April 6, 2022

Wake Up Before It’s Too Late!

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Tim Picciott is a lifelong student and researcher that was red-pilled following the 2008 financial crisis. The book “Creature from Jekkyl Island” woke Tim up and from there Tim became part of the Ron Paul R3volution. As an early proponent of Bitcoin, Tim realized the potential this technology had to both free humanity and to enslave it. Since 2016 Tim has been warning about “Fed Coin” and now that a CBDC is around the corner, its more important than ever to awake the public up to this scheme before its too late.

Show Notes


Hello, all you lovely freedom people out there and welcome to today’s fireside freedom chat on the freedom people podcast where we get into the nitty gritty ease of all your freedoms and my freedoms, all the freedoms that we can think of anyway as we collectively take this journey to ultimate freedom together, I’m your host, Bradley Freedom and today’s guest is tim Petticoat. The Liberty Advisor tim works with Bitcoin and crypto early adopters to provide advanced financial planning solutions to help them pay as little taxes as legally as possible on their highly appreciated assets.

He also advises crypto enthusiasts as how they can invest into crypto. Ira’s using self directed iras and 401 Ks. I had an excellent time talking with Tim and I know that you’re going to have an excellent time. Listen to this conversation, we’re gonna jump right in. But before we do, I need you to head on over to the freedom people dot org and sign up to become a contributing member today if you haven’t already done so You can contribute as little as $0 a month and it helps us keep this liberty and freedom train a rolling.

Come on, let’s go, mm hmm. Yeah. Can you just um you know, tell all the listeners and stuff who you are and what you do. I’m typically show the Liberty Advisor. So I’m, you know, my primary job, I’m a financial advisor. But I been red pilled like pretty much out of the gates because I started doing this in 2000 and eight. And so as a lot of you guys know in 2000 and eight wasn’t necessary, the best time to try to get involved in finance. And actually my first day on the job was the day Lehman brothers crashed.

And then that sort of led me to this whole discovery of trying to figure out, you know, what’s really going on in the financial system. And then one day I met this guy who, you know, no offense had really long hair like you know, down to here and he starts telling me that the Federal Reserve is private and the guy sort of looks like rob zombie and I’m thinking, you know, this guy is probably full of crap, uh, you know, and to back things up, I was in the class of international competition on the Federal Reserve against like Harvard Yale M I. T. And was sort of like in the catbird seat of like should have known about this stuff.

And so here’s this like crazy looking guy telling me that, you know, all of a sudden the feds private, I’m like, you know, hey man, I’m gonna prove you wrong. And the next thing I find out, you know, go down the rabbit hole, find out that I’m wrong, you know, that led me to the, you know, the documentary from freedom to fascism then to uh creature from Jekyll island and then later on, you know, I’d end up being like on stage, you know, with uh Sheriff Phil Jackson from freedom to fascism and you know, I’ve been on stage with Gemma griffin and in terms of like activism, I’ve been a part of like freedom’s phoenix now for like several years and I’ve even like co hosted, you know, with, with Ernest Hancock, I’ve actually been, I’ve taken over his show before when he couldn’t do it.

I’ve done, I was on, we are changed for a while with luke Rudovsky Where we started our own channel in March of 2020 right before all this stuff began, except he had a different outlook of the whole pandemic versus me. And here I am like, I always looked up to him as being like the most hardcore badass guy and kind of find out, you know, he, you know, was telling me that I’m gonna start killing people because I’m not wearing a mask. And so that had to end.

And then uh, then I was, you know, and I was also a contributor and still am for world alternative media. And so we had 100 and 55,000 subscribers before we got deleted on, on Youtube back when they deleted all the Q and on people, even though we were railing against Q. And on from day one, uh, sort of a slap in the face, had to kick this off with all that. And then, you know, I’ve had a decently large facebook page where it was only really active for about three months and had 32,000 people following me within three months from a standstill, which I thought was pretty good.

And then uh, you know, it’s a little bit too good because then november 16th 20 or 2016, so this is immediately after the 2016 election with trump. The first go around, I watched my daily subscribers go from 1200 a day to literally five years straight until I basically kicked myself off of their last year. It was in the negatives per day. Every, it would reach, you know, maybe 30 people out of 32,000 and this was going back to late 2016. So you know, that sort of then led me to Blockchain technology and trying to figure out, okay, you know, sick of wasting my time building up, you know, put a lot of time and energy and effort into, you know, I was a meme warrior and stuff back then and and all of a sudden taking this boom, flip a switch and and take you off and this sounds ridiculous, but I actually had the thing that that got me is, and this sounds absolutely ridiculous, but I had something called a fake news list go viral 2.

5 months before trump actually even used that term. And what’s even crazier about that is it was called fake news list and basically I hijacked that term from the fake left where basically they said that, you know, anyone that reaches reads, you know zero head or Alex jones or any of that they were all fake news. And so I’m like no that’s perfect. I’m like you guys are the fake news and then you know I’m not include aiming to like invented the word or you know strong those words together but basically the first instance on facebook of throwing that back and then what was even crazier is that I only listed one person by name on there.

And that was paul Krugman who was a new york times supposed economist and then a year and a half later donald trump had a top 10 fake news awards list. Actually number one was paul Krugman the same guy that I had on my list, the only guy that I had on my list a year and a half before that even occurred. So I mean that was I mean it’s just like having like the zeitgeist of like what’s going on. But you know now like for me like front and center is a central bank digital currencies.

It’s been something that you know, as soon as I, you know I found out about Bitcoin when it was like under a dollar but then I thought that it was going to be the mark of the beast type of technology because you know if you can track trace surveil everything that’s going on inside of Bitcoin but then what I didn’t realize is that the technology the Blockchain technology is going to be used to basically enslave us but it could also be used to free us. And so I spent on basically a lot of the past, I don’t even know basically since I got shadow banned like 2016 like promoting Blockchain technology and decentralized technology and privacy technology because I saw what happened to me and I see like where this is going and you know, I saw like myself getting shut down and you’ve got to shut down little old me.

Uh, and then I’ve been on, you know, and just seeing me get shut down on facebook and then getting kicked off the world. Alternate media, Youtube channel then getting demonetized and we are changed then having a video going by James Corbett and then watching his channel get deleted like a week later. So it’s like I’ve seen this happen so many different times that, you know, it’s just pointless to be on these, you know, enemy platforms. So that’s why you know, promoted things like bit shoot and float dot app and you know, library, which is not odyssey, uh, you know, right out of the gates and so you know, sort of, you know, have a hand in a lot of things that, you know, it’s mainly was doing the more retirement planning thing.

