March 9, 2022

They’re Coming For Your Land

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Ron Gibson is the author of “What You Need to Know About Land Patents.” Ron is a former Marine, who went to Law and Engineering school. He gave a seminar about six years ago about how they are coming after your land, which was very well received. Land and mining law is Ron’s speciality and after many requests he wrote the book on it. Ben Barlow also joins in this Fireside Freedom chat. Listen to learn about how to protect your land!

Show Notes

Retired Marine

Law School – Constitutional Law

Engineering School

“They” are coming after your land! 


“What You Need To Know About Land Patents”


“You’re Not a Slave”


Property taxes one of the most misunderstood taxes ever!  

Property Taxes can only be levied on real estate, not illodial titled land


“Our rights do not come from government, they come from our Creator” 


All patents are protected by Treaty Law


Ron shares the 11 different patents associated with land. 


Ron shares the steps to take to obtain your land patent!!


Ron touches on the Homestead patent


June 11, 1946 – Congress implemented Administrative Procedures Act

How things changed with land to real estate and the introduction of Warranty Deeds in 1946.


Elements for Land Patent sandwich

  1. Copy of OG land patent
  1. Unbroken Chain of Title from you to the patent (archive records, microfiche -county recorders office)
  2. First two pages of warranty
  3. Metes and Bounds (Ron supplies)


How to get your land patent – land law states you have to post it for 60 full days in a government building. 


  1. Set up a temporary website and scan in page by page your land patent
  2. for 61 days – (60 full days as public notice) Gov’t building bulletin board – another way – newspaper; (b/c so many bulletin boards are being torn down)


Place ad in paper in the legal section – small – I Cassie Rhea is bringing forth my land patent.. if interested see www.____

Pg 5

Cert of Acceptance – page 1

Last page – Original Land Patent.


at MINIMUM – twice a week.  Cut out the ad each week.  This serves as documented notice.  Save these – do twice a week for 2 months


Learn the benefits of WHY to have a land patent!


The only title you’ll ever have!  And you’re not subject to governmental regulations!


Going through Title

No Contract – all relative parties have to sign and factors have to be disclosed. 

A sunset clause

The bank never signs anything. 


Promissory note – is more like a check

Can be used as a check

on the 4th day after the mortgage, 


IMF – Your own money is paying off your mor


Quiet Title


Allodial Title 

“Owing to no one, nor to any lord or superior” 

You’re King of your land!!


Ron shares how “We the People” play into LAND ownership? 


The Vatican is a bank, not a church!! 


Land Patents in other countries

Canada – has “Crown patents’



New Zealand

All have patents. 


Metes and Bounds 

Original survey done by gov’t surveyor when land patent was applied for.  Which township, range, section and where you’re located within that section = metes and bounds. (All 4 Required for land patent) To get land patent get all Land Patent sandwich elements and it will be 


Local County Surveyor can help you get Metes and Bounds


Descriptions vs Metes and Bounds, Address – claiming where you live.  Metes and Bounds is your actual address of where you live. – your property 

You’re in a Federal District according to the zip code process.  Be subject to government rules/regulations by virtue of their zip code. 

What are our Vested Rights

Mineral Rights, Mining Law, Mineral survey of land, mineral patents and more!

Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today's fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I'm your host, Bradley Freedom. Today's guests. Yeah, you heard me right. Guess today. We actually have two guests on the show. That's Ron Gibson and Ben Barlow. We're here to talk to you guys today about land patents.

Land patents are one of our most popular subjects and requested information that we got out there. So, um, I really hope you enjoyed this conversation as much as we did having it. It was a lot of fun and pretty funny. If you ask me anyway, we're gonna jump right into it. But before we do, I need you to head on over to the Freedom People dot org and sign up as a contributing member today. It really helps us and supports us in our mission to create this new earth, this new economy.

We've got a job board of Business directory. Uh, if you're looking to bring your business out of the public into the private where you own it. And the government corporation service corporations don't own it. Then hit us up again. Go over to the Freedom People dot org. Send us a message and we'll get right back to you. Come on, let's go. Mhm. Okay, mm hmm. Mm hmm. Hey, okay. So yeah, we'll record it. But yeah, it's pretty, pretty easy going the way we do things. It's a fireside freedom chat.

Um, and you know, yeah, feel free to cuss say whatever you want to speak your heart, we, uh, you know, that's what we're all about, right, You know, freedom and uh, speaking the truth as much as we can and what we know it to be. Uh, so yeah, how about we uh, Ron how about for the people who don't know you, you want to just explain to everybody who you are? Well, I'm me, I'll give you that. No, I'm my name's Ron Gibson as you well know, I've, I grew up on a ranch out in the Applegate, which is about 30 miles from where my office is here.

And uh, anyway, uh, went to uh, grade school and junior high and high school there in the local, the city next to us called grants pass Oregon. And then I joined the Marine Corps. You're a double dog. Almost four years in the Marine Corps. I'm a Vietnam veteran. Uh, then I went to uh, law school and engineering school. Actually, engineering was my primary uh, studies and then my secondary was constitutional law. Mm hmm. Anyway, out of the construction and rock crushing and mineral processing and mining, I had a lot of people, I want to know elements of law.

So I just started doing it kind of helped people out my golly, it's just exploded. And I did a seminar up in cala spill Montana about six years ago, whatever it was. And that thing just went viral, went all over the place. And uh, you know, it's just grown out of that and I've been trying to help people to understand one basic concept that is not really registered yet. And that's our coming after your land and make no mistake about it. It's not if the issue is when so I embarked, in fact, all my life, I'm not a drinker, I'm not a smoker, I don't chew, I don't take drugs, but I study and I've spent a lifetime of study on uh, constitutional law and, and uh, land law, mining law, uh, some other related subjects, but those are kind of my, my priorities if you please.

And so then you're about six years ago, five years, whatever it's been. I wrote a book on what you need to know about land batons And for probably prior to that, about 10 years, people kept saying Ron you need to write a book on that because of all that, you know, and have studied on landlord. And so anyway, he just kept pushing and pushing and pushing. And so finally I broke down and wrote the book. And then after that it went over. So, well then they said, you need to write a second book.

And so I wrote a second book called, you're not a slave. And in that I proved that you're not obligated. The landowner is not obligated to pay property tax, even though, you know, property taxes. I stayed in my book is probably one of the most misunderstood taxes in our land. And uh, you know, you have different jurisdiction. The taxing can only be done on real estate, not only colonial title land. And so, and Congress unlawfully in 1946, June 11, to be exact implemented by congressional mandate, the Administrative Procedures act.

That's what we've all been under all of this time, which in essence was to create a corporation to masquerade as a, as a government. And we're not bound by that. And there's a very famous case called the City of Dallas versus Mitchell. And in that case, on the third page, it states the court conveyed very accurately that our rights don't come from government. Our rights come from our creator and we are not. And this is a direct quote quote on page three of that ruling that that were only subject to government regulations and rules if in fact we volunteer to be subject to those rules and regulations other than that we're not subject to it.

So that case is kind of the premise that I started building, you know, the thought and the structure of my book, I've got a third book that I'm working on. I haven't had a chance to work on the last four or five years, but it's called statutes and codes versus private property and you all know what an attack is on. You go to build a room on or fix the faucet. They want you to buy a damn permit and you're not subject to buy a permit. And uh so anyway, there's a very famous case goes back, excuse me 2 1984 and it's the United States Supreme Court case.

Excuse me sir, suma Corporation versus State of California Coastal Commission. And I'll try to be as brief of this as I can. But the state of California arbitrarily and capriciously decided they were gonna take sumas land, the lagoons from West Los Angeles all the way to the pacific ocean shore for purpose of giving public access and sumo corporation said bullshit. That's our land and it's under a land baton. And so it got into a hell of a dogfight. And what suma did not recognize at the time.

And I tried to tell people this whenever you're dealing with the subject of land patent and a lawsuit, none of the lower courts have jurisdiction to make a ruling them, they can affirm it. In other words, to acknowledge that it is a land baton and I'll share something with you here in a minute to kind of illustrate that point. But the point being is that they went through the Superior Court and then to the California appeals court, they went to the California Supreme Court then and all of these courts all the way up to the Supreme Court ruled against Doma.

