after school. He had a doctor on this morning room Susan uh Gosh, I can’t remember but she was on talking about the fertility and how sperm count has declined over the past 50 years at a rate of 1% per year?

So we’re actually 59% From since 1973 until 2011 there was a 59% decrease in Sperm Count. And and it’s due to the chemicals like they’re there, they’ve now directly correlated it to these specific sort of chemicals that are in our fragrances and all these things around us all the time. But she said the good thing about that is that they’re they’re short term uh toxins, right? Not like lead. She was given examples of other ones that are like long term in your body and hard to read it. She’s like after 4 to 6 hours they’re out of your body.

So she’s like that’s the good news. So right, so if we can just stop putting them in our body. But as we know it’s in our food. I mean I did this experiment with my my brother in law and my sister cause they got kids and I do now but this is a while ago but I took a magnet and I took their wheaties cereal. They’re feeding their kids me and I crunched it up. Put on the table, took a magnet. I went like that and it’s there’s so much heavy metals in your food just put a magnet in it and if it sticks to that ship, don’t eat it man.

Just well here’s the thing, it’s like we these Brexit he’s got all this nutrition because we’re fortifying it. So they put actual like iron in it. But it’s like this isn’t bio available. Are you just basically taking like iron shavings and like mixing in with the wheaties? So they do that. Yeah because I think they think they’re like adding nutrition in. But that’s what we do right we and that’s like a thing in that very us specific the pasteurization. I don’t know if it’s specifically us anymore but right they try and kill everything.

They kill a pasteurized and then they try and put the nutrients back in. Is that they’re I mean through any refinement process of any food um You know when you’re you know you have something that grows out of the ground or off of a tree? It’s in the whole form as soon as you start to alter it or separate parts out you’re destroying nutrition. You’re heating it, you’re destroying nutrition. You’re you know taking corn into corn syrup you’re just stripping out the five or you’re destroying nutrition.

And so then it’s like okay well we stripped it all out and now we’re just gonna add it back in a piece at a time. Not holistically. Yeah and so they think it’s like oh as long as there’s iron in there you must be getting the iron but it doesn’t work that way for example something like calcium. Okay um you know it’s it’s a nutrient we needed. It helps us have strong bones. Um But the data is very clear that if you take a calcium supplement, your body doesn’t absorb it.

It’s like eating chalk okay. And all it does is it takes up in your bloodstream and it causes a clot. And um there’s a guy Michael Gregor, I don’t agree with everything he says to me, there’s a lot of good information but he said look we did we looked at the research and women who take calcium supplements for every one of them that he saved from osteoporosis 20 have a heart attack. Oh my goodness. It’s like you gotta get it from the food. So the vitamins RBS are vitamins B. S. Vitamins, vitamins, vitamins, vitamins.

I’ve been corrected you know in America America it’s vitamins okay in England it’s vitamins um But you know for the most part a lot of like the multivitamins. Yeah it’s just like they just I got a lot to say please yes because I’m in I do yeah please. Things don’t so there’s a really good if anybody’s listening to this and I want to know more about this subject. There’s a book called whole a. T. Colin. Campbell is a Professor emeritus Cornell has been studying nutrition since the 19 fifties.

Like he knows a lot and one of the things he says is like look nature puts things together in these whole forms um in these bio available forms that we can’t just replicate the lab. There’s there’s tens of thousands of different things that play. They interact with each other um You know it’s we can’t look at these things and isolate them all in vacuum and then like package them into a thing and put in our mouth and like um it just doesn’t work that way. The word vitamin vitamin okay, comes from uh there was a chemist or some kind of scientists who at one point in the 18 hundreds thought okay I’m going to find out what are the things in the food that are like providing the nutrition, whether the things in there that we’re getting from it that we need.

Um And what are the vital aspects of it, what are the vital amines, amino acids? He thought that he could just chemically isolate the things in there and then and then they would understand how nutrition worked. And so then it became this idea of like um oh there’s lettuce in here, it’s high in um it’s high in minerals, oh it’s high in vitamin B. Six and I need that, right? And then we would have these conversations about like well I’m eating the pineapple because it’s high in vitamin C. And I’m eating the you know the drinking the milk because it’s high in calcium.

And we became very interested in these um these isolates and these single ingredients and um what we call reductionism. So so we just looked at certain things, oh that’s the important part, I just I just gotta get this nutrients right? And then um and that’s how we kind of lost our way because we stopped looking at the whole picture and we just became very obsessed with like, okay, well it’s vitamin A, vitamin B vitamins, this is what you need. And I could, you know, um and then, so you have these things like, what’s that product that?

Not huell? But there’s another one that all these tech nerds drink it, it’s got all the vitamins in it. Oh, you’re talking about another vitamin one of those like energy drink kind of Yeah, it was supposed to be like this meal, replace her thing and all those tech guys were drinking and I can’t remember the name of it. It’s called like metrics, Soylent, oh soil, I don’t even know. That doesn’t sound very good. Okay. Yeah. It was basically like just took this one guy who was, he was a programmer and he was like lazy.

I don’t like to cook. So I’m just going to get all the nutrients in this one drink and I’m just gonna drink it and then I can stay there and take my Adderall. I was cold all the code all night and I’ll be healthy. Um It’s this idea that you can just just take all the extract all the nutrients out and put it into some synthetic pill or drink or whatever and eat that and you’ll be healthy, right? Um just like the same thing man. We have the isolated doctors.