Uh, but now I think we’re at a point where I think at some point the currency is probably gonna collapse, they’re probably gonna have a huge authoritarian lockdown and everything and like all the traditional models of how to do all that and retires, not really going to be applicable when uh you know the game gets flipped upside down and the money’s not worth anything anymore. So I don’t know if that gave you enough of an introduction to chew on. Yeah. No it’s beautiful. No. Yeah no let’s let’s just keep rolling dude.

Yeah this is what I want to know. This is what I want to talk about man. I mean just just keep flowing with because this is important. Like you’re you’re right, it’s the decentralization, right? That’s what we believe. That’s actually the freedom people were creating a community coin ourselves, right? All kinds of stuff. Um That’s that’s backed by the people because that’s something that we we we find very interesting is that what is the actual sureties in the world? And it’s actually the human soul were the only things that create anything, right?

So so we’re yeah, we’re right there with you man. I love all of it. So so yeah so um I guess obviously you’re out here in the valley but like um what type of what type of services and stuff I guess. Let’s let’s start there like like what do you really what do you do? Like I know you just said that you used to do like are you still doing financial planning. But it used to be for retirement stuff but that stuff’s not gonna work anymore. So what type type of services and things like that do you do now?

That that kind of replaced the old school kind of stuff. I mean one of the things that I realized you know back in 2017 was that a lot of people have most of their, you know if you’re you know 50 60 years old, I mean there’s a lot of people who are in the system and they have money that’s you know in the system in their iras and their Roth iras and therefore 01 Ks and what I saw was a lot of people like pulling money out of their retirement accounts to buy Bitcoin and you know it was that like when Bitcoin was about 1000 bucks, 2000 bucks.

So I mean it worked that well but you know what I realized is that if instead of like pulling it out of like an Ira or 41 K, they could have actually done something called a Roth iRA conversion and then all their gains that would have been tax free and so I have people that actually have now we’re not really doing this part of it anymore because you know things have sort of changed a little bit but you know it is theoretically possible, we do have clients that have like the private keys to their crypto for their own retirement accounts and like a self what they call a self directed ira.

So as a financial advisor, you know I try to help pioneer that back in 2017. Well I tried doing in 2017 and then in early 2018 the company that I was with LPL Financial at the time I had my own practice underneath them. And at the end when I started asking me when I started working on this stuff it was like august 2017 like no one gave a shout about Bitcoin, no one cared about it, it wasn’t on anyone’s radar and then all of a sudden it became on everybody’s radar and then there was like a carte blanche like boom everyone’s banned from talking about Bitcoin and thinking about Bitcoin, daydreaming about Bitcoin.

And so then um you know I was set to give a speech at an Acapulco in 20 february 2018 and basically to give that speech I had to resign And I think I had like I had a six figure residual income that I had to resign from. And I had finally built this up. So I mean if you’re 30 years old and you have a six figure residual income that you’ve worked your entire adult life to get to and you finally got to it and then boom had to go back down to zero then the state of Arizona wouldn’t improve my paperwork for like until about october november to get going again.

And so that was really rough but you know as of right now like if someone has like an old ira or 41 K. We can help diversify that into things like you know gold, silver, I’ve been really big on commodities for the past year. You know as soon as uh actually as soon as january 6th was going down was actually when I decided to go a lot heavier on commodities a lot heavier and oil because I knew everything biden was doing was going to uh you know and it’s a whole fake left right paradigm switches because bashing biden doesn’t mean that I’m pro trump and and then the only reason and then the only reason I sort of Like Trump in early 2016 and gave him a chance because I thought that the globalists, I really wanted to push this war with Russia and I’m on video talking about you know that the main thing is gonna be a war with Russia in war with Russia and now here we have, you know war with Russia and C. B. D. C. You know both coming at us at the same time because you know you could see you know how they’re trying to posture things too then because you can’t just have the currency collapsed.

You need to have a boogie man and so the perfect boogeyman is either china or Russia uh you know or you know to some extent extent like the whole pandemic But you know what they did with the pandemic is they allowed all these corporations and investment funds, they had all this bad debt. They got to basically move the bad debt off their books onto the books of the Federal reserve. And that’s like a whole subject I could spend like an hour on right there. It’s just like the super cliff note version of that.

And prior to the pandemic in February 2020, I gave a speech at an Acapulco was the close out speaker for the for Jeff’s dollar Vigilante Summit. And one of the things I was pointing out is that you have about half of the investment grade bonds are one notch away from being junk. And then in every recession you have about half of those bonds and at least going down one notch. And so like my thesis was like well in 2000 and you didn’t really have a lot of index funds or E. T. F. S. They weren’t really around uh in in great portions.

But now they’re like a huge percentage of the market. And so my theory was like okay if if you would say you know half of the triple B bonds get ready to double B. Which is, you know, for your listeners that means now they’re junk bonds if you’re in an investment grade bond fund then you’d be forced to sell and then like that forced selling would then be getting more force selling. It would just create this whole snowball and the whole system would implode. And and I was talking like basically warning about like what would be going on when this happens, this was february 14th 2020.

So I think it was Valentine’s day and you know, little did I know that within a month that basically, you know, the big show would be kicking off and my investment recommendation at that point or not really recommendations can’t really give recommendations. This type of format is uh talking about buying the put options on the S. And P. 500 which basically means that the market goes down, you end up making money from it. It’s sort of like a big short type of thing, but it’s not shorting but it’s similar to shorting uh there’s only a certain defined amount you can lose, whereas it’s shorting, you could basically lose everything.

So we did that and then I also was along the S. And P. 500. And that was pretty much like the winning strategy because like when everyone else was down, when the sp was down 30 for my clients were down about four fully invested. And I have been talking about this strategy a while for you know, a while. But then you know, I did not think that early on, I thought this whole pandemic was going to last at least two years. I mean I’m on video with like March 6th 2020 talking about how the game plan was to have a war with Russia or china and now they’ve moved into this phase of basically getting to be able to get the bad debt off the books and so getting into the bad debt and why that debt implosion didn’t happen is because a company called Black Rock, who had previously had given a speech in august of 2019 at Jackson Hole had basically given this outline of emergency extraordinary measures, measures that they would need to do during the next financial crisis.

