Show Notes

int’l documentary on Covid saga. 

James’ catalyst for the film – 3-days into everything – the term “lockdown” made no sense and he saw this an an “economic takedown measure” 


Why would you lockdown a country over a virus?


James’ looked at Scientific research/literature and found 2 or 3 epidemiologists mentioning lockdowns and they said “never do this” – you’ll implode your economy! You’ll cause all kinds of sickness and death by poverty. 


James mentions – 

Central Banking & Political Theatrics

Police Action to stop the flu ?? 

How quickly vaxx passport commercials/promo videos appeared after the announcement of the lockdowns


A few topics covered in his film: What is government, What is Freedom, What is liberty?  Are you a slave? 

How paying taxes is equivalent to us paying to be enslaved. 


Brad drops some knowledge on how our birth certificates are bonds, and a form of enslavement. 

United States is a for-profit corporation registered in Washington D.C..  Washington D.C. is a territory of Britain! 


LAW – land air water, which are the different jurisdictions.. 

The BAR – British Accreditation Registry 

Courts are Banks in place to collect revenue for the US corporation.


James shares how he filmed almost 100% of the film by himself. 


John Tompkins, Michael Bloomberg, “The Good Club”  depopulation, GABI,  Bill Gates and how the jab may cause infertility. 


Brad shares how Creating a Counter-Economy is the remedy, the solution!  


James discusses globalization, how the world economy is one large trading block, how it’s advancing to restricting movement of people, social credit systems and more. 


“We’re already living in a world government, we just think we’re living in different countries.” 


All the governments are saying the exact same thing, at the same time


Brad goes back to the BANKsters and how it relates to Hitler, Germany, and how all wars are BANK wars. 


They are “Robotizing the Humans”


Tune into learn the most bizarre thing he has heard during all this – “brain machine interfaces” – how does this tie into what is going on? 


Technocracy, digital IDs and more. 


When do the lies stop?  

The government has gotten away so much. We have to hold them accountable. 


Tune in to find out the solution James offers to get through these times! 


James and Brad get into a little bit of conversation about science and the mass decentralization of everything! 


Brad says the scariest thing he heard Fauci say was “The science is settled”

Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today's fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms. All the freedoms that we can think of anyway, as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I'm your host, Bradley Freedom. And today's guest is James Patrick. James is the director of Planet Lockdown, the documentary, an interview series with a background in economics and investigations. He was in Madrid working on a PhD Actually on banking reform.

When the global lockdown struck in March of 2020, he immediately sprung into action. He knew something dark was afoot. Uh he knew he had to do something about it or forever regret it. Uh he set out to produce a documentary to discover the truth and interviewed scientists. Doctors, heads of state epidemiologist over a span of 18 months and released the film in 10 languages in January of 2022 is the only international documentary on the subject to date. And I can tell you from experience watching it is freaking amazing. We had a great talk and I'm excited for you to get into this.

But before you do what I need you to do is run on over to the Freedom People dot org and sign up to become a contributing member. Also, we have P. M. A business services. We've got private services for the individual man or woman so that we can get you out of the public and into the private that's what we do here at the freedom people, head on over again. The freedom people dot org Come on. Let's go. Mm hmm. Yeah. Mhm Yeah. Yeah. Mm hmm Thank you.

What do you think it's spot on man? I mean um yeah like everybody that you had in there um spot on its spot on everything that's going on. Um Yeah, were we were So in the late 90s I was in the military, I was in the marines and uh in 97 is when I kind of woke up to the, the fact that CNN was lying to us and so that for me back then in the nineties like kind of broke the whole, my whole existence right here I am, you know 17 18 year old kid in the marines believing that I'm there to fight for freedom.

But if if we all comprehend really it's fighting for freedom is like looking for virginity right doesn't really make a lot of sense. We want freedom, we gotta live freedom and the freedom right and create that freedom. We don't fight for freedom. So yeah, so back then I woke up to a little factor but then it was, we were trying to start our own currencies in the early two thousands, you know silver we had, we were talking to native american communities etcetera etcetera Anyway now here we are in 2020 was was was the catalyst which you know I find I I feel that that 2020 was a big deal for us.

Um it was it was a blessing and not in a in a morbid way, but like, this is what has woken people up to what what waking people up to what's actually going on because this isn't new. It's not like this just fucking happened overnight, man. Right? As we all know, this has been a slow steady. That's why I always tell people, you still take your shoes off when you go to the airport, but nobody even remembers why, Right? You can't even go. But that was 2020 or right from 2000 and uh One right 9-11, that was from them because oh, the terrorists, but nobody, you never get those freedoms back.

Anyway, I digress. So I just think that your film is amazing and it hits all the points that I mean yeah, that's yeah, it's amazing. I made it, it's like an educational resource to kind of for get the get the best quality people and get them hitting all the, all the main points. But without, I mean, it's still it's it's not it's it's like an introductory piece, I think, you know, introduce people to the issues and like, so you can you can show it to the middle of the middle of the road people or the to kind of introduce the topic and I think and people that are awake.

Two things. It gives them some hope to not feel alone. Like, one guy emailed me like five days ago from Madrid and he was like, you know, I'm so depressed. He's like, do you have do you have a spanish version? And I said I sent him the spanish version and then he was like, oh he's emailed the next day and he's like I cried watching it. I just felt so alone this whole time and now No, I don't because like, you know, I hear her all the people say all the things that I was thinking this last two years and I didn't know anyone saying them because they really like isolated people make them feel alone, you know?

Which is the saddest part because it's like the whole thing is completely insane. And so, well now we know about design, right? That was the whole design was to set it was fear and separation, right? So and they and they did that and that's why again, your film. Yes, I feel the same way. It it creates some sort of connectedness in this disconnected world right now. Yeah. And kind of walks talks through a lot of the things we've been feeling, you know, it's one thing to just like there's a lot of people get angry about it and frustrated.

It doesn't kind of get you into a spot where I don't know, it's like a thoughtful piece, you know where you're like you're thinking about you're like okay and that's and not angry just like kind of going through everything and not in a levelheaded way. Like there's a lot of, because it's so frustrating. I was so angry. My anger over all this drove me to make that film. But it's like the anger, I don't know, it's, it's frustrating cause they put you in this really angry position and then you got to talk with people that are buying it.