That same theory where it’s like oh we have to go no it’s hole yeah hole here. I mean I wish I wish that worked and it would be easy and you know like we can just fix people and you know that model it’s just it breaks down and so we’ve come to this thing now I call the big fallacy in nutrition which is B. I. G. The big fallacy but it’s got like oh I’ll drink milk. Um Oh yeah you know it’s got it’s got electrolytes it’s got you know I know it’s got you know case in which is bad for you and I know it’s got hormones or whatever hormones or whatever but it’s got calcium but it’s got calcium but it’s got protein so that somehow negates all the bad stuff.

And then we’re just looking at like oh I I got to you know eat this to get this and drink this to get that and big old turns. Got a peanut in it though. Yeah. You know it’s like cocaine has got antioxidants in it but doesn’t mean it’s health food, you know but this is this is the model that we’ve taken with with health with nutrition and so it’s like you know there’s two ingredients that smoothie, okay it’s just like bananas and organic remain lists. All right, pretty simple.

But there’s compounds in here. There’s phyto nutrients that we haven’t even discovered yet. We don’t know what they are. We haven’t, we haven’t isolated all the vital amines in here. We’ve got 3. 5 billion years of evolution. We’re not gonna figure out in a human lifetime or two. We’re just not especially from from the antithesis of nature because right from the the antithesis of a holistic looking at it in a holistic way or even a quantum way or some sort of uh, you know, advanced way from what we’ve been doing for that because nothing nothing has changed because it’s the system is designed that way, right?

As far as what subsidized for and how they even approached things right? Like you’re talking about, it’s more of the isolate kind of thing. But we’ve gotten away from it. I want to know what so what is your what is network? Okay. Yeah, we did, we did veer off a little bit. Yeah, but no, I wanted, because vitamins are huge man, that’s a big thing, but I want to know what what is network and why Why? Okay, sure. Because like let me finish what I was saying first because on the table, I’ve never felt anything as profound without having that.

Even even with physical manipulation, I’ve never felt that before. Like my body unwind itself without somebody physically curriculum. You feel your body releasing tension unwinding while I’m working on you. Yes. I’m just doing for those people at home. I’m doing light touches on your spine. I’m not popping cracking, manipulating anything I’m touching him with like not that much force. Yes. Um and so so so tell us a little bit more about what you’re experiencing on the table. So on the table, I’m like uh lately the past couple times was right under my solar plexus.

I can you can almost visualize like the, I don’t know, it’s weird. It’s it’s it’s hard to it, you can almost visualize the electricity. It’s like a pent up, you know, your energy center, if you would like a chakra, It’s almost like you can kind of since the shocker kind of releasing and letting go something in your body. Yeah, and then watching my wife do it right or wife to be whatever. Watching her and her body, you can just see her body the breathing and I know you bring it up, but the first time I watched yeah, I saw her lower back just go, I was like, whoa, right and not and she didn’t like do anything.

It wasn’t like she didn’t do anything different, you know? So what would you in your opinion? What is it that I mean? And I know you’re really good at explaining it. So could you explain to the listeners and viewers like what, sure what is actually happening there. So so network comes from this idea, the guy who created it was one of those like borderline between genius and insane types. Um we can talk about him, he’s a very fascinating character. Um his name is Dr Dani Epstein, but he I started realizing just through his work and working on people that that um that there was this mind body spirit connection and that the human organism was this network um of mind, body and spirit that there was there was a physical and there was an emotional and there was you know, a like uh a mental and a soul level and they were all like these layers of the human organism that we’re all intertwined and that he he couldn’t really affect one without affecting all of them at the same time.

Um and so and then he saw that like he realized a lot of things like um that the mind was really a field and that the thoughts that we have our brain and our spine are more of an antenna and a receiver. The brain is not the create originator of thought is just the receiver and then the thoughts that we have and the emotions that we feel are essentially a reflection of the energy state that we’re at and what what our antenna and our system is capable of receiving.

And so um so you’re a tech guy, so you understand what an antenna is, It’s a thing that receives something and it’s it’s usually long like this right and it usually has electricity have been going down well your spine functions as an antenna right? Your brain sends signals down your spinal cord out to the nurse to all your muscles tissues, organs and glands. And so that spine constantly has electrical impulses going back up and down it. And this is how your brain um sends information your body and how your information your body sends information back to your brain.

So that spinal cord is really important. Uh Second information superhighway. It happens to be housed uh in in your spine in the in between the bones. Like if it was in the right arm I guess chiropractors would all be right arm doctors but it goes down the back so that’s where we’re at. Um And so that spinal cord is actually surrounded by a layer of connective tissue okay called the meninges which you know if you’ve heard like meningitis spinal meningitis here. So that’s that that the meninges that layer of connective tissue around the spinal cord gets inflamed.

Um And then and so then that that layer of connective tissue also surrounds the brain as well. It’s continuous from the brain down the spinal cord. Um So that’s what the meninges are. Well the meninges can get inflamed but they also their connective tissue and it can expand and contract. Kind of like a muscle. It’s got fashion in it which is connective tissue. And so um what he found was that like through study was that actually okay the spine distorts but really only because the spinal cord starts because the meninges and the connective tissue around the spinal cord can expand and contract and twist and move and um so if you think of it like a fishing line ok, you catch up £200 fish on the end of a fishing pole, The whole pole just bends right and you can try bending the pull back into place.

But if there’s a £200 load on the end it’s never gonna go anywhere but you release the line, you bring the fish on board whatever you want to do and then all of a sudden returns to normal shape. And so really the tension and tone and the spine is a function of what’s going on with the spinal cord. And and the theory that like it’s it’s kind of like the position of the bones is secondary effect of the position of the tension and the cord. And so what we found is that what we’re going to make like contacts on the spine, especially in these areas where the actual nerves make connections with the bones, then we can get direct access into the spinal cord into the nervous system and basically tell it to unwind.

