November 24, 2021

The Lesson for Today is BREATHE

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Leading Longevity Authority and Certified Health Nut Troy Casey, joined us for a fun and exciting Fireside Freedom Chat! Troy moved to Sedona after BLM robbed his sneaker stores in Santa Monica. He is a world renowned life coach and healer who has scoured the Earth searching for for the most powerful health and healing methods. He devoted his life to restoring the planet from a young age. Troy even spent over 8 years living and working with the indigenous tribes in the Amazon RainForest, as not only a healer but also as a medicine hunter, utilizing some of the world’s most sacred plants. Troy has also studied Vipassana Meditation techniques, Ashtanga Yoga and more recently at the world famous CHEK Institute, working closely with Paul Chek.

Show Notes

May 25th in Santa Monica BLM riots 

David Winter device noble gases in beaker tubes, guaranteed lucid


“I’m just here to make people think” -Tupac

Word Magic by Pao Chang

Ripped At 50 A Journey To Self Love 

9 Pillars of Health

Nature, relationships, Legacy, hydration, nutrition, sleep, movement, thinking, breathing 

We Are the Solution! It’s up to us. 

Dr Jim Chapelle 

Howard Lickman the thick red line 

How can you find Troy? 


Hello, all you lovely Freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom People podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom Together, I’m your host Bradley freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is leading longevity authority certified health nut and all around awesome dude, Troy Casey, that’s right. Troy Casey came on the show For those of you who do not know who Troy case he is.

He is a world renowned life coach and healer who has scoured the earth, searching for the most powerful health and healing methods. We really think you’re going to enjoy this short but impactful conversation before we do, I need you to go over to the Freedom People dot org. That’s the Freedom People dot org. We need you to sign up as a contributing member today. What that’s gonna do is that’s gonna give you protection under rpm a that’s our private ministerial association. Okay. And that means that now you have complete protection of privacy.

That means no state officials can come in and be part of this whatsoever. Think your local VFW, the state has no jurisdiction over anything that we do as the freedom people or any of our members. So use your imagination. Go start a group on the Freedom people dot org today. Come on, let’s go. Mm hmm. Mhm Uh huh, mm hmm. Mhm. Uh huh. Yeah, yeah. What’s up dude? Dude, thank you so much for taking the time bro. Sorry about the confusion. Oh no, it’s all it’s all good man.

I do a lot of these recordings. I just got out of a healing session. I got into a mountain biking accident yesterday and uh how’s shit? All right, what happened? Mm. Oh I just bought a new full suspension and and I’ve written them before, but you know this is the this is the holy land of mountain biking. And I went over there and I went over the handlebars and fund al fucking ship. That sucks. And I didn’t I didn’t I didn’t break anything. There you go man.

Yeah, it’s probably because you’re fit man. You’re a health nut. Yeah, I love this shirt. Yeah, I like your shirt too, you see. Yeah man. I worn in your honor bro. I was like, dude, well this is one of our shirts, this is one of our designs. 100% organic people. I love that. Yeah, we love your design man. Yeah. Yeah buddy, I love it. How long there’s a dona, you know, I’ve been here a year and a half. I uh Mhm. I moved here after the riots in L. A. The Blm.

They robbed all my sneaker stores in santa Monica and uh and and and ari I to write, they ransacked that lit it on fire and they were taking a T. M. Machines and uh There are guns, you could probably find it. I think it was May 25 in santa Monica. So anyways after that, you know, I was just like, it’s kind of getting weird here. So we’ve been coming out to vacation here for years and uh we came out here, looked at properties and it was a deal compared to what we were paying in Los Angeles, you know, for what you get, you know, the beaches, the beach isn’t cheap, you know?

So anyhow, we’ve been out here for a year and a half and I love it. Amazing. Yeah, yeah. Welcome! Happy to have you. I’m so grateful, I’m so grateful to be here and to be out of the nonsense, you know, I have a tendency to speak my mind, I’ve got a big mouth and I’m very direct and and I don’t like any kind of infringement on my rights. I was I just shot a netflix special last week in Los Angeles and I wasn’t gonna go because they wanted to test me and I’m like, what database?