And then when you're piste off, they don't want to hear you yell about it. You know, you need to rationally like bridge the gap with them. You know, when you're acting totally irrational to you, you know, it doesn't work. It doesn't ever work. Then. That was me. Like I was saying earlier when, right? When I first, I mean we're talking early two thousand's and here I am, I'm the guy at the party just screaming at people, right? Like, oh my God, they're manipulating you, but nobody wants to hear that ship right there?

Like, dude, I'm just trying to drink my beer, shut up, right? All my buddies are like bro, we can't hang out with you anymore. Right? So yeah, it's real. Um, but before we get too, too, too far into the weeds, could you let everybody know who you are? Yeah, yeah, I'm, my name is James Patrick and I'm the director of this film Planet Lockdown. So it's an international documentary on, on the whole Covid saga, um going, going from, you know, two weeks to flatten the curve to to the sort of technocracy and and and what does the future hold for us, you know?

Yeah. So what was the real catalyst for you? Was there a defining moment or was it a series of moments? Was I mean as soon as 2020 where you're like B. S from the start? Kind of what what what drove this? What what drove it? I mean, was there one? Yeah. Was there one like like thing you're like, okay now I know it's complete Bs and I have to make this or what woke you up to this, right? Because not everybody is awake to the, well let's even say that they would be angry, right?

Most people are kind of duped. Um so I'm just kind of curious what why you're not doing it? For me, it was like three days into it. The term lockdown didn't make any sense. So it was I saw that as an economic takedown measure. So it was like, you know, they're why why would you lock down the economy over a virus doesn't make any sense. And um so I mean, I'm from Washington D. C. So they're like they have these big companies pass all these laws to push the small medium sized businesses out of out of business.

So they created higher barriers of entry to make small medium sized business, like an economic, you know, whereas the large firms can pay to jump through all the hoops and stuff. So so this, this is like a really extreme version of that where they're just coming in and saying small businesses are illegal just by fiat just boom, you're out of business, you can't, you can't operate. So that to me was like, totally shady, why would it doesn't make any sense? So the name, so that's just my gut.

Within three days, I was in Madrid when it started and I heard they were gonna lock Madrid and I left the day before they did. And then, and then I went to southern France and then three days later they locked France and I was like, oh sh it, you know, I can't get away from this thing. And then, and then I was like, after a week I came home to us, but I was doing a PhD in economics on on this, you know, on on central banking and monetary reform.

Like I already understood like, the central banks are really the big, big bad guys behind a lot of the, this political theatrics in the world. So, um, yeah, and then the next step was like checking any academic references to lockdowns and epidemiology, like are any epidemiologists saying we should lock down and their references to that in the scientific literature. I checked that and I found that was like two or three and they all said never do this because it's, you're gonna, you're gonna implode your economy and cause all kinds of sickness and death from, from poverty.

Then you then you would any minor if if even any advantage that you get by locking down like you can't really stop the spread of a common cold or a flu. They they're the respiratory diseases are like airborne and like you know, you're never gonna stop the spread of the flu with with like a police action, you know? And that's essentially what they're doing. They're saying let's do a police action to stop the flu, which is the most insane thing you could ever imagine. Like I mean why would why does that make any sense that you need zero.

I mean what like in what planet right then planet planet? Right? So that that's I think yeah, within day two or three, by the time I was like more settled in France, I can think about it for a minute. I was like, oh man, this is some big takedown move, like some big global geopolitical takedown. And then I told some friends and they were like it's illogical what you're saying, but I don't want to live in a world where it's something that dark happens and I was like okay, but like look at it, we're dealing with now we have to deal with this.

So I think then yeah, then two months later, you know then it was like within then I came home to us and it was like within two weeks we were walking down and I was all paranoid about whether it was some military thing, I started hearing his National Guard being deployed around a lot of states. I was in the city the city was living in, they were like I heard they were deployed around the city but not being put on the streets and and so I was just like, you know, I saw these images in new york of National Guard being deployed around new york and I was like what the hell is going on?

It's something like military thing. So then then there was within a month there was talk of the vaccines and then I saw ads for the vaccine passports, like you're talking like first week of april like vaccine passport ads. You know, clearly someone was putting tens of millions of dollars in the vaccine passport systems and like prior to that, right? It's not like that just came out right? They can't just say okay yeah, these are promo videos that were being released the first half of april. So like yeah, to make a promo video, like I I could tell you making videos like that would take a month or some time, right?

It doesn't just it's not ready to go. So that's just a combination of all this, I was like I have to do something about this. I can't just sit around and be angry at home like I need to do something productive and and and, and and raise awareness. So Um I did three short documentaries in high school and college. Um and and it was just like okay filmmaking, I know how to do it. I usually didn't, I I stopped doing it because it's not really a great business.

It's like you have to go around begging for money and then, and then you make these films and then no one watches them, they get put on one little channel or something. But this time I really, I was like, I have to do it. So I put 40 grand on zero, just credit cards to buy all the equipment and then just set out to do this film. Amazing man, thank you, thank you. Seriously, thank you for doing that because that's huge, right? There's there's not enough people like, like you out there that well that's really, I mean that that that saw the same thing that we saw right was that's my wife and I that's why we created the freedom people, right?

We but everything, all of our life savings, everything over the past two years into building solutions for the counter economy, right? Because we saw the same thing that you don't have a free society, then there is nothing else For us. It was like sure you got $1 million World Economic Forum is already with their um, you know, the great reset. They're saying you'll not own anything and be happy about it, right? That that's, that's stealing the wealth of the planet right now. It's, this is like some pretty insidious stuff that's happening.

And anyway, I digress, just back to say thank you again for standing up man because I mean, even even, I know there's lots of angry people out there, but not not enough people have the fucking balls, excuse my french to do something about it because that's all it is dude, just standing up because the fear is false evidence appearing real. That's not, it's all fake fake, right? But that's what they run on. Right? The loose. Like it's called loose. That's the off gas of Fear, right? We had David icon, the podcast last summer and that's what he was talking about was the loose.

It's called Lucia and that's the, the off gas of fear. So that's, and that's what it feeds on. So they have to keep keep you in a continuous state of fear as like in your film, Right? And it's just constant fear, but it's been like this forever, right? You had that one guy in there, he's like, I'm 42 and I'm 42 43 my whole life. And that was the same thing. I started noticing those patterns, especially in the late nineties right? Where it's like it's just one fear thing after remember Y. Two K. I mean everybody but it was the same thing wasn't it?

