February 23, 2022

The Freedom Alliances Are Forming

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Among her many pursuits, Susan Sweetin is a serial entrepreneur, event architect, founder of the nonprofit as well as a passionate mother, wife, and friend. She, like the businesses she has helped to build, is part innovation and part rebellion. After working inside the c-suite of companies that held over 1 billion in assets under management having over 20 years inside of the fast past, hard-hitting industries of private equity and fashion, Susan now has undertaken the task of rebuilding the broken travel industry by launching Freedom Travel Alliance. This entrepreneurial startup was fueled by the love of a mother, it was Sweetin’s desire that her son be able to travel, see the world, that he never be locked out, segregated, or discriminated against that led to this business opportunity which exposed a need in the market that was not being served. She spearheads the charge into uncharted territory, building as she goes. Amidst all the chaos Susan connected to many inside the travel industry who highlighted to FTA the many problems dating back decades need addressing. Bringing the joy back into travel, honoring the rights of travelers to move unhindered and without discrimination. Freedom Travel Alliance was created to serve needs that were overlooked, ignored, and now dismissed. Susan’s several ventures include confounding, a non-profit Urban Global Health Alliance that partners with communities to empower and engage on the issues of Health & Wellness and her other company is Sweetin Sisters, an event consulting firm. Sweetin is a no-holds-barred leader who is singularly focused on creating rather than reacting. Additionally, Susan is fervently immersed in empowerment, building connections, and bringing solutions, her personal credo is; you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.

Show Notes

Mark McDonald United States of Fear

Freedom Travel Alliance

Members in 82 Countries
Started in 2021 with the goal to allow people to travel like a human again

Susan explains why she feels we are two years into the pandemic.

She shares the journey she’s been through with her son related to vaccines, which was a catalyst for starting Freedom Travel Alliance.

Her son is her WHY!

With regard to movement and flight …“If we don’t protect this, we have nothing left”

Flight Share program – “shopping and flight sharing” options, “rescue flights” and more to support people in their journey to freedom.

“Bring the joy back to travel!”

How FEAR plays a role in her mission.

Build Now! Community living is key.

We are the Solution!!!