It just kind of rubber stamp it all the way down the line when they got to the Supreme Court, the Supreme Court ripped the guts out of all of the lower courts cases and rulings I should say. And on the basis there were a number of things that they addressed. # one was a treaty. All patents are protected by treaty law. Okay, now what court do you know either one of you that has the power to overthrow overrule a treaty? No, no no. None of them know that shot California's argument all the hell.

And then they addressed the issue of privacy and privacy is a latin term for the purpose of giving them lawful standing. It's called priority of which to intervene into a case as a third party. Now, having said that, let me digress a moment. The land patents when they are created by the United States government to the grantee with the grantee is the first one to receive that patent. The government is always the grand tour. Anything after that. When the grantee then disposes of the land, it goes to either an error and somebody that that that inherits the land or it goes to somebody that acquires it by whatever means and that's called an assigned me.

Okay, we are all assigned knees of that because we're not a direct error on the basis of that issue. The Supreme Court told the state of California for you to have standing to intervene into sumas patented property, you had to be named on the original patent at the time that the patent was issued. And I've helped a lot of people in a lot of different, I say a lot numerous cases of which somebody is trying to shove bullshit down their throat and I say let's get your patent and hold it right up in their face and say show me where your name is on this land baton and if it's not there, they have no jurisdiction.

And that's verified by numerous cases called monterrey versus del monte Zune rosalio versus Rhode island. I'm trying to think there's five or six off the top of my head here, but the point being, let's let's talk about that for a sec Ron you're saying right now real quick, sorry, next thing I wanted to do is introduce you Ben. Like, okay, so this is new for us, so this is new for us, it's like we usually only have one on one kind of conversations, right generally. But so this is an amazing, awesome first time for us.

And so I wanted to give everyone an opportunity to know who the heck the third dude is. Right, well everybody, this is Ben Barlow from the state nationals dot us website uh and breaking Barlow follow his as he's amazing. But anyway, so just tell them who you are. Ben real quick and then we'll go back to it. Ben Barlow, I'm a general contractor in Salt Lake City and I came to this movement through going to a David straight seminar which then going through the David straight uh seminar, I went to one seminar and three quarters away through day one, I wanted David straight to mentor me Since that was August of 2020.

Since then I have put on 10 David straight seminars and in this process got introduced to Ron and also introduced to brad because brad had went to a seminar down in Arizona and so like I said, I'm a general contractor here and this whole thing is just my passion is to getting into taking back our rights, freedoms and liberties and so that's what the seminar is called is your rights your life presented by Ben Barlow and of course we bring David straight on as a guest speaker and then we're looking to bring on more guest speakers.

So and that again is how we got introduced to Ron and here we are today. Amazing. Okay, well sorry to interrupt the flow there fellas but yeah, go ahead Ben jump in there because I'm going through the land patent process right now and following your book as I perfect that land patent and I put my chain link into the pat the last land patent then know if unless there's somebody else named in that nobody can interfere with that land pattern, is that what you're saying is correct.

Okay, remember in this process we are not creating a new land patent, we are bringing forward the existing patent. Every land patent says hereby granted to the undersigned to their heirs and assigns forever and I'm looking at my watch here and then after one and forever isn't up yet. So and that was the point I'm making that land pattern is still valid and it's still in full force and effect today as it was a day that was issued to the grantee. So that's the premise that we work off of and then there's a Supreme Court case called Hooper versus shimmer where the Supreme Court stated that if you can bring the the original documents forward and show that you are an owner of record and have an unbroken chain of title, then you can claim that land pattern in your name and that's what I teach people to do. Now.

Ron you also said in a prior conversation there's 11 different types of patents. That is correct. Mhm. What does that equate, what are those 11 Types of land patents or just patents? Well, they all have to do with land either directly or indirectly. Okay. Do you want me to read them off to you? Yeah, I'm really curious. I'm yeah, I'm really curious to know what these are because that kind of blows my mind. Right? I mean let me grab my book. Are we talking like, you know, I don't know like design patent versus a building patent versus a human.

Well, so, so let's talk about what he said about needing a a permit. I already know the reason why they want to want you to get permits because I'm a general contractor is they want to have on file what your build out is. So in case they have any problems in your home and they have to send in the police hostage situation, they can pull up the layout of your home. Okay. Okay. But Alright, well and I that's okay. That's interesting. But I'd like to know what the odds or the percentage of odds of people coming into my house and me needing swat to come in.

You know what I'm saying? Like that's just what I found out through going through permits. That's the whole purpose of why they need all these permits and you've got to show them drawings and all this stuff. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Beautiful. Beautiful. Okay. Yeah. So what do you got Ron? Okay. There are 11 different types of land patents. Is number one is a cache entry patent. Number two is a credit patent number three is a Homestead patent And that's where the majority of the, of the patents are situated is in a Homestead Patton.

Number four, there's a military warrant patent. Number five is a mineral patent that's called the mining law. Hr 3 65 dated 18 66 18 seventies and 18 72 is the General Mining Act. Mm hmm. The the mining, the mining patterns I might mention is extremely powerful. They've been trying for the last 100 years trying to dismantle the mineral patents and they cannot do it because it was instituted right after and made uh an official grant by Congress after the Civil War. The civil war stopped in 1865. And both the North and the South acknowledge of a tremendous shortage of military supply and hardware.

So therefore under title 30, where the mining law is located 21 a through 50 for they extended that 1801-1811, still under title 30. So, the Mining Law is tied to National defense. Are you with me? Yes, absolutely. So for that reason, they can't break the back of the mining law and they've been trying for years. The environment. This stuff drives environmentalists. Absolutely wacko. But it's for a very constructive purpose. We would not have the economy today if it wasn't for mining. There's an old science. If it isn't grown, it's mined.

And if I can digress just a moment to the department of geology and mineral entrust, you used to have a video that they rented out and it's called out of the rock and it's a money promotional video. But I'm telling you, they went from everything from the outer of space to the most sub micron application of minerals and buy products that you can imagine. And then towards the end of it, the narrator asked a very profound question and this is the question that he asked. What would our life be like without mining?

And then the camera shows a woman in her kitchen, in her home and the camera moves up to the, to the clock on the wall, the clock disappears, moves over to the coffee pot, the coffee pot disappeared to the toaster, disappears, the refrigerator disappears, the countertops disappeared as though disappear. You see where I'm going, Everything that goes on and on and on and all of a sudden that there's no cheating. There's no nails, there's no lumber, there's no nothing. And if they had taken to its proper conclusion, that lady would have been standing there with no clothes on.

Takes mind material in the textile industry of which to produce clothing, cloth, silk, whatever the case you want to call it. So, I'm just sharing with you a little bit of background of why that mining law is so very important. Okay, we have the mining law under number five. There are three different different types of pattern. There's a load claim patent, there's a plaster patent and there's a mill side pattern. Number six is private land claim pattern. Turn my pages is all this in your book. Ron mm hmm You don't have my book, I've got your book.

I haven't, I haven't finished reading the whole thing. Well, you better get started because it's only on page nine and 10 through the process that I have been through it. Damn kids anyway. Okay, number seven is railroad Benton's. Railroad patents are all still in existence today. The railroad pays absolutely no property tax because they never took it into a warranty deed they got. And it's a special grant by Congress called the Railroad Act. And therefore the railroads were given every other section to build the railroad as a contract and when they did, and they patented in that land.

So the railroad is the largest landholder in the United States. So by you having a house that used to be on railroad that was built on top of railroad land by you going back and perfecting that land pattern that automatically puts you back under no taxes. Well, it doesn't. If it's been converted by some sale agreement. Okay, we're right back to that damn rattlesnake that keeps biting us. Okay. The warranty deed was implemented by virtue of an unlawful act of Congress and you guys need to know this In 1946, June 11 to be exact.

Congress implemented the administrative procedures act that turned everything into a corporation and or contract. And then they claimed that they had. Now we're a lawful government which was an absolute fraud on its face as a result of that enactment unlawfully. Then the government started redefining legal terms. Everything to do with land prior to that time, was defined as land was identified as land, it was sold as land. Then they redefined it There for the purpose of control and money to real estate. Now here's how they did it.

Let's say that you bought a property in June 1st of 1946 and then you go to the recorder's office to have it recorded. They took that pattern before. All the way back to the original issue into that pattern was the fact that when when the uh person owned it conveyed it to the next party who was now acquiring it? The patent went with it. I want to read you something to convey a title. The seller himself must have a title to the property which is the subject of the transfer and its general rule.

