November 10, 2021

What Are You Outsourcing?

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Jeff Witzeman is in San Diego, California doing amazing freedom things. His primary focus is being the President of Health Freedom For Humanity crew which is an amazing organization of doctors, lawyers and activists. Also a filmmaker, his most recent film, Beliefs and Stories, was inspired by his wife’s cancer healing journey.

Show Notes

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of any way as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together. I’m your host Bradley freedom and I’m absolutely honored to be on this journey with you. Today’s guest is Jeff Weitzman. That’s right, Jeff Weitzman is on the show and uh man, what an amazing dude.

Jeff Weitzman is in san Diego California, doing amazing freedom things. His primary focus is being the president of the Health Freedom for Humanity crew, which is an amazing organization. If you haven’t heard of them. Uh doctors, lawyers, activists. Uh also Jeff is a filmmaker, his most recent film beliefs and stories was inspired by his wife’s cancer healing journey. What an amazing talk. And I really hope you enjoy it. Also, if you haven’t heard we now officially RAPMA and you should head over to the freedom people. org and sign up as a contributing member.

You can contribute for as little as $0 per month for those of you who can’t contribute anymore. We want to make sure that everybody has privacy as a basic people write a man and woman should have their privacy. So head on over there to the freedom people dot org and be part of the solution and the new economy today. Come on, let’s go. Mhm. Mhm. Mhm. Yeah, yeah, I’m sorry brad. How long have you been podcasting? No this particular podcast. Freedom people. Oh the freedom people. Well yeah it’s just all in one and the same.

I’m not a podcaster by any means, I’m just to do uh software engineer by trade I guess. Uh Yeah I do all kinds of different things I guess. But this is this was just born out of necessity. Um So the podcast we started in january january, something like that. Nice. And where you guys located? We’re in Tempe Arizona. I love it. I used to live there where you at? I’m in san Diego California. I love san Diego man. Yeah I used to live there as well. Yeah, a long time ago.

But yeah I was in the military, I was in the marines and so when I was 17 I 18 when I just turned 18 actually I moved out to san Diego and I was stationed there at camp Pendleton but I went to boot camp right there and all that. Yeah and then afterwards of course stayed there. I went back and forth. I’ve been there. I love California. I loved California. I I I left san Francisco in 2020 13 again. I’m in the software so big into computers and software, stuff like that.

So obviously up there it’s pretty big and then I um been left there in 2012 2013 2012 came back to Arizona because I’m into start ups and it was it just got too unmanageable for cost anyway. Up there. It was, it just got pretty out of control as far as uh well brad I think actually san Diego is different from the rest of California. Absolutely. Yeah. I think we’re going to take the city back. I love it man. Can we talk more about that please? Oh, before we get too much into it man, Jeff, can you please just tell everybody?

Uh yeah, who you are and kind of uh what you do at the moment? Yeah, yeah. I do a lot of things brad. I’m the president for health, freedom for humanity. I joined them about a year ago and it’s the most exciting group of people because it’s doctors, lawyers, activists and everybody has this um, there’s just no ego, I don’t know about you, but I have never been a part of a group of people that just don’t care about whether they make money or not. They just don’t care what other people think of them.

They’re going to speak the truth and they’re going to go after who’s ever trying to stop them from that no matter what I mean. It’s it’s so exciting. So there’s that and then I’m a filmmaker, I make documentary films and the film that I just released in july is called beliefs and stories and it’s about all the emotional spiritual issues that are underneath disease and the backstory on that is my wife got cancer. She healed it naturally in Germany in 30 days it was amazing. And then like fast forward five years the cancer came roaring back and it took her life in about three months and as she was leaving this earth, you know we had that conversation about her emotional issues that were causing her all the toxicity inside of her and she just couldn’t figure out how to unhook from her childhood drama.

And so I made it a mission and I feel like she helped me from beyond the grave. I made it a mission to find an answer to that question which is how do you unhook from childhood trauma so that you can then see your body, you know can be what it’s meant to be to heal. So um that film just came out in july and people are loving it. It’s it’s a it’s a question people have had for years is like if we if our health is related to body mind and spirit, why do we have a whole industry that’s just devoted to poisoning the body?

Like mind and spirit. Right? Right. Actually actually poison all three all of it. Yeah, yeah, bombardment man. Yeah, yeah. So uh awesome. So that’s that’s pretty much what I’ve been working on, I do some other stuff too, but that’s the primary focus right now. Beautiful. Yeah, we we love the health freedom for humanity, people Alex said Ollie, his mom like we’ve been following her for well you know 2020 was again was was was the match that kind of just lit the fire under everybody and and then you start which was a beautiful thing, right?

And 20 twenty’s obviously was a necessity and it’s um there’s a lot of good things that are coming from it and now I’m not talking about the you know anal swab guys and all of them within their great reset. What I’m saying is that all of us freedom people have really started to come together now. We’ve created all these networks um in record time, look look what’s happening and I mean I more and more and more so now than ever I’ve found my tribe and again because of this this crisis if you will right this well and again when people want to start to infringe and start locking you down and doing these weird things like that was like wow man.

And so so yeah, it’s a beautiful thing that we’re all here and I really appreciate you taking this time because that that’s really cool. I didn’t even know that you were the president of health freedom for humanity. We really support all that they do. Absolutely, man. Yeah. They asked me to be a part of it, largely because of um what happened for me last spring with her relation to sprouts, have you heard anything about that? Oh yeah, no that’s actually when I first when I first saw you.

Yeah so Yeah. Yes. Well please please can you tell everyone though I I yeah please you know um I handled the whole tyranny very badly at first and I was throwing f bombs and I just couldn’t figure out how anybody could deprive me of organic fruits and vegetables. I just I felt like that’s the line and and why am I not able to figure this out? You know Because at first I would go in the store shop and then go to the checkout line and the manager would come there and he would say yeah either you wear a mask or were not checking you out.