And so they studied this heavily, like all the money at this Donny, I’ve seen guys made, he’s funneled it back into research. They have guys doing their electrical engineering phds on what happens in the nervous system at USC when they do these contacts and they studied them under what’s called electroencephalogram, which is basically like a look at the brain when they see different parts of the brain light up when they do these contacts. So they know that the body is essentially like reassessing how it’s holding itself in space.

And they’re going, oh, I have tension here, I have tension there. That’s well, that’s not serving me, I’m gonna release that. But with the nervous system is really good at doing is adapting, right? So if it’s chronically stressed, it adapts to to hold tension in places to protect Us, right? Especially in this 21st century world, we’re exposed to so much technology are exposed so much fear and all the things going on. It’s like the bodies contracts to try to protect itself. And so we hold tension in all these places.

And even in connective tissue, were not aware of, like, you might be holding it like in your diaphragm or something and that’s why you’re feeling it there. Um And so, so it’s like, yes, can I get in there with my hands and so you have tension in your upper back and just crunch, pop it. Oh, it’s in your neck, crunch it that way, Crunch it that way, releasing tension. Yes, but your body is far more intelligent than I can be. Like, I can get in there with my hands, I can have some sense of what’s going on.

But if I just tell your system to unwind instead it can do far more fabulous things, and what we find is that this tension that you’re holding uh in your body, it’s bound energy, okay? And we don’t want to just get rid of it. It’s energy that we can use to um to heal, to create a better life, to bring about new things. Like, I don’t, we don’t want to cause otherwise you have this idea that there’s a tension in your body and all these things that happened to you were bad, right?

Like if I look back and like, oh I had, I had chronic fatigue and chronic muscle pains and and my life was so terrible and I had these digestive issues and I was so unfortunate to have this disease and life was so bad. No, it’s like the greatest thing that ever happened. Absolutely. Yeah, your body was talking to you man telling you, yo hey, pay attention. But I learned lessons, I learned things that people will as much as I try to teach them and explain that most people will never experience in their lifetime.

Like it has been one of the greatest blessings. And so like, network. That was one thing that resonated with me about, it was like, oh, all these wounds in your life can really be your gifts, we just need to, we just need to unbind the energy. Um and I was like, yeah, that makes sense. And then I remember, like, so I had a really crazy experience of how I first discovered it. Okay, um can you wanna hear the story? So I remember I went to chiropractic school thinking I was never gonna put my hands on anybody, like, I was just going to get any fruits and vegetables and like, you know, I would learn the adjustment cause it was kind of cool, but I was I had no interest in, like, really getting good at it or anything like that.

I was like, oh, that’s a cool skill, be able to pop people’s next. Like, that’ll be fun at parties, right? Um and I remember We had to take this, so there’s about 200 different chiropractic techniques okay, out there. And most, you know, 90% of chiropractors do just the standard stuff. It’s called diversified, maybe it’s like 80%. And then there’s, you know, and then there’s techniques, there’s network, there’s other things. Um but it’s all under the chiropractic and uh, but the profession is very broad spectrum, like in medicine, it’s like you do this, you do that, you prescribed this drug for this disease.

And like every once in a while, you can do something kind of off label, but don’t get too fancy, you know, don’t get jazz hands. Um You’re, you’re out of the club with chiropractic, There’s a broad spectrum, the profession has been 100 plus year civil war. Um and, you know, we disagree with each other and you know, I I like I’m at the point I just do my thing, This works. A lot of people think, oh you do network, you don’t even adjust people, you just poke there back with your thumb, like you’re not even a chiropractor, give me a break.

Uh But anyway, so we had this survey class which was like every week, a different technique was taught and they would bring guys who were actually in practice in the field and this was in L. A. Um into kind of demonstrate. And uh and so I was kind of too cool for school. I was like, I’m just taking this class, whatever. I don’t give a crap these techniques whatever. Um And the network guys came and and one of them is like he’s doing this little light touch thing on the other guy and this guy just starts doing the worm on the table right?

Like oh his body is releasing energy and you know, it’s releasing tension on its own. And the guy’s like literally like get me out of this funk in class, when is this over? Oh my god, I gotta sit through three hours of this today. Um And so uh so they kind of show their thing and I’m just like too cool for the whole time, like this is your like how ridiculous. And at this point, you know, I’ve been a raw food is for several years and I’ve had some spiritual experiences doing that.

But I was just like, this is stupid stuck. And, and then, so then we go into the, into the lab where they have all the tables were usually work on each other and like all the, you know, some of the, like a lot of the kids were like me and like this is down, they’re not involved and I’m like, do it on me. Oh yeah, this is my body, oh yeah, it’s so cool. And, and uh, I’m just sitting there like, I can’t wait for this class to be over whatever.

And then this one guy, he was sort of talking to everybody, he kind of had a group of students around him and I don’t even remember what he was talking about. I think he was just talking about patient care and his philosophy and how he approaches people and you know, how he just really likes to take care of his people and um, just what he said resonated with me. It’s like, you know, I think I could learn something from this guy. Like none of this network shit I’m not going to be doing.

But like, I think if I just went to his office, like I could like talk with them more. Like I think he has something to teach me. Like, I think this guy’s wise. And so I got his car and I was like, hey, can I get your card and like maybe come by sometimes I want to learn from you. And he said, yeah, sure here you go. And so I get his card and I look at it and He was in West Hollywood, which was funny because my girlfriend at the time had just moved to West Hollywood and then I look and I go on Google maps and like it’s a 10 minute walk from her place to his office, like that’s kind of yeah, so I go in there on like a friday or saturday and it was it was a shocking experience.