And then during the next financial crisis, Black Rocks gets fucking higher. Don’t know. But they hired, they end up getting hired by the Federal Reserve to be the middleman to then basically take all these different corporate bonds and move them off company off these like fund balance sheets onto the Federal Reserve including their own. So they got to offload their own fucking junk bond fund, got paid 100 cents on the dollar, then got paid a commission acting as a broker doing it. But then, so that’s like, not only did they did they offload their dogshit, They then got paid a broker commission to offload the dogshit.

And then it all went back to the Fed and and now, you know, they’re basically enslaving us and you know, and Blackrock also is very, you know, another company that’s associated with them is Blackstone. Blackstone is actually like pretty much like the largest uh you know, you know renter landlord in America. And actually by you know by coincidence because I thought that some of this stuff would be bad for housing, so it’s definitely wrong on that one. And so I decided to rent and actually the placement right now is actually I found out that the, the owner actually traces all the way back up to Blackstone’s so it’s like even even, you know, you will like, I guess his Klaus Schwab would say he will oh nothing, nothing and be happy about it.

Yeah, we got over here, we’re gonna steal your entire wealth and you’ll be happy about it. Another book that I’m just starting to read now because I read the reset, you know, a couple years ago, but there’s another one now I’m just starting to read where for the, anyone listening to this, it’s a globe with a gas mask on it. And the guy that wrote this is Stuart McIntosh and who this guy is is he’s the head of what they call the G 30 and G 30 is the top is a think tank of the 30 most influential central bankers in the world.

So you’ve got like two people from the bank of international settlements, two people from like the Federal Reserve and like you know bank of Israel bank of china bank of Japan, you know, you name it. And so this is not something like nobody, this is like a cloud Schwab level type guy and then his book has a world with a globe with a gas mask on it. And so then you can get into like E. S. G. Funds or I mean there’s all sorts of different ways we can, you know take this or even what the bank of international settlements is.

So that is a, most people have never heard of it. So that’s a bank that sits above the Federal reserve. That is actually like it’s it’s a central bank of the central banks that you know already issues their own sort of global currency called the special drawing right? And the B. I. S. Is like its own country. So sort of like the Vatican like it’s like his own like autonomous zone. So like no one can go in there to you know audit or anything else. And uh and most people and the guy who runs that now it’s just like 400 fat pound fat fuck named augustus Carstens who is like Jabba the Hutt, he might make way more than £400 and he’s on record saying on video saying we want to basically have the ability to shut you down, we want to have the ability to block your financial transactions And how terrible it is that people can go to the store with a $20 bill or a $50 bill and they don’t know where it’s going and they can’t track everything to the system.

And so where all that’s going is you’re going to have a central bank digital currency. The federal reserve is, you know about two months ago on their website had a 40 page paper on it. About a week or two ago, biden came out with an executive order trying to basically like fast track this and then uh like that cares act in 2020 in May, The 1st $1,200 payment initially what they travel end up was actually paying. Excuse me paying people in a basically Fed coin, a central bank digital currency was the first draft text of that bill.

And I think that what they wanted to do was put a trial balloon to see if there’s any reaction. You know, I was the only person in the world that bitched about it. So you know, I would and apparently I didn’t ditch loud enough. So uh so now they’re coming back and they’re gonna, you know basically try to use that to enslave every because once because on one hand you’ve got Bitcoin. On the other hand, you’ve got essential banking and currency. And so I think eventually the average person is going to realize, oh wait, I’ve got this now.

They don’t realize it yet. But eventually they’re like, oh I got this currency where they can just, you know, willy nilly, you know, push punching a bunch of numbers and 10 X. To supply, you know in five seconds or you’ve got this other currency that’s you know, governed by math and the Blockchain. And and then they will probably do things to, you know, screw people and you know, in Bitcoin if they don’t actually hold the keys or if they, you know, leave it on exchange or if they, you know, are on like uh you know using something like a lightning network, but that’s probably outside the discussion about, you know, we were. Yeah. Yeah.

I know. And you’re right and that’s they’re gonna anyway that you know how it is anyway that they can get your money, they’re going to get your money, whether it’s through fees, whether it’s through like you’re saying implementing new policy where if you don’t, you know, have your thing out of an exchange in x. Amount of days, then they take it, you know, whatever, right? And also not just that, but man, it’s um well they got ahold of Bitcoin awhile ago, right? And so like you’re saying, I think that’s a really important point to hit home and we talk about it because we’ve had a few different people in here that are crypto guys, right?

The Tucson Bitcoin guy, our buddy curry um they came on and talk about it. So we’re yeah, we’re big into it, but for people to really comprehend why like fiat is a Ponzi scheme, you know, why why is fiat so bad, right? And it’s the the ability to inflate the money supply, devaluate its your currency, right? So so if I have $10 In the in or a dollar and then somebody comes in and puts another dollar, well now that just like devalued my currency by 50%, right? My spending power is now less and that’s what we’re talking about here, right?

So if you have something like Bitcoin, which there’ll never be another Bitcoin ever even take gold and silver, you can mine more gold, you can mine more silver. We don’t know how much gold’s in the on the planet, do we? There’s no there’s about 2% of the gold is mined every year. And so to find out how long it takes to uh double supply, you just take 72 you divide it by whatever like whatever interest rate you’re working with. So in this case too, so that means every 36 years the supply of gold double.

So I’m 36. So basically means over the course of my lifetime, there’s been twice as much and then you know, then there’s probably gonna be another, you know, so you’re talking like an average lifespan, you’re talking, you know people, you know for exceeding the amount of gold that’s there or even more, right? Right? And then, I mean people hold gold that we don’t even know about, right? But my point is is Bitcoin, we know exactly how many are going to be ever that’s there, We know for sure.

And so if we’re talking about wealth preservation, what what’s what’s better to peg your your your money with right or your wealth to, so that’s kind of and that’s a question that I like to ask everybody right now. Again there there they like to manipulate markets right? These um well because Jpmorgan and all those guys got in uh pretty hard this last year, wasn’t it? I mean it depends what market you’re talking about. Jpmorgan has been accused of manipulating and I think they’ve actually paid fines for manipulating the silver market and they of course you know they blame it on some like 27 year old, you know low level guy that you know it gets the rap for all this sh it um but you know then also you know terms like who owns the gold and silver, I mean a lot of the you know like the beers is you know a big diamond mine but they also own a bunch of gold.