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom. Chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom. Today’s chat is with Susan Sweden from the Freedom Travel Alliance. Susan is a serial entrepreneur, event architect, founder of the nonprofit Freedom Travel Alliance, as well as a passionate mother, wife and friend. She, like the businesses she’s helped build, is part innovation and part rebellion. After working inside the C suite of companies that held over one billion assets under management and also having over 20 years inside the fast paced, hard hitting industries of private equity and fashion, Susan now has undertaken the task of rebuilding the broken travel industry by launching Freedom Travel Alliance. We’re beyond excited to have her on the show. Thank you so much, Susan, for coming on. I was ecstatic to be in this conversation, and we know that you’re gonna love it, too, before we jump in head on over to the freedom people dot org and sign up as a contributing member. Also, check out the services tab. We’ve got a lot of cool things going on, and we want you to be a part of it. See you inside. Come on, Let’s go. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Yeah. We’re looking to get back down to Florida. We were in Florida for nine months, and we loved it. And now we’re trying to get back down there. So So you mean the business itself? For you personally or in my family? My business is everywhere. So we are everywhere. We we have people in. Well, I’m we’re members in 82 countries. And we have, um, people from Spain. Uh, UK, Ireland. California, New Jersey. Um, Florida were everywhere. We have people everywhere. Yeah. Where are you located? We’re in. Um, we’re in temp. I’m in Tempe, Arizona. Tempe. Okay. Alright. Arizona. Where? It’s nice. Nice and warm and all that good jazz. Yeah, we love it down here. Yeah, I know. I’m not gonna lie, so I have a lot of our friends, actually. No, that’s not true. We’ve heard we’ve had people leave New Jersey, go to you as well as go to, um there’s, like a little ant trails, right? And trolls to Arizona and trail sto, Idaho, and trolls to Florida and Texas. So I think everyone from our blue states are headed to those that are a bit freer. That’s the name of the game, right? And that’s kind of why I guess we’re all sitting here today. Aren’t we kind of one of those one of those things? Um, yeah. I mean, we’re obviously we’re recording, so we can, um But before we get too far into it, I just want to introduce yourself and let everybody know who you are. Yeah. My name is Susan Sweden. I am the one of the fearless visionaries here at Freedom Travel Alliance. Uh, started this company in 2021 with a goal of being able to allow people to travel like a human again. Wow. Imagine that. Yeah. Okay, so, um well, first, let’s let’s start off. So what does freedom mean to you? And I know it’s a vague question. It’s meant to be, like, kind of What does freedom mean to you? Everything. Yeah. It means everything. We were what we were born into privilege in the United States. And I think this whole entire last couple of generations are born into privilege. We were never free. We’re not free. We’re privileged. We have the privilege here in the United States to drive a car because I pay for a license that allows me to drive a car on the roads that I’m paying to pave, um, on the toll roads, right that I have to pay. I have to register my car. I have to get it inspected. So, um, all the privileges I have to, you know, this this concept of voting privileges and those things, it’s just we’re privileged. We never had a fight for any type of freedom. And so, uh, as a policy and history minor, um, the policy side, major, I think I know, understand and respect the sacrifices that those have come before us have made. And that goes all the way from the land that we’ve captured and where we’ve now grown on, um, to the countries that we, you know, broke shackles from and moved away from. But we are not a generation or generations of fighters that way. So I think that’s the reason why we’re two years into the pandemic. Well said, Well said, Yeah, yeah, I would agree with that. So I gotta get, um What was the catalyst for starting travel Alliance? You probably hear him throughout this. It doesn’t matter how many times I say I’m doing an interview or I’m interviewing somebody. You will hear him. He’s my why? I have a five year old, amazing little boy that I was gifted from God to have after being told early in my life that I would not have Children. And so when he came into this world, I was very excited. I thought I was gonna know what I know about, you know, child rearing and healthy living. And I say that because five years later, I’m still on a journey to what real health and wellness looks like. And I’m learning something every day on it. But unfortunately, what I didn’t know then has caused me to, um, repent for his whole life. He was born beautiful, stayed with me for 5. 5 hours, and he was gorgeous. He smiled his first five hours, and the nurse came in and asked me to give him over because he needed to get a hepatitis B shot. And I didn’t know what that was. And I said to my husband giving my phone, I’m gonna look that up because I thought I was gonna be the delayed schedule. Mom, um, I was going to space things out, Mom. And, uh, I was not given true informed consent because that shot led him to stop breathing every hour For the 1st 24 hours of his life and not being able to put him down for nine months of it. Because every time I did, he stopped breathing. And I was told that that was because of the fast birth. When I accused the nurse, what did you give him? She’s like, no, it’s because of the fast birth so fast forward to now. My son has not received any other types of vaccinations because of that reaction. I have now learned what the m th fr and all the different, um d n a markers that we have in our bodies and what they do and what gives you a precursor to injury. Uh, we we say that we dodged a bullet in so many ways because it’s something that, as a side effect of the hepatitis B, um, it’s called apnea. He outgrew it. So luckily enough, he can sleep now and I can sleep somewhat. I still checking on all the time. I’m always like checking his breath. Um, PTSD is real, right? And I was very concerned and, um, maybe overly dramatic, as my husband says, but very concerned that at some point they’re going to wake up and that they are going to look at the world