And I was like oh shoot you know I don’t know what to do I guess I’ll have to leave. And then one day I heard about this law on the books. 21 U. S. Code 3 60 DB three. That says that no emergency use device can be mandated that we all have informed consent in the option to refuse. And the emergency use devices right now the mask, the pcR test and the vaccine. They’re all still experimental. There’s no long term safety studies. So the only question for me then brad was um how do I get past the goon at the checkout stand?

Right. And what I realized was that you can actually pay cash for items and then it doesn’t matter if they check you out or not. You just leave the cash just drop it. Yeah, as long as it’s enough, right? Yeah. And and shop shopping areas or places of public accommodation. So if they try to pull that stunt where they say we’re a private organization so we can do whatever we want. It’s like, well, no, you’re not open for public accommodation. Exactly. So once I was armed with the knowledge that there’s a law saying I don’t have to wear a mask.

And once I was armed with the knowledge that I don’t need the checkout girl, you know, then it was just a matter of finding the right attitude and for me, um you know, I didn’t want to go to a place of love. I wanted to go to a place of anger and revenge. But I realized that if I’m going to pull this off and be blameless in the process and look good for the freedom fighters around the world, I’ve got to do this from a place of love.

So that was the final piece of the puzzle for me. And what love looks like to me is MR manager who’s in my face right now telling me what I can and cannot do with my body. I recognize that you’re in a place of darkness and you really don’t know what’s possible. I love you for that. I honor you, but I don’t need your permission to do what I’m going to do. So I’m going to just go ahead and live my life and if you have a problem with it, you know, that’s up to you, whatever you want to do.

Once I got in that space, then it was game over. And so the first thing they did sprouts was they called the police, the police gave me a ticket for trespassing, but then the district attorney dropped the charges because they don’t want to be dealing with, you know, trespassing charges. So I just would go right back into sprouts and by the way, I would film the whole thing and then put the film up on youtube and instagram and facebook and and after the third time of going back in there and you know, just the same thing over and over the ceo for sprouts made a public announcement saying no more mask mandates for any shoppers anywhere in the United States.

And I think for a lot of us we were dumbfounded like, wait, what does one person really have that kind of power? And you know, obviously I’m not the only person that was doing this, but there was something about my videos that was really going viral and they were like, oh my God, we have to nip this in the bud. And so that was the choices they made and so Alex ac after mhm I was like, you know, we have all these groups around Children’s health defense, all these other freedom groups, all these attorneys suing and he goes, Jeff has just accomplished this one guy has accomplished more than all these lawyers have accomplished in the last year.

And so that’s that’s when Alex said, OK, Jeff, rather than you just being a board member. I want you to be president. And since that time, that’s really been my focus and health, freedom for humanity is helping people stand up for their rights, knowing how to work through the employers and schools that are doing all these mandates right now. So that’s kind of been my focus, man. That’s beautiful. That’s such a beautiful, wonderful story, man. That’s that’s uh so many references there you can think of like David and Goliath and all that.

But I mean really it is it’s it’s just us one single person one and that’s a funny word. One people, one man can stand up in the face of the tyranny and break it like that and seriously break it because it holds no water. All of their all of these mandates right there. It’s it’s a funny thing where you get this mandate? What is a mandate, right? And where does that even come from? And who who says a mandate can override my my freedom, right? It’s very weird.

But uh man beautiful. And that’s so yes, and I love that. And I didn’t even know that it went that far as far as the eye. I just loved anybody at the moment and I saw you as it’s got to be over a year ago now. Um, but it was standing up for their rights because everybody else just seemed to be blindly complying. No problem. Well, I think of think about this too, if we extended this out, the whole peaceful loving protest thing, you know, students could go to school without a mask and there are some cases where they’ve done it, where they just go, you know what, we’re going to live our lives, how we see fit and we don’t need your permission not to wear a mask.

Students, you know, schools, they could do nothing. What are the police gonna arrest? It’s no, the schools, the schools have to have the kids in their seats in order to make money to get their money to get their money. And that’s what this is all about by the way. Yeah. So why don’t we just have the kids going to school without a mask and go to their seats? Absolutely. It can be done. And that’s where it’s just peaceful non compliance. And that’s, that’s it. It’s, it’s really that simple if we can get the masses to just that and what I’ve kind of, or we, I guess here, the freedom people were kind of running into, it’s more of a mental thing, right?

And it’s, it’s changing that, that mentality of a slave mindset to a free mindset and not everybody has that, right? And it’s kind of, again, interesting to see what 2020 brought up and who, who landed where right I had so many friends and people that I knew and so many different circles across so many different verticals, right? All the way from, you know, technology to freedom fighters, marines, you know, all this stuff. I was military. So, so, and you, you just see, I mean, um, I was surprised pleasantly and unpleasantly, I guess on both sides of the fence, Right?

But that’s the beautiful thing is here we are and us freedom fighters. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something innately in us that just says, no, you know, some of us, not, some of us just say, okay, no problem. I’ll put that on and they don’t even think about it in the sense that, that they’re, they’re being told to do this. You know what I mean? It’s like, who are you to say that? That’s okay. You know, I, I don’t know. Um, it’s, it’s a very odd thing.

But again, man, I just have so much respect for you. Uh, anybody again standing up, but someone, so, uh, yeah, and you, you, you had some clout to, you have something to lose. Right? And so it’s just like, um, I mean, we all do, I guess on some level, right? We all feel that, that, that fear. Um, but somebody that can stand in the face of the fear is just a hero in my book. So yeah, again, man, thank you for all of that and everything you’re doing.

Thank you brad. And you know, the number of people were so terrified by that whole situation in the grocery store doors. And for me to have my camera and to be filming it and to be peaceful and loving and to have the law and just hand them the law in writing and just be able to have a conversation with them. You know, For me it was so fun. I just kept going to more and more stores, right? So I went to Home Depot. I went to whole foods.

I went to IKEa I think my favorite shopping adventure was at Ikea. Well I gave the woman the law right? And she said, well, we’re a private store so we can do what we want. And I said actually you’re a place of public accommodation. So you actually do have to follow the law. So now I just want to ask you, do you want now that, you know the law, do you want to abide by the law or do you want to break the law? And she takes a moment to thank and she goes, we’re a private store so we can do whatever we want.