And the guy that formed the beers was what’s the guy’s name? Um Cecil Rhodes. Cecil Rhodes had a basically left all of his money. He was sort of like a rothschild front guy but not sort of he was, I mean that’s where he got all his money to do all of his deeds, but then he left his will to forming too Roundtable groups to try to create the eventual like one World Anglo American World Government, this is in his will. And so the group that came out of his will was called the Royal Institute of Affairs, which is basically, you know, one of the biggest think tanks in London that Chatham house London that goes through and basically are, you know, the shadow makers, public masters behind the scenes and the american equivalent of that that stem from the R. A. Was called the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations.

And so basically like every heavy hitter out there, whether it’s, you know, Hillary Clinton was a former director of it and uh and actually when she was Secretary of State, they moved offices closer to her and she, there’s a video of her saying, oh I’m so glad you guys, you know, officers are closer so I don’t have to go as far for you to tell me what to do, you know, I’m sucking video. So then you know, there’s that Dick Cheney, I think I would mention him, but just like a who’s who of evil.

And so you’re right. So I mean even to do backup by gold and silver, which I’m I am a fan of gold silver too because I think another thing that they’re gonna pull on us is going to be a cyber attack and so you know, that’s physical gold. Sure, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So they’ve been pumping the cyber attack, you know, aspect of it for a while and then, you know, and then in terms of Bitcoin, I mean they did get their hands on Bitcoin and there is and I’m probably like one of the guys that like discovered this and like first started getting that theory out there, but you know, the Bilderberg has like a big hand in, in Bitcoin where I’m not sure if you’ve heard this one before, but and he had the former head steering committee member, he’s been like several times when it’s not.

Klaus Schwab, is this other guy named Henri de Castries? Henri de Castries is the Ceo of was a c just stepped down recently, the Ceo of Axa x, a big uh french insurance conglomerate, first company I’ve ever interviewed for. So that that was how I sort of like knew where the bodies were buried in this stuff. So then uh I remember reading that this company or this company that was formed was called Block Stream and they were the ones who basically helped fund all the core core developers and basically the Bitcoin core developers got 77 or 70 or $80 million 2014.

So like literally the the company where the Ceo of that company is also the head of the Bilderberg steering committee then also was was was the company that then funded the blocks the Bitcoin core developers and they basically deliberately messed Bitcoin up and then didn’t uh expand the block size, so This gets into, I’ve I’ve got an entire podcast on this back when it happened in 2017, but basically Bitcoin cash is sort of more like Bitcoin than even Bitcoin is and that’s sort of like a whole topic end of itself, but you know, but but for all types of purposes like from the investment standpoint, I mean you can’t, I mean they can sort of guide like how the code works, but ultimately like people need to accept what the code is and so right now, I mean just because Bilderberg had a hand in and deliberately slowing down the block size and deliberately creating these high transaction fees, the reason they did that is that they then came out with this lightning network that you would, so problem reaction solution, they already had the solution Lightning network, so now that everybody to funnel into this lightning network as opposed to just like doubling the block size, which you know, from, you know, one megabyte to, I forgot if it’s to one or two megabytes, I should, I should have known that, but um but yeah, there’s this whole, you know, but and that really did cost me a lot of money like trying to, you know over thinking some of this, but there is no way for like the Bilderberg group to go and like sees your Bitcoin if you have it on your own hardware wallet and there’s no way but you know, if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’ve got it through uh you know an exchange or you’ve got it in some sort of like non custodial wallet lightning while it like the people down in El Salvador have, I mean they can just, you know, take that flip of the switch and maybe that’s part of the game.

But I think first what they want to do is, you know, because Bitcoin is always gonna go up and down and have major crashes and stuff and so you know, the first thing, you know, do your own research on all this stuff, but they’re gonna, you know, scare people when it goes down again to them to go look at this. You know, we’ve got the central bank digital currency that can’t go down because it’s back by the dollar. Whereas you know, the last thing I wanted something back for the dollar and the, and and and and for me like why fiat is such a scam is that like, imagine if there’s only three of us on an island and or like in the world and let’s say I’m the banker.

Uh and you know, let’s say your podcast host, you want to borrow 100 bucks from me to go start your your business and it’s only $100 that exists in the entire world around the entire island. And let’s say it’s a one year loan, you owe me 3% interest. So after one year you owe me 100 and $3. Well where do you get 100 and $3 from if we only created $100 and so basically you have to then borrow more money from me to them paying back the interests and so at the root fundamental level because our money is backed by debt, not even because it’s really fiat but because it’s backed by debt that the whole system is basically like is backed by bonds.

So I mean the root word of bond is bondage. I mean basically slavery and so I mean basically we’re you know, high tech slaves that don’t even know where slaves and so the best slave is a slave that doesn’t know that they’re a slave. And and so when I realized this, You know, shortly after 2,018 probably like 2009 that then you know sort of led me into like the Ron, you know, I did things backwards where I found about that the Fed was A scam and then I found out about Ron Paul but then a lot of people found out about Ron Paul then found out that that was a scam so that backwards like you.

Yeah, I was backwards like you. Yeah, yeah, so most people, yeah, so we’re definitely probably like the rarity of maybe like 5% of people that did it that way. And so then that led me to him and then and then moving to Arizona because I knew like the Ron paul revolution like sort of like kicked off here and it was you know the first ever Ron paul media group was in you know Ernest Hancock’s backyard and I didn’t know that you know. Yeah and actually they tried to draft him to run back in 2000 and seven Ernie actually he created the Wrongful Revolution logo as well and and it was and I remember being here in like 2010 2011 2012 actually not 2010 2011 2012 and there was just like thousands of people there and and and it also help me realize like what a scam like trying to work within the system was because you know, I would go as like a young 25 year old and go to like one of these RNC debates and all of a sudden you know, they’ve got you know uh snipers on us of like, hey you guys have to get into free speech zones uh ship like that and so you know, and then what they wanted is like we would have thousands of people there and like every other candidate would have like 50 people there and then they’d like position the cameras to make it look like the 50 people were like thousands and that you know mitt Romney had all the support when like no one cared about him and then we were like and then we would like do other certain like straw poll stuff where we would have like 500 people there and there’d be like 30 people there for like Newt Gingrich and mitt Romney and all these other clowns and then somehow we would lose the vote when we’ve got, you know, we could just outnumber them, you know, 10 to 15 to one, you know, and somehow lose the vote and so then, you know, and then i you know, other stories around the country peoples, you know, arms being broken and that there’s all sorts of shenanigans that went that went on with that.