And then let's go back, let's go back to the eighties and the and the AIDS epidemic and Fauci, how about that? It was the same thing dude, the same guy doing the same thing, right? I had pTSd I was a little kid, I was like eight years old when that went down eight or nine years old. I can remember him on tv spreading fear about black people and gay people and they'd saying remember they were like oh you can't have sex without being terrified. And like yeah dude it was the same thing, same thing looking back on it differently, you know?

I remember this like yeah just yeah there's the same things going on but now they just like ratchet it up the aggression on all these things, you know? Right? Right. And that now the enforcement is more right than they used to be peace officers is what our law enforcement used to be peace officers. Now it's enforcement, right? And it's like why does it have to be enforced if the people agree? Would we have to enforce? You know, it's kind of a weird paradigm we've woken up into, Well it gets you into this whole question like what is government?

What? Um So I kind of went down that path with Austrian economics and like what do you need? Do you need a government? What what is it, what does the government come from? So yeah, in the film, I touch on those topics like what, what does it mean? What does freedom, what does liberty? I mean, it comes down to like, do you own your own body and your own property and your slave? Are you, are you the property of someone else or you do you own your own body?

And so that's, that's what all this stuff, it's like we're, we are kind of slaves already because we got, we have to pay income tax and then the income taxes like taken kind of by force and then what, like what we don't really have to say, you know, um we're paying the government to, to rule us. So it's like, isn't it like we're we're paying for our own slavery, right? So we're were the slaves and then we're paying the slave master to, we're picking up the tab on on on the customer, on slavery more, more than most people even know.

Dude, uh your your birth certificate is a bond, believe it or not, and it's traded on the open market, we can prove it anyway. That's something that we help people like. Yeah, that's real. That's, that's real. I've known about it for two decades, but the problem was we didn't have the tools that we have today. It's pretty amazing the remedy because it's all about remedy, right? If we, we live in this world where where these patriot or um, patriarchy is that our consists of what oligarchies that are just like now they run our lot somehow.

Like corporations, Right? And that's all it is. The United States of America is a for profit corporation, right? Lincoln created the in Delaware in the 18 hundreds for profit corporation, State of Arizona, where I live is a for profit corporation. They all have done in Bradstreet numbers. Once people can really comprehend these are government service corporations run running on bylaws that run our lives, then we can really start to hone in on what's actually going out. Most people think governor. No, that's not true. And that's why back to governance, send me that information because I'd be curious to see that. Absolutely.

I've heard this kind of stuff for a long time, but I'd like to, Oh, I would be more than honored, man. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. And this is something that we're really heavy into right now. I'll give you a really good book. Tell everybody it's called the 0% on Amazon Duvall day is the he's, that's his pen name, but actually we've partnered with him to help create a solution. Um, that will work for everyone, it's called remedy, right? We need protection and it's through trust. So if you know anything about trust law law is land air water, right?

L. A. W land air water, those are the three jurisdictions and that's what law stands for, right? Just like the bar association, the bar is the british accreditation registry british. Why british? Well, we know Washington D. C. Is a territory, right? What is Washington D. C. A territory of this year? Colombia or what Britain? Yeah. So in the United States is a for profit corporation registered in Washington D. C. So is Canada, by the way, Canada is the 13th District of the United States. It's a registered corporation in Washington D. C. Believe it or not, this is crazy, crazy stuff, but this is the world we live in.

And once we really comprehend all of this stuff, then then we then then it makes a lot of sense. Right Lincoln? President Lincoln was actually a bar attorney and he the 14th amendment is what enslaved all people through the birth certificate and through taxation. So that's why when I saw your video, I was like, oh man, I bet I bet he's onto this, you know, because this is your your Yeah, we're here. This is the truth. And this is we are here to make this. I knew, I mean, I never got so deep into that stuff because I think it's the way I was trying to understand it is like basically it's the legalese of of of wrongful assertions, right?

So um if they're asserting these kinds of ownership rights over people and this is the legal, legal like mechanism they're rationalizing it with. And that's like, I don't know that. It's, it was, it's such a big rabbit hole with all that stuff because I'm like, I don't know where to begin with all that, but it's like we're either way, whether it's right or not, they're they're asserting these, I would understand this stuff if it's, if it's accurate that it's illegally, it's illegal arguments they're using to assert this kind of wrongful ownership of people or legal versus lawful right.

What's the difference between legal and lawful public versus prior? That's what we're talking about. This is God's law, Natural law, right, ecclesiastical law is what it's called. Those are article three courts, you have an article one court, which is all legalese, you're right. And that's the legal, legal versus lawful right? It's a policy enforcer versus your sheriff, the police. It's on their car policy enforcer, their revenue generation collectors. Because why they are for profit corporations. It's their job. That's why courts are banks. Okay. And it's called blacks law dictionary.

If you want to know where most of, most of the terminology where the definitions of the words come from its blacks law dictionary, go look it up. Courts are banks, They are there to collect revenue there for the service corporations period, that's what they're there for CPS for profit corporation. Once people start to really embody this information, they will start to comprehend why things are the way they are. Why why is CPS going in and taking Children from the home's aside from the child trafficking and stuff like that, which they get paid for.

Its for profit, its for profit, Right? And so that's what we need to break people out of is the belief that the government is somehow taking care of us because it's not, it's treading upon us and killing all of us. So anyway, we'll get deep into that man. Yeah, I know, and I can go on for days because that's what we do now. I don't know how I've been put into this position. I'm a software engineer, musician, guy, right? Like entrepreneur that now all of a sudden I have a podcast.

No idea. I didn't want to do podcast. I don't want to, I didn't want to do what we were doing, but it's essential. This is just, we've been kind of put into this place where it's um, it's amazing. I can't even explain it. It's like a divine intervention, divine will something, right? And that's why I have more more, um, optimism and, and, and hope and joy for the future than I ever have. And it's because of conversations like this, right? And films like yours, that's exactly what your film does is it gives us that camaraderie and that, that, that I'm not so alone, you know, okay, that's that's just, I'm not helps the it's like the anti gas slider, you know what I mean?

Whatever we would call that, but it's like, you know what I mean? Because we get gas lit, everybody gets gas lit, they're they're observing, but they're told me what they're observing is wrong, right? And that's the gas lighting. And so your film is actually saying no, no, you're not crazy. Check it out in a very nice, gentle, very well articulated way. Yeah, that's why we can't speak enough for the stuff that you do. Yeah, that's that's just like what we need is more cogent like voices. So what my value, what I can bring to this this situation is just finding the good people, asking the good questions and then like, I just got uh I can show you my camera rig.