Okay, okay. Somebody has to have a title. The only people had a title was was a patent holder. So when they took it after 1946 to the county recorder to get it recorded, the county recorder's took that document and kept it. They did not stamp it and give it back. Instead of lou of giving back the original patton, they then issued a warranty. D. And the guy said, hey what the hell is going on? Well that's your title? Well they didn't know the difference between because nobody had ever had a warranty deed so they just accepted it right after the war.

And everybody family get a job and and build a nation. So it sounds like theft to me. Well, it, it's fraud and it's, it's degree and it, and it's, it's a content what we call in law a compensatory taking. And as a result of that, it makes it very, very difficult for people to understand what happened because everything was done behind closed doors and then they were told and we're gullible in this country. Unfortunately for the most part, people, they'll believe anything. And so here we are now have got this warranty deed for the last 75 years and that warranty deed has absolutely.

Well, let me put it this way, A warranty deed only conveys two things it acknowledges. Excuse me. Mm hmm. It acknowledges an equity interest in a given piece of property. And the second thing it does is allow for possession, but absolutely no right of ownership. The only title there is to land is a colonial title such as we're talking about here. So that's what happened in this whole scenario. Then. Then they started redefining other terms, just like uh, peace officers. Uh, they used to be called peace.

Now they're law enforcement because now government works on the element of force, not in law or right or wrong or fairness. Any of that. It's all by force. Talking about kicking the door down. Here you go. The other thing that they redefined with the coroner's office used to be the corner. Now it's medical examiner and that's under the jurisdiction of the state police, when in fact the coroner had his own jurisdiction, nobody could tell him or control him. He investigated, he did autopsies, whatever the case was.

So and and the list goes on. I just named two or three of them. So that's what they've done to manipulate the american people into being subject or slaves. That's why I wrote the book. You're not a slave. And in that book I prove that you're not obligated to pay property property taxes on private property. That is awesome. So anyway, uh then we have state select patents. That's when the government gives large large land to state for dispersement Utah that falls under that category, a lot of it.

And then town site patents or number 10. And town lot patents are number 11. Those are the The 11 different patents. And they're in your book States nine and 10, awesome. Yes. Sweet. So Ron how how does that, how does the homestead land? Now we've got people asking how to home, can I homestead land. Now I thought homesteaded land was the land that the government was giving up for you to go improve? And that's how you would Homesteader. Well that is under what's called the homestead patent. You had to make a claim for a property to stake it out.

If you were one person, you could get as much as 160 160 two acres. Mhm. And if you were a husband and wife you could get 300 and 40 acres. Okay, interesting. How how would you do that nowadays? You can't because congress unlawfully stopped funding the land batons and there's no constitutional provision for that. If you look at article four, section three, clause two of the U. S. Constitution, it says that the land is for, for dispersement is to be dispersed. That means out of the government trust hands and into the private sector.

They did that east of the Mississippi, but everything west of the Mississippi, they started holding back and that's why we got millions and millions of acres supposedly government landing or in an acre of it. That is government land unless it's a military base. So now the government was the trustee of the land, correct? And then now my understanding too is that the cell of the land, the purpose of the cell of the land was to educate the inhabitants of the land and it was supposed to go to their education, Is that correct or not?

Well, indirectly, the purpose of disposing of the land was because number one, it was constitutionally required. And number two is the fact that it was to promote the development and the wealth of a nation and also the growing of cheap food or the production of cheap food defeated nation, that was the whole because the homestead is an agricultural pattern for another name for it. Okay, so now something that we have happening here in Utah is Utah and Nevada are battling over water rights, they're battling over our aquifers right now.

But what we've also got is in Utah, we've got these foreign countries are coming in and buying up all of our farmland because they figured out, wow rather than bring rather than persistent here and send it over there, it's easier to come over here and grow it and send it back to them with no duty on and they're using up all of our, all our water, all of our resources and they're sending it back over there and are available land to grow food for people in this country. Yes.

See that's what I'm saying, We have done some stupid stuff and allowed some stupid stuff to transpire in this country And there's a scripture in my Bible says, God will not be mocked, you will report you. So, and as a nation, we have shown some bitter, bitter seed that has now come back to poison us us in our daily life. You realize we're losing over 1100 acres a day For the last 30 years uh, taken out of production. Oh, absolutely. That out seven days a week, 365 days a year for the last 30 year at 1100 acres of pop and I want to, I want to add to that guys, this is why we talk about the seminar, y I called it, your rights, your life, A lot of people don't want to hear about politics because they want to keep the blinders on.

But this is all about politics. We as a country didn't do this. Our politicians have done this to us because they're on the dole of all these other people that want access to this stuff, but we didn't make them toe the line, didn't monitor the people that we elected. And therefore, when you turn the fox loose in the chicken house, you're gonna wake up the next morning with no chickens, left dead ones. So, I mean, that's kind of the illustration, but I have a sidebar question for you, Ben.

Sure you haven't had me come and do a seminar. That is a great question. And we're going to have to fix that because I what I'm what I'm doing right now, Ron is as I start drumming up the interest, I I could speak eloquently as to what David straight teaches because I've been a hardcore student. I'm just barely getting into the land patent process of that right now and taking that on so that we can help other people do their land patents. And so you're definitely on the list.

You and I talked about the pricing of the seminars and whatnot. We've just got to get I've got to make that happen. And I will, oh no, we want I want to get you here, every landowner out there needs to attend my land baton seminar. It is loaded. If you look in my book, they're just thumb through it. There's case law from the front to the back cover. And the reason that I did that when I wrote the book, I didn't want somebody coming back later on and say, well, Ron, that's just your opinion.

There's nothing in this book that has just runs opinion. I can prove everything. That I say the same thing with my tax book. You're that you're not a slave. Well, so Ron just what from the phone conversations that you and I have had from what I've learned out of the seminars. Plus now I'm going down and I'm going through the process of the land pattern on my own home. I got onto Tiktok not even a week ago and I started explaining through what you've expressed to me how they don't own their own home.

And literally within less than a week, it went from The first day that I did it to now, here we are almost a week later and I've had 363,900 views as of today. And so this is how people are literally mind blown as to, and there's so many people in here saying, you don't know what you're talking about and that's what it comes down to is they truly don't understand what's happened to us as a country and how they've literally ripped our rights, freedoms and liberties away from us, which going back to, that's why we call the seven are your rights your life.

We want to bring them all up to speed as to how we take all this back. Well that's been a mission of mine for about the last 35 years. I if I can use the expression, I've been standing on the rooftops screaming at the top of my voice, you better get your title in your hand or you're not gonna have any land let alone no title, no land. That's a ton of the adage that it boils down to. But I just got back three weeks ago from a seminar that I did in Wisconsin and we had a lot of people there and the people were just shocked to death about the information that I'm not saying this guy to pat run on the back.

That's no, it's information that has to get out. We're not looking to take credit Ron. And you've got two warriors coming up behind you to boost you up and also started screaming from the rooftops. But brad's got a core team. I've got a core team here that we work with so that we can get this message out. We just need more people to know the message so that we can get it in front of more people and we can all take action. Well, let me say this, the one thing that I have found in all the time that I've been doing is to do a face to face seminar is one of the most effective means you can reach more people by the video and the mail and all that, but it doesn't explain it in depth like I do at the seminar, you understand my point, look, people in the eye and I'm an eye guy, I've been a marriage counselor off and on for about the last 30 years, I don't do it full time, or did I then, but you learn a lot about people's facial expressions or eye movement or body movement, and I can tell whether I'm reaching them or not, and then people come up and just bombarded always, I don't get to eat a lunch, I don't get to go to the bathroom, you know, because people want answers and I do my best to try to facilitate that, but I'm just saying I need to be on your it as a guest on there and many other places that we can get me on it for the purpose of spreading what it is that you're trying to get the point across, I mean, I feel, but you know, I can't force you to do it, nor do I want to, but I'm saying it needs to be done.