And then um you know, the final straw was at the RNC Was a debate in Tampa in 2012. And what they want to do is like there’s this whole strategy basically where How Reagan one is that they like talking about politics, but Reagan did actually win like the primary vote, he had the delegates basically chose him. So Ron Paul was on a delegate strategy where if you have, if you win a certain amount of states and the delegates become unbound to vote for anybody. I mean it’s more complicated than that, but and so what they did is they decided to change the rules on Ron paul and said, oh instead of winning five states, you know, we vote to make it 15 and then what they did was they already had it written in the teleprompter that no one opposed, it was Reince Priebus that did that and then you know fast forward for four years later uh donald trump is you know the presumed nominee going into the R. N. C. And then now they couldn’t get him out of there because of the Ron paul rule from four years ago that needed 15 states versus five.

So if nothing else at least like it sort of sucked them but uh but then you know then trump goes in there and picks Reince Priebus and he picks jerome Powell who joe biden also picked and so I mean like what does it tell you that? And I remember that was like the day I just was absolutely livid with him when he picked her own Powell and and everyone on the right is like oh it’s 40 chest and you don’t know about trump and this five D. Chess and and then you know picking guys like john bolton and bombing syria and bombing just falling for all this stuff and suffering right wing same bird bro.

That’s what I’ve been saying that it’s it’s it’s And if you’ve been alive long enough to go through all these different presidents you know that nothing’s changed. It’s the same thing happening over and over whatever game they’re playing it. So it’s all the world’s a stage right? I’m sure you saw zeitgeist right? I mean that’s what it starts off the all the world’s a stage and it is 1,000% man. So. Yeah. Yeah, wow, awesome. Um Okay, so to back it up. Kind of like more or I guess zoom back out more to a global scale.

The world monetary fund. The W. M. F. Do you know a lot? Can you help us to kind of, because it seems like you know a lot about the obviously finances stuff in the world finance and so the World monetary fund is another one. Right? So it’s the World Economic Forum combining, you combine two of them together. There’s the World Bank, then there’s the international monetary. Oh I. M. F. That’s right, that’s right, yeah, I. M. F. Okay. Okay. So yeah, can you hit on that some and like kind of what what they do and where they fit in that hole.

Shit show. Yeah. So first thing to understand is you have the Federal reserve that isn’t federal and doesn’t reserve anything and you have a world then you have a World Bank that actually acts like a fund, then you have the international monetary fund that actually acts as a bank. So it’s all funked up, that makes sense if you don’t think about it. Yeah. Yeah, so the federal, yeah, so the the international monetary fund is a bank and the World Bank is actually a fund where they basically give out grants, but the IMF you know, they you know also operate in what’s called the str especially drawing right?

Where you know, essentially they’re going and you know helping out different users in air quotes, helping out other countries by lending them money and then getting them high, high in the debt and then when they can’t pay back the debt then they’ll go in, they’ll take their fucking ports or their uh you know, any of their valuable natural resources. And so I mean a lot of this was covered in a book called confessions of an economic hitman by john Perkins. Uh but you know, it’s another tool of you know, the global enslavement that’s that’s going on.

And you know, he touched on the World Economic forum and my buddy and who guy who have done a lot of podcasts with Jon snow ice and he’s you know gone through thousands of these guys that have already gone through this program and studied them and seeing sort of who’s who and you know, and for your listeners basically you have Klaus Schwab has his like world economic forum, young leader school and it’s a who’s who of everyone like whether it’s Zuckerberg or Bill Gates or Bill Gates dad or you know, it’s a global like like right, what’s the name of it?

It’s a young global leaders school. It’s like Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel and then and Klaus Schwab recently like even started like oh we have penetrated over half of the Canadian government or half of the Canadian cabinet or something like that. And so they’ve got other people in place and they’re using all this to basically help usher in a global global I. D. S. A. Uh it’s not gonna start off as global, but they want to have, you know, a central uh you know, the vaccine passport is all covered for social credit score, which is they’re going to tie in the central bank digital currency into that.

And and this is stuff that I’ve been railing against uh since like the very very beginning of this pandemic and and sort of seeing where this would go through because you know, the best enemy is an invisible enemy that might not even exist. And so then if you can get somebody scared, you know, and it also, you know, the whole pandemic also happened, you know, right as riots are going on around the world, whether it’s in Hong kong or you know in France or you know, people, you know the yellow vest movement, I mean a lot of people, there’s a lot of strife, a lot of uh I guess what we call like nationalism going on, which, you know, not necessarily seeing that’s like the best thing in the world, but you know, compared to globalism where, you know, it’s basically they just want to have like this worldwide communist fascist type system where it doesn’t really matter if it’s, you know, people fight about communism and fascism, both of them are okay, tiny group of people control everything and you get screwed?

I mean, so they both end up at the same place. So whether you’ve got the corporations doing it, but then or you got the government doing well, the governments run by the, what’s the difference anymore? Right. It’s an oligarchy. I mean, it has, How long is it? I mean, well, and we all, I mean, I’m not sure what you know about this, but in 1866, Lincoln created the first United States of America Corporation in Delaware. Right? So quite literally the governments are corporations for profit, corporations with Dun and Bradstreet numbers, Go check them out.

I encourage everyone to do. So we talked about it a lot on here. So anyway, Yeah, man, so, so something that I, I like to talk about and we like to do here at the freedom people is solutions. Dude, we’re very solution driven. Um, and after looking at your website and stuff like that, it looks like you’re on that same kind of mission. Um what sort of solutions do you see what I mean? Like we know, I mean, we’re with you, we’re we do not believe that you’re going to change the system from within the system.

That, to me it’s it’s that’s that’s not so we need to kind of create our own, that’s why we’re creating our own economies everything, Dude, it’s we have to, Right, So, um, what do you see? And what do you think? Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of it’s gonna come down because I mean what could be coming down the pipeline, you know, it’s not gonna be that great. I mean even like biden is out there today talking about, you know, food inflation and how it’s, you know, the Russians fault, but we all need to uh, you know, do our part, you know, to, you know, punish Russia and you know, and so I think a lot of it’s gonna come down to a food thing, so it’s probably going to come down to, you know, if you, you know, at the very most, you know, at least having like horrible food that, you know, however long you want to, you know, sustain yourself for because I think in this environment where, you know, there there could even be like shortages on like diesel fuel coming up, which then you’re not gonna be able to get, you know, truckers aren’t able to get it across the country, you know, if there’s no diesel or, or, or even if there is, you know, big snafu in that type of system.