Um not just with the network, like I knew that was kind of a weird thing, but this guy had a clinic in West Hollywood and he saw West Hollywood people, like I was used to the school clinic where was all Medicare patients, you know, I just saw these old fogeys who would come in and we put hot packs on them and zap them with machines and maybe adjust them, you know? Um and this was like the clientele were like models, paparazzi, professional skateboarders, you know? Yeah, yeah, just like demographic.

This is, you know, it’s like where the businessman and the, and the, you know, and the carpenters and the like normal people, right? And so I’m just like, you know, and this guy, he’s like, he’s like six ft five, super good looking gay dude, all the female patients were like, oh dr George uh and they all love him, you know? And it’s not just, you know, it’s not certainly anything but and you know, and about half the people, he’s kind of traditionally ingesting half the people he’s doing network on, people would flop around like fish and I’m just like watching this whole thing like wow this is more than I bargained for today, like this is pretty crazy.

And so we get to the end of the day and he’s like okay well we’re done for the day, you wanna get on the table and I can work on you. And I was just like oh bro, you know what like I’m good, I’m good, you know, I just got my buddy, my classmate just adjusted me like in the lab yesterday so I’m I don’t need it, you know like thanks for the offer but I’m good. And he’s like, it’s like well you know you just, you drove out here a long way, you spent the whole day, you know, you sure you don’t want, I don’t try it out and I was like oh no dude like I’m thanks but no thanks and he’s like, he kind of stands in the way of the door and he’s like then I’m gonna level with you.

I know you think this is bullshit. So what I’d hate for you to have happened is that you don’t get on the table and you walk out of here and you drive home, it’s a long drive. You came a long way to be here today. Um, I hate for you to drive home and always think what if, you know, uh, so why don’t you just get on the table and if it’s bullshit, I work on you and nothing happens, then at least you’re vindicated and you can go home and, and then, you know, you know, cause I’d hate for you to just have that eating away at your mind.

And I’m like, hold on you, son of a bit much, I guess you got to do this thing. Um, so I got on the table and like, you know, a lot of that, the contacts are either on the neck of the sacrum, which is like the very base of the spine, like right above, right kind of on the, but yeah, like right above the crack. And um, he does a few contacts in my sacrum and it’s immediately like, but he wants to move right, like it doesn’t move involuntarily, but it wants to move about doing this.

And then I’m like, and like there’s techno music playing, like, and yeah, and my body is just like releasing tension. It feels good and it’s like, it’s not that I’m, I can control it, but if I try to not to do it, my body just really wants to do. So it just feels good like, yeah, releasing tension and then he does another contact on me and then all of a sudden it’s like my eyes are closed and I’m having this like crazy experience where I had had this dog that had passed away about 34 months prior uh, on New Years.

It was really sad and I didn’t really have time to mourn. And it was like, oh, I gotta get back to class and you know, new semester starting up. I got board exams in a couple months, I gotta study, I gotta put my game face on because there’s no time really process this dog back to work. Yeah. And it’s like Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure when they’re like, and like, the images are flying by in the past. And so all these images of my dog come flooding back and I’m just like re experiencing my dog’s death, like bawling my as down the tape, meanwhile still moving.

I’m crying and I’m crunching, I don’t even remember what the hell happened. It was just like, it was just like, just blew me out of the water. Yeah, wow, that’s cool. Yeah. And so and profound. Yeah, I never had anything like that and I really thought it was bullshit, right? I was a mechanical fucking engineer, you know, for sure. And uh so so, um I got up off the table, he offers me a tissue and he’s just sort of like looking at me like, kind of, not in like a smug way, but she’s just, you know, there for me to support me and he’s like well what happened, you know, I was just asking me and I was like, well, well my dog about my dog died and all what, I had a lot of guilt over it and everything because it was like New Year’s Eve and I was out partying and then I came home to find my dog, I never really found out why my dog died and a lot of like, you know, and she was only six years old, you know?

Uh That’s Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um and so I had a lot of guilt that like somehow I did something wrong and and you know, and so he talked to me about it and he’s like look there’s nothing you could’ve done, like, you know, it was her time to go, you know? And uh and yeah, I don’t but I just remember thinking like holy sh it like this stuff is actually what people are saying, it was, you know, and then it was even more profound, it was like well I guess I gotta learn this stuff now.

I was like, so so I was like well if I come back here, can you teach me this? And he was like, well I can but only under one condition and I was like name it, what is it, he’s like I can’t teach it to you unless you haven’t been to a seminar because it’s against the rules like you have to you have to go to the seminar and then you can learn it there and I’ll help you refine it, but I can’t just teach it to you from scratching it, I’d be in trouble if I did that and I was like okay cool.

He’s like yeah you know it’s funny because there’s a seminar next weekend up in san Francisco and I’m like oh sh it well I can’t do that, can’t go. Uh and he’s like a bunch of the kids from your school are driving up, one of them already got a hotel room, it’s paid for You just have to pay for the seminar which is like $200, like I think you can figure out a way to go and I was like alright, got more more excuse me. Yeah so that was kind of how I got into it.

Yeah, that’s a cool story man. Yeah. Yeah, that’s profound. That’s profound. Yeah and I’ve seen like the videos that you you’ve posted and stuff and again watching Emily and uh I know there’s more to come, I I think that there’s like your body needs to like a just you know I mean I think maybe after some trot. Yeah that’s that’s interesting man. Yeah I mean all that stuff essentially it gets stored in the connective tissue. It literally like the memories and trauma don’t just get stored in the brain.