I mean, she didn’t get it, but I got it on film. I got it on film. Right? Beautiful. Yeah, it’s just it was so fun. Yeah, it’s uh it’s interesting to see that as a cognitive dissonance is that I’m not really sure. It’s people, maybe it’s just the breeding of, of, of compliance, you know, it’s just the indoctrination of compliance over many generations that people there, well, this is what I was told to do. So I just do it. Um, and I don’t have another answer. I can’t really think outside of that, that little little square thing that I’m in.

So, uh, and I’ll just repeat myself, right? And it can be infuriating. I know, and I’m saying with you kind of thing where, yeah, there was times when I was just like still, I’m just, I see somebody driving in a car all by themselves with the mascot and I’m just like, dude, the amount of control that they have to think about, that man, wow, wow, exquisitely done. I say that often and I mean, you know, you gotta know thy enemy or whatever. No, the other side whatever, But just like, wow, exquisitely done.

Like to be able to, to do that to have control of somebody where they’re in their own private, you know, car driving by themselves and they still believe that they have to put this face diaper on where 70%. So I don’t know if, you know dan brule is, but he’s a breath coach, right? He’s a breathing guy. He’s actually Tony Robbins breath coach. He put out a book called just breathe. I’ve been reading this book and uh, But he 70% of all biological waste comes out through your breath. Right?

That’s why they do, that’s why they do a Breathalyzer. So, right, when you’re when you get pulled over, right? Because your your lungs is the second large or is the number one experience of of bio Waste in your on your body? Right. Yeah. So that’s why your mouth is dirtier than your butt. And people don’t really understand when you say that, but 70% of your biological waste comes out through the breath. Right? And so what’s the first thing they did is they got you to put this nasty little wet thing that’s going to catch all of that bad stuff.

My sister now has she caught valley fever. It’s a it’s a it’s a bacterial infection. Right? But that’s what we’re seeing now is a lot of these respiratory, it’s bacterial right there. Like it’s the virus. No, it’s not. It’s bacterial you’re what you’re doing is you’re catching all your nasty stuff and then all you’re doing is breathing in and out and in and out in and out. So it doesn’t take a genius to I mean, even if you didn’t know that whole fact of 70% of biological waste coming out to your breath, you just can’t understand that my body is trying to cough things out or get things out and I’m gonna catch that and then keep breathing it in just doesn’t seem like the most at least to me, Right?

But again, I have this thing this disease where I think so I I don’t know how well and brad you know what’s interesting about masks as I was just working with the America’s frontline doctors and filming them And they pointed out to me that we actually have 50 years of studies on masks and we’ve never done masks before because it’s widely known that masks are completely inefficient at dealing with viruses or bacteria. So what we’re just gonna bury 50 years of studies for the sake of this one Tv doctor named Fauci who’s got a napoleon complex.

That guy Oh man yeah that guy that guy that guy the aids you remember the aids that but that I do and I’m not you know I I was I was small but what I remember was the fearmongering and it was the same thing and when as soon as this went down and I saw Fauci on tv again saying something man It did this trigger in me and I was just like put me back into like a kid in the 80s watching the fear right? And we had to be afraid of the gay people and the black people.

Do you remember? Yeah and it was this fear thing around like it was Fauci at the center of it. It’s like here we are again right man. He really yeah he really perfected his whole stick and now there’s a documentary on Fauci by National Geographic where they’re praising him and they have his daughter uh being interviewed and she’s like what a lot of people don’t know about my dad is. He’s really fun and he’s goofy and you know they’re presenting him out to be like one of these ST Fauci.

Yeah, he’s saying Fauci man. Yeah, he’s the guy, he’s the guy. Unbelievable. It is unbelievable the whole thing and and what you were just like hitting on. It’s not just those small parts, it seems to be the small parts I say, but it’s Everything has been thrown out the window. All logic, right? Not just 50 years of mass studies but like basic human decency. Um Nurenberg, I didn’t understand that. People didn’t know what the Nuremberg man like. Most people I talked to him like hello Nuremberg, they’re like what’s that?

I’m like yo what are you what like okay, but they know what the holocaust is but they didn’t know right that there is any sort of like anything after any outcome of of those horrible things and it’s like it’s happening again. Uh man and I as I guess it’s just again must be the indoctrination system versus an education system interesting. Um I think that they did a really good job of dumbing us all down in the last five years with netflix with cell phones and with a controlled media that has the ability to all say the same thing.

So they literally took away all the other voices and um you know, I just what I love about, you know, the television and the way it’s fooled us all is when I initially talked to people and said that um you know, this is a big scam and and this, my friend said or are you telling me that all the doctors are in on this? Come on, not all the doctors are in on this. And I asked him, I said, what do you think this is Grey’s Anatomy?

Like are you, are you watching tv to get your idea of doctors? Because the doctors, I know all have to do what they’re told, otherwise they lose their license. So when you ask me the question, do I think all the doctors are in on this? Yes, because they have to be, that’s the way business works. Like, what planet are you living on? But then I don’t think people understand that it’s there all for profit corporations. It’s and I think um maybe it’s hard for people to kind of, I believe that people would, or that the corporations would put profits over people, you know what I mean?

It’s but but when you understand that it’s the main fiduciary responsibility, they’re legally bound. It’s and that’s where it is back, even with your state, your state is a for profit corporation, right? The state of what state are you in. Again, I’m in California, California, that’s right, yeah SAn Diego, the state of California? State of California is a for profit corporation. The city of san Diego, a for profit corporation. So once you kind of cps, child protective services for profit corporations, once we start to really get that through our heads, then it starts to make everything else more more understandable. Right?

And that’s where that there seems to be this massive un ability to understand that these pharmaceutical companies are acting in their best interest. That’s all that’s happening right now. That’s what is going on on a massive scale. Right? And brad. I think people like my family members think that there is a regulatory agency that watches over everything and acts as a referee. What they don’t understand is that the referee is getting paid by one of the shareholders. Yeah. Right. Right. So, it would, it would be as if, you know, the Super Bowl, uh, you know, it would be as if the new England patriots were paying the referee.