So I think it comes down to, you know, food, water, shelter, but then you want your shelter to be around, you know, like minded communities, it’s having wealth, you know, that eventually there’s going to be a debt market implosion. So everybody always talk about the stock market, I actually think there’s a case where the stock market goes like through the roof or to infinity because its price in dollars and if Eventually dollars aren’t worth anything, uh you know, it’s like in Germany in 1910 they’re stock market was like 400 and it went down to like 100.

So okay, you lost 75%. But then by 1923 it was like 27 million. So that doesn’t mean you’re doing great. But because their currency also collapsed but you know, having actual real physical goods and having a community of people and you know, being able to protect those with, you know, obviously with, you know, we’re out here in Arizona so we’re lucky enough to have, you know, guns and ammo and all that sort of stuff. But you know, and I’d say, you know, it kind of starts with that, but you know, having some of your wealth and like physical gold and silver having, you know, if you do have like Iras or 41 Ks, you know, maybe getting some of that in the crypto and there’s ways to do it with a Roth for any gains or then legally tax free, but you know, having wealth that they can’t confiscate, having things that they can’t just pull out, don’t not accepting that central bank digital currency obviously, you know, that’s a that’s a given because what they’re gonna do is they want to make people poor and then they’re going to have, you know, they’re going to come in with the as the Saviors with their solution.

And actually like the head, the guy that started the Federal Reserve is this guy named James Warburg. And uh and the play Annie, he was Daddy Warbucks is who they modeled him after. And basically he said that you should have a one world government. It’s only a matter if it’s your consent or conquest and so they don’t want the conquest, you know, world War, you know, routes to get all this through which you know, who knows, maybe playing that card too. But they want to get people to beg for help and the help will come through.

Oh look at this, you guys need help. But we’ve got our universal basic income through the, through the fat coin. And then boom we’re gonna shut you off. And there is I mean the amount of um different countries around the world that are currently researching this is like absolutely insane. I mean there’s like over 80 countries right now that are a currency blocs. Like the Eu would be like one currency bloc that are looking at doing this. And there’s there’s a website actually on it right now called the atlantic council dot org slash CB dc tracker.

And you can go through and see, you know like there’s nine countries have already launched it 15 or in pilot programs 16 or in development 40 and research phase and then there’s um you know, only two countries have canceled it. I’d like to see which two those are okay. It looks like Senegal canceled it. And Ecuador. Okay. So besides those two places, two places were supposed to go. I don’t know. I don’t know. I’m just looking at this right now for the first time, maybe they maybe they developed some other system in the meantime where they’ve got some other way to enslave you over there.

But you know, But yeah, unfortunately, you know, the first thing is, you know, having the knowledge and be able to use this knowledge and then tell other people, you know, hey, you know, you know, don’t accept this, you know, rail rail against this at all costs because, you know, as soon as, you know, it’s not necessarily going to be, you know, direct evil from day one. But you know, certainly by the time, uh, you know, your kids or grandkids are in the system, you know, they’re all going to be slaves at the rate things are going, they want to get everyone into like trans humanism and, you know, having, you know, basically synthetic biology inside of people with nanotech GMOs baby, then they can patent you, right?

That’s what I tell you, they’re turning you into soybeans. I’ve been screaming that at people. I was like, dude, do not do whatever they say because what they’re doing is creating genetically modified organisms, which then they can patent. And here’s the next book I had geo engineered trans humanism and they’re like that’s where and then Klaus Schwab even talks about it. Uh you know, and so it’s it’s just nuts where everything is going and unfortunately uh you know, it’s just, you know, getting right with, you know, not mind body spirit I think is probably the best thing to do.

And so uh you know, also having the knowledge and then, you know, doing your best to try to outlast these guys because I mean, I don’t think necessarily think you’re going to be able to beat them as much as you’re gonna be able to outlast them. And and and it’s not like, and the thing is it’s not like the situation is hopeless because it was hopeless. They wouldn’t have to spend hundreds of billions or trillions of dollars to propagandize us every minute of every day, right? I mean in every aspect.

Yeah, brother. Yeah, exactly. So it’s not so I don’t want to come across as like doom and gloom and but you know it is and then a lot a lot of things like we, it sounds like like, okay, you know, doom and gloom and I’ve been telling people about crypto since and now it’s up like 40 X since I’ve been talking about it as a financial advisor or like ethereum talking about that at like 70 bucks. And now it’s like, I don’t know, what is it that the second like 3000 or something.

So you know, it’s not like I’m doom and gloom on that or you know like a month ago when I was telling people like, oh hey, I just went out and bought a bunch of Russian ammo and then all of a sudden the ammo cost twice as much now as it did a month ago. You know, so you know, there’s things if you’re on like the inside track of being able to see where things are going, if you had the extra resources to kind of get ahead of, you know, whatever the government’s doing to mess things up and then probably the last thing that I didn’t really, we didn’t really focus too much on would be like privacy coins.

So you’ve got Bitcoin that you can track trace Surveil and then you’ve got things like Manero or things like pirate chain and those ones you can’t, you can’t track and actually get pirates up like about over 100%. I’m a big pirate guy dude. I was, I’ve been mining pirate and all that stuff. Yeah. I know and actually I was telling tina like when it was about like 60 65 cents or something I’m like, hey we need, you need to get into this more, but she didn’t but uh because it is sort of pain to get, but I know my thesis and again, you know, this is something that’s either going to go to zero or eventually people will start valuing privacy because unfortunately people are not really valuing privacy.

Yeah, like ours, like it’s even gone up a lot in the rankings and now it’s number 1 75. Manero is probably like 40th or something. Okay, 41. And the thing is that people aren’t really valuing the privacy like that. The top privacy coin is number 41. I mean that’s ridiculous. But you know, and in my opinion like so Manero is sort of like the £800 gorilla in the room. But then you do have like I was on the narrow talk radio and you’ve got a lot of like social justice warriors like in that group two and you’ve got people who, which surprised me because it’s like the comments were like, oh I really like this guy.