and say, we need something again because we screwed everybody up. So we need the my natural born human son. They’re going to need something from him, his blood, his organs, um, tissue samples. And what am I going to do when they come knocking on the door? Because they have started this campaign of knocking on the door to give the vaccination to the low income housing here in New Jersey. And look what’s next. When they decided that Oh, whoops. Our bad. We mandated it all for 5 to 12, you know, five and up. And now we’re all screwed up. And I looked at my husband and I said, We need planes and he’s like, You’re crazy And I said, I said I might be but we still need planes. You know, I can’t say this enough because it’s exactly where it started sitting on a couch one night and me like watching something on YouTube about China harvesting organs. And I was like, Oh my God, this is going to happen here, right? It’s not that far fetched. The United States is pushing against China, harvesting organs illegally right now, like right. It’s not. It’s not me. Like making something up in my head watching a bad, you know, Alfred Hitchcock. No, it’s real life. And so I just started going down the rabbit hole of that. And, uh, you know, I was lucky enough to work with a bunch of other amazing Freedom fighters in the space, including Kevin Jenkins, who’s my business partner of our nonprofit Urban Global Health Alliance for the past two years, talking about real health and wellness and doing events for all sorts of organizations that have been the O. G. S and the medical Freedom space from CHD to Barbara Loe Fisher of envy. I see. And I, um, at I finished doing an event for them. And that’s how I met Dolores and I was on alive, and I saw Delores talking about the same thing. Like we need to buy planes and we need to buy terminals And I’m like, Let me call her and see if we can do this. You know, we’re stronger as a unit and so we I I reached out to her and she’s like, Let’s let’s figure something out Let’s do it And I said, I already have a couple calls in. And from that November 2020 call, we waited to launch until January 2021. Um, just as an idea, like anyone else think that the travel industry is completely broken and that I don’t want my son discriminated, against you know I’ve been lucky enough to see the world and use private travel in my event space in my event life quite frequently, which is how I knew about it. And that’s what I just started to go down the rabbit hole like, how can we use private travel to our advantage? Because I can tell you the C suite operators that I was working for did a lot of things that are not allowed in the commercial travel world. So if you could do it over there, how can we take advantage of that? And here we are going into our second year successfully moving people. We closed 2021 with six successful freedom flights. What we call it get me out of here flights. So people were trying to leave their country permanently. Um, and we are at the precipice of creating and partnering with those that are using innovative ways all lawful as persons to get in and out of countries. And everyone wants to know why am I so vague? Because we are. Why January 2021. James Corbett came and said, I want to talk about freedom travel on my on my corporate solutions report. So we put up Delores because she was good at taking the hit and Kevin is used to being called disinformation. I like to stay behind the scenes, and so I put them out in front and let them be the mouthpiece. Well, Delores gets out there and month one PayPal shut us down. Proton completely wiped our account Proton email and a hit piece was put on us by the Daily Beast. So that was just an idea, right? Like hey, don’t you think? And so we knew we were right over Target. You know, we knew we were right over target. But my why is my son? And I said, when you come from a personal perspective and you have skin in the game, horse in the race, whatever you call it, um, if it benefits my family, I always think that there’s 10 more of me out there and that if I need it, there’s got to be 10 more that also need it. And if it benefits my family and also benefits yours, great. But understand, this is coming from a mother’s love. And I don’t think that there’s a lot, um, in the world that can stop a mom on a mission. You know what’s funny? You say that, Um, this is one of the biggest things that we say right now is because we’re in the business of freeing the same public to private. We’re all about bringing people into the private on many levels. Um, but one biggest thing we say right now is it’s not even What we’re saying is what we’re experiencing is it is the women and the mothers that are standing up over the men right now. And I mean, like, You know, 9 10- 1. 10- one. I mean, nine out of 10. Yeah, it’s bad, It’s it’s and I’m like, What is going on? Why? I mean, have you talked to Mark MacDonald Bear man? Who? Mark McDonald, Dr McDonald? No, not yet. No. So he just did a book called The United States of Fear. It’s a good book. And we went. We did an interview with him. He’s a friend of ours, and he actually came into our urban global health Alliance. We did the first mask mandate lawsuit in New Jersey back in March. Early we were the first ones, but he came in a couple of weeks ago or a month ago. Now, with his book talking about the difference between men and women and what the pandemic has done to them and the way they marketed to each. And it’s very interesting. And I say this because I don’t think because my husband is a gentle giant, but he’s supportive, and he is so proud of all the work I’ve done, but he understands it comes from a mother’s guilt as well. As much as it’s my mother’s love, right? So my my mistake of trusting outside of my gut, I gave someone else the best thing I’ve ever done in my life and trusted the safety effective narrative because they wear a coat or they have letters after their name. And, um, I didn’t trust my intuition. And so what I can say about the dads, though, And especially as I sit here and travel, they’re the ones that are like, Okay, whatever you want, Let’s go right So it’s It’s helpful to have the gentleman standing out in front and pushing with the with whatever they have force. But at the same time, it’s also nice to have them behind you when you want to, just like lean back. And I will say that I am finding that the dads and the men have been told not to be masculine. And so after Mark going through