What, like what do you want? Like, no, that’s an invasion of privacy. And uh and I don’t like that idea. And so uh uh anyhow they they’re like, no, you just gotta spit in a cup and we’ll figure it out, you know, I didn’t have to give my date of birth or anything whatever. Anyways and I really wanted to do the show because I’ve worked with these comedians before and uh we were, we were guaranteed to do good stuff, you know, we did the ice baths and the sexual kung fu and you know, we were, we went wild, certified health nut style wild.

And uh and so I came out there for that and We were done at 11 a.m. in the morning and uh mm I drove, my son was having a hockey game in Vegas, another place I just didn’t want to go. I went to the Luxor so I left the netflix shoot at like 11 a.m. 11 30 A. M. Went straight to Vegas. And even when I was in Vegas, I was just like, I want to be home in Sedona, the guy asked me for a mask downstairs and told him I wasn’t gonna wear the mask.

He completed my transaction and told me the mask again and told me I’d be in violation of trespassing and I was like their fuck yourself. And uh I was like, I’ll leave for Sedona right now, pay me my function when he did the transaction, couldn’t believe like people aren’t even thinking and I am cognizant of their thoughts because they’re wearing the mask and they’re, they’re just super confused. And so, and I don’t want to tell a tell people how to do their job and then be, get into uh an altercation with them um regarding their philosophy in life. Mhm.

That’s not gonna do anything dude, especially right in that moment, right? It’s a, we’ll take my fucking money or I’m leaving, I don’t fucking care, I’m a free human being, I’m not dependent on another human being, tell me what I can or cannot do, amen you know, in any given, in any given moment and I’ll fucking walk naked into the mountains, you know what I’m saying? Yes and I’ll fucking handle my business. I love it. Yeah. Uh so anyways, I’m pretty fired up and uh coming out of this healing session though, I’m pretty, I’m pretty mellow.

What kind of healing would you go? What was it if you don’t mind sharing? I mean, I’m not trying to get too personal with you. No, it’s all good. Uh you know, this is what the certified health nuts all about. I’m a guinea pig for my own, you know, healing and my own ah ascension experiment, you know here on earth. And so uh this guy, you know Sedona, so we’ve got all sorts of patrick flanagan drum below mckee Zedek, all these old wizards and technology and rife machines and this guy’s got a David winter device, $24,000 a ba zillion volts or something and it makes noble gasses in these in these beaker tubes and you sleep in between them and it’s guaranteed samadi bro, lucid, you know, you’re lucid with within 10 minutes and so, and I could just feel like in the Matrix, you know, my my energy coalescing and reconfiguration, you know, healing like in the Matrix movie when everything goes from the green into the physical structure.

So it was, it was, it was pretty cool. It’s the second time I’ve been on it. And uh, um, I wanted to see if it was going to do something for my bicycle, uh, injury. I think I’ll be pretty recovered within a week and then I’ll be back on my bike in a week after that. Nice. Well, you didn’t break anything. So that’s huge, tear anything, anything like that. Yeah, huge. I did. You know, I did tear it ligaments and they’re, they’re, you know, they’re sore. So I’m gonna watch it.

Probably do another ice bath when I get home. There you go. There you go. You got any specific regiments, anything you’d like to share with people because I mean, so just so people know like, you know, there’s this whole other world out there that most of our listeners listen to are aware of any way that isn’t telepathic medicine, that your body can heal itself. So, uh, so right now, I mean, hey, it’s a great, great opportunity. You just jacked your wrist up all that stuff. You’re doing cold bath and I’m not sure what, what is that treatment that you just described to us is their name for it?

Yeah, it’s called to terrify am I th like therapy, But with phi ratio at the end, huh? That’s very interesting. Yeah. And Like I said, it’s $24,000. So obviously, you know, it’s got some way, look, here’s the here’s the bottom line nature, your breast and the cold and being grounded and having sunlight on your body and natural food and natural water into your body. Pure water. You know, this is how you turn on the electricity as a human being and create, we’re here as creators. You know, a lot of entrepreneurs.

They already know this because they’re creating, you know, something out of nothing. And so they understand this principle a little bit. Even if they don’t understand it spiritually. And so that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to turn the lights on on the inside and then we can shine that light through mm. You know, without getting too philosophical. You know, we are electromagnetic beings and the more minerals and vitamins and elements, natural elements. So the this machine, this terrifying machine is pretty cool. But I postulate you can get all this stuff straight out of nature, right?