So he started flexing about not wearing a mask and things, which really surprised me, right? It’s like the most outlaw crypto then you’ve got like all these like conformists, right? The non there like in the most non conformist thing you can do, but now they’re trying to get their conformist at heart. It’s a weird place, man. Yeah. Which I feel like the pirate community is more like our, you know, our and our our community community. Yeah, it’s our community and now even biden just like two days ago he like he’s bringing up the puppet’s name, but he just signed something saying that they’re basically going to allow for letters of marque and Reprisal against Russian ships, which is code word for, they’re basically allowing pirates to go, you know, privateer Russian shifts.

So I mean they’re making pirates great again and then I, I went to coin market cap or coin gecko and I’m like, oh man pirate chains actually up on all this stuff. So the irony, right? Yeah, it’s irony, but you know what that is, if you don’t know what you’re doing on this stuff. I mean it’s one you want to take a fly, I’m not saying put all your money into it because you know, it’s, it is, I mean we’re talking like the number 275 crypto, I like it, you know, because it can be tracked racers surveilled it is more private than narrow and you know, I don’t really ever get into like any of these cute seem em names but you know, in terms of, you know, it is probably does have some, you know, meme ability to it and it has the best privacy tech and it has a lot of like people that are in Bitcoin early on who are, you know promoting this, but you know, it is so, and it is sort of a panty asked to get it in terms of like if you’re not used to doing, you know, going on to like different not as well stopping and all that stuff yeah and then, you know you’re getting into gas fees and there’s a, there’s a lot of which most of us in Bitcoins, so like there isn’t like gas fees on that, so it’s either in like usd t or like Bitcoin is like the main pairing in it and luckily now like the Bitcoin fees are are lower in there, but you know, I think it, It could be, you know, some, you know, first I think it’s gonna crack the top 100 and probably crack the top 50 and who knows, it could crack, you know, top 25, which you know, at that point, you know, and the thing is I’m not getting it for like, oh I think it’s gonna make a bunch of money, I’m getting it because I wanted something that, you know, they can’t take it.

Yeah, like you don’t need 51% of the world needing, everyone thinks like, oh we needed to convince like half the people, you know, it could just be us and our people in our community like, hey this is what we want to use and you know, maybe for 2% of the population or 5% or 10% but everything these guys are doing uh a lot of girls too and they’re everything they’re doing is basically pushing people more towards, you know volunteerism, anarchism and towards freedom and it’s just unfortunately, which is why I like railed against Cunanan so much is that it took like all these like well meaning people that like had an idea, something was wrong and then they psyop them into into you know, some ridiculous stuff.

That was a lot of truths that somebody is coming to save. You don’t worry about it. You just sit sit tight. There’s a plan in place where we’re going to save. You don’t worry about. The most annoying part is my initials are T T. P. Trust the plants like motherfucker even took my, took my initials like it took everything on this and then I’ve been railing and then they then they kicked us off youtube around the turn of media on the same day that all the Q. And on people got kicked off when we were railing against Q. And on from day one.

And like we, I had jennifer griffin on a couple of times like the first thing I asked him was about Q. And on which I didn’t really want to have to ask him about that. And he had told me the story that there was something back in his day called the White Dove and the White dove was basically Q. And on of like the late sixties, early seventies. And then they were even floating around the idea and calling it nocera nocera even back then, which I didn’t, I’m like they even using the same fucking words the same terminology, the same playbook.

Yeah dude of course they do right and that’s and that dude, that’s where I’m like, yeah, yes, it’s and that’s why we know this ship is like controlled by it’s it’s not individual as we think it is, right? They and they do it all through the media, it’s the propaganda for for the the world governments, that’s what the media is and they tell us that this is happening right now over here and this is happening over here and that’s kind of what blows my mind. All these people who were farc, the media is lying in the media is lying.

Then as soon as Russia thing hits, oh listen to the media, the media is telling us the truth. I’m like, yo you don’t see it happening again and again and again, dude, it’s been happening forever. It’s the same ship over and over and over again. Pr predictive programming. I first realized that when and I realized that after the fact, but as soon as I used to watch the news all the time when I was little uh you know, I was really weird like in high school watching the news and watching CNN remember like as soon as uh the first plane hit the towers immediately.

The first thought in my mind was this is the work of Osama Bin laden Now, how does a 15 year old before I even like anything that’s going on and I was living in upstate new york at the time, but when this is going down like how is the 10th grader immediately think this is the work of bin laden because it was in the news constantly man of course and like a lot of people have seen like the Alex jones clip from like I think it was like july 20th First or 22nd, 20 or 2000 and one where he, I don’t know if you haven’t seen this, like definitely look it up, there’s a clip clip of him saying you know, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the government’s going to try to take down, you know fly planes into buildings and maybe use the boogeymen Osama bin laden to maybe fly a plane into the World Trade center like literally just I know right another another coin in the Alex jones is shaking right jar dude like just drop another one in there dude, jesus christ and then I I definitely fell off the Alex jones wagon during after trump because then it just became like the trump show, I think he did a lot of disservice to all these people but you know he’s back out there doing good stuff and he woke up a lot of people and uh you know I got no real no harsh words for him or anything, I just wish he was a little better in the trump stuff but and you know there’s so many people do that just uh you know I mean it is what it is, but again if you just were able to keep your head straight and and realize that they’re not going to let anybody in their game.

Dude, even if it looks like he’s an outsider coming into the game, they’re not it’s so it was a new york city liberal like his entire life like billionaire new york city liberal is going to come save me like come on. It’s just there’s just yeah bro, I’m yeah, so well here we are and that’s I mean that’s the thing. So yeah, that’s all good advice man, thank you. So right just and we’re we’re on the same page just like getting getting your money. Um or you know, out of the main crypto is is is a good uh probably a good thing to look at, right?

Like tim saying it’s it’s uh it’s not as easy as getting your, you know, getting the Bitcoin and stuff like that, just going to your local exchange. However it is a lot more secure and a lot more private um if you’re actually looking for that, right? And that’s the thing is that yeah, okay it’s really the technology like you said in the beginning dude, it’s a double edged sword. Just like anything else just like a gun. The gun’s not bad. Technology is not bad, it’s the the intent behind it, that’s how you use that technology that means everything right?