this breaking down the narrative of emasculating the men, and we have to have a president that like and love him, hate him. You know, our past president. He was seen as a chauvinist data analysis. I think his mouth was wild and I have I don’t have tolerance for that either. But there is something to be said about being told that men need to let the women. But it’s a woman’s world. We need to be able to let the women lead. Or there is there is a fine balance that we’ve gotten away from. I’m very comfortable saying I feel safer when I’m with my husband. I’m comfortable. That doesn’t make me less of a woman for that, right? Or him More of a man. Um, I think that there’s a fine balance and in the midst of what I see for travel specifically, we have seen the pilots the stand up, and they’re supporting the A lot of the ground crew. They’re supporting a lot of the stewardess and stewardesses. So I think in travel specifically, I’ve seen a better balance of the men standing up saying Okay, whatever your choice is, we’re gonna just respect choice. Um, but I do think that you know, there’s a reason why the moms are as passionate as they are, because it’s I’ve never felt that that rage before when my son came back and he stopped breathing. There’s a rage that I can’t even I can’t even control like it’s the volcano that kind of wraps inside of you when you go to protect your young right? Well, I mean, that’s what it’s supposed to be, right? Right? And it’s It’s kind of kind of crazy and, you know, and we we talked about it often on the show and whatever in our circles. But it’s this. It’s this, uh, this takeover, whatever this is and how they’ve manipulated us to believe that we’re separate from nature and that we don’t know what’s best for our Children and they know what’s best. And you’re seeing these commercials now. And it’s, I mean, not that we watch TV, but, you know, we’re on telegram, right? So people give us, you know, there’s commercials of these and they’re they’re saying, you know that your child is not yours, your childs, the state’s and that belongs to the community, not you. These are new things and that they’re actually like on the news channels now, right? And these are ideas that Again they had to be slowly introduced over the past 50 years, you know, because we’ll take America without firing a shot and it’s happening. It’s, um well, think about Nazism, Right? So when they did the camps, they got rid of the Boy Scouts and they brought in the Nazi camps for the boys. So this way the kids were taken out of the homes for camps and they were taught and ingrained. And this is what we’re allowing the same thing to happen right now in our universities, all the way down to our grammar schools. Here in in New Jersey, daycare mandates zero years of age to the age of five. You are mandated to have a flu shot to enter any type of day care. We have a lawsuit of a very good friend of mine where the state stepped in and said she was operating an illegal and putting Children in danger as a ministry because she pivoted over to a ministry because zero from two years and up, they were mandating the masks in New Jersey At two. I couldn’t get my two year old to do a lot of things, so that’s amazing. So when I thought about travel and what we’re looking at and what we’re up against. It’s one of the biggest beasts to slay, because the movement is where they really I mean, the Mary Holland told me about this thing called Adam Ization, and they used it inside of Nazi Berlin, and it was where they separated people intentionally, you become atomized. So it’s just when you start thinking of yourself only so everyone being secluded and quarantined, healthy or not, was intentional because it made you go internal and only become instead of the collective. In one sense, they use the collective against us, right for the safety of others. But right, And then here we sit. Um so I think, for for us at travel for the Freedom Travel piece, I said, If we slave movement, when when? When they come for movement, flight gatherings. If we don’t protect this, there’s nothing left. We have nothing if we can’t get into countries and we can’t get into bedrooms and we can’t get into, um, birthing centers and we can’t get into, I mean, they’re separating people giving birth. They were separating people at funerals like the most the first part of your life to the end part of your life. What does that say? What does that say about the society where they were trying to create? Amen. Yes, no, 1,000%. That’s and that’s that’s well said, Thank you. Nobody else seems to be asking those questions. And I don’t want to say nobody else because, you know, the one thing that we’ve learned in the past two years is is that we’re on our mission now, right? I never knew that I had a life’s mission or what it was gonna be until now, right? And like now, we we know that this is our opportunity to stand up and and, uh, and restore freedom, right? And and, um, I love so much that freedom is all that there is right And and I and I stay away from freedom fighting because it’s like, you know, fighting for freedom is like having sex for virginity, right? It’s it’s it’s it’s kind of counter, right? You can’t fight for freedom. You have to be freedom, and you have to live freedom. And you have to love freedom. I like that. I like that. I will. I will challenge it with my position. I woke up like I said in October. Um, after that event, for with Barbara and N B. I. C. And I was just brewing my coffee and it wasn’t even in my cup. And I, you know, immediately it’s stupid that I get on when I wake up. I shouldn’t do this, But out here, get on my phone. That’s the first thing I do I’m like And then I’m like, Ah, Our flu. Another flu bill was up for 5-5 and up and I don’t even have my coffee yet. And I called Kevin. I was like, I’m done. This is it. I’m so done. We’ve been spending 99% of our time fighting right fighting to get back into school, fighting to hold on to our religious exemption here in New Jersey, fighting, fighting, fighting because this is pre pandemic. And I said, I’m done. I said, We’re going to 60 40 and the 60 40 model is I will 60% build and 40% fight because I will fight to protect the freedoms I do have and not allow. I’ve drawn the line in the sand like this is as much as you’ve already taken, and I will not give any more. That’s it. But my fight is my build. So when everyone’s like, Oh, we’re going here, we’re going to We’re going to work over