I got it here, but it's just like I get really good quality recording. I'm sitting in the room with him. I kind of had the camera on my shoulder and it's just me, I have all the best equipment, but it's like, I'm just, I'm kind of talking across from the guy I put up the lights, it's only me, I'm the interviewer, this cameraman, the audio guy that like I everything and I just like zoom in and out. I kind of camera shaking a little bit did all that yourself.

Yeah, yeah. All of it. Yeah. A few of them were shot by some people I hired like the, the Eden interview was with this, these guys in England um oracle films. They're really cool. Everyone should check their workout. They've done some great documentaries in the Covid thing and uh yeah, and then like, I don't know the one with the little girl Emma in Portugal. Yeah, that was like a local guy there I found Um but again, these are like interviews. I think I paid three, bucks to shoot.

I mean they were like the oracle guys were like on the same wavelength so they were like willing to do it for, for affordable and then like M and M I was like, that was shot in a cheap camera, you know, with some local guys, but just like maybe three interview, four interviews. I shot, I hired people remotely one of the voters are the ones that bodog one where he's outside, you know, in the end clip where he's like, we don't need you if you want to make us a machine, if you want to make us slaves.

We say no. Like uh that one was a guy I in Greece. Like he's so yeah, that was kind of cool. Like voter fraud is such a good guy. I think he's one of my favorite guys in the movie. I hadn't been such a great amazing time making the film, just going and talking to all these people. Yeah, I mean it's just uh you have everybody on there. You know like scott Jensen. You know like, I, I mean we've been following him since the beginning. He's been out there like really saying it, you know, I mean from the very beginning hey, but you know the censoring and all that garbage that they, it's just um, it's yeah, it is what it is.

Again, cut out someone's tongue. You don't prove them wrong. You just show that you're afraid of what they're going to say right now. I'm actually going to see him right now again. That's beautiful. That's beautiful. We yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm honored to be able to talk to you man and be able to help in any way that we can push the Push this film and and get more people to see it because I got this the full interviews, page two. So like every every interview I released in full unfiltered like, so it got a big, I started putting the interviews and the Catherine, Austin Fitts one blew up.

And then then it was just like, that was like christmas, christmas day, I think 2020 I started, I put out the Catherine one and it went, got like 20 million views in a month 2. 7 was an unknown YouTube channel called Truth Matters. And it was like, I just had two videos in there with like 200 views And then I put this Catherine when she just like lays it all out and explains everything and then that like that one. Yeah, I absolutely did. Yes. And that's why I was like, I was like, man, I thought this film came out before and I was all right because it when 2020. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Cool. Cool. Yes.

In 2020. Yeah. So then but then like a month to month and a half later they did all these gates funded attack pieces. It's like they had a media matters thing and like, so they wrote this report, media matters is this hack group. They're like, if you want to slander someone, you hire media matters and then they do like right there and then the Washington post and Forbes articles referred to that. So um yeah, they just, they just talk sh it and like make up stories and and then it's like there's such scumbags, they really like they don't nothing they do like they got in this whole covid thing, they got the whole thing tied up in a bun.

Like they'll say like they had this the Washington post piece, they said, oh well they took one line out of captains interview saying for all we know these shots could sterilize here like in this passing, oh yeah, probably know these things are sterilized and then they go, oh he's making false claims that they're sterilizing people. Like I did like 50 interviews and like every comment of random person, that's not, I'm not saying this like it could be now we're seeing these menstrual problems with women. So I mean there's some reason to believe that, but now, like now the campaign is in full swing, but like before, I mean like, and then they references johns Hopkins website to claim it was false and I just click the link and it's like this PR site written by like a PR person, not, not a scientist.

And like, and I asked him and I was like to make that claim, wouldn't you need a trial to make such a claim? Like the damn vaccine companies couldn't make that claim about their part. They couldn't say my product does not cause cause fertility problems without doing a trial to substantiate. Oh, but johns Hopkins pR site can make a claim like that. So they're committing fraud. Like, I mean, how are you going to tell me that? Like, Like John Tompkins is a fraudulent corrupt institution that is critical to this covid thing and that bastard Michael Bloomberg gave a billion dollars to it in 2019.

You know, I mean, he was in 2010, he was at this, this, they called the good club meeting and with Rockefeller and gates and they were talking about lower lowering population. And I mean these guys all have a big stated interest in having less people and um, they were Gabby and Gates are intricately involved with that 2014 sterilization. Surreptitious sterilization program in kenya India and India and they got, I went there and shot the footage for that. That that any Wakefield's putting in his film, like it's the same that that same place serum institute that made those vaccines have also done a billion covid shots.

So I mean it's like there's something really bad going on here and people should not be running out to take these shots by from people that have a known stated interest of reducing fertility of of of getting rid of people. So like you cannot trust your government anymore. You cannot trust the FDA. The CDC W H O is really a criminal organization. I mean, these people need to be shut down and stop because they're not going to stop. They're not going to stop until we stop them.

I mean right. That's exactly it. Man. That's how we feel. What's that. It's not going to be an easy fight. I mean, these are big big boy opponents, you know, right? But you know what we are the numbers. We are the we are the majority That's the thing. They just they've they've controlled the narrative for so long, right? Like, but we are the majority the people, once the people stand up and say no, it ends like quite literally, that's just when it ends, right. However, we have a like and that's why again, what you do is so imperative is getting out information and putting it in a well articulated way.

One that I can't really do, right? Because I'm I'm on fire, I'm run around screaming people trying to create solutions, right? But like someone like you sit down and interview these people and put something together that gets it in that that right? Because this is information war man 1000%. And that's what World War Three we're already in it. It's about information, right? So, so having someone like you to do that man again, it's it's uh and all of us and we're all working together. I'm not, you know, discounting all the other freedom people and what they're doing out there.

I'm just saying like, you know, um here where I'm sitting in the center of this kind of ring and being able to talk to people like yourself and all kinds of different people, people walk alive, people contacting us and things like that. I can tell you we are creating that counter economy and that's how we're gonna win. It's not by fighting what you don't want, it's by creating what you do want. That's what we have to focus on, right? We can't focus too much on what you don't want because if you do, you get usurped by it, it's energetic, right?

Mother Teresa, even though I'm questioning her now. But the point is used to say that, you know that she would never go to an anti war rally. But she'd go to pro peace rallies, right? Because and there's a there's a huge difference there, right? If you go to anti anything, you become that, right? And that's why the war on terror, war on drugs, anytime you do anything like that, you're never ever going to defeat it because war just begets more war. Kind of, like we said, right, fighting for doesn't make a lot of sense because then you're getting more fighting.