Like you have to understand that the nervous system is diffused throughout the body. And so um a lot of things are stored in the actual connective tissue and then when the when the body releases it, well there it is. Um So I’ve worked on people who have like severe ptsD okay, like I have this one lady who is like she called me on the phone, she’s like literally my hands shaking just being on the phone with you, it’s that fast. Um And so I worked on her, she never had a big response on the table and nothing ever happened like noticeably visibly see but and the time working with her, all these things that were like difficult like calling a person on the phone was difficult for her, all these things would trigger her growing going into um certain types of stores and it all just kind of unwound and she just got back to being herself but she had experienced um some really bad trauma in her life um at the hands of this guy that she had been with um and it was pretty wild to see it like just kind of come undone and then like her blossom into this like new person because she wasn’t held back by all of this, you know, physical tension and stuff in her life.

Um So I mean I can tell you a bunch of more just stories of like things I’ve seen just like always just blow my mind and I kind of like it can be easy to get kind of a God complex sometimes. But then I also got to remember, it’s like I’m just a facilitator, like the energy’s in you. Like I’m just I’m just helping you process and I’m not putting any energy into you and I’m working on you. I’m literally just telling your system to reassess how it’s doing things and the body and the mind and the human organism does all the work.

I’m just kind of there to just kind of guide it and just kind of hooks it through the process and help it do things that can already do. Um so I don’t, I see myself as a healer, you know, per se. It’s just like just like um this stuff didn’t heal my body when I was sick. It just sort of was the facilitator to unlock the healing potential. That was already in me. But with this medical system, we give these doctors like this god complex. It’s like I cut this organ out of you and you get, well I prescribe this drug to you and you get well and I am the God and you’re just a little and I have to protect you.

Oh, your little, your little immune system can’t fight this new disease. I need to shoot you up with a drug so that your body, your frail little body That if I didn’t exist, you would be dead, you little peon, you better do what I say like that dude. Amen well said Yes. That’s 100% their mentality. Yeah. That’s sad. It’s scary. It’s scary. And like you were saying in the beginning right, they’re all just regurgitation people, the regurgitation factories, that’s all they do. So and that’s what’s scary because they don’t know how they can’t think on their feet, they can’t think outside of anything that is just regurgitated well.

And they and and so and the people to facilitate this right? Like what I told you when I went to the doctor, I said, hey I got a B. And C. You’re gonna give me X. Y. Z. You gotta fix me, right? And then it took me about 6 to 8 months to realize that no one was coming to save me. You know like these guys, they couldn’t do it. Um But like our mentality with healthcare and with medicine is like, well I pay this insurance money um And now I’m entitled to have someone else fix me, right?

It’s like if you think about like if car insurance worked like that right? Like you have car, oh I have car insurance so I can run over that pothole, I can hit that person got it in reverse at 50 miles an hour and go off jumps like and then I just take into the shop and they fix it and my insurance pays for it right? No problem. Yeah, it doesn’t work that Like, it’ll pay for if you get an accident, right? But you just funk up your car because you were driving like an idiot like that’s on you, you know?

But the health care system is like, Oh you’ve been just like, you know, eating like cheeseburgers and chicken wings and drinking mountain dew and Miller. Like we’re not gonna think about 30 years. Like that’s not your fault. You little victim, let’s give you some drugs and you know, cut a vein out of your leg and so it on your heart, good as new. Normal, totally normal. Yeah, Yeah, no problem. You know? And that’s a big, like, just because they separated us from nature, we’re not nature anymore. You know, I mean?

It’s like, oh go out and be with nature. No, you are nature. Anyway. We are nature. And that’s that’s another thing that, for me anyway is a big, big shift in consciousness is just understanding that your body is always in a state of homo state or trying to be in a state of healing and homeostasis. It wants to be perfect. It’s always us fucking domestic can. Yeah, yeah. Like we have these symptoms and we think they’re like, you’re coughing up stuff like, oh, I’m coughing, I’m coughing, I gotta take a suppressive.

Yeah, I need to take some speed, some meth. Yeah, the body is trying to expunge uh something stopped, you know, like, oh, I’ve got a fever. I got to bring the fever down. Well, no, your body trying to burn off bad shit. Um you know, it’s like, all these things that we see is like, well, I don’t feel well and this is happening. So to feel better, I’m gonna stop the thing that’s happening. It’s really my body trying to heal itself. Um and, but this is this is just this model that we’ve got that, like, it makes sense at a surface level, but, you know, it’s very easy to knock the house cars over. Sure.

Yeah, It’s not practical in any way. Just try and do like, what you did. Just try and actually experience being well, Yeah, but people love to abdicate their personal responsibility. That’s part of the problem. Absolutely. You know, it’s not my fault. Yeah. Wait, no, it’s I know what my step dad is, a medical doctor. Yale educated, right? He’s got more bionic parts than, you know, steve Austin or whatever. Like guys, you know, um and he’s got all this arthritis pretty well, because I got bad genes. Got bad genes every day.

I got I got those bad genes. You know, that’s why I have all these health problems. It’s nothing to do with your actions in your life or anything that you do, right? It’s bad genes. And, you know, Bruce Lipton Bruce Lipton is, Yeah. So, he talks a lot about epa genetics and stuff like that, right? It’s like, well, you we can you can change it. You know what I mean? Like we were very pliable things. It’s not like you are now destined to have cancer for the rest of your life because your mom had cancer or something.

You know what I mean? Like, it’s it’s but that’s what we’re sold on. Yes. The story, Yeah. That you have no innate healing powers whatsoever. If it wasn’t for the pharmaceutical company, you would not even live this far along its then because thank God that they exist, that we even live to maybe be 100 and whatever. And it’s this weird duet of like, people want to not have responsibility who wants response freak ability. No one wants that. And then, and then the doctor people and they’ll, oh, you’re offering me to be Godlike. Absolutely.