here. We’re going to fight over there. We’re going to protest Over here. All of those things are important. And I say Yes, yes, yes! Do them but join me because the same 13,000 people that were at my state capitol in 2019 had I taken all of them and thrown them into a ballroom right afterwards and said, Okay, everyone, 10 persons to a table create our own schools. The same ones that we were trying to make sure our Children will never be excluded from, had I just built and we’ve been here in 2021 where they’re like, oh, mask social distance or yardstick. Bye bye, big bird, and throw yourselves up in front of a zoom all day. Had we spent the time instead of saying Let us in and we just built Hence freedom travel. I’m like, I am not going to say I love a lawsuit. I talked to Leslie Manoukian. Her talk is going to come up soon. We talked to one of the lawyers out, and, uh, in Italy. I speak with Josh, shoulder all the freedom flyers. I got free to fly my my Canada crew. That’s like, you know, nailing Trudeau against the wall. I love them. Do it. In the meantime, fly with me because this is a forever fixed when they relax the max mandate when all these countries are opening up, let’s be clear opening up in the UK in Ireland and are looking like and Copenhagen are looking like you have to be fully vaccinated in order to be free. That’s still showing your papers. Okay, That’s also, if you’re unvaccinated, you effective February 11th. You have to and we watch this every moment. Just so you know, this is where I like live. Breathe. It’s my stock. Ticker is travel info. It’s like, constant. We’re always on it. Um, you have to take a PCR test and then within 24 hours of arriving, in addition to making sure that two days later, you have to take another one and reported in. So how free is that? How relaxed are they Again? This is a forever issue. This will be a forever problem. So I want to forever fix Well said, You know, And, um wow, I’m really glad that we got to speak. I’ve I’ve been I’ve been following you guys, right? I mean, since I knew about you. Because obviously we haven’t. I haven’t flown. Well, I did. I flew. Um, Emily, my better half. Her father passed away, Um, in July of 2020 right. And, um, we’re in Arizona, and they were out in Wisconsin. Wisconsin. So, Wisconsin. I’m always joking about that in Wisconsin. So we we flew. I had to fly out and meet her, and I didn’t wear a mask. And I refused right the whole way. And I was like, No, I said, No, no, no. And I was allowed to write and so that you can tell that was I mean, and they segregated me and all that. And I had my own row, which was nice. Yeah, but try doing that now. No, no, no, no. There’s no way unless you follow these injunctions, Not a law. Right? So Leslie actually has a big one coming up, and we just talked to her. I talked to her last week, and it’s a big deal. She’s expecting some really good movements on that at the federal level. They filed against it again. We need that. I need that because I’m finding operators that are going along with the narrative were like You fly, you have her own private plane. I’m about to drop serious coin for this, right? So let’s be clear. I know that this forever fixed right now. We we operate in the charter space like you. We operate with only our members, so only our private members get to fly with us. But I’m a mom. I like I mentioned. I have a son and a husband, so we’re a family of three. I know what limiting restraints we all have on our finances. Flying the private charter space is meant for the ultra rich and wealthy. It’s not meant for everyone. They do that specifically. It’s very expensive. There’s a joke inside the The aviation world that says if you want to make a million in aviation, you got to spend 10 and there it’s not really that much of a joke. However, where we sit is finding really great empty legs. So we found a flight from Canada to Copenhagen. 10. Pasture, $3,500. Do the math on that Really simple. We have amazing different brokers. Now that we brought in house Lauria, she is just retired out of Bombardier. She’s just incredible looking specifically to match our members up with the flights and the people we do a flight share program. So we’re not selling. Proceed. We only buy an entire charter so our members can come in and say, I want to create a flight from the UK to Croatia. Uh, and they’ll post it inside of our members lounge and we call it shopping and flight sharing it. So people then come in and say I want it, I want it, I want it. So now we got four people. That’s a good start for us. Okay, four people. What’s your budget? Then we can go and find the aircraft that will match that budget or keep an eye out for that empty leg for the one passenger that started that flight, saying, OK, look, we’ve got an empty leg. We can grab it, Um, and for the moms and the families that are looking to just get me out of here. Some of them are just so desperate, which is why we decided to start taking crypto. Because in my mind, I want to be able to open ourselves up to take everything to create these freedom flights. These rescue missions is get me out of here moments. And in addition to that, we provide other services for those places, like Australia, that are farther away, bigger amount of water to get over. So that means a bigger jet, which is a bigger price tag. We have innovative ways of helping our members use our services to get them legally and lawfully out of their countries. Um, without having to subject themselves to the things that they don’t want again trying to bring back that human, that that human element that’s been missing in these two years and the joy we joke about Like, when was the last time you had a good time on a plane? Even before the pandemic, there’s a pat down. There’s a screening. Take your shoes off, Take your belt off, jump up and down. Can you walk the line? I mean, like, they make it right. Where does it stop? So this is a broken industry and this planned Emmick just brought it to ahead. And so for us, my hope is that by the end of this year, we just had our first freedom flight, I will say from Canada, and I’m very excited about that. We did that this weekend, and we have many more coming now that we’ve got, you know, worked that that that system out. And we have the passenger and her family willing to come on and talk about it because most of our members, this is like, flight club. I can’t get them. And we respect privacy to be a, you know, give us a