Yeah, I mean, and getting people to, like, focus on their own interests here and like that, and there's definitely a big push to, like, get detached people from their own humanity and like, get them to to think negative thoughts all the time and, and, and, and just be depressed and be lonely and like, this, Covid, I mean, we've seen this for years, right? But with this Covid thing, it's just really obvious now that that's that's this focus of this stuff, like, so it's very arcane and esoteric in the sense of really trying to beat you down and get you into this bad mental space.

And then, you know, I don't know, some people get a cookie ideas like it's a, it's a DM demonology, a demon, a logical explanations or something. I mean, I can say there's definitely some arcane overtones to some of the media rhetoric and having studied some kabbalah stuff, I do see some of the same language there, you know. Absolutely. Um yeah, there's there's something happening dude, and like, and I'm I'm not a religious man, I'm a man of God spirit, whatever, but I'm not really attached to religions just because again, I I from a young age, I kind of saw through all, they're all right, just but it's fear, it's more fear and anger and like control and stuff, right?

But but but anyway, there is spiritual to write, it seems like there's a spiritual element to all of this because the more and more we go towards freedom and ultimate freedom for ourselves, right? Because everything is an inside outward movement, not outward in, so we have to free ourselves and that's back to governance. Self governance. First, if we all self governed ourselves, right? Governed ourselves first, there wouldn't be need for some overreaching government, right? It's it's kind of backwards. A man created government government didn't create, man, so we're we're completely backwards right now. Right?

So it's um yeah, I don't know. Again, I I kind of see it's starting to turn that around a little bit, but there's definitely a spiritual element to it. Well, yeah, I encourage people just to plug a little bit, like I encourage people to, to sign up for my email updates so I can stay in touch with you and and donate to the project if you like what we're doing. And but but yeah, can you give all that info right now? No, that's that's plugged just planet lockdown film dot com and then just hit subscribe and and give me your email and then I can I'll send you updates just on, on Planet lockdown or, or related projects.

Now I'm now, I'm trying to like formulate formulate the content a bit better and because I want to continue this, I got enough donations to cover my expenses. But now I'm now I'm going to continue the interview series, do more films and treat it a bit more in an organized way. Like I just kind of embarked out on this one as a charity, you know, not knowing if I would be compensated or paid my expenses bait, but, but you know, it did end up working out. I would, people did donate some money and it covered the equipment, you know, and some of the travel.

So, but it's like, it's a bit unorganized. Like the full interviews page. Like if you go to the Planet Lockdown film dot com, you click full interviews, there's, there's 35 people there with like 50 different interviews with every single person in the film. So it's like I say, if you, if you watch all those those interviews, you got like a master's degree in Covid, you know? Yeah. So now I'm thinking maybe make a site where there's a little subscription thing, but you, but it's organized into, into more like, like kind of a freedom course or something where I can contextualize all of it and explain what it means or because there's so much there and it's like, you have to, I went and met all these people and and we've been through all this, but it's like, you know, Lillian held KWAME is really interesting on on like what does it mean?

What is globalization? She's been researching globalization for 20 years and and and how basically she thinks like there's basically from World War Two to like, okay through until recently they kind of globalized the world economy and fully integrated it into one big trading block. Right? And then that like, so that like even prices out and like fully economically integrated the world and she thinks now globalization is entering this second stage where they're going to curtail people's freedoms. I think kind of regionalized the world like 1980 for like, you know, East Asia Eurasia and then sort of put a lot of restrictions on travel and not have free flow of goods still, but but but restrict to people the movement of people and and sort of maybe now it looks like kind of make different classes of people, you know, kind of a global social credit system and then have the same procedures and processes.

Everyone has to to follow um whether you're in china Switzerland or us or or brazil or something. So this is I never quite looked at it like that. You know, she was like, oh, you know, James were already living in a world government, but we we think we're still in countries and this whole thing would happen with Covid kind of shows that because it's like all the world's governments around the world did behave the exact same way at the same time taking the same orders lockstep right immediately to Yeah, exactly.

Same rhetoric, same stuff being used every country. Yeah. And I'm really international scientists have all these contacts around the world and like shit, they're doing the exact same thing. Same day, same like two months ago. Um, I put it on my telegram channel was like, I was talking to people in Peru and Austria and the same day the presidents of both those countries made the same statements of like, you know, we're gonna we're gonna lock down the accident and today is the day we're implementing this, like what the hell is that Peru and and are in Austria just like talk to each other or do they have the same employer?

You know? So that's they have the same employer. I mean, that's the that's the truth. Like, I mean, these guys don't, they're not autonomous. Now, when you said in the beginning man, its banks we know, and that that's what gets very interesting when you want to his story, right, History, History is written by the victors kind of ironic, but now it little little sensitive subject for people and stuff. But if you go back to Germany right? And what Hitler did was kick out all the central banks of Germany and that's why Germany became such a prosperous place, right?

Then all of a sudden the big nations of the world got together and over through Germany, right over through Germany put the central banks back in place and then all of a sudden they started the world government just like we know about, right? So it is the banks all wars fought to date our banker wars. Yeah, but I'm suspicious that Hitler wasn't just a puppet of the same thing and that's what I'm saying dude, I I again I'm suspicious he was just there to destroy the country, you know.

Well that's that's again I I'm just suspicious of anything that they tell me up to this point. Yeah anything is on the table for me. I don't I don't care. Flat earth rounder. I'm questioning everything now. Everything. Dude, I like and I did anyway or at least I thought I did. But now I really do. Yeah, yeah because it's like this fake nationalists, the young Turks were very similar. They imploded the Turkish empire and then the and then Hitler like in the name of saving Germany really just trashed the place and got it into this horrible war and killed everybody and it's like trump to you know, he's just like big fake uh leader that everyone had a lot of hope for and he sent out nice tweets but he was the host of a reality tv show people right?

And then it's like and then they ran this rescue operation right? When he He came to, he came to office, they were running Hugh false Hope 777 symbolism, all that stuff. It's just weird like and then I don't know if people felt real hard for this Q ships, it's just so silly. Like, I just don't know, It just doesn't, it just had all the hallmarks of the psychological operation. I didn't find it very credible. And then like, And then it's just very similar to this Bolshevik program in the 20s called Operation Hope um where they where they basically claimed there was they captured some white Russian generals who were pro czarist and they then used the guy too to um to basically create say, oh well there's actually these white hats in the bolshevik government that are going to turn and take over the generals and it's the same story, these generals are going to take control and like and and kill the bad guys and save the day and, and, and, and like historians, the mecca nations of the Operation Hope we're so Byzantine and complicated.