So we can be used to save your life, you’re gonna be used to kill you. And so this Blockchain technology is going to be either the most freeing thing to humanity or the most enslaving. And unfortunately because of people’s lack of knowledge is probably leaning towards for most people the more enslaving route. But it doesn’t mean that for those of us who are awake and a lot of us who are awake, obviously we didn’t get the shot, We didn’t get the jab. And so who knows, might not have them be dealing with everybody else, you know, in this other world and then we can go, you know, thank Bill Gates after, you know, they go through and they everybody dies, you know, getting vaccine induced AIDS or something.

And you know, I also want to get a plug with you know, Tina who set this up, tina Marie have learned the risk where you know that she just got a billboard up so people can go to learn the risk dot org. I believe there’s one now in Tempe and I know there’s a couple of those that they’re trying to, you know, get um, you know, get all across the country and you know, people need to have this knowledge and uh you know, so her big thing was vaccines, my big thing was like central banks, you know, digital currencies and federal reserve.

And now it’s like both of those are like basically front and center. Unfortunately like every single day because I wish, you know people had already woke up to all this stuff and we didn’t have to be talking about this. But you know sort of is what it is at this stage of the game. But everything is leading more towards I think the need for private cryptocurrencies to having more, you know, sovereignty with their own money and everything is getting more authoritarian. And and I don’t really see unfortunately there’s no white knight coming to save you.

And uh and look at look at what trump did I mean he was the white knight and then he you know, doubled the debt in four years. Uh you know putting all these features operation warp warp speed bragging about getting a booster with Bill O’Reilly. I mean at this point, I mean if if nothing else would would have sank this guy. Uh and I was of the opinion that they probably did rig the election and this is I’m probably the only people on earth that can claim this.

But I have a video september 16th 2016 saying he’s gonna win. This is 2016 and they’re gonna blame it on the Russians and why they’re gonna blame it on the Russians. It’s like a two minute long video before I even had a Youtube channel that was on a facebook video I did. And now it’s on as part of my Youtube and 2020 said he’s going to be on stage and Acapulco uh I had a power point and I go, they’re going to take these six states. I had him in a fucking power point, they’re gonna use the voting machines and through fraction magic and through all these other ways.

And this is why they didn’t didn’t do it in 2016, this is what we’re gonna do it this time and he’s going to lose. And so I both said he was gonna win in 2016 And why and said why he was going to lose in 2020 and had the states on the power point. Boom, boom. So I’m like at that point, like everyone else can suck it because I’ve done about and I’m just so done, just so done explaining all this stuff. And then, so, you know, so that’s what, so now you can see why I’ve been kicked off all these different places and why.

Um and I just the latest video and if anybody wants to know what’s going with Russia, I do. So I do have the Liberty Advisor show dot com, it’s like more of my media stuff on there. And we have an interview we did with scott Horton in december, where it was where it was entitled Russian Ukrainian Inside Baseball. And scott Horton is probably the most like legit expert. There is like an art in terms of like are people too, because you obviously don’t trust, you know, foreign affairs experts, but this guy, you know, he runs antiwar dot com is the head of the libertarian institute and it’s probably the most knowledgeable person there is on foreign affairs and in all the inside baseball.

So we got that one and I just did like a walk and talk that’s sort of like a sort of walking my dog and I get like my analysis and stuff sort of like a Jeff and lucy type thing. And uh, and I did one on everything that’s sort of going on with Russia because that’s really been front and center for me for, you know, 9, 10 years going on at this point now. So, uh, you know, it’s unfortunately people have a lot of opinions and stuff they know nothing about.

But this is like one of the things that I, you know, have had my eye on the ball has been everything going on with Russia. And unfortunately, you know, they’ve done everything they could to really sort of get this, uh, other distraction here in place. So that way they can get all the rest of their crap and agenda, you know, pushed through. And part of the agenda is the C B D C. So the Liberty Advisor show dot com is like the main media hub for for everything on bit shoot odyssey.

Um, and then I, I hosted stuff locally too. And then we got some stuff up there on youtube, but wouldn’t really recommend it. They’ve, uh, you know, I two videos ago they took the video down for medical misinformation. You know posting about project veritas undercover video. So posting their own video got me taken down for medical misinformation. So that’s what, that’s all they say now is just medical and misinformation. They don’t even tell you why I put one up with a financial, it was about the finances.

I can’t remember. It doesn’t even matter. Dude, it’s just if your flag now they just, they just do whatever they want. So boo tube yeah they two who tube and unfortunately I didn’t really start putting out content until like I mean like August of 2016 which is like the hardest time to try to get going because then as soon as Trump one that ended like basic locking everything down and when the world turning media and we got kicked off all these different places and we are changed and which actually your your your quilts in the background actually I just realized looks like that we are changed logo.

So yeah, so I guess uh you know it looks looks doing good now I don’t want to bash him too much but you know and in the heat of things I was the one telling people not that we actually have a video called tim and luke debate mask for snow mask and I was taking the side of no mask and he was taking and I never thought like in a million years that I would be the one that was more hardcore than him. And so now it’s uh it’s pretty, pretty crazy, but yeah, so now he does videos with another guy named Tim who his last name also begins with a p who’s the same age as me.

Uh He’s been wrong tim pool and then now he basically acts like how I was when we were doing a show. And so he’s basically taking my persona to the Temple show, Just craziness for anyone who was watching those, you know, we’ve got like 100 over 100 videos that we did that anybody can go back and see what was going on there. Uh and see that basically now he’s basically ripped off my persona and what everything I was saying and now brought it to, you know, a very large audience now, so, but you know, it’s better, better late than never, I guess.

So, right? I guess not, dude, I mean, whatever, it’s the whole way world is just we’re in the upside down world. I don’t even know where we seem to be starting to sync up with our people though, right? And that’s that’s um you know, we were we were going to try and sync up today, but I’d love to meet you in person, man. I have a lot. I’d like to discuss with you, there’s a book I’d really like you to get, it’s called the 0% if you uh The 0% Yeah so we were big into the finance stuff as well through foreign express trust and grantor retained annuity is trusts and um we we we take businesses out of the public and bring them into the private.

So un inc out of the bar system out of the system completely and um private. So we are not part of the corporations whatsoever. I know another guy who would be a good guest for you guys to get, who’s uh who emails me all the time. It’s got eric shine who you know he gets a lot into um I forgot the act that you just mentioned like the 18 66 stuff and everything. Everything we were just talking about is all like on his wheelhouse and I think he got what is it?

What’s it when they try to like say that you’re like insane. 51 50. Is that what it