testimonial in person. Yeah, they’re like they just don’t want anyone to know which is why some of them want to pay in crypto. Okay, so she’s ready to come in and tell everybody what it looked like to travel with us and give those that are wondering. Hey, what are they up to? Is this the real deal? How can I afford it? Um, give those people some insight. And again, our goal by the end of next year is to have one or two wet leases, which means we have the plains wet leased over to us, so we can then bring that cost down and start servicing people a little bit closer to the price point that I’m used to will never be a JetBlue at 50 bucks or $99. It’s just not it’s not going to happen, Right? Um, but we are trying to our best in year two to service many more families that are need to travel with their families in the domestic situation. Just without a mask. They’re not every single one of them are going to be that rescue mission. Hopefully, in 20-2022, there’ll be more of a freedom loving family event that they want to head to or be at. And so we want to be able to service them. Yeah, and like you said, bring the joy back into travel because we all love to travel and like you said. But for how long? And that’s and that’s the thing I use all the time as a as a as a marker and a pointer. Is that people? You still take your shoes off when you go to the airport, and I remember that was the first thing was the shoes. And then and then we’ll first they prevented you from going to the gate with your family, right? Remember you used to be able to walk to I mean, I know it seems like forever ago that demon exists. But what I mean, I’m not that old man. I mean, I was still an adult when that was going on, right? So it’s it’s like, but it’s these little tiny erosions of your freedom over time, Right? And I’ve been gauging this, and I was in the marines, right in the late 90s. Woke up. CNN was lying to us, had the whole and so I’ve been very acutely aware of it for a long time. That’s what I use is the travel example because I don’t know, and travel should not be inhibited in any way. It’s kidnapping, so it will look at your I would suggest everyone look inside there. Everyone every country, look inside of your passports. It tells you right there that they can’t do it. They can’t. They haven’t wrote it down in your travel past. Your travel document? Yeah, that you were allowed. And they can’t stop you because it is an inalienable right. And so when did we all fall into a dream spell that Oh, wait, we’re not even allowed to go to the grocery store because they said we can’t and we can’t be out past eight o’clock because our mayor says we can’t because the invisible Boogey Man It’s so crazy. And to say that, Oh, the virus just it’s not gonna even if there was a virus. And again, that’s a whole other discussion. And I have I have talked about that a lot as germ theory versus terrain theory versus who knows what theory. There’s things that we don’t know. And it’s because true health and wellness has been repressed for the past 100 years by pharmaceutical companies. The bankers like if you know who started the pharmaceutical companies. Guys, there’s a lot back in our history. We don’t know. Don’t you love that? You know this. And I know this now, and I can tell you that I wouldn’t have known any of this. I think that this is it’s well, it’s wildly scary in one sense, and I just don’t. I talked to mark about this about fear because he said a lot of people freeze in fear. And for me, fear is what drove me My motivates my motivator, right? It’s my motivator. Yes. And I’m like, Well, sh it I’m like, I better start running like I better start building. I better start going because no one else there’s no cavalry coming. It’s just me, and no one’s coming to save you, right? So I said to my husband all the time, like, you take the front, I’m out the back, and I’m like, you’re just collateral damage. Sorry. You hold him up, hold him up when I get get him on a plane. So and we’re, like, half joking. Half like no, seriously, like don’t make you gotta slow down. Um but that fear could be really scary. And that’s what they know. They’ve known it. The psychological warfare of fear and propaganda has been wildly known since the dawn of time since the dawn of time. Darkness. You’re not being able to see the mind is an amazing piece of machinery. It can heal you, and it can cripple you all at the same time. And so for me, this sieve effect, that’s what I call this pandemic. It’s like everyone else that I left that’s left at the top of my sieve with me. I get to create. And if they didn’t kick this out, if they didn’t start this, that they didn’t hit that Domino. Um, with this virus disease, nonsense, I’ll just leave it. Let’s just call it the nonsense. Even with the nonsense, I think that’s the safest bet. Um, None of us would be as enlightened as we are right now. So for that I’m like, I’m good because this is what I want from my son. This is what we just left in 2019. Turns out I never wanted for him anyway, and I didn’t know how bad it was. I didn’t know that it’s that all of them Zombies surrounding me that I was going to let him ride bikes with hang out with and I’m like, actually, now I get to pick the teams. Now I get to create the farm. Now I get to show the school. So inside of freedom travel, we have a travel guide. I don’t know if you guys can see that there are freedom travel guide with those maps were like I said, we’re in 82 countries. We have members in 82 countries. So I bought most of my presence. Um, for Christmas Through my Freedom Travel Guide, I supported members and businesses that are pushing their business service product inside of our freedom. Travel guides, an old school version of Yellow Pages Yelp. Go in there, check it out. I’m not waiting for someone to create a school for my son Were working at a college right now. Last year. We are last. Yeah. Last year we ended an eight week course taught by two college professors called critical thinking. In the time of covid. We’re about to launch five more classes at the end of February, you know? So I’m not waiting. I’m not waiting. I’m not waiting. And I ask everyone not to wait anymore. Join us become a member. Come into the Freedom Travel guide. It’s free. Get yourself your business, your product, whatever is your service listed with us and find like minded people in your area or somewhere you want to visit and get connected. Because this is how we’re going to