It's like you can't, they can't even unravel what the hell was going on. It was so confusing with the the amount of lies and realize and that's what we're seeing today. It's like the propaganda is so complicated and like and so many lies on lies and confusion operations on confusion operations. It's like, it kind of creates this paralysis where people throw up their hands, they go, aye, I just I just don't have the mental energy to deal with all this, You know, like whether you're the common man buying the buying the virus narrative, I mean, even a lot of normal people, I find they say that they're like, I just don't know, like everything looks so crazy.

I just I give up, you know, and then I'll just then you kind of just go along with the main narrative because it's just the easier thing to do, you know? It is well, but that, that's, that's where we are today, because that's your, it's much easier if somebody just gives you food than if you have to go out and hunt your own food. And I'm using that as an analogy for thoughts, right? And you're your own personal beliefs and stuff for so long, they've been given to you, right?

For or or to the masses just here here, it's very easy. Here you go, here's the truth. You don't have to step outside and do any work at all. You don't have to do any sort of critical thinking, right? And that's why what we have is indoctrination systems, not education systems, it's just indoctrination and then you give totals titles of nobility, doctors, lawyers, to people who only actually learn one side of the coin, only learn one little thing, but there they're now they get degrees and they've got other titles of nobility, right?

And then so you can't even question the doctors now. Right. Question Fauci he's science right? And again. So it's we've we've bred a whole couple generations of of non critical thinking regurgitate ear's and that's but rewarded. Look at the S. A. T. S. Look at any of the testing and screening stuff. It's about regurgitation. How much can you shove in and then regurgitate not not like problem or Lillian. She put it like their robot. Izing the humans you know? Yes but she's like they can't humanize the robots right?

But they can robot ties the humans. They're advertising the humans, you know. Yeah you're like what is going on here? It's just so weird. It's a lot it's a lot and there's so much right? I mean I can't imagine so that's a question I have for you man that I really wanted answers. Was there any what's the most if you can define one, what's the most surprising thing that you've heard or learned in the past two years? Uh I mean the whole thing is just so bizarre.

Like I guess when I first got to Catherine Austin Fitts interview I was like I thought it sounded crazy. I was like this is really great. She's like they're going to inject you and hook you up to the cloud and I was like what the is she talking about? You know? And then and then she's like and then she's like yeah but look the head of operation warp speed, this guy with this north african name, some of the romaine or whatever. But he was like he was like, she's like he his specialty his brain machine interfaces.

And I was like that's a creepy job title. And she's like no it's perfect, it's perfect job title for what they're doing. And I'm like, you know, so it's just like, I don't know, just getting my head around all that stuff like what the hell are they talking about? I mean I was into the okay the central banks or are bigger than the bankers, bigger than the normal commercial banks and they're really the ones calling the shots. But then to get into all this sci fi sort of technocratic, digital I. D. S. And and and this I didn't realize how far advanced their schemes were.

And and I guess what shocked me was like how how quickly they were able to um implement these things and and in ways that I didn't I didn't anticipate. So I mean just the technological, I mean I don't know I guess one thing that surprised me is how how they're able to take all these things with medical corruption. I knew things were corrupt but this is another level of corruption. I don't know. I guess what surprised me was the way they were able to ratchet up medical corruption to such an extent that we're now everyone's taking some creepy injections that God knows what's in them and without no oversight at all and no liability.

So that's correct. And then then I don't know these graphene stories uh fertility stories like what's what what are they doing with these shots? I mean just it's science fiction. I mean it's really it's really it's a dystopian existence isn't it? I mean we are in dystopia where everything's upside down where up is down left is right right. It's very confusing. Um And a lot of at the same time it's clear. Yeah it's just I mean it's surreal like so I don't know I don't know where to begin to answer your question just all of it. Right.

Yeah because it's it's one big package that's just been right and that's a lot of us have this this this theory that that I'm not sure why because they could have kept like kind of turning up the heat in the boiling pot slower and slower right over the next 10 years. And and probably they have been they have been you know but now it's like so what was it why did they why why was it 2020 right People are like oh because trump was in there and I don't believe that again I believe it's all orchestrated.

So it's like it's like very like if you see it the way I see it is if you are able to see it on the tv or if there if you know about it, that's not what's really going on, Right? And that's the thing and that's why even the stuff that we talked about when we talk about trust and remedy and that, these are government service corporations that run everything. That's completely not anywhere. You'll never hear that because maybe that's the truth. But what I can tell you is if it's on that boob tube, it's, it's, it just seems manipulated or at best, um, or are controlled and the best manipulated in some way. Right?

Something again, the boob tube, right? Tell a vision programming. They're telling you a vision and programming you. So I'll tell you that. So it's like, I don't know man again, back to what we're saying. I just question everything right now. Everything. Yeah. So yeah, just a sci fi thing. I mean, this audacity I guess Also I didn't think people would fall for this stuff so much. I, I guess I'm quite, I'm quite shocked about how stupid people been and how much and then how much of a coward people been about, I'm not doing anything and it's made it kind of scary for me to come out and do these things.

I've been through my stages of paranoia. Like what you know, like, but I think, you know, in the end you got, you can't, you have to be fearless and just say funk it. I mean these like I saw from the very beginning. Look, these plans, they're going for everything. Like from day one, it looked like a global communist takeover kind of declaration. They said when they said world lockdown over over a flu, I was like, okay, this is these assholes are going for full communist global takedown, you know?

And so like I'm not going to live in the world like that. I don't want to live in a world like that. I don't have, I don't have kids yet, but I look forward to and it's like, I don't want them to have to live in a future like that and, and, and, and I'll die fighting it. You know, I mean there's nothing if they're going to go for everything and take everything down, I don't have anything to lose because they already going to take everything anyway.

You know? So it's like, what do you have to lose to fight? I mean it's just like people like, I think Katherine makes that point in the film. She's like, people are trying to suck up to the system, but it's not a system you want to live in. It's not a system worth living in. Like I just feel like they're doing a lockdown this in two weeks and this two months and it's two years. I mean what the hell, when when do you cry bullshit or know that?