I’ll take that responsibility to take that role, but I’m not going to be responsible. Yeah, right? I’m responsible for getting you well, but if I funk up hurt you, we have insurance for that. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And what is the most, the biggest killer of everything is malpractice, Right. Is that not the number one or drugs? Is it drugs What? Um, So I would say it’s, So there’s something called medical errors. Okay, the British Medical Journal estimated that I think it’s like 200,000 people die of that a year.

And what does that mean? So that encompasses error, uh, uh, surgical failures. Like the surgery was a success. But the patient died whenever um you know, people die in hospitals medical and it’s like we just kind of go, oh yeah, you know like Bill went under for that, that, That they were going to take his gallbladder out but then they kind of gave him too much anesthesia and he died. Oops, Okay, so that’s like 200,000 that and then prescription drugs used in the manner prescribed non overdoses. Okay, okay.

Kind of those two things combined. So to give perspective, It’s kind of the number one and two spots of causes of death in the United States are kind of, they’re neck and neck, it’s cancer and heart disease. And for the longest time it was cancer. Heart disease was about 600,000 and cancer is about 500,000. But now it’s like The cancer slowly overtaking the heart disease. But so those two are about triple what the medical errors are each. But I mean 200,000 is a lot of people, you know? Um So that I mean, yeah, I mean, and especially when you start to think about the the measures that were taken over the past couple of years because of this thing that supposedly is killing no more people than ever died.

And by the way, whatever happened to the flu anyhow viral interference. That’s what they say, right? That’s the Covid, yeah, that’s real that the reason Covid overtook the flu is because the viral interference and the Covid was stronger than the flu. And so people got Covid instead of the flu. It’s a well documented, remember this one guy I used to look up to was on instagram was like it’s a well documented thing, viral interference. It was like, you know, it’s funny that I never heard that term up until just now.

I think the only thing that the virus interfered with your ability to critically think. Boom, boom. Yes. Dude, that’s real. What happened everybody dude, why why all of a sudden did we just totally negate everything? And I mean and I know fear fear mongering and then we can say fine fearmongering. But I mean these intelligent people’s out there who just completely have jumped ship on any sort of logic or Are all the stuff we’ve always done right? I mean even mass we have 50 years of research that they’re not effective, right?

I mean, yeah, we talked about this but Dan Brulee. He’s the breath coach, Tony Robbins breath coach. Anyway in his book, he talks about how 70% of all biological waste comes out through your breath right through the lungs 70% right? Not to but not through your skin but your lungs right. But what we immediately do is we covered that it doesn’t make any sort of health sense. It makes sense in the sense that it makes dollars. So if it makes dollars it makes sense. But 50 years of research on mass and then all of a sudden was just and what about OSHA and HIPPA and all these things at Nuremberg trials.

I mean everything that’s just not the window and it’s based, it’s predicated on this model. Oh, you’re this vulnerable little thing that that can’t fight this disease. So we have to cover your face up and we have to shoot you up with drugs and get out of the sun, go home. Your body has no innate healing potential. You’re just a little a little victim. You’re a little little victim. And so just this is how we will protect you to keep you safe. They never use the word healthy.

They just safe safe. You’re in danger. There’s danger. It’s dangerous. Your body can’t handle it, you know? Um, So it’s this whole like, you know, um, uh, savior and save the mentality of like, oh, please please do something to save me. I am so scared of this virus. I am so scared of this virus while I sit home and drink miller lights and don’t exercise like, right, I’m £300 overweight because that’s a huge killer in our world, right? Oh, yeah, Absolutely. Yeah. I mean it’s, it’s a country, but now now we’ve created a situation where it’s like, oh, you can’t say anything about their weight.

You can’t sit, you can’t, right? Yeah, because that’s offensive right now, you’re not now now it’s hate speech all this stuff about hate speech now if you just try and talk to somebody about, yo, hey, maybe you stop doing that or not. Maybe that’s not healthy now. You’re just a hate speech. And I don’t, I’m never telling, going on here, tell anybody lose weight. I’ll tell how people get healthy and what, you know, hey, this has worked awesome for me. Let’s do it. You know, get adjusted.

Um There’s lots of cool ways to get your health back that don’t involve shooting up drugs and actually work better. Um But and our sustainable. Yeah. But if you point out like, oh, you know, um you know, obesity leads all these health complications that nothing else leads to. So, you know, it’s like the diet, you know, diabetes and just flying through the freaking window, You know, it’s just because you didn’t get the diabetes vaccine and you have it right? And not funny. I that’s actually funny man that I can’t believe they haven’t come out with like, oh, well we have a vaccine for diabetes. Yeah.

Oh, they’re working on, there’s like 200 in the pipeline. They’re working on. That is the most ridiculous city vaccine as well dude, I mean, I don’t think they’re not whatever anyone ever hit, pay dirt on it, but this is how they think this is like it sounds insane, but like this is their model, right? And it makes them money and it gives them prestige. And so it perpetuates itself even though it’s a patently absurd? It’s unreal. Yeah, it’s it’s, it’s, it’s nuts. Yeah, but hey, we’re at least here in a bit about it. Yeah. Yeah.

We’re going to say something about it. Damn it. But not just that, but I mean, it’s not that we’re just sitting here bit about, we’re actually doing things and that’s that’s where again, I mean, we found you from our directory, so we’re eating our own dog food, so to speak, right? And that’s what we’re, we want to promote is doctors like yourself and people who aren’t um, completely off the rocker right now and there’s more and more because I think the more insane that side gets, the more and more people are like, okay, well, maybe network doesn’t sound so fucking crazy, you know what I mean?