And so obviously the referee’s gonna rule in favor of the new England patriots. It’s just, but people don’t understand that there is no regulatory agency. It’s, it’s one big scam. Absolutely, yeah, wow. So, so kind of, um, is what, what puts you on, I mean, because you obviously have some level of under of comprehension of the difference between private, public corporations versus us, as people were not the same. What do you know, what kind of puts you into that? Was that this whole experience and you happen to go down this road or have you been like this for a while?

Yeah. So six years ago when my wife was diagnosed with cancer, the doctor said, we’re going to have to remove her bladder cutter vagina and half give her chemo and radiation. I mean it was so obviously bizarre and twisted. It was like, yeah, no, we’re not doing that. Were you kidding? And so we went to Germany and treated naturally and she was healed in 30 days. And so then when I came back and tried to share this information, I wrote an article, the article went viral. That was great.

But then these film crews came to me and said, let’s make a film about it. But then within 30 days they all retreated because they realized you can’t make a movie about pharma, you know, trying to kill people because they pay all of our checks. That was that was the awakening number one. Right. And then awakening number two was after I made my first film, cancer can be killed. Parents said, Why is my child being forced into 2-4 years of Chemo when they’re already in remission from cancer.

And if we tell the doctors, we don’t want to do it, They call CPS and CPS takes our kids from us. And so we made a film about standing up to that process. And the way we stood up was the doctors, we called their bluff. The doctors would call cps, Cps would come to the door and the parents would say, here’s the data on what happens to kids who do long term chemo, they die or they’re maimed for life. Now, if you want to take on the liability of my child being injured, sign on the dotted line and CPS cps conditional acceptance, dude, conditional acceptance.

That’s a great way to go. Awesome. And so, and so as a result of that film, we started saving hundreds of Children’s lives. And then that’s when the government got got really upset and they had adam Schiff my congressman right. A very publicly letter to Jeff Bezos saying, what are you doing to control the medically inaccurate information on your site. And that day, both of my films were pulled from amazon prime and a number of hit pieces came out in wired magazine, NBC News and the Daily Mail saying Jeff Weitzman is profiting off of misinformation.

Now, mind you, there was nothing medically inaccurate as I interviewed doctors for both of those films. So that was the awakening number two. Where it was like, oh wow, okay, this whole public thing that we’re in is not a safe place for any of us to be. I’ve got to find some other space. So then when I started finding about these attorneys who were operating in the private sector, totally protected walled off by these things called a private membership association or private based organization. I ran into a doctor in Utah who was using frequencies to heal disease and the health department came into his office and said, we’re shutting you down for practicing medicine without a license.

And he goes, I’m not sure if you want to do that. Because did you see the sign on the door that said, we’re a private membership association. You’re trespassing right now? And the guy said, yeah, that’s not a thing. And he goes, I’m just, I’m just telling you, he told the guy, I can freeze your assets and I can have you removed from your job. Are you sure you want to do this? And the Health Department guy was like, you’re nothing to me. Within a week. That guy was out on the streets.

He lost his job and his assets were frozen for 30 days. So when I heard that, right, It’s like, okay, yeah man, these people have no power over us, right? And if that isn’t the greatest feeling in life to feel like nobody has any power over me. Uh, that’s when I got addicted. And so I’ve been on the path since then, how do I get more private. How do I pull myself out of the Matrix and be in control of my space? I don’t want to go after the government and take them down.

I’m a peaceful man. But if they’re, if they’re going to cross my line in the sand. that’s where I’m going to defend it. Amen, man. Let’s do. That’s awesome. I had no idea. That’s because that’s what we do. We we help people set up P. M. S. P. H. Or one of the things we do, we there’s a lot of stuff but we’re the freedom, right? And that’s because it’s it’s so many levels, right? There’s so many levels to this. Like it is uh once you write and the more the more, you know, right, the more you kind of go into the uh and I use the analogy of seeing the fibers or the weave of the matrix.

So much fun. You just see finer and finer and finer, right? And it’s like, well, okay, and you’re trying to trying to make your trying to weave your way out of this web, right? And so you’re just trying to get through it and there’s all these things and more and more and just like and that’s amazing that you found somebody that was doing that, right and thank you for coming on and saying that because that actually, yes, because a lot it’s it’s hard for it. I mean it’s hard for anybody.

It was hard for me. Um I mean, and I’ve been on this for 20 years, right? But it’s still hard for people to really comprehend that fact that they have it’s because we have been giving them permission the whole time. We have been acquiescing we have tacit agreement by not saying no, you’re saying yes. And so uh yeah, that’s a beautiful thing, I love that story. Um because that just really highlights what we’ve been saying, that there is a very stark difference between lawful and legal, public private.

It’s it’s weird. Um I was I was at a seminar, a law seminar um in northern California and I was filming this really great guy with private estate trust dot org. His name is robert Michael and he has a partner, he has a partner who’s actually an attorney. And so the two of them are working together to do whatever they can to protect people. Um and so uh you know in this, in this thing in northern California, um he spoke for like eight hours, you know, and he just scratched the surface because there’s so much to this stuff, but he went into things like changing our status and um and then once we change our status, then we change our businesses that we can protect ourselves through trust.

You know, and there’s different kinds of trust and it’s such a rabbit hole. But if you try not to take it on all at once, if you just allow yourself to grow into this day by day, you can get it, you can get the information you need. Absolutely, but I just tell people, hey man, hang in there, hang in there, this is just get a little bit, a little chunk and it’ll make sense eventually. But at first it’s going to sound so weird because we were never taught any of this stuff, you know, we we don’t know how to protect ourselves or that we are in a slave system, right?

So we need the protecting, we don’t know right? And that’s that’s the first basic thing is, is to even know that you’re stuck in this right? Like you don’t even know there’s another jurisdiction you don’t know, right? And that’s and that’s the first and like you’re saying that I use the analogy of of consciousness, it’s it’s like you’re we’re just it’s consciousness, we’re waking up right? This is the great awakening. Not the great reset but the great awakening and we’re waking up and it’s consciousness, you can’t really rush consciousness.