You can get into that meditative state yourself. Um it is pretty convenient to have that experience to go there. And so um yeah, so what is your main demographic, are you guys all uh well dude, we’re yeah, we’re the freedom people. So we’ve got we’ve got a job board. We’ve got like uh you know, business directory. Um you know our our main anybody who’s down with freedom man. And like we I kind of talked to you a little bit about that’s that’s a lot what we’re doing these days is helping to pull people out of the public and into the private.

Um Good good. Yeah. We’re gonna work together, right? You’re coming up this weekend, right? Yes sir. Yes sir. Yeah. We got your back dude. And and and it’s so important that everybody does this and and we talk about it a lot here on the on the show. You know, we had some awesome guests here that are that are very much into this. And so, you know, it’s all about correcting correcting your status and and claiming you’ve gotta go back, claim your mind your estate claiming your soul and just at least letting that be known to the powers that be that they do not have control over your any longer.

And that’s a big one, right? And it’s called sourcing, right? That’s what it is. So you were you were bonded when you were born, your birth certificate bonded you. Right? And so that that’s and that’s what a big thing that we’re just trying to help get that knowledge and information out because that’s really the main opposition. This is a spiritual war uh information. This is energy and spiritual, right? And so that’s where my, one of my big theories is what they’re what they’re right. Energy, the human soul or our energy is the only thing that means anything, right?

And that’s why they it’s called sourcing. They go to the source when we’re Children when we’re first born and they hypothetic ate our labor banks don’t create anything. Businesses do not create anything. Uh corporations. I already say bank, sorry, but attorneys courts, right? They I was a Freudian slip because in black’s law dictionary, the definition of a court is a bank and the definition of a judge is a banker because they are there to take money. This is what they do, right? And so anyway, but they don’t create anything.

They just take it off the backs of of the people off of men and women. We are the source. That’s why you are the underwriter. That’s why they call it a credit report and not a debit report, right? You are the creditor, not the debtor. We are source energy exploding everywhere and without us creating and bearing witness, there is nothing else. So what do they have to do? They got to come and snatch us at the source and hypothetic ate our labor and just like anything else.

Now we become the backing or the surety for all their Bs wars and whatever else it is. And until we say no and we stopped doing it, it continues to happen through what’s called tacit consent. And what that means is basically because we’re not saying, yep, yep yep and we’re all just complacent. Yeah man 100%. Well I mean a lot of us aren’t like on, I’m on fucking fire. Dude. I’ve been dude. Uh as soon as 2020 happened, I’m former marine. As soon as they were like locked down, I was like fuck you.

And so we started the freedom people, we started business. I’m a software engineer. So web developer guys. So we built all of this and now we have platforms, the counter economy and we have a way to save your soul and not only that, but to protect it through P. M. A. P. H. A. P. A. All this stuff. This is what we’re doing is we’re taking the fucking shipped back. Troy is no and that’s why I’ve been on your ask. I’m like dude, I got to meet you because I know you’re on fire like me.

I’ve seen a couple of videos just spent in truth. The retards with the mass on man. And it’s just like I don’t know man. Uh Yeah, mad respect for anybody right now. And you know what’s funny is I just got off an hour and a half long conversation with this woman who her husband will not listen to any of this ship. What is it with? Why is it all the women that are the ones standing up? I don’t know if you notice that, but it’s mainly women in this whole freedom movement.

Dude, that’s our demographic. Your soccer mom who finally woke the funk up when they try to inject their kid with some ship. That’s correct off. That is correct. Yeah. Now let them know they’re coming after the Children for sure. The problem is there so much feminism and social engineering that the women have been broken away from the families and so they don’t, they don’t understand that, but they understand it viscerally primal e and that’s a lot of what my fire starting is about like really instigating like a primal urge.

You know, if somebody is here in Arizona and my neck of the woods, I’m gonna ask them, especially if they’re a man. Well why do you have that on your face? And then, and especially in my neighborhood because I don’t want to bring that ship back here, My kids are in school, we don’t wear that stuff. And so, and then if they give me a smart answer, I call him a fucking pussy straight to their fucking eyeballs. And if that that’s got to awaken their nuts, you know what I’m saying?

Or you’re working baby. Hey man, let me tell you it tickles them at the bare minimum their fucking there fucking short circuit somewhere. They’re like, what did you fucking c yeah, motherfucker. So anyways, look, I’m not into violence, I’m just into uh I’m into triggering it anything into thought. I think Tupac Shakur said one time like you’re a role model. He’s like, I’m just here to make people think you can place me and whatever box you think you want to place me but I’m you know my job is to help people think yeah and that’s why they took him out.