But I want to actually, that reminds me of something I want to talk about. Um, So chris George is the one who, you know, um, I had that crazy experience with new york dr chris George, Los Angeles, uh practices in in L. A. Proper now. Um, but uh, one of the things he really taught me is about contrast, like you mentioned as things get crazier more and more people go, oh sh it doesn’t add up. Holy fuck, like, I gotta get three of these fucking shots now. Yeah.

What was wrong with the first? Do you know? Like, I still got to wear the mask? Like I still can’t do this? And I can still communicate the disease back and forth. But what what? Yeah. Um and maybe we’ll talk about why that’s all that should just shut up. But I like people to get this contrast of like, whoa, I don’t want that. So, and then that gives some idea of what they do want, right? Like a lot of times were very good to understand like, oh, like um I want a girlfriend, but you can’t, you know, be a party girl and she can’t um she wears too much makeup.

I’m not into that. And like, she better, you know, um you know, like not smoke and like you have all these ideas of what you don’t want, but you know, like you gotta what do you want? Yeah, you’re right. But oftentimes this contrast of like, well it’s saying this woman, everything was great. And then I found out she was a pothead and it’s like really ruined our relationship. Next girlfriend’s not gonna be like that. Um So we get this contrast. And so that’s often how things change, right?

That’s often how progress happens for the better. And he’s like, he’s like, look at gay marriage, how did that become a thing. I was like, when when did the gay marriage discussion get on the radar? I’ll just ask you like for you, when did you start hearing about that? Uh Well, I would say in the late nineties. Um, yeah, yeah. What was his name? Milk remember milk and all that stuff like that. And when did it really get into like the, the ethos and be on the news and really get started talking, talked about.

Oh, I don’t know. I, I don’t remember. Um I’d say 2000 somewhere in there to thousands. Republicans start talking about, we got, we got preserved traditional marriage. We got banned gay marriage. Even though it was like, there wasn’t like, it wasn’t a thing. It wasn’t a thing. Like you couldn’t do it, but they want to make extra sure that you couldn’t do it right? And then some states, my home state massachusetts. But I think it was the first state to allow in 2000 and four and then a few states followed.

But then they’re like, oh, we gotta have a feral block. We gotta stop these states and let these gay people get married. Like certain states wanted to ban it. It was like, we gotta stop this. We gotta stop. And so, um, and so people like me and probably people like you, I imagine like, wait, what? Why are we, what are we doing cares? Yeah, who cares? Like, why are we trying to stop these? You know, gay people should get married. You know, like, come to think of it, you assholes.

Yeah, like, you know, it’s like, like you called me an extremist? Well, I’m an extremist even harder. It was like, we got the contrast of like, why are they trying to stop it Actually, now that I haven’t thought about it, it’s never crossed my mind, but now that you brought it up, now that you brought up, like, gay people should get married and then there was this whole counter push, like we’re gonna, And then in 2015 or whatever, we passed it and we’re like, but if they had spoken up and said anything and started, you know, you know, then it would have never even right, don’t talk, no ship, there won’t be no shit.

That’s exactly uh you don’t start, no ship. There will be no, whatever. It was like, that never would have happened unless there was um the opposing force saying something. So now we have this, this force, it’s like, you gotta wear a mask, you gotta close your business, you gotta take this shot, you can’t get on a plane, you can’t travel, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. Uh follow our rules, you gotta do what we say. I know it makes no sense, but goddamn it, You gotta do it.

And then people or ordinary people who normally would just like, I’ll just go along. Exactly. Yeah, like, holy fuck, this is game, You’re pushing me. Yeah, you’re actually forcefully right now, we’re seeing like in Australia, all these other countries, people marching in the freaking streets, fall on battling with cops now, like, there’s it’s good but I mean that’s what happened and so and so you know it’s like I always understood it from the health perspective, like I figured out in 2000 and 10 and 2011 at the whole medical system was essentially an elaborate sham, but I didn’t really understand about the banking system or government or with 9 11, I mean this, but it’s like there’s dudes out, you they’re tying all the pieces together and I’m like whoa, this is not the only system that’s a sham.

You know the Matrix is dude, the multi weave and it’s nuts. Um and so but that was kind of my entry point into all of it and so now you have these other people that you know, maybe they were into you know, those kinds of things and now they’re waking up to the health care system being a scam and you know they’re listening to dudes like me and um and the resistance moving is growing just because the mainstream thing has gotten so crazy and out of hand.

So I see it as a good thing. I mean I I honestly, I think we’re gonna win, you know um you know, well things get worse before they get better probably. Um but you know, I was listening to your interview with like the other day, it’s like he knows like we’re gonna be okay. Yeah, yeah like like its its its its nature, its consciousness, we’re overcoming the ego and that’s if we look at it like that, even on a personal level that it’s you and if you’ve ever worked in that right, sat quiet, meditate anything that’s your ego that’s trying to get you to step up and do right?

Always just pulling at you, trying to pull your attention, right? Always trying to grab your attention, right? And that’s the it’s the same sort of thing. But once you kind of like resolve that and you can see it happening on a on a on a global level, on a on a on a holistic level because we are a hole in that sense to man to bring it back to that whole thing and that’s the beautiful thing that we’re seeing. It’s already won. It’s it’s it’s It’s by nature to end itself, right?

But it’s gonna consume itself as we’re seeing right now. And you can see it eating itself all over, right? I mean, well, what’s funny is when I got into this is like 2012, I got to set the intention of like leaving my career. I’m selling my house. I’m moving to California, going to chiropractic, all this stuff and I was like, I gotta do this because we’re like the Buckminster fuller mentality of like, you don’t change the system from inside. That’s why I didn’t want to go to medical school and learn drugs and surgery and then you say, oh I learned that, but I don’t really do it.