You can’t rush it too much. It comes to you as it comes right and it’s just you don’t know what you don’t know. And if you try and think about it too, it is very daunting and it can get it gets overwhelming. I mean the amount of information. Um and the things that you have to change the words in your vocabulary. You know, we had, you know if you’ve ever read the book, it’s called word magic. Um but how chang he came on our podcast a while back.

But it’s all about words and and these, these words and you start to comprehend even that word understand, I just wanted to say that right now. But I’m eradicating that from my vocabulary because that’s a statutory term that they use to get you to be under their jurisdiction. No, I do not understand you. We created you, you did not create us. It’s that it’s it’s gotten so backwards right? The mirror image and so and what I wanted to show you with you was the day after I came back from this law seminar, um I was walking my dog on the beach and the police pulled up to write me a ticket for walking my dog on the beach.

And I thought I knew the lingo because what I told him was I said well I’ve done nothing unlawful and I don’t have counsel present, so I’m not going to engage with you any further. And he said oh that’s fine, I’ll throw handcuffs on you and throw you in prison. I said well you actually can’t do that. But I’m willing to listen, go ahead and explain to me your reasoning on why you think you can do that. And he was with another cop there and they explained to me whatever you know their thing was And I said I’ll tell you what um it’s not going to harm me if you write that ticket because I know what to do with tickets.

Uh and those in 72 hours, you just send them right back, declined to contract or or accepted for value and return for value. And here’s, here’s the amount that you collect and then you put your birth certificate number on there and you say go ahead and collect it from the entity that is, you know, in my case Jeffrey, Alan Weitzman in all capital letters. Yeah, vessel And that’s it. I’m not, you don’t have to pay any anything like that. So I didn’t care if he wrote me the ticket.

So I just let him write, write me the ticket. But it was interesting to have that conversation and you talk about wording. That’s when I realized I still have to learn more on the warning. Yeah. Words. It’s just communicate with cops. It’s tough. It’s, it’s all conditional acceptance. You know what I mean? Hey, you do this. You say I’ll absolutely do this if you do this right? Because now, because again, it gets weird. But by refusing that can be seen as an act of violence, right? I know it gets weird, but by refusing something that’s, that’s, that’s aggressive.

That can be considered considered aggressive. But if you conditionally accept, like you were saying before with the Cps, those people, that’s what they did is they said. Sure. Hey, absolutely. But here’s all the things you’ve got to prove to me, all of these things, you know, before I’ll do that here and then there. They’ll never do that right. Especially if you’re trying to hold someone accountable personally accountable and that because they think that they’re all protected by this stuff, but they’re not, they’re not, you can hold your public official personally responsible like that cop whoever for whatever, um trespass that they put on your property, right?

And that’s a trespass on your property. Hey. And if they put it, that’s assault battery, you can find them hundreds of thousands of dollars and collect on it. I know people who’ve done it so right. I’m sure you do too. So it’s it’s real well and and there’s there’s so much lawlessness going on right now. It’s absurd. And when you talk about this conditional acceptance, um, the beautiful thing that robert Michael does with his documents is that, you know, we serve people notice and when we serve them notice we say, okay, you know, I will accept the vaccine or I will accept the mask or the pcr test if you answer me these questions.

And then we have a list of questions like here’s the law and and how do you get around it? Um, there’s never been an isolated virus that is supposedly the problem of all of this. So only the isolated purified sequenced SARS covid two virus. Um, and then I’m willing to accept that. So you list all these things, they can’t answer them. And so you’ve got him, you got him dead to rights. And if there was a judge that would hear the case, which right now they’re not, then you could go to court and just, you know, hammer these people wrongfully terminating you or whatever.

And, and my hunch is that they’re going to crash the economy over the next few months. Things are gonna get crazy. And that’s what some judges are going to start losing their homes, they’re going to lose their vacation homes in the mountains and they’re going to be like, well, that’s not right. I’m going to have to start doing some things here to hear these cases and do some push back and then some of those judges get killed. But a number of those situations will actually pan out.

So it’s a temporary thing right now that we have just no recourse on a lot of this. But for me, it’s like, okay, fine, well, let’s just leave the system and create our own system. That’s better. And uh, you know, what do we have to lose? Amen brother. That’s what we’re doing. That’s what that was. Yeah, that’s that’s what I do. That’s what I’ve always done. That’s my my and that’s why I really, really, really was looking forward to this talk was what’s hearing you talk about the same sort of thing.

It’s like, Okay, well, guess what? Then we’ll just create our own and that’s what we’re 100% are doing is creating the counter economy. It’s like, fine, I’m not going to fight you at all at all. I’m not going to even give you any of my energy, You get zero I I pay you zero attention. And that’s another thing, paying attention. That’s where you that’s our human souls are what mean, everything. We are the gold, we are the surety. We are the underwriters of everything. That’s why it’s called a credit report, not a debit report.

You are the surety brad. You’re going to now become an educator, right? Because there’s going to be all these families that are going to want to join you and raising their kids. And it’s like we’re all going to become these teachers now and these kids are going to get access to information and skills that they never would have gotten in a public school. I mean, we’re going to teach them filmmaking, we’re gonna teach them gardening, we’re gonna teach them how to build greenhouses. It’s like, it’s like survivalist skills.

Every child is going to learn survival skills well. And I mean, how how did it get this way? Think about it. Like, I mean, how did we get so far away from a future away from nature, Right? It’s it’s if you think about the madness that they’ve got us in where we’re actually, instead of just living on the land and waking up every day, go and growing our vegetables, educating our own Children, right? And that’s the thing. We’ve outsourced all the major things. We’ve outsourced our health, our wealth, our education, all of everything.

Our men are the health is the big one. We educate that in our spirituality. Always outsourced, right? And those are the things that we we’ve been told in the bible and not to even be on a religious tip, but the bible is as a contract book says that it warns you of four things. Yeah. And it’s organized religions, it’s lawyers, these things. We’re talking about, your doctor never, never outsource these things. And that’s so important to bring those back to us, right? And and we we have to know those things for ourselves, right?