Dude, I swear he was taken out bro, anybody did you? That guy spit some truth dude to boxer cory was awake. He was aware of it man. Like Michael Jackson, you know that dude that dude, I swear he was trying to tell us about something. I don’t know. But anyway that’s neither here nor there. Point is is that there is a power that be that it is definitely repressing the human. Um or I don’t even like the word human right? That’s the hue of man. It’s like the color of law.

The color of man write all these words and when you start really getting into the words, have you ever heard of Pao chang? He wrote a book called uh Word Magic Dude. We’ve had him on the podcast but really look really good book called Word Magic. Yeah man. And you gotta do, you got any videos on him? I saw somebody break it down one time anyhow. I went through a bunch of my old lady, walked off with a bunch of cash and then dragged me into civil court and I got a trust and I I worked with these common law guys out of texas and I stood up to the bullshit paperwork that they were sending me and I sent my own stuff in there and I just basically faced him as a man and I can’t.

Yeah I basically won everything. It’s not like I pummeled them and I wasn’t trying to be a jerk but my old lady took off with a large sum of money and then drag me into court to try and cover our tracks and use the penal system and luckily luckily luckily it worked out for me, right? You know? But I also didn’t get into the lawyer game. There you go dude. Yeah, that’s smart dude. That’s exactly you know the gig dude. So how do you know not to hire a lawyer?

Well I got a lawyer in the end, I gotta tell you. So at the last at the at the 24th hour dude, I got I got an attorney just to represent me in court and to make sure everything else was buttoned up. And the one guy I got to help me with the civil situation is a big trust guy and he’s helping people become free as well, brad uh tall skinny uh light skinned black guy up here in Sedona. Really cool guy. Really awesome. Okay cool. We’d love to meet him.

Yeah because we’re big, we want that’s one thing that we’re really trying to fill in as the gap of trust dude. And then I got some random guy, you know? And uh you know just a family law guy and it did keystone cops. It was fucking hilarious. And the way I see it is you go in front of a judge. It’s just the luck of the draw. It’s their opinion. They may not like the way you look or my wife looks or what, but they don’t give a funk about your family and so, and you’re lucky if you get anything, you know?

And Anyways, yeah, I just want to, I knew to stay out of the system. I was in Juvenile Hall as a child. I got incarcerated youth. They let me out when I was 18. So I put all this in my book and my stories with two pac’s report. Okay, okay yeah, I gotta check out your book man. I just, what’s it called? Something 50 ripped at 50 Ripped at 50 a journey to self love. It’s not what you think, but it’s amazing. Yeah, I love the sacred geometry artwork in the back man. Yeah.

So uh you know, my mission is to raise human consciousness and change all systems, how that shakes out. We’re witnessing it right now. Yes bro, Rock the funk on. That’s that’s what we share the same mission right now again. I’ve heard you talk so much that I was like, I gotta meet this guy and now that you moved here because I, the first videos I saw of whether of you doing breathing and breathing. I’ve been practicing transcendental meditation for about 15 years and um Ron I am Wanyama probably I’m breathing for almost 10 years or something and it’s, it’s uh, it’s my, everything, my brother, it’s, it’s amazing, right?

You know, dan brule is, but by the way he’s uh Tony Robbins breath coach. But anyway, he’s another very interesting dude about breath, right? It’s, and, and so many more people are coming up and that’s why I was really freaking attracted to what you were saying was and I was watching your breathing exercises. But um, but yeah man, can you tell us a little bit more about that dude? Cause I know that’s a big, huge part of your life. And when did you kind of get into, how did you figure out the breath?

I went through a divorce man where I got my beard and my hair and give a funk attitude. You know, I was 50, I was sleeping on my own couch for like four months, you know, just trying to find some peace And get the cold shoulder from my old lady that was in 2017 and one of my homies taught me breath work and then I watched some Youtube videos and uh I just kept practicing. I woke up every morning kind of paranoid at like four a.m. In the morning, like I was losing sleep and I would just start breathing and what did I notice?