fix this. We have to build together. It’s our arc to point out like we have to just find each other and solely close that circuit of wealth. Close that circuit of love. Close that circuit of travel of business. I only want to buy from the provider of milk that understands that I don’t want the cow to be eating the grass that’s been sprayed with. And he got the lumber from the guy that you know. That’s how I want to live the rest of my life. And and I think it starts right now. And that’s exciting to me, very exciting and and, you know and again well said and so passionate and that you sound like us because this is where the same way no one’s coming to save you. That’s there’s something beautiful in that and and empowering. You know what I mean? It’s empowering. It’s It’s like, Okay, I get to choose. I’m choosing this and we’re building our own earth. This is the new Earth. I don’t Have you ever heard of Eckhart Tolle? I don’t know if you know Eckhart Tolle. He is, but he wrote a book called The New Earth Right came out 10, 12 50. I don’t even know longer long. Yeah. So? And this is the new Earth that we are building this we have the choice, and we can coexist. And we have for a long time, we’ve always disagreed and coexisted. So I’m not sure why. It’s really the encroachment of someone else trying to put their beliefs on everyone else. Right? And then whatever happened to that? My body, my choice stuff. And it’s just like it’s all it’s like. Where’d that go? No, right. Only here. Not here. Not here. Not so much Here. Right here. Right here. Yeah, yeah. I think that we are in the best time of our lives and again as a history minor. If you look in the span of history, it was about damn time. If you look at the rebuild, the Civil wars, the revolutions, the takeovers, every Roman empire, right, every century there should have been a crumble and a rebuild. So if you know that you were born for this time, to your point, it’s actually more exciting because I get just to say No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I will not comply. Just No, no, I will not wear a mask. No, I will not take that injection. No, I will not play by those rules. No, I will not not come into my own Capitol building that I am paying money for for you to have the lights on that I helped to supply that, you know, just know, Just know. And in order to build that parallel society, you cannot wait for everyone to figure it out for you. However, what? I was just saying to a gentleman who was kind enough to be a guardian angel and come in and help me with some of my crypto stuff, um, is we have to share and we have to talk, and we have to There can’t be any more of this. Well, it’s my idea first kind of thing. Or, um, we can’t be so concerned about this idea of controlled up or they’re on the other side. Are there infiltrators are all that because that hinders our brilliance of what we’re trying to do. And I say that because I have, Like I said, the proton mail was shut down. You know how many people that’s happened to so far? Everyone. I’ve talked to zero a whole lot of zero people. That has happened to everybody trusts in Proton to get off of there. I was like, Dude, that’s the CIA started that. You probably don’t want to be on that platform. Proton mail shut me down because they got a better Business Bureau complaint by the Canadian government saying that I was unregistered Travel agent. Well, what the hell do they care? They probably have pedophiles. Like why? Is that your business? Okay, okay. Exactly. Paypal shutting me down, and everyone’s like PayPal is the worst. Okay, they are, obviously. But when you’re starting a new business, guess what? I didn’t have alternate to PayPal. Guess what’s still not out their convoy Truckers. I know you better service to go fund me. Hello. I moved over to a platform that was a Christian based platform. When? When paypal shut us down, um, to use a for my nonprofit. And I was ready for PayPal to do that. Um, because they gave me a warning on Jin January. So, like I spent from January until October going, they’re going to show us down one day they’re going to shut us down one day. So I got a programmer in the back end and the day they shut us down and like, Yeah, well, we’re ready. So we had everything ready to pop up within an hour where we opened up taking credit card, and we opened up taking crypto, and we sent out a big email blast. And I channel my inner nerd, which is like, I like to use a song. And Chumbawamba kept coming through my head and like, we get knocked down because I was like, they tried to take me off of off of paper. So we popped back up taking crypto and credit card. We send out the email, it got opened at a 45% open rate, which is amazing. My CRM was shut down, which is for those that don’t know that is your ability to speak in mass to your audience. So your subscription based services think of those like, um, male chimp, constant contact Ascend. Those are all big platforms that you use to send large chunks of mail out to. Yeah, they told me No. So for two months, they shut me down and maybe do all this dancing around. So now we’ve hired someone to create our own CRM because this is going to happen again. So what I what? My point is is that all of these things that I’m pioneering and I’m going through I’m not saying it to brag. I’m saying it to please here, learn and and reach out. If you are trying to create a business in an environment that we’re in right now, where they do not want freedom to be your forefront or your pillar, Um then you need to make sure you’re talking to every person that has gone six months, two months, two weeks before you because there’s a lesson and all the things that I’ve learned that can help everyone do speed to market like that. And it’s not that I’m trying to hold on to it. And that’s why I talk about it on every every chance I get. Because I wish I knew some of this ahead of time, but I didn’t. But what I did know from the medical freedom fighters that have gone before me is you can’t stop. They haven’t stopped and they keep fighting. 