It’s such a weird thing. And again, once you start to be more and more free inside, you start to think about, well, how weird is it that I would even ask another being their opinion on my inner state. Right? Let me, let me ask you, you’re talking about outsourcing here, what do you still outsource for convenience or for whatever that you want to take back and you want to start doing my food, your food, my food. I mean, uh yeah, and right. And when you start to really think about it, I mean everything.

My electricity is out. The electricity in my home by water. The diapers for my freaking kid. I mean, what is an outsource, right? And it’s and I’m not to say that it’s a bad thing because we can produce and what we can do. And this is our objective, our main objective is to free the individual first, right? So we have a leah leah, it’s called leah to Liberty in action. It’s our soul retrieval system. And it’s it’s the documenting process to help you correct your status. Because if if you comprehend what we’re saying here is the first trespass.

The main trespass was the bondage, the birth certificate, you were registered, you were sold into slavery and bonded. And so what we teach people as first you got to correct that and then come back and claim your minor estate, right? That’s your C. S. U. V. Right? That’s the trust that’s in that you were talking hitting on a minute ago. So that’s the first thing, Free the free the individual. But then once you’re free as an individual, as we know, everything is an inside outward movement. Love is an inside job buddy, right?

It’s not don’t outsource your love either man, don’t outsource any of that stuff, but but that’s and that’s really what we and then we want to create your your family in your community, right? And then we want to bring it back to a county level. That’s our main objective. We’ve got these communities a k a small ghost towns that were looking to build out that there are these communities that will actually be the first prototypes of this, right? And this is something we’ve been working on for 10 years or something called the holistic development communities, but it’s in all of this and again, I never would have thought that we ended up where we are now, or to me even being on a podcast because that’s not really what what I wanted to do, I guess wanted to do this is out of necessity, just so that we can connect and try and balance the airwaves a little bit from all of the insane lies.

And it’s just it’s just, you know what I mean, the it’s it’s crazy how much they’ve got, as we said in the beginning of this, they own all the narrative. Well, I mean, except for what we’ve got here and until we can take back that narrative, it’s it’s but and that’s why we’re in the individual first, it has to be an inside out. We can’t go, you know, you’re not going to go up to CNN and say, hey, stop pushing misinformation, it’s just not gonna you’re not gonna go up to your slave master and say, hey, please stop making a slave’s just not gonna happen.

You’ve got to do it from the ground up and that’s really right, grassroots whatever you want to say. Yeah, you know, and for me, um you know, outsourcing entertainment has been a thing that I’ve been pulling back and you know, I just, I don’t have a netflix account, I don’t have an amazon prime account. Um I gotta get off my Gmail and I got to get proton mail. Um, google is a tough one in general, man, try and just get off all of Google. Good Lord. Absolutely.

It’s uh it’s just amazing how many of these pieces that we’re all pulling back and how long it takes, right. But with every day, with every time that we start taking that stuff back, it’s cool. You know, one of the things that we’re trying to do here in California is set up, ranches with Barnes and turning the barn into a place for entertainment so that we can have concerts there, theater, there gatherings and and everybody will have like their own in every town, there will be a place where there’s somebody who’s one of us who’s about freedom and you can find out where the concerts are, you know, just by going there and there will be a touring group of musicians and they will go to these places and we’ll feed them and care for them.

So I’m really excited about because man, I spent 30 years in Hollywood. I lived in L. A. and my first gig was an actor, then I was a singer songwriter, then I was a writer and then finally a filmmaker and I just moved from Los Angeles uh like two or three months ago and it’s a wasteland. And the problem that Hollywood has right now is they have no truth and when we were at the health freedom for humanity symposium last weekend in Kansas City we had a musician join us named jimmy Levy and jimmy has made a song with some other artists, One of the songs is called the Matrix and it’s one of the highest rated songs in America and you know the lyrics say we’re breaking the Matrix And you know the whole song is about how we’re taking back what’s ours now, Jimmy was offered $10 million Jimmy said um that they told him you can’t mention the word jesus and you can’t talk about freedom fighting.

And he said, well then what good is the $10 million? I have no interest in your $10 million And it’s really fun. There’s another guy here in san Diego named Will who’s also was so in the system making so much money and he’s just pushing it all back right now. And so, and then these guys are telling me, these artists are telling me Hollywood’s bankrupt, they don’t have the stories, they don’t have the music, they don’t have the writers and and that’s what we are going to offer. And so when we start providing these concerts with these people, everybody’s gonna see, oh that’s where the good ship is, let’s go over there dude, that’s awesome, that’s what I’m talking and it it and and that’s the beautiful thing is the more that that that uh you know, and I don’t, I mean it’s opposing forces, Third dimensional reality is what it is in in the end, whatever that opposing forces by them by nature, it’s kind of like I use the analogy of the ego, it’s just it’s eating itself by nature, by you becoming aware of the ego by yelling at you by nature, it’s going to end it, right, And so it’s sort of the same thing where it’s like, it’s just eating itself at this point, I mean, and the news, and I don’t know if you saw that joe Rogan thing where it was like to CNN doctor right, and then he went and just like they all doubled down, like we didn’t see the whole interview and there, it’s just it’s becoming unmanageable for it to even like yeah, it’s it’s imploding, it’s imploding, and then what’s going to come out of it is like you said like, the people like us who have been kind of already resolved through this for quite some time, but this wasn’t a big shock to, I mean, it was as far as like what, you know what I mean?

But but that we we weren’t like so in the system that we couldn’t separate ourselves to kind of make some sort of logical decisions early on to to do what we’re doing right, and that’s what’s kind of cool about all this is like, like with alec and you guys and everything everybody’s doing is it was like, okay, well obviously we know we got to create something new here, and you can’t back down, you cannot acquiesce, you cannot say, okay, you’re not going to acquiesce your way out of out of tyranny, you’re not just not going to do it.

You bring up, you bring up a really good point, which is they are going to eat themselves, They’re going to start blaming each other because they can’t get what they want. And then the masses are going to start saying enough is enough. And then that’s gonna accentuate them eating themselves and then everybody’s gonna be like, well then where are the real people at? And it’s like, well, here we are. We created this new world for you guys if you want to join us. But uh, but you got to give something up to get here, right?