Oh absolutely, and we want to do it, didn't you just get back from ST George Utah, I'm going there in the 26th of this month. This two weeks from, from day after tomorrow, is that you're doing a seminar on? Okay, Everybody heard that ST George Utah, the 26th of february 26 is a two day, how long is the seminar? I'm sorry, how long is the seminar is like a two day, it's a one day and I do two day seminars. Normally I do one day on the patent and the second day I do and you're not a slave And I bring in additional stuff in support of that.

But I can do either depend upon what people, what people are willing to attend. The standard seminar for you includes both. Right, I'm sorry, a standard seminar for you would include both. No, no, no. What does the standard seminar for you? Well, normally it's just a one day unless we get enough people to come to the second day seminar Because then they're sitting for about 16 hours, eight hours a day for two days. I got something to say to that because our seminars are three days, right? And this is what I say to people because they say, well, gosh, that's three days and hey, freedom is not free.

And if you're not willing to go sit in a seminar to learn about it, You gotta, you gotta reevaluate that. Well, I tell people kind of the same thing. My seminars for the one day is $250. Okay. And I have people tell the time, Oh man, that's too much. And then I asked the question point blank then what's your property worth? Mm hmm. You're telling me you're not willing to spend $250, what's to save? And they get a book with that. I mean there's a basically a $50 buck that is part of that.

So, so Ron I have a question for you, man. So how long, so how long does the process and you know, Ben, you can speak to this too. But how long does the process take um, to get your land patent? I mean is there, you know, and, and maybe maybe, yeah, let's start with that question please. Yeah, well let's, let's back up a little bit. Let me give you the elements that's needed to put your land patent sandwich together. Okay. The first thing that's needed is a copy of the original land pattern that affects your property.

Okay, where do you get that from the county recorder? The second thing that is needed from you would be, I mean if if you're going to have me do it or whatever, but I would encourage people to have me do it because it's a legal document that it better be done right. I had a lady some years ago in northern California, she said, well I'm going to do this myself. And I said, well I'd like to encourage it and let me do it because if you don't, you can get in trouble.

Well, she went ahead and did it anyway and she was claiming other people's land on the thing and she got arrested for that and went to trial and was sentenced to seven years in jail. So I'm just, if you hear what I'm saying that you have to be precise, it has to be precise and legally accurate simply because if you don't, then somebody can come after you because they can claim fraud. They can claim intent to commit fraud. They can intent all kinds the ship that attorneys bring up in a, in a, in a case.

So okay, the second thing that if I were doing it for you is I need an unbroken chain of title from you back to the patent. Okay. So what that consists is if we, we've got to do the research on that. That is correct because I'm not in Utah so now say that again, need an unbroken chain of title on the patent. So that's back to the patent. That is correct. That's where all the works that well. Yeah, it takes some effort. But the information there, you have to either go to the archive records, you have to, if the computer doesn't have it or the microfiche doesn't have it And that's what the recorder's office have done.

They've cut all that old stuff out because they've been trying to destroy the patent or any vestige of it for the last 30, 40 years. Yeah, I'm going through that right now. So I've been down there at the county recorder's office. I've went first off went to Blm, got the original land pattern of that area. Now I'm going back through, I'm already in Microfiche because they don't have, they have books that are existing then they have prior to the books is now Microfiche. Well the archive books were preceded the microfiche because everything was handwritten and then when they came up with microfiche and they put it on that and then when you see the progression of it.

But one of the problems with the archive books, Those people have such beautiful handwriting. We don't write like that anymore and it's hard to read some of them. I admire that because everybody tells me I should have been a doctor because I write like one Henry. But the point that I'm making here and then the third thing that I need is the first two pages of your warranty deed. Hey Ron is a warranty deed. A grant deed. The same as a warranty deed. It's just called something different in different states.

The grant deed is a deed without being guaranteeing the title. That's what warranty that means their warranty. They're guaranteed that that that that that title of that land is not encumbered by something. So say that again. A grant deed is a what? The grant deed is one without the the title companies guarantee stamp on it. Huh? Okay. 1 1 title is guaranteed the other is not got you. So if we were to have like for example if I was to have you do one for me, how long does it take basically about you know I mean if we were to give you everything like you have all the stuff you're talking about, how long does it take?

I'm just trying to you know because people have that question a lot of our, I can get it if you give me everything that I need have it done in three days. Wow. Okay so that's quick. Okay so it's not like a mom. How much how much is that cost Ron for you to do charge $1000 boom. And what does that $1,000 get? What happens that puts that whole sandwich package together so that you're ready now to post it. Land law states that you have to post that in some Any government Building Bulletin Board for 60 days.

Actually it has to be 61 days Because after I wrote the book I found a court case that the court said that the first day was not a full day. If you if you posted 11:00, half the first day is gone already. So it has to be 64 days. So but anyway But it has to be posted for that 60 day Republic notice and that came out of that's what it took when you applied for a patent that had to be posted for 60 days. So they carried that time period right on through. Okay.

And you said it has to be posted in the governmental building in any government building bulletin board. And there's another way to do it because a lot of the government buildings won't don't even have bulletin boards anymore. And if they do all they want to do like courthouses, all they want to do is put foreclosure notices and and and uh lawsuits. Yeah, we've noticed some people here are trying to post them in either post office or wherever they could get them to and they were tearing them down within a few days and that's my point.

And I'm gonna tell you how we fix that. What you do is you set up a temporary website. Are you with me create a brand new nothing in it, but just blank to start with. And then you take all the pages of my patents sandwich and you scan them in in sequence that they are in the package. So that from start to finish the ending ending document will be the land patent. The start document will be the certificate of acceptance and all of the interim items in between that.

And then you go to your local newspaper and you take out on the legal section a very very short ad I Ron Gibson and bringing forward my land patent if interested. See to give the website That way, nobody can tear it down. Nobody can destroy it. Nobody can damage it. Okay, beautiful. And you have to keep that in that local paper for how many days? Well you got to do it for 60 days, 60 days. You only have to do it twice a week. But you've got to do it at least twice a week or more For the full two months. Now.

The days that you picked that you want that published there, then you need to buy that paper and you cut that ad out with the date of that newspaper and put it in your file and then they say this on Tuesday, you start, then you got another one on thursday. I'm just picking a day you cut that out out of a newspaper, put that in. So now you've got to uh notices out of that paper for that one week and the next week you do the same thing for the full two months.

And that way, if anybody were to challenge you, you can prove that you did what you did. So yeah, that way you have to be checked. If you posted on a bulletin board, you gotta check it at least once a week, just like you said, man, they're tearing them down and that's a federal crime to do that. Yeah, but that's the problem is so many of these people have no idea of what the law is or what legal is and on top of that, they're just going by what somebody above them tells them.

So that's how you fix that problem. You do it by a temporary website at the end of the 61 days. Then you destroy that website and you've got your document in your file. Actually. You got to them because I send back to complete documents exactly the same. You have to have them witnessed at your signature and you have to have them notarized. You do that on both sets of doctors are exactly the same. Okay. Okay. Beautiful. Beautiful. So now it might be kind of obvious to some, maybe not so much to others, but um, what are the benefits of getting a land pattern?

The only title that you'll ever have on your land? Number one. Number two is a factor not subject to government rules and regulations, which should be your statutes and your corporate bylaws. Yeah. All of that government regulation permits, uh, you know, building codes, uh, setbacks. Uh, all of that stuff has no authority over that because your patent is the colonial title also. And so in my situation on my house, I want to build a garage in the back. But the reason they won't allow me to build a garage in the back is because it's too close to my home to have an unattached.

And if I do an attached garage to my house, it's too close to the landline. I know it is. Let me, let me read you something and for those of you who have my book or we'll have a look on page five of the following is a reference from the General Land Office. Uh book, page 28 29 dated 18 70. Quote, The individual title derived from the government involves the entire transfer of the ownership of the soil and water. It is purely alluvial with all the incidents pertaining to the title as substantial as an infancy of the titanic civilization following in the wake of the fundamental reform in our state land laws are several other corollaries which constitute which constitute appropriate corollary.

Excuse me. The next paragraph is monumental. Less than this. The statute of use was never adopted in the public land states. And hence the complex distinction between use USC her uses and trust has never embarrassed our jurisprudence. Now, what do you think that means? I think it means that that yeah, it says right there, that we never actually adopted any of that stuff. So it's all fraud from the beginning. Right, okay. That's part of it. But what that is saying as you know, now, you can have a neighbor down the street doesn't like defense, you put up doesn't like the color of the house you did or they're claiming you've got too many cars, on your on your on your property.