Like they're gonna make your whole life a miserable mess. So what do you, what are you gonna, what do you stand to lose? Like oh my employer, if I talk to them they're gonna fire me, well they're trying to inject you and mask you and take your stuff away and then lower your pay inflation inflation is going up. I mean what what at what point do you stand up and say enough is enough? Where is your line in the sand right now? Everybody you've got to have a line somewhere, right?

And what is yeah, they got us so dependent on these electronic devices and like and people are so brainwashed into that and you're like like snap out of it. I mean like they're like no no, no well I have to stay on this thing and I have to do, I have to live this life. I understand you've been planning your life and you've been living your life in a certain way and and it's hard to change but like but it's not you're not happy, you know, it's not where you want to be.

Amen bro, that's and you know, I got a string of goose bumps through the whole thing because everything you said, man, that's that's how we felt man, I I two in 2020 didn't have a kid but I was like I'm not gonna live in a society like that. Our daughter is about to be one now right? So she was born into this stuff and so just a year later after this all started going down. I had my kids so and and I can say that it gives you more fuel right?

But it's the same thing, we're doing the same thing whether we had kids or not. It's a and it's not about this life right? And that's that's the funny thing we we we tend and somebody in your your films said this too but like you know we tend to get so super focused on this one little existence and that's just the thing right? What about the future generations? Right? All these all these um you know people that I know in my family and all families and stuff like that they're like oh we're just gonna do you know let's say we gotta protect ourselves, protect ourselves.

But what about the future what about the generations to come? It doesn't seem like yeah and if they're lying to you this much now like and use of you give into it now you don't think they're gonna lie to you again or they're going to do even more horrible things to you. I mean first it was lying about the lockdowns right? And then it was lying about this and lying about that then it's then they come out with the injections and they're like well oh they're good they're safe.

They're safe and effective and it's like you think and then God knows how many people got hurt from that and then then they're gonna go oh well they got away with that. They got away with these, you know, all these lies and then you think they're gonna, every time, every time a criminal gets away with something, they get more emboldened. You know, if someone deceives and screws you over and they get away with it, they get more audacious, you know, and that's what we're seeing now. Like this, the Rockefeller foundation and the, and the bloom in the new york stock exchange created these like natural asset company exchange.

You're talking about basically privatizing all of nature and air and making having color basically we'd all be like service that would have to pay a licensing fee to take a walk and breathe there. I mean that's, that's where they're going with this thing. It's like They got all these successes with COVID and now they're already cooking up some some plans 10 times more audacious of like they're talking about making a private um private resource company for like the hydrologic cycle or like just simple functions of nature, put that in a company and then charge people licensing fee.

So it's just like this is, there's no limit to the, to the, to, to the diabolical mecca nations of of where this is going. So it's very important to check them and held them accountable and throw them in prison. I mean this is so it's so off the cuff like this stuff, I just can't, I don't know, it's just, I'm I'm shocked every day. I'm following this every day and I'm just totally shocked that, like, the rabbit hole is deep, right? And it's like nonstop. Um, okay, so I know we're running short time, but I wanted to uh, one last question for you man, this is something that we're really big into at the freedom People's solutions, right?

We've got a CMS that we've created, um, uh, sorry, a Crm, a customer relationship management platform that we've created. We've got a job board of business directory, all this stuff. Right? So solutions, solutions, what if any solutions can you offer or do you see on the horizon that we people can get be hopeful for, You know, because that's a big thing, right? It's given more people some hope, um, to, to move forward and create this new new new economy, right? Because it's it's it's really need that much more than the fear.

And because again, they want to keep all of our attention, right? Because paying your attention, that's that's it depends on where you put, that's all they're vying for. They want to vie for your attention. What is marketers, what's the main, our main job of a marketer, right? Your attention, your attention, your attention. So let's keep our attention off of that. Let's make them go broke. And in a solution world, what would that look like? Do you have anything any of that good stuff? Yeah, I guess it would be, I mean, really the it comes from within, I mean, you're the truth comes from within, it doesn't come from outside.

So it's sort of like all this is sort of a spiritual problem, you know, you're talking about the future generations and what do we do with the future generator, you know? But really this comes down to what does it mean to be live and live a happy life and and to be to be free and to be, I mean, you gotta find your peace within and then let that be the source of of your happiness and your and your your internal guidance. You know, if you're defining it by the job in the car and the and these handouts, you get, you know, or the television, you're going to be constantly disappointed.

So I don't know if it's kind of like some buddhist thing I'm trying to say, but it but it's just like that's I tried to touch on it in the film a bit that what does it mean to be, there's some things in life that are worth more than like freedom is worth more than comfort, you know? And if you're if you're being true and being honest and being ethical and and you're finding having, having good healthy relationships with people and then then that's that's just going to make you happier.

So I would encourage people to to to find that inner peace turn off the tv, even if it's and I and this is a problem I had with two. It's like the mainstream media is terrorizing people. But also like the alternative media is terrorizing people to with with all the fear technocracy. There's fear of the virus and fear of the technocracy and they create the same psychological effect. I think it's a bit intentional. So it's like turning off this ship for a minute, stop watching covid videos and just like, you know, find that inner balance and, and, and, and and connect with, you know, find find a loved one or a partner and and and and friends and, and, and that's what brings the register life.

So even if even if like even if we are entering a dark period where we may not have any of these amenities we had before. Finding that inner balance is really what's gonna make you feel like you've lived a rich life. Yeah. Yeah man. Dude. Yes, that's very buddhist IQ. I don't know, I just made that, Is that a word buddhist IQ? Yeah, that's very buddhist IQ right? It's like, yeah man. And that's, that's funny because that's one of the things we say free the individual, free the family, free the community, free the county, right?

And that's in the United States where we want to take back our counties and that's for us again, it's the, it starts all here man. Individual inside out, right? And man, that was beautifully put. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. So yeah people can check it out at Planet lockdown film dot com. Sign up to free email updates and donate and stuff. So awesome. What's your telegram? I wanna I wanna get on your telegram. Are you on their Planet lockdown film? Okay. On telegram awesome awesome instagram. Do you have an I. G. Is that all that kind of thing that I made one account like a year ago and it opened good.

No we don't want let's Planet lockdown film. Planet lockdown film dot com. Right. Yeah. Yeah it's funny when I opened the telegram channel or instagram a year ago they it said oh this account is deactivated right after it was up it was not even added to at all. So it's like it's yeah. Anyway yeah it's really weird man what they're doing. I don't know if you notice that but we have a Youtube channel right? And we can't really put anything on Youtube but when I try so I've uploaded two videos and they've they've censored it in the studio part where you upload it so not even to where it wasn't even live and they just censored and it was a couple of different doctors tom Barnett.