You have to give up your dependency, you have to give up your notion of mommy daddy government that are going to take care of me. And if if you’re willing to do that and you want to work, hey man, come on, join us. Yeah. Yeah. Well, yeah, that’s, that’s an interesting I yeah, so I just saw a video this morning that, um, it was interest, so I don’t know if you know about the whole Blackrock vanguard thing. Yeah, they’re the top to share of like everything, everything. Right?

So the guy, I saw it this morning, the video came out really well done. But he said by 2027 or 2028 it’ll own, uh, I think 80% of the world’s goods or whatever, those two companies, right? If they’re not already, I don’t know how they’re not there, I guess. Uh 40 trillion or whatever the heck it is. Who knows? Point is is that that’s right in line with their whole 2030 agenda, right? I mean, this has been a book cross shop. This is a book and stuff. So not conspiracy theory stuff, you know, 10 4 masks already. 100%.

This is like, and that’s where it would fall right in line if if things are. But that’s what I’m also kind of, I like to think about is, well, even if they do, what are where the sureties? Remember where the value we are, the gold, this human soul is the power we create. Banks don’t create anything. And I think that that’s where when you when you sign, you are creating the value U Ur again, like we said, you’re the underwire, you’re the surety, you sign your name and they create, they use that to create things, right?

So once we right? And that that’s where I’m just kind of wondering, well, yeah, what, what really goes away with that? I mean, again, if the people are gonna jab themselves or do whatever and make unhealthy decisions or whatever is fine. That’s one thing. But really it’s that thing going away is we’re not losing anything, We’re gaining everything, we’re losing the parasite that sucks everything out of the life blood of the people, right? So it’s kind of like for for me now I’m not really seeing a bad thing to any of this.

Uh um, what is the control that they have? Like, what is this control? What do they really have? It’s a very small amount of people, right? That just seemed to have the narrative I guess. I guess they have the narrative belief, they have belief. People believe what they say. I mean and they have years of an ingrained way of doing things that a lot of people don’t know how to get out of Amen. Amen and what do they know that they need to write? And that’s again back to that level of awareness.

And I think about this a lot, it’s just everybody’s out where they’re at, right? I mean everybody like this stuff. We’re talking about the private. I have, I have friends who are super freedom fighters but then, I mean, especially law enforcement and stuff and you try and talk to him about this and dude, you’re talking about their livelihood. You know, I mean you talked to try and talk to a police and a policy enforcer, right? It’s right on their car. Their policy enforcers there there to enforce their revenue generation collectors.

That’s their job for a for profit corporation. And again, once you start to put it on your like, oh of course and then it actually knowledge is power and also knowledge is, is peace because now you’re like, okay, I’m not so irritated cause now I comprehend what they’re trying to do. I comprehend that that is their job. They don’t know to serve and protect the public means the corporations, not you, not you as a people, that’s not, you’re not the public, No uh corporations of the public.

So even that level of comprehension, you know, and and that’s where everybody’s at, where they’re at, man, they’re, they’re 100%, you know, against the mass and all this stuff. But then you tell them, well, you know, that also the policies that you’re enforcing as a police officer, that then that that’s where their cognitive dissonance starts. And it’s like, nope, I cannot accept that. And so it’s, you know, again, it’s consciousness and that’s where it’s more like trying to, it’s just water water is flowing and it gets to people as it gets to people.

It’s interesting, you mentioned the police because we have a few police that understand what’s going on, but it seems like the sheriffs are even coming quicker that the sheriffs are understanding their job is to uphold the constitution and now we have some counties in the United States that are calling themselves constitutional counter of county. Yeah, constitutional Sheriff. Yeah, same thing here in Arizona. Yeah. So we know where we have a constant because like we’ve tried to record our documents, right, man, we’ve been through so much, but like so like here in Maricopa county, which is the main county completely corrupt sheriff because that’s the first line of defense of the people is the sheriff.

That’s that’s the that’s the, that’s the sheriff not of the people, not of the corporations, right? Not the policy enforcers they’re supposed to be, but most of them are bought and paid for riverside sheriff, riverside county sheriff. He’s bought, he’s his, you know, salaries like 800 grand a month or a year. Sorry? You know what I mean? So it’s like, are you really going to like, you know, but there are like you were saying constitutional counties where these sheriffs like in this way we had to go to a constitutional county to record our documents because these unconstitutional counties are no longer accepting recording of documents.

And it’s like, oh my god, and I believe like what you’re saying so so so um robert Michael, right? And so he’s, I believe he’s here in uh not Sedona Solo. He’s here in Arizona believe yeah, after Arizona, yeah, we follow him. We love all his stuff again by the way, when I file my documents, I’m filing them in solo because there’s a great recorder up their county recorder that will, will file a document. It’s easy to get in. Um it’s just much easier that way. It’s very hard to file documents in California for the reason that you just mentioned, it’s hard to find a county that you can do it, right?

That’s how corrupt it is, man. And that’s the thing California is just so like you sir picked on so many levels, right? And again the money, the amount of money that is out there, but and that’s why I’m really interested to see kind of what happens with the collapse of the, of the money system, right? Is that the dollar has got to go at some point? And so these all these sheriffs that are making dollars, well, well now you’re not making anything. So I mean like now what now what?

Right, I’m really interested to see what’s gonna happen. Um and I get just uh super honored that you took the time to come on here. I know we’re getting close, but you know, to take to talk with us and everything that you’re doing, man. Um it’s brad wearing, we’re all in this together now, there’s no, there’s no hierarchy, there’s no nobody above anybody. Like we’re all in the same space. It’s like, it’s like if communism actually worked now, this is what we’ve got going on and now the communism that doesn’t work is all the stuff they’re pushing, right?