So they send the code enforcement people. the code enforcement people have absolutely no authority over your galadriel title patented land, none. The only the only authority that the state has and all states habit is called the police power is when you're doing something on or with your land, that is a direct threat to public health, safety and welfare. That's the only item that precludes him. And that's and I address that in my trespass part of my book. So all I'm saying to you in this there, that they're saying in this paragraph for anybody to bring that kind of a suit to a court is an embarrassment to the court, alluvial titles.

There's no standing, no privy to bring that kind of a suit? And if the courts are saying to bring that in our court to try to infringe upon somebody's private property is an embarrassment. That's how how secure these patents were intended to be. Which is why they're trying to eliminate them. Right. Of course. Now. Now, is there um uh is there any cons to doing it? I mean, I know obviously there's tons of benefits, but is there any drawbacks because that's usually what people get, especially with the status correction, you know, what am I giving up?

You know, are you giving up anything you may have to stand up and defend your land because there's always gonna be somebody trying to tell, well that patent doesn't mean anything and we don't care. And you're going to do it and we're going to force you to do it? So you need to stand up. But every person needs to do that anyway. Amen brother, thank you. We've got people who want somebody else to defend them and do all of the groundwork and they don't want any liability.

They don't want any effort or whatever. So the other and I call it a positive and a negative. But the other thing is that you cannot put a lien on. Now that's a benefit when there's somebody trying to lean your property like an I. R. S. Lien because if you look and you want to write this down under article one, Section 10 Clause one, and it states down in that just a little ways that you cannot impair the obligation of contract. Okay? And the other one that they cannot legislate a bill of attainder and they cannot legislate and exposed facto law.

Anytime you have anybody comes after you for something to do with their property, they have violated all three of those constitutionally, they're protected because your rights that are protected that go along with the land pattern are called vested rights, which means nobody can change it, alter it, diminish it separated if you and your land are protected. Okay, So then my question would be is what's the best place? Well I got a couple one is is your home. So let's say you have a mortgage on your home, but you gotta land patent, can they?

I mean, is your is your home protected by that patent? If that even makes sense? Right? I mean because it's fixed, it's an impertinent to the land, it's connected to the land. What was that term? A burden. Okay. Right. So then would it be best, is it's best to put your land patent into a trust or would you want to put it into a P. M. A. You're getting into a whole different subject matter? I don't I don't want to go too far down that rabbit hole.

I haven't found a trust yet that I can't break with the exception of a my mind went blank. I want to call it a constant common law trials. That's what I'm trying to say. Okay, so a common law trust can't be broken. I've never found a way to do it. But the thing anyway, is under land patent, nobody can pierce that anyway, correct, correct. So why do you put it into trust? See, the courts have stated all of this fictitious company. Corporations, trust is a figment of man's imagination.

That's what the court said. It was. So how do you take something positive and put it into something negative and think that the negative is gonna gonna protect the positive. So the only thing that really would go into a trust has nothing to do with the land, even though the house is a portion of the land? The thing is going into your trust is any of your real property correct, correct. Okay. You wouldn't have to put your land into a trust if that makes sense. Right? Because it's yeah, that's even more secure than the trust is what you're saying.

Right, Okay. Beautiful. Because it's protected by treaty law and on and on and on ago. Okay. So let me ask you this Ron is there you and I talked before the mortgage go into how a when you buy a home and it goes into title, you sign a contract and a promise sir. You know, go into that stuff. Well, I have to let you know, I I've got another conference like we're doing here in about 78 minutes. We can convene this later on. I'll be glad to talk to you guys.

Okay, let's start where we left off. Ron explain uh what happens when people go through title when they do what when they go through titles. So they go through and they signed the contract, they signed the promissory note. Well, first of all, there is no contract. If you look at the definition of the law of contract, all relative parties have to sign. All relative factors have to be disclosed and there has to be acknowledged. Either it's either an open ended contract or one with what we call a sunset clause.

In other words, there's a time limit on it. None of the bank documents do any of that. The bank never signs either one of them. And the promissory note is not a promissory note in the sense that people think it is that in essence is a check or can be used as a check and that's what pays off the property. The promissory note can be used in one of two fashions number one, it can be used as a check. And after the fourth day, the first three days of any uh mortgage so called agreement has a three day revocation period.

In other words you can back out of it the end of the third day. Then in essence they either cash that with the international monetary fund that holds the account has to do with your birth certificate account. And then they then send the money to the more the the not the mortgage company but the title company who then pays off the seller are you with me? But that comes from the international monetary fund. I'm sorry. That comes from the international monetary fund because they're the ones that do all of these interbank transfers of funds.

So they're the ones that the holder of your birth certificate account. So your own money per se is paying off the mortgage before you ever step foot on the property. Or they can take that promissory note and and take and monetize it and then securitize it. Which banks get thousands of those a day of real estate transactions. They then send them to Dun and Bradstreet. Dun and Bradstreet then rates them and then sends them on to Wall Street, where they're broken up into hundreds and hundreds if not thousands, of different types of stock and then sold on the stock market.

So you don't know who the owner is because under under land law for there to be a foreclosure, you have two has to be at the directive of the owner. Well here you have hundreds if not thousands, of owners in relative portions of stock. So the courts have defended the banks that are actually nothing more than servicing agents. Mellon Bank in new york And therefore, here we go. Now we're on this this very unlawful treadmill 45 days later, you get a payment book and you're obligated to pay for property that you've already paid that is already paid off and then plus they agreed upon interest.

So the bank has nothing invested, Absolutely nothing. But that money is going back to the bank or the mortgage company that facilitated the documents. So they're double dipping Absolutely. That's why they don't have any lawful claim to your property. That's the read that I encourage people to follow motion for quiet title. Now you've taken the monkey off your back of making payments and put them in a position, they have to defend that. Then when you go into depositions, you start asking the cold hard questions. Would you please provide the true bill?

They are not gonna want to do that because the true bill means that it's paid off and it was paid off by your promissory note of one of the two methods that I mentioned. Okay, so ex explain to me this then in the 2008 debacle with all the loans. They said, Oh we took some garbage loans and we took all these garbage loans and we sprinkled some good loans on top of them. What did they mean by that? Well, they were trying to camouflage that any and all lanes per se were garbage loans, they're claiming good ones on top of that.

All that means is that the people have the asset value and or credit to go because a lot of those then we're called no doc loans. In other words, you don't have to prove anything. You just applied for the loan and you got it. So then they foreclosed on. But here's what people do not understand. The stimulus package that Obama signed In 2009 has a provision in that to where the banks, if they were to foreclose or had to foreclose, which is bullshit from hell. But nevertheless, If they did that, then they got 80% from the stimulus package to reimburse the banks for those so called bad loans.

Well, they considered all of them bad loans. So every foreclosure because a lot of people that had the credit, had the money, had the job lost their jobs because of the of the recession at bubble pop. So they lost to, So then there's an issue of unjust enrichment that the bank gets plus they got 80% of the original value plus they got all of the payment schedule on the thing. They raped the people and the government, uh, tax uh, fund by these deals that Obama gave them by signing that stimulus bill.

And then of course all the politicians got a kickback for voting for it, wow, all those homes were already paid for. So this is, this is why your house doesn't go into bankruptcy either, correct? I had heard your house doesn't go through the bankruptcy process. Well, everything that is on the so called contract goes into bankruptcy. I don't know where you heard that from, but that's not. So David straight had said, houses don't your house doesn't go through the bankruptcy process. The bank take the house. Well, that's what I was wondering.

That's why I wanted to clarify that. Mm hmm. Okay. So quick question. Have, have you, have you, have either of you guys ever read any of David Robinson's books? There are these little guys. Um, 11 of them is called, uh, money doesn't grow on trees, give yourself credit or maybe it's give yourself credit. Money doesn't grow on trees. One of those two, I've seen the cover of that. But I have not read the book. It's what you're talking about. Ron. And and so this is really flipped economics on its head for me is like when you walk in, we are the sureties, right?

And David actually talks about this. We are the underwriters. It takes a natural persons in their word or living soul to walk in and create that first. So when I walk into a bank and I say, hey mr bank man, I need a million dollar loan for a home. They're like, okay, cool sign here, as soon as you sign you create that money it takes. You also create a bond And I didn't know that. Please. Could you go into more depth there please? Yeah, I'll get into that in a minute here.