And uh uh was it peter McCullough? I don't know I can't remember but there was too dark too and there were doctors just given their opinion but they censored in the studio now so you don't even have to publish it live and they're just censoring content on the fly when you Yeah. Pretty cool. Huh? Yeah, they're right. Yeah, man, it's mostly algorithms I think. Yeah, it totally is. Yeah. Yeah, man. We'll know James. Amazing. Thank you. Thank you so much. I really do appreciate your time. Yeah, I know how busy of a guy you are.

I'm going to send you out some information. I'd love to talk to you some more about what we got going on and it's pretty interesting. Sure. Yeah. Let's give me a call. I'll send you my number. Okay that you read it. That's your email, yep. Absolutely. Ok. Yeah. Yeah. We should have more and like any, any way we can help each other. I think that's because that's what it is. It's information because right. It's just information that we're able to to pass back and forth to each other that they don't want us to be doing right there.

There's been all attempts out there to prevent people like us from connecting. Um so it's so important that we do stay connected and share the information that we have and whether it's right or wrong or or whatever it's information because that's our goal. We we we like to we like to think that we're humble in our position to say, hey, if new information comes, I'm willing to change on anything. I don't care. This is about freedom period. Exactly. Yeah. I mean keeping up in mind. That's such important things Like I mean don't don't shut down ideas before.

You know, you can't you can't that's what's getting us into the problem we're in right now, right? Yeah. I mean carry a burden like you always have to evaluate things like and go with the more compelling argument. Like so definitely the covid thing like the viruses exist. This stuff like I stayed away from that just because it's just such a rabbit hole and I you know, I can some stuff like that. I just I'm not trying to poo poo on some people's position but I just just for convenience sake to get this thing.

Well yeah, you got to do some right now and you got to go one way and then you learn more information and you know you can update and you know stuff later, but you got to put something out, right? No, that's always the thing too because you can get into that place of paralysis. You know because I'm not really seeing anything because new information. Okay sweet. There's always going to be new information. We've got to stick something out right? Like we I do believe in truth is a high ideal that like love is good.

Hate is bad. You know there is the truth of the capital T. I believe but then but people like bodog I interviewed great man ethical man. He didn't believe in truth, but he was like, oh I believe in like science is this ever ever continuing process? So we disagreed on that? But the truth is relative truth, right? Yeah, Yeah. Because I do believe this destruction of ethics, it starts with the destruction of the idea of truth. And if you want to create this unethical slaves say you have to attack the idea of truth.

But science is sort of like this slow measuring of perceivable reality. And and so we always have to make all these evaluations, especially when they're throwing all this science arguments for the virus or the or the the lockdowns and all the, you know, they're using science arguments and you have to do these evaluations like, or just to conclude. And there was one like the papers now we're saying, oh, they're unvaccinated, have a greater uh, death and hospitalization rates in the vaccine. So I asked Peter McCullough that what, what, what is the basis of that claim?

And he's like, look, we had all these clinical trials with tens of thousands of people in them and they didn't none of that was born out in those trials, which had all these other problems too. But now the newspapers referring to these new little studies of a couple 100 people each. And he's like that. I'd be skeptical of that was given that we didn't see anything in these bigger studies. So you have to make that analysis. Like look at the studies referring to, look at the sample size, how quickly they thrown together.

What was the institution and then what were these other studies? That's that's more than most people can get into. All right. But that's where you know, real journalists have to come in and and and cool headed li evaluate that discernment. No. Yeah. Well that's the thing. Well dude, absolutely. Well, it's discernment. And how do we gain discernment? How do we gain clear discernment by knowing thyself? Again, it always starts back here because There is absolute truth. But like you said, and like you said, it emanates from here, right?

It emanates from the same same central source. That's why somebody who has sat in meditation for 10 years, right, will have the same realization of truth as the same person who sat in meditation right, on the opposite side of the world. It's it's there is absolute truth and I would take your side on that, right? Um there's also relative truth, right? I was hungry this morning and I ate a bagel. Now I'm not hungry, right? Was I lying? No, it was true at the time. Right? So, um I guess it's like this hermetic like laws of nature.

Things like the science emerged from this idea that like that God created these laws of nature and then we we we seek to understand what they are and like document them and that came from this kind of Hermes paramedics. Some of the renaissance kind of was influenced by that with marciano defeat chino. And so this idea of like discovering the laws of nature like was the basis of science. You know, it's kind of based in this mystical idea of like God's laws are are mysterious and unknown and we need to but they exist and we need to search and find them out.

But that's sort of like ah and mystery of things was lost in science now. It's more like a scientist's um, you know, like clinical soul list now, like this corporate, you know, like enterprise. Absolutely. There's a balance right? And that's the thing, right? There is spirit and there's also science, right? And yeah, but science can be, it can be a mystic mystical thing and wanting to understand the mysteries of things. But why, why is there gravity? We have no idea. Why is, you know, why why do we die?

What's the meaning of life? What is uh you know, what is love about? Like, these are all mysterious things. We don't know, but we but we live in them and are part of them, you know? Right? Yeah. And that was the scariest thing I ever heard out of Fauci's mouth, believe it or not, Was the science is settled, which is the most unscientific statements right isn't that? That has to be the most unscientific thing you can say. But yeah, yeah. Well I am the science so don't question me just like yeah, that's the whole that's like there's no mystery anymore.

It's you know. Yeah, that's totally unscientific. So science needs are shaking up and like re recalibrating back to this this awe and humility of of the mystery of things that we're trying to understand then then this know it all. Yeah. You know, Greg, you know, gregg Braden is or Bruce Lipton, right? These scientists, biologists, things dr joe dispenser, right? They've been saying this stuff for a long time that the science isn't what they're saying, right? And and it just doesn't and that's why I think we're just it's getting too big for its britches.

The truth is busting out at the seams and their their narrative about our history, where we come from all this stuff, it's just can't support it anymore, right? And that's why I think we're also seeing the mass decent centralization of everything. It just can't hold anymore, right? Like having the White house some central location where we send all of our money up to and then they're going to somehow dictate what's best for us at an individual level. Just doesn't make sense. Alright brother, awesome man. Well, thank you again so much.

We'll be in contact. I'll send an email right after this and beautiful. Thank you. Planet lockdown film dot com. Planet lockdown film dot com, awesome. Okay, great. Thank you. Thank you so much. Huh? Okay, mm hmm. Yeah

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