It’s like another version of what we used to know of Russia when we were growing up. Yeah. Well the CCP and that’s what I’ve been saying, I was like, man, this is like, it’s just communism. They’re pushing communism? It’s this Marxism, this new age, what do they call it? A democratic socialism? Did you hear that term going around, Right? And they’re just it’s uh it doesn’t even make sense. But that’s another thing is democracy or whatever mob rule never works. If it’s not good for the individual, it can’t be good for the whole, that doesn’t make sense right there, like well they’re like, we’ll do it because it’s good.

It my my you might lose your livelihood and your entire life, you can’t make a living for your family, but it’s good for the whole, that doesn’t make sense. If you think about it, right, If you don’t think about it, it makes perfect sense. Or if it makes dollars it makes sense. That’s our new T shirt designed by the way. But you know what I mean? If it makes dollars it makes sense because it’s not that it’s just man, we’re just like we’re in the we’re in the upside down world, but it’s okay because again, that’s where all the people who are still standing right up, we’re all meeting now and just sitting here able to have these conversations thank goodness still, which is great.

Um jab, man, Yeah, thank you and we are all in this together. Uh and that’s where in the beginning you started this with that, which is a beautiful thing, that okay, it’s not about ego or money? And that’s the thing we’ve said from the beginning, is that your doll hairs that you have in your pocket if there is no freedom, what do those mean? You know, what does it mean? What nothing you’re going to tell me how and where I can spend them. So what does it even mean?

Well and what’s crazy is in this new earth that we’re creating really dollars aren’t going to mean what they used to mean. We’re going to be sharing stuff with each other and I’m going to be giving you kale and you’re going to be giving me eggs or something. I mean, I don’t know what exactly were the ones who produce everything anyway, right? Like like you just go meet your chicken farmer guy over here and that’s what we’re doing locally and that’s what we encourage everyone to do, go down to your local try and like you were saying, what are you outsourcing?

Right, well, instead of outsourcing it to a a good first step is instead of outsourcing it to the grocery store, just go to your local farmers market and try and outsource your kale for the week, right? One thing or your eggs, whatever it is for that week, and then then go back the next week and do it again. We started doing it now we’re with our soap, right? So even our soap in our toothpaste and all that stuff we get from a local vendor, somebody who makes it here, you know what I mean?

And it’s like that kind of stuff if we can just take those little individually, right? And I think um well I know you’re gonna do a talk with Peggy Hall but this is um we’re involved with her quite a bit and everything. So we’re also creating these educations, pes private education associations were now we’re creating software platforms for all of this man. Like we’ve got this new thing called Learning outside the box that’s coming out pretty soon. It’s it’s it’s a it’s a we’re taking back our education, our health and our spirituality were to end our money.

We’re taking all our wealth, we’re taking it all back at our law. Our legal right? Because that’s how they’ve stolen everything from us is through this legal system. What’s amazing to about the law is that lawyers, their hands are tied behind their backs. They can’t even do what they want to do. And so even if they wanted to help you, they can’t, right. Yeah so um I mean uh it is tricky but we can even take our law back um that that there’s a lot to explore there.

That’s a rabbit hole, man. Like I’ll send you a pdf of this thing, it’s called the it’s an overview of the C. S. U. V. Or something and it’s just once you hypothetic ation of your labor and how how it always done and you’re just the Vatican who’s the executor of all the souls. It’s just you’re just like whoa whoa, whoa right? And again like I said, I’ve been on this for about 20 years trying to figure out how to get out of my cage. But none of this was even 2020 man. 2020.

Was this like huge information? Floodgates just opened? Well, you know, the way the law relates for me is as we all pull out of the Matrix and we all have our private entities and we’re together. That’s when we can say, hey, you know, this stuff you’re spraying in the skies, this aluminum that you’re dropping down on us. You can’t do that because we’re a nation. We’re noncitizen nationals. And now you were like, you’re, you’re harming a foreign country and you’re committing acts of war. So now, um what do you want to do about that stuff?

You’re spraying in the skies. That’s power. That’s how our we’re going to get to. Yeah, absolutely, man. Have you ever heard of Christopher James? I don’t know if you’ve heard of him? He was on our podcast not too long ago. He’s up in Canada, but that’s what he’s really trying to get people around, um, going down to their court and just collapsing the whole thing by making them prove that Covid exists, right, Right? It’s that same sort of thing. But it’s it’s um, he’s yeah, he’s correct.

He’s very interesting, man. He’s Yeah, man. I would definitely check him out because all this stuff is so much fun, right? I mean, it’s it’s daunting and scary. But it’s adventure. It’s really exciting to be on this like adventure with all these people, right people. I don’t even really know now we’re like knowing each other and it’s so exciting man. Yeah, I know there’s remember remember in the old days when we used to judge each other on who was cool and who wasn’t cool and we had all these problems with each other.

And now it’s like, I don’t see differences anymore. I don’t see ego. I just feel love. I feel excitement. The adventure every day is an adventure. I mean it’s it’s just wild how much life has changed in the last year. Dude, like uh it’s beautiful. It’s gorgeous. So so hey, I know we got to go. But before we do, can you like explain to everybody how to find you? I really would love to know about all your films. I love your website by the way. It’s beautifully done.

Thank you first. I want to tell people about if they go to www dot health freedom for humanity dot org. And if they go to the page that says newsletters, I write the newsletter every week and it’s a it’s a labor of love and it’s really just documenting what we are doing every single week. It’s really exciting. So they can find me on health freedom for humanity dot org. And then also beliefs and stories dot com. That’s beliefs and stories dot com. That’s where all my films are listed.

And they can see if any of those on their appeal to them. Beautiful. Beautiful. Yeah. You’re works amazing. And again, honored, thank you Jeff so much. I would love to stay in contact which we will and we’ll kind of uh explore this journey of awakening together, right? This consciousness, we’re waking up to become an adult. And you know what’s funny? That’s what we’re talking about, going and claiming your minor estate. You know what’s called your minor estate because you never came back. You’re still a minor in the eyes of the state.

How about that, wow. Yeah. Well now we’re in control of it. Yeah, we’re taking it back. Taking it back awesome, Jeff. Thanks brother. Have a great one, man. Thank you bread. Alright, by now. All right, bye. Yeah.

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