But you create a whole lot of things. # one is the fact that the bank has no liability here because they're a facilitator right there, There a facilitator exactly. So they take your your sign promissory note that you that you were defrauded in telling you that that had to be and all of the bulls yet they used with that or they monetize it and then they securitize it like I just mentioned, it goes to Wall Street. So on the basis that they take the land and the home, everything that's what's included in the promissory note.

And if you don't pay then they take it all. So the home is not excluded from that at all. That's why your land patent is so important guys. Because then the banks cannot foreclose if you look in my book And and then you've got a copy of it. Start reading from about page 92 roughly 100. And you'll see that I address the issue of foreclosures. The courts have no choice in that but to issue a motion for constructive trust judgment Because they can't take the land, but they can have the person that supposedly owns the land to make payments.

Now, the thing about that, that's good. Let's say you're $1,500 a month payment and you say, I can only make $300 a month. That court has to accept that number. You're not obligated to 1500 whoa. But they can force you under that administrative procedure simply because you've dealt with it under administrative process. That's the so called contract everything. And administrative processes, contract, either direct or indirect adhesions or actual contracts. So that's kind of how that whole system works. Wow. They are. Is land. Excuse me, is land that's in a land patent subject to zoning regulations.

It's not zoning to any of that because it's a colonial title. Remember what I said earlier? Earlier custodial title? The definition. Never forget this. The colonial title definition is owing to no one. Beautiful, nor nor to any lord nor superior. Now, then who has the authority to intervene in your land? No one, No one. There you go, Ken. And what that means is that your king of your land. That's why when the constitution was sent to the commonwealth of Delaware for signing the people that that were.

The signers are intended. Signers from the commonwealth of Delaware looked at that document said there's something missing. So they added a paragraph in there. And what did that paragraph say? Three main words. We the people by doing that. They created a situation for every american to be the king of their land. Nice. Now you've got to to authorities that makes you king. We the people and that and the issue of the colonial title a load real title. When you go back to the king of England and Britain and all of that stuff because the king was the only one that had land and it was a low DHEA land, which means the king's land. Yes.

Now that is that run. That would also be why they turned us into citizens through the birth certificate process which took us out of being with the people. Correct, correct, yep. But but putting us into us. Citizens was a fraud on its own whenever is exercise. Then it negates any and all contracts so we're not bound to that. But the american people just swallow that ship like a hungry fish after a warm. We wonder why we get hooked into this stuff because they turned us into citizens of Washington D. C. Correct.

That is correct. Which now took us off the land that we were in because D. C. Is a territory. That is correct. And therefore they gave you a postal zip code which identifies you as a federal district. That's all the purpose of a zip code. It isn't to help the mail to get from point A to point B. That's all bullshit. That's just more smoke and mirrors to put us under jurisdiction. So now, is that why that you've got to put the zip code in brackets? That means that that zip code does not exist in law according to the Chicago style manual.

Is it Chicago style man? Right? Or is it whatever? Yeah. Right. Because that's anything that's blocked, right, has something to do with the style manuals and my right. Very interesting stuff. Well, it just means that we're being duped everywhere. Well, yeah, and that's what we, so so where you're standing on the rooftops screaming Ron brad and I are breaking it down into bite sized pieces so that more people can understand it from a more layman standpoint because that's what's been missing is is it's Number one, they dumped us all down through indoctrination.

And now we've got to break it down to the simplest terms so that we can get people to understand that we're doing a good job of that right now. And that's true. And that's what I do in my patent seminars, people come up to me all the time. My God, I didn't know I didn't realize, you know, you know, a pretty good communicator and I don't say that to pat. Run on the back, I'm just saying that, you know, call it a God given gift if you please or whatever.

I've always been very, very adapt to communicating subject matter to other people. Now, Ron is there any difference between ah land out in the middle of nowhere versus land in the city? No, it makes no difference. And along the issue is the land, I've got people calling me all the time or email. Well I live in a townhouse or I live in a condominium, can I apply the pattern to that? And the question is, do they own the land? It's not about buildings and dwellings, it's about land.

And you have to own the land. The law says you have to show that you are an owner of record. That's part of the five things that I shared with you guys before you have to have the patent, you have to have the notice document. You have to have the unbroken chain of title. You have to have the proof that you're the owner that being your warranty deed, that stamp and then the certificate of acceptance. Okay, so hold on for a sec because we only covered three, we have to have the copy of the original land patent need the unbroken chain of title back to the land patent.

First two pages of the warranty deed. Okay, okay, so I have a question for both of you gentlemen. How do we, how do we get people to recognize to stop involving the bar association? How do we get this information out? Because I think that that's really kind of one of the most basic things that we start to learn through this process is is who really and I don't want to say enemy, but really who were battling is is really the bar association. Right. I mean attorneys there, there are the point men in all of these different crooked transactions because the bar association is crooked.

It's all part of the Vatican and a lot of people don't like to hear that, but it's true, that's why the judges were a black robe and the priests wear a white robe and they pawned all of the dirty laundry that they want done off to the courts and the judges all in cahoots together because a lot of people don't realize this and I've they think the Vatican is about the church and I'm like the Vatican is a bank. That is correct. The church quote is the front Yes, it's the the Wizard of Oz, the curtain there and all the smoke and mirrors and ship that goes on behind the curtain.

That's the Vatican. Okay, so now let's let's talk about other countries Ron Because you and I talked about that earlier today. What what other countries does this apply to Canada Canada. They have what's called the crown pattern but same basic issue Britain has patents. Australia has patents and I believe that new Zealand does. I don't know in south America of what their patent uh issue or their land titles I should say consist of. I've never had a chance to really look into that. Now. Isn't isn't there a on the meets and bounds here in the United States?

Isn't there something about a queen pin or something about the meets and bounds markers? Meets and bounds? Is the original survey and surveyed done by the government surveyors when there was an application for patent. That's the township, the range, the section and where you're located within that section, that's the meets and bounds and to get your land baton. That's what you need. All four of those items, not just three but four of them to determine which land patent that applies to the property that you now own. Okay.

Quick question based right on that is where can people find a surveyor who will write land in meets and bounds? That's a question we've had come up. So the answer to that is if it isn't listed on your, on your warranty deed there then get a hold of your local county surveyor and tell him your address and he can tell you what your meets and bounds are. Okay. Beautiful. So local county surveyor. I've had people go out and have the whole property survey and I said no no no no that is not necessary.

Go to your countering uh surveyor and ask him for help saying hey I need your help if it's not listed already on the warranty deed you're saying okay assuming that they always put it on your map or your warranty deed or whatever. But they got away from that now because because they do because they do descriptions now instead of meets and bounds. Exactly. So then they give an address. The address is the address that the that the county the state, the federal government whoever places upon that that's where they're claiming you live.

That's not where you live. You live on your meats and downs property. That's the true address to that property. But as far as being a citizen, you live in Washington D. C. And you reside where your address is at. So what you do you are in a federal district is where you decide. That's why they issued zip codes. That's so that the people would unknowingly be subject to federal government rules and regulations by virtue of their zip code. Oh yeah yeah yeah. Okay. Hey isn't it true that Canada is the 13th District of the United States.

Is that 13 districts? Right. The 13th but that's Canada. Right? It's registered 13 districts under Washington D. C. right but Canada is the 13th. That's what I learned from David. Anyway maybe I'm off but from what I recall from him saying is that Canada and we went and verified it that Canada is a registered corporation in Washington D. C. So it's not the 13 districts. It's the 13th. That's what Canada is. Right, right. There's the United States has broken up into 12 districts and then you have Canada, which is the 13th. Okay.

And I know all that came from how they were doing the the original trading companies were going up into Canada and bringing everything back down. It was my understanding. Okay, very interesting. What else you got Ron? What else can you share? Drop some more wisdom on us. Well, well, you know what I think is like really important at this point. It's like, well, you know, we want to support you Ron and you know, you're a champion. You know, even though we just met, but I know in the circles in this whole movement you're, you know, you're very well looked upon and so what's the best place to buy your book?

I mean, you know, we've been talking about your book, we've been talking about all this stuff, it's really your knowledge and everything that you're, we're getting ready to do some things with Ron, where we're gonna start selling the books through the websites and so that's the state national dot us. They can buy in there, Ron sending me more books. What other ways do you want Ron. Well they can buy them in the interim time from me directly. So I don't have a major outlet on him. And I have not done that because I allowed a guy to print some books. Yeah.

He betrayed that trust. And so I said bullshit. I'm not doing that. And somebody that had to do with a entity back in michigan let out an electronic version of my book. And I've seen I've seen somebody put it out on telegram to and I told him to get it off of there because I gave nobody authorization to do that at all. But that's the thing. You've got all these betrayers and people that will exploit any and all opportunity. So, but anyway, to answer your question in the interim time, get them for me. Okay.

And where where do we where do we go to find you? Well, you got a pen Andy. Yeah, absolutely. Let's go. Okay. It's Ron Gibson. Ron Gibson. Yes. My address is 11 north. That's an end with a period peach Street. Like a fruity heat off the tree. 11 North peach street Medford Oregon. Just like it sounds M. E. D. F. O. R. D. And that's 975-01 zero. My phone number is 541 6 to 1 5548. Beautiful. Yeah. This is a major part of our seminar that we do. So we want to push those books as much as we can.

And then Ron's got some other books. Ron name your other books. Again, that has to do I prove that you are not obligated to pay property tax. Beautiful. So we want to start researching into that stuff and make that part of what we're doing to Brett. Absolutely, without a doubt, Ben real quick tell everybody how they can find you what's up Ben Barlow for right now. B 22 Barlow, B A R L O W at gmail dot com is my email 8016314108 is my phone number. Uh State national dot u S S T A T E N A T I O N A L dot us.

There's some other people out there trying to copy our website and so they've got, they've got state nationals with an S but they're just trying to siphon off of us because they know that we're putting out a lot of hardcore truth that goes against what they're teaching. And so we, we just want to make sure people get there status standing and jurisdiction taken properly so that they don't get trapped up in the judicial system, which is obviously under admiralty maritime law. And many of these things that Ron talked about. Okay.

And then your Tiktok Tiktok is at breaking underscore Barlow and it it really there's three minute videos and they have literally gone viral guys in in a in seven days. It's 364 views on one of them. 164,000, 364 364,000 views guys not almost 365,000 on freaking fire right now, man. And it's talking exactly about what Ron is teaching through these land patent books. Is that how you don't own your home? You have a warranty deed. So take a look and follow me on there. Because what we're doing with these three minute videos is we're dropping this information out and bite sized portions so that you don't have to go through and read a book.

We want to get you into the seminars. We want to get you into the website. The thing about the website is we've got it to where you just can't go jump into the website, you've got to go in and you've got to buy the three day seminar video, which is, it's $80 to buy that video seminar. But it takes you through being able to watch those videos so that you understand exactly what Ron is teaching because we touch on a portion of that, exactly how to take back your rights, freedoms and liberties and exactly the process that we have to do that by taking care of your status.

You're standing in your jurisdiction and we've got processes to help you through that so that you don't have to just jack your brain up trying to do it yourself. Yeah, because it's not easy and it, but by design process and just like Ron stuff, you got to do it properly or you're gonna get yourself in trouble. So Ron I want to say thank you so much for coming on and thank you for spending a little more time with us and we look forward to spending more time with you.

And we are going to do a seminar for you. We'll start putting that together. One thing that I want to bring up before we part gentlemen. I don't remember the full name of it, but something that snoops, you know, when people want to go find out if something is Snopes, Snopes, Snopes Snopes or whatever it is. They're corrupt organization, garbage site. Yeah. Well he's been an adversary of mine for a number of years claiming that I'm a fraud and the land patent stuff doesn't mean anything. So if you hear anybody negative to that, I would appreciate if you correct them for me.

Oh, I correct. I'm getting them right now on that, on that video because there's a whole comments section in there and they're coming on their, all this stuff doesn't work. You're a tinfoil hat wearing ball that blah blah blah. But you know what Ron at the end of the day, this is what I tell people. Look guys, we're not here to wake up the sheep. We're here to wake up the sleeping lions because we need you to wake up and we need you to start taking control of your life first and then helping us take care of other people's jurisdiction and standing and status so that we can make them free.

That's our whole point here is to make you free and help you get to that point. And Ron is a huge part of that. You know, I have to tell you when this guy has been confronted me. He sent me several emails and then the lady called me the other day and she said boy this guy's claiming you're nothing but a fraud and you don't know what you're talking about and you're not a constitutional lawyer and all of that. And I have to tell you, I have to laugh because if you'll see in my book that the Supreme Court Has never there, the land patent has never lost at the Supreme Court level in over 180 years.

Land patent stuff is all Bullshit. How come the Supreme Court is validating every time it comes before them? And and I want to add that Ron this is something that we've all got. We all have to now realize how people are coming at us with this information that we are dropping true freedom seeds and wisdom upon them. This mentality that unless you have this super high dollar education that you went through, you don't have an opinion and you shouldn't have an opinion. It's just all garbage. At the end of the day, those who research the best research material is going to have the information and those people just utterly talking garbage and trying to shout you down, it's because they don't have the wisdom and they don't have the knowledge and they are truly ignorant, not ignorant, being stupid, ignorant, being lacking knowledge.

And they don't want you to look good because it's easier to drag you down. So your due diligence and do your research and don't take that. Somebody else just shout you down and says it doesn't work because we know this stuff works. But then that's the very well, excuse me. The very reason why maybe I brought it up to you earlier. I'm not sure. I just got so much going on today, but why I wrote the book in the form that I did it is loaded. I mean loaded with case law.

I can do everything that I say in that book by court cases. Okay, just some through that looks crazy. Case law, case law, case law. Case law case. It's crazy. There's like five pages on how to do your land pad and the rest is just proof. It's amazing. It's amazing. And so this is the thing about case law to, because I've gone through this in a recent uh lawsuit battle that I'm going through right now. Sometimes judges don't want to make opinion because case law is just the opine of the judge, right?

And so when judges refuse to make their opinion known as they're hiding behind the scenes and those judges don't take the opportunity to step up and make that case law be the law that it needs to be. They don't want to make a decision because then it all falls upon their decision and we need more judges that want to make case law. But the thing that you need to remember and I'm asking you guys to remember because in your circle you'll probably come across this, you will have somebody come in and say, well I read a thing there to where the court in Wisconsin or florida or whatever ruled against the patent.

So those patents are no good. The problem with that mentality. Those courts don't have jurisdiction to hear a land baton case And then on top of that, nobody challenged that court decision and then it just sits, that's what I'm saying because they don't understand that they don't know nothing about it. I want you to write this down. Okay. Title 43 U. S. C. Stands for United States Code section 57 and 83. And what that says in their section 57 that a certified copy of any land federal land patent can be brought into any court.

And all courts in the United States. And section 83 refers the courts must take judicial notice of that federal land baton and and and and and defend its um what's the word? I'm looking for its authenticity, defend the validity and the authentic authenticity to to defend its judicial notice as though it were the original patent. Okay, So Ron in a situation like that because some judges want to bar evidence, you would probably want to put that in an affidavit as a copy right? You don't need to I mean, you can if you want, but I mean now now it's in front of the judge and he's forced to accept it. Yeah.

You want to put the title 43 U. S C 57 83 in that case that supports that is United States versus the bell. Okay. But I'm just sharing with you. So if anybody tells you that these courts have ruled against the patent, they don't have authority to rule against it. Okay, that's good to know. Now, Ron isn't there some states uh that it's a little harder to do the land patents in than others. What about Hawaii? Hawaii is a whole different animal. I just did a seminar on 26 October. I did a two day seminar there and David straight was there the week before I was and Ray Ezri was there at the same time.

I was There were about five or 6 speakers and that extravaganza, I guess if you want to call it that, uh but uh why was was and to some degree is still under a monarchy as a result of that. They don't really have titles to their land per se. As as though they were equal to the colonial title because in the United States accepted hawaii as a state. All of those titles were preexisting before they came under us jurisdiction. So on that basis there is a great deal of controversy about whether those monarch titles are still valid or not.

So that's an ongoing battle. And that was a big topic when I was there and did the seminar. So, so if we if we've got some people there that have some land, uh can you expand on that? A little bread? We have some people there, they have some land and they want to do something with the land. Is there anything special? Because now they used to have a king? Yes, that's what I'm saying, it was a monarchy. And so then they pulled that kingship away from them and that's what the Hawaiians are fighting for right now, is to get that back, aren't they?

Well, they're trying to get position to where they have ownership of their land, no different than anywhere else in the world. People want to own land because with land, you have rights, and with rights, people gotta leave you the hell alone with the land back and you have what's called invested, right? Those vested rights are so powerful because they're in law, they're part of the constitution, they're in our bill of rights as well as all the court cases that have come down to support the land. Bad for reading this idiot it on snoops or loops or or whatever his name is on the thing doesn't know what he's talking about.

He's telling these land batons are absolutely phony documents and he's part of the cabal. He's part of the guys trying to support them in their evil ways. So where would we find these vested rights Ron? Where would they be listed? Well, they're in the Bill of Rights is a good portion of them. But in addition to that, you have all these court cases in my book there that have verified what the right is, you have a right of ownership, you have a right of kingship, you have a right of possession, you have a right not to be foreclosed on, you have a right not to be evicted off of the property and on and on and on and go Besides that, all the water underneath the patented land belongs to the landowner.

Yes, I've heard that about the mineral rights, Right. And that's something about a land patent that I'm not sure we've covered the state that falls under the mining law. Okay, okay, so help me understand this part of that was if you have your land patented because the founding fathers knew land without water was worthless. That's why they issued the homestead homestead is an agricultural baton and to do farming, you've got to have water water became part of that. You have to have water for mining. All of those are granted rights within those enactments of Congress.

Okay, so now, as far as it works with mineral claims, you still get all the mineral claims that the land patent, don't you? Yes, you do. The mineral claims are converted to a colonial title called the mineral patent. Is that a separate patents that separate them off to you? There before we went on the break, there are 11 different patterns and one of the mining pattern, it's broke down into three separate parts. Okay, so you don't automatically get the mining mineral rights on that land, You have to ask for them.

Well, it first of all, if you have mineral under your land, that is not part of the patent. And early on it was part of it. But then when the mining law came into effect, then there were great conflict between the surface owner and the mineral owner. So I said, okay, under what's called the Noble Act, the noble decision states of mineral is known to exist prior to the issuance of the patent, then the mineral does not pass with the patent. It's a separate estate. Surface estate, and you have a mineral estate.

Now, because of title 30 Section 18 01 through 18 11. With national defense, the mineral of ST is dominant over the serving the state of the, of the surface. So that means that a minor could come in and mind your land but he's gonna pay you for the damage that he does in affecting the surface is? So he could have access to the land to the minerals. Yes because it's a separate estate and do what I do is if the mineral does not pass with my patent then I file on that.

So so let me use an example. There's 200 acres up in this certain county that I want to get if there's no mineral rights already claimed on it. I perfect the patent then. Now what do I do to be able to grab onto those minerals? First of all you need to do a mineral survey. Either you or somebody that understands mineral to go upon that 200 acres and to determine whether there is mineral there. How would we find somebody that does that? Okay so it would just be any kind of minor would know how to do that.

Well that's got his head on straight. Yes a lot of miners are drunks and and and reclusive and and and you know but anyway I think you get the point because if you have to have a discovery in order to make a claim on the mineral. Well then it's so then the mineral sits there I have to have somebody help assist me in finding what minerals are there then make that that's correct to find out what minerals are there and is it economically to to develop it?

I mean if you find one speck of gold then in essence, that's not a valid time. Because enough, How how would I find a minor Ron just out of home depot bro. Well just kidding. You've got mining shops all over. Just start asking around somebody knows miners, you could put a thing on the, on the website and say I would like to talk to an experienced miner or somebody who knows how to not a test for minerals or whatever you want to put. I've got a friend that has a sapphire mine up in two sapphire mines up in Montana.

So a meteorite came through there, hit the land in this certain area. It's called the El Dorado Bar and turned what was underground into sapphires. So he minds that stuff. So he would be a great place to look okay that most of your mineral uh is either gold or silver or copper. You know, there's industrial minerals too, which is limestone, your dolomite, your diatomaceous earth, your rare earth, all of those are located well, minerals as well. Yes, Cobalts another one, you know, uranium is another one. I mean it goes on and on and on the mineral world.

Well I've been studying that for the last 50 years and I'm still overwhelmed what I'm learning. Yeah. Oh absolutely. And the list is endless. Well God was no dummy when he made this earth, I'll tell you what, you know? But anyway the point I'm trying to make is that the mineral estate for the most part is a separate estate. Now when you look at a patent and you read through it, if you see the words subject to subject to, that means there's a reservation relative to that patent of somebody that had a prior right to the time that the patent was issued.

So you have to honor those. They are not passed with the patent. That's why it says sub you have your rights subject to vein or lode or or or ditches or canals or whatever this reservation is. Okay. So along that point this this land there's 200 acres that I have been looking at has Not on the 200 acres but a separate 60 acre parcel that had mineral rights that could be purchased with this land. Yes. You can purchase mineral rights but you want to find out whether it's under a patent already or whether it's claimed if it's not been filed on and the paperwork kept up, then you can go back and re file on that in your name.

But if somebody already has it filed and you go to your county courthouse there or to the Blm and research the record to see whether they because they have to do annual assessment work on it or pay the rental fee whichever class at the renter. Okay. And then now they have don't these mineral rights only last for a I mean there's a sunset time on them, isn't it? Like 20 years or something? No, there is only good for one year unless it's patented. That's why you have to renew that right of your claim every year. Okay.

So a lot of people have claimed to patents and they don't do, they don't file in time, they lose it by by statutory legislation. Okay. It's called an abandonment. But if you land patent that and you have that mining claim, you still have to renew that one to know if if it's under a patent, then it's very clear it's the same thing as a homestead patent. Well, that mining that mineral claim would be basically like a permit that has to be renewed every single year. That is correct.

But if it's been patented, they quit patented mineral claims in 1994. So they're not doing, they had no authority to cut it off. That was Bruce babbitt. Oh, yeah. So now how do you get around that? Well, you'd have to sue the government for unlawfully withholding the batons and has anybody tried to do that? Not yet that I'm aware of. All right, fellas. Well, I hate to do it. But yeah, we gotta we gotta get kicking butt is maybe, I think we need to do, we're going to have to do a part two follow up because this is gonna be in bring a um tsunami of questions.

I already know it. Right? So if if you're willing Ron, you know, take some time whatever but we'll get some questions. I'd love to have you guys back then. It's always a pleasure appreciate man, appreciate you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for taking the time with us. We know it was a lot longer than we expected. But the heck it's a lot of questions and all started putting together the ability for a seminar. Let's do it. Yeah. I'd love to I'd love to promote that and push that.

I'd love to come up for that. And uh let's do that and you know, yeah, let's do this. Maybe we do it. Maybe we do a four day where Ron comes one day and David does three. Yeah. Or yeah, a day where they do it together, right. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, Ron, appreciate you. Just like David, you know. Beautiful. Have a great weekend Ron. And also Ben, you've got 30 books coming. I know, but the first thing I'm sending you is the 30, there will be a follow up whatever there.

I could talk to the printers today and they'll have those ready. They're probably Monday when I get the full Another 50. But I'm sending you 30 out of this package. They're gonna send 22 a guy down in California. Okay. And then you guys can purchase those books at state national dot us or hit me up with an email or even give me a phone call. Thank you Ron. Thank you. Have a great evening and have a great weekend. So I'm gonna build you for two for 100 of them, correct? You're building me for yes.

For 100 total. That's correct. Okay. 20 already sent me 20. Now you're sending me another 30 to complete the case and then a whole another case, yep. We're clear and shipping. Don't forget, don't forget shipping. No, I I know, but I won't know that until they get the number. That's why I gotta wait until they shot him. But he called today and wanted the address and I've just been so damn busy and give it to her so I need to leave tonight. So okay. Anything I can do to help you Ron let me know and I'll get back with you on that other stuff we talked about, Hey, anyway that we can ever help you guys in any way.

Yeah, let us know the same. Thank you awesome dad. I'll talk to you soon brother. Thanks for God bless you guys. God bless you. All right guys. Thank you. Bye bye. Mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm, mm hmm. Thank you

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