You know, it’s kind of like I’m trying to do something better while you’re driving eight for a reason why I invested five years of my life and learning that, but I’m just gonna not do and I learned all that just so I could come here and say that. That’s bullshit. That doesn’t really, I’m sure. So, and I’ve seen it man, I’ve seen it with my own colleagues, people who, you know, had similar thoughts on like nutrition and things like that. Um become medical doctors and then get swallowed up by the system and now they got the picture on their profile with the mask on and then vaccinating somebody and this is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Um uh you know, and so I knew that you couldn’t change the system from within. Like you look at the hippies who, you know, went and worked on Wall Street, so we’re gonna change it. It’s going to be better than they just, you know, that’s become another Wall Street stiff of course. So I knew that that wasn’t gonna work. And so um so I said, hey, the medical system is gonna collapse because all the things, you know, the diabetes market has exploded. Like we can’t afford to keep just come up zapping them with new gadgets.

Like it’s just gonna get unsustainable financially, it’s just going to collapse. So I was saying industries and collapse industry, we’ve got to create a new one, we’ve got to create a new model of health care. We, we just got to create a new one. Don’t try to change the other one from, it’s gonna, it’s gonna, it’s a house of cards is gonna fall on its own. Um, so I was saying this 10 years ago, but I didn’t think that this was how it was going to go down.

Like I thought it would just quietly die. I didn’t realize it would be this like blaze of glory trying to take everybody, taking all your motherfucker’s, you’re all dying to Goddammit. Yeah, right. If we’re going down, everybody’s going down and that’s what it feels it, right? It’s just like as many people as they can get to just actually do this. I don’t know man, I just have that in me, somewhere like you and I obviously a lot of people out there, a lot of our listeners for sure that are just the more somebody wants to push you to do something, the more you’re, you’re a little skeptical, right?

I mean the more I push back, I’m, I’m a rebel by what my every gene in my body’s that way. So I’m just, if you’re gonna tell me to do something, I’m gonna tell, you know, first of all, but then I’m gonna find out why you want me to do it so bad, right? And that’s kind of how all this went down for me, right? Did you get on that journey of like why are dude? Something’s not right, Right. Even the whole donald trump thing and I’m not a trump guy or anything like that.

But I was just like watching how bad the media was bashing on. I didn’t watch tv I don’t care for years, never cared so, but when like 2019 and stuff when the 2020 and it was all the lockdowns and I’ve now enforced to watch this. I was like why is everybody just talking sh it about this guy, right? But so hard to the point where it just made you question, okay, out of context clips like can you believe these? I’ve blown it up every year like dude what do you even It’s just Yeah, exactly.

And so that’s what’s so concerning to me about this whole push at the same time. It it’s by nature it’s it’s it’s job, it has to kill itself and we’re watching that and we’re here to build the new the new economy and that’s that’s why I’m literally doing that we were building. Yeah, because like I said, I found you we found all kinds of dentists now are on our thing. I mean and it’s like because now people are more and more just like uh we’re not doing that at all.

And again man honored thank you so much. I can’t believe we were able to talk to this long. It’s amazing. Yeah, I love it. Yeah, it’s been a blast. You don’t want to stop, you know, we could do, no, we can keep going, we can take a break. I need to get something to drink. But if you want to take a break or we can do more. I mean, you know, we live in the same place, David, right? Yeah. Yeah. But I want to know well everybody, first of all, needs to know about you and where to find you and all that stuff.

But also you have a book that’s gonna come out or I want to talk about that. Sure. Yeah. So, um find me on the internet while I’m still, they’re having to kick me off. You know, it’s funny with your website because I had people, I found you on the freedom, people don’t remember signing up for that website, you know? And then I go on my my uh on there. It’s got my old address. I had moved google maps is like blacklisted me so I can update my address.

Um so I’m like, thank God, this directory exists. But anyway, dr Benjamin vandalism mostly on instagram I am on facebook and youtube website. Dr Benjamin Manila dot com. Just search for my name. As long as I’m not to shadow banned, you should be able to find me cool. Um and uh, we’ll have all your links and stuff and the notes to. So and then so and so based on my experiences, I wrote this book called create health, How to reverse autoimmune disease without their drugs or their side effects.

Um, and it’s it’s in the final pages. I got like all the editing. I’m working with the publisher. Like, you know, like dude, I hate writing, but it’s like, and they’ve been pestering me for like 23 weeks. Like we’ve got the final copy and then you just have to approve it and then we can, you know, start printing and I’m like, so it’ll come out when it comes out, hopefully by the end of the year. Um, and uh that book will be available. And uh if you’re on my email list, you’ll hear about, if you’re on my social media, you’ll hear about it.

But that’s that’s where you can find me. Beautiful man. Beautiful, awesome. Yeah. And also Freedom Directory. He’s on their uh, we’ve got a lot of exciting stuff happening with that. Um, he’s actually helping us build out this new new kind of the ecosystem. We need this, we need this new ecosystem for us to be able to just a platform, right? We just need ways for us to connect the people who care and have some level of protection under our private membership association so that that we can kind of yeah, operate under the radar, so to speak.

But which is so weird. It’s like because we don’t operate in the dark, you know what I mean? Because we’re doing good things, you know? So whatever. Yeah. Next time. Thank you, Ben. Yeah, absolutely. Thanks. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. This is amazing. We’ll do more of these. Thanks, everybody. We love your cheers, Bye. Mhm.

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