30, 50, 10 12 years into this fight, these litigations, these lawmakers, these they go in. They’re not stopping, so I’m not going to stop. But I would suggest, as we look to create, find the the the thing that used to work for everyone. If you knew how to register a business, guess what? There’s gonna be people that need to help us do that in the private. Now, we don’t have a yellow book of lawyers that are constitutional lawyers. We have people that are now studying it. Right, Right. You do. You do, And you need the support and help and yeah, actually, that’s what That’s one of the service. Yeah, yeah, yeah. When we’re done, if you have a couple of minutes because we’re running, we’re running short. But, like, um, I’d love to spend some time with you because I’d love to show you. And how far down on the CRM are you? Are you guys pretty far down that we hired were a month in, so we’re a month in, okay, we got we got 30 days into it of like, where we’re headed and what we needed to operate as. It’s really the due diligence of what do we need to do for us right now and how it functions? Beautiful beautiful that well, and I I would, um yes, we are so aligned. It’s crazy. Um, and that’s and that’s where you know, like you were talking about the sifter, right? And that’s what we are, not the same analogy, but that’s what we say all the time is that that’s what 2020 did. 2020 was the biggest blessing that we had. And it was It’s bringing all of us like minded people. Um, that, like you didn’t know because my closest friends to me had did not have the same values, and I I didn’t know that, right? I mean, the right, the closest people to you, they just don’t have your values, family or not. Whatever it is, it’s like, Yo, if you’re going to enforce your impose your will and it’s just weird anyway, So So here we are, and, uh, and it’s beautiful and we say the same thing. Go out there and create it right and and and just keep going. And so I’m I’m a software guy, and that’s what I’ve done in the past 20 years. I build products. I’ve been in startups in San Francisco forever, right? Or was, um and so that’s what I do. And that’s why I was wondering how far you down? Because we we have so many solutions. Yeah, we have a fully fleshed out this freedom based awesomeness. So anyway, I would love Yes. So it’s and it’s and I got goose bumps just because again, it’s like over sharing and not holding, like, What are we doing to the side? Because there’s magic that happens. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. There’s so much. So, um yeah. So I do have 11 last question. So, um, how can everyone find you? That is the most important? Because this is probably the best thing that’s again. We’ve been waiting for this to happen. We need because we won’t put on a mask, But I’m not going to travel in fear. Um, so and I’m excited. We have and the next pilots consortium and we have, um, owners consortium coming out. So for those that own and operate a plane, please reach out to us. We’ll talk to you about the 91 k. We have a pilot on our team. Okay, so let’s let’s yeah, let’s please. This is the next level into it. So Freedom Travel alliance dot com is the best way to come in. Look into our about and our services understand where we operate, but know that nothing’s off the table for me. No is not an option. So if you come to us with a problem, we’re gonna help you find that solution. Uh, inside of the Freedom Travel Guide is where you list your business or service. And then, um, there’s places all over that says Join now. So if you want to get access to the flights that we offer because we are a private member organization, We only post those inside of the member’s lounge and get inside the member’s lounge a year. Membership is $100. It’s good for a whole family. Um, it’s what keeps the lights on right now. And it works towards paying all of our amazing consultants that are doing this work 24/7 to make sure that we’re staying on top of the travel regulations and restrictions to find all innovative ways and doctors and scientists and lawyers that are working with us to create solutions for our travelers, whether they’re on one of our planes, one of our catamarans, Um, or one of our Busses. We are being able to help you guys move again freely, like a human. And I encourage everyone to get connected. Come in, and let’s rebuild these travels together because we can’t do it alone. Yes. No, I’m right. I mean, we need each other like we need you. And you need us. Like we We need a We need a plane to fly on. Right? And, you know, like I said, we have boats and we have some Busses. We’ve done some trains. You name it. I’ve done it. Oh, beautiful. Beautiful. So it’s not just airlines? No. I have a woman that owns six hot air balloons that I have somewhat joked about. My people in in Australia saying I may just have to hot air, ballooning out. Nothing is off the limits. She also owns pampered pioneers pioneer RV rental. We are everywhere, everywhere. That we can be to help people is where we sit. Like I said, no is not an option. Wow. Wow. So I have to applaud you. This is amazing. This is wow Wow. And And to have your spirit and the spree decor, I feel with you right now, right? It’s that that that common spirit is beautiful and this is what we need to continue. And that’s what we say. Nobody’s coming to save you. Don’t wait. Just just do and you’re gonna meet other people who are doing too. And then then we’ll start to hitch up our wagons. And that’s what’s happening a lot right now because we’ve been pretty hardcore, just building and for two years, you know, And like every single person that works for us now that’s like a consultant has knocked on our door, every single one of them saying, Hey, I have this Hey, I can do that. Hey, my designer was like, Your website is terrible. I’m like, I know I made it and he’s like, It’s awful. It looks like you did Let me fix it. I have data analytics site, the CRM. You know, a gentleman that came in to do our CRM. I have an amazing programmer. So this is what I mean by us building together. Look to your left to your right and look inside yourself and know that there’s no cape that’s going to be dawned on you just come together and let’s do it. Because I really I wake up every day more excited than I have in a really long time, pre pandemic days because I get to help and service and work with people that understand we are the solution. There you go. We are the solution. And you know what? That is the perfect place to end. Um, Susan, thank you again so much. Thank you for everything you’re doing. Freedom Travel alliance dot org dot com dot com dot com Travel Freedom travel alliance dot com Go there, Sign up. And, um, again Thank you so much. Susan, This is amazing. Amazing talk. Thank you. Well, thank you. Right? Absolutely.

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