Well I was enough mentally healthy to get up and make my Children food for lunch and uh send them off to school and so you know, it’s like a by osmosis, it’s funny because people comment on my my facebook for my breath is life course and they’re saying that I commandeered it from the indians and and yoga and all this stuff and it’s like fuck man, I had a tough time and then paul check told me about cold showers and how it helps your hormones in your nervous system.

And so that was 2010 and then I practiced for possible meditation for years. I just found whatever about myself and figured it out, just like fucking anybody, excuse my french, just like anybody else that’s come before. It’s not, I’m not here to sell you my path, but in my book there’s nine pillars of basic fundamental health that you need to be aware of. Nature relationships, your legacy as a man, especially hydration, nutrition, sleep movement, you know, these things are fundamental thinking, breathing, breathing mechanics, you know, these things are fundamental, everybody needs these basic biological physiological and psychological aspects and understanding just as a baseline, you know, and so you know what what I like to teaches self care education.

So if we all just take care of our own little real estate dude, the world would be a better place. You’re preaching it, man. That’s what we say, right? Why can’t we all just take care of our own stuff. That’s dude, that’s it, right? I mean, do those do not outsource your health ever? Don’t outsource your legal stuff ever. Your law, your lawfulness don’t ever outsource that don’t don’t outsource your education, especially, it’s just, it’s just Yeah, but here we are to change it, man, and that’s the beautiful thing, that’s kind of what we’re all coming up on and that’s what this big push.

This is the great awakening. You know, y’all can have your reset if you like. But this is a great awakening. A lot of us has been pushing them for this for a long time, right? This isn’t new, It’s just 2020 actually was the catalyst that actually gave us the the wake up of people who are gonna wake up and the people who aren’t and it kind of seems like that chasm is now or that, you know, that separating trains or the chasm is becoming so great. It’s, I mean, the cognitive dissonance you must possess right now if you could still be wearing a mask, but then be anti vax or something or, or pro vax or anti you gotta was saying like the all mixed up like pasta primavera, man, just well, that’s why it’s like, even people that love me, hate me because I’m going to trigger you on some idea that you have about anything?

Yes, whether that’s diet nutrition or you know, just extra exercise or just, you know, any aspects, you know? Yeah, I’ve read the attachment to our belief that we don’t like when somebody touches it, and that’s what you’re saying, you trigger them because it’s just an attachment to that belief. I mean, everybody gets that way. But what’s fun is to break those constantly and continuously. It’s die every day, right? You’re constantly smashing all these beliefs, right? And that’s where really cool things, whatever, you know what I mean?

Breath and that’s another thing, man, like I used psychedelic, you know, substances most of my life to to my first awakening came through ecstasy and LSD when I was like 18 years old. Right before that time, I’d never even felt love. Do you get what I’m saying? Like self love? I’ve never had felt self love till I had this massive, like, a psychedelic experience, right? So when you do that kind of stuff and you just keep killing your ego or whatever you want to say, it becomes a joy at some point, right?

And then you get to that point where at least me there, you don’t really need the substances anymore. The breath and neither did I never, but I also didn’t know that the breath even really existed in the form that I comprehend the breath now. Right? So that’s that’s correct. Yeah, it’s very interesting that I breath breathe. You know, this was specially that isn’t that not the lesson right now with all this corona stuff. This respiratory SARS whatever. It’s all respiratory stuff right? And has been for the greater part of 15 years or something now, you know over a decade.

So what’s the message in that breathe motherfucker’s right. I mean that’s that’s basically it. I mean it’s very hard for me to understand the guy at the Luxor in las Vegas. You know, he gave me the whole lecture on the mask and then um I got I got the he he went in the back and came out and had a shield and he said this is the best this is this is the best I could. This is the best I could find. And he’s like just just put it on.

I put it on for a second, it fogged up and I drank my water and I walked off. I just I can’t I can’t even like it’s such a it’s such a like a brick wall of consciousness. Yeah it’s almost and then that’s where I’ve seen you trying to get through but it’s you know we were in the hospital for our daughter’s birth seven months ago we tried to do a home water birth emergency situation. We got trapped there. Dude, I didn’t I didn’t realize how bad it was but they’re all just mass zombies.

Dude, I was I was speaking logic to them about separating the baby and the mother after birth and that that shouldn’t happen. This is nature and they need to be together. Dude, they’re just completely blank stare like uh nothing, there’s no logic I was taking them down logic Lane down the nice very well dude, I was like come on you’re with me still right okay so this makes sense right? Right right, but then you get down to the punchline of something logical about why they’re what they’re doing is totally incorrect.

It’s just like oh well we’ll just disagree and it’s like cool but the way it is now dude like my mom’s and I see you right now with this bullshit dude they’re trying she’s been there for 13 days. They’re trying to vent, they’ve been trying to vent her since day two, she’s 62 bro, she’s 62 not 102 and they try to venture at day two and I’ve been keeping them off with affidavits dude at least I don’t know, we’re doing everything we can do. But it’s the same stuff. This al empathic medicine, they’re psychopaths, they won’t try.

I ever met in a drug that has been given billions of doses to everyone around the world, right Nobel prize winning drug and they won’t give it to her because it’s not NIH approved. Actually it is and we even send them the proof of that but it doesn’t matter. Dude, they don’t listen, we can’t even get our professional medical opinion in with the rest of it. It’s just they’ll only speak with the family and the doctors only not, it’s just it’s really messed up. Where are you?

You’re in the valley. Yeah, I’m in the valley, yep. Well you know this this brings me to the solution portion of this. We can’t just talk about the problem. We are we are the solution. The clarity, this is all, this is all waking us up on many different levels and uh you know, we’re focused on food up here. Um I think food is important. I think community is important. You know, finding who your tribe is. The good thing is is so many people on the periphery are waking up to at least in texas and the free States, the states that want to be free.

But it’s up to us. Nobody’s coming to save us and everything that you’re talking about is is the awareness some of some of my common law guys are you don’t even need to correct your status. You just fucking are about that. I just am I have no contracts with you or any of your other nonsense that you’re trying to and you put the burden of proof on them proved to me that I’m that I. D. Or that piece of plastic proved to me on that photo they can’t write.

So I like I like what dr jim chappelle said when you get pulled over and they ask for your license. You asked them if I give you my license and you convict me of a crime or you know whatever plead the fifth like right then and there. Yeah. Oh right away. Just I plead the fifth. Yeah. There you go. So well. Yeah. And you just don’t often just decline their offer to contract, right? There’s so many things because their their policy enforcers and it just depends on.

And this is what we’re talking. We talk a lot about with our standing, right? So your status is one thing but then there’s they’re standing in capacity, right? So you’re standing and you’re standing that’s what you’re talking about. Can I stand in my knowledge and my knowing that I am a man that supersedes all of your corporate bylaws. I am not identifying as that vessel or my straw man or whatever you want to say I am not that I am. You know I just I am that I am a sucker and that’s it and that’s it.

I don’t answer questions. There you go. Nobody gets in, nobody gets in without a warrant. The cops were at my house recently my my ex wife’s house and the kids handled it. The cop told me she’s like you got some smart kids Because my son, my son had weapons and they were all locked up and you know he’s only 14 cops were like and then they asked some personal questions about me and my son was like I’m not answering that in a very polite and nice way. That’s the key man.

That’s the key. Be nice dude. Be nice because these, these cops and stuff, man. They just don’t know, right? And that, that’s where it’s compartmentalization and how things are set up in that way. The cops don’t know. Dude, they’re doing their best, right? I believe really? They’re trying to do their best, Right? But they don’t have the knowledge we have. Have you seen howard Lichtman is the thick red line book and government, the biggest scam in history. No, uh, no, you don’t know Howard Lichtman. I know Howard Lichtman, but I don’t know.

I don’t know that book. Oh yeah, his two books are amazing. I like them. They sit on my coffee table, we’ll have to get those. But look, man, I’m running out of gas. I uh, this was amazing brother. Thank you for your time. Seriously? No, we’ll see you this weekend. We’re gonna come up. We got a lot to talk about. I just wanted to get you on. Thank you. We just support you and thank you for everything you do man. Thanks for standing up bro. Thank you brother. Likewise.

And uh, let’s hold the faith, hold the line, hold the faith. We’re gonna make it Heaven on Earth will be realized. I’m already realizing it’s here, look at now, I’m out here in Sedona, man, please. Amazing. It’s just amazing. It’s gorgeous. Right? I know, I know I love this state. Arizona is great, man. Yeah, that’s just amazing. Okay brother, you have a great, you have a great day, are you too? Thanks a lot. Troy. I appreciate your time brother by. Okay. Much love. Let’s love cheers, I’m not sure.

Mm hmm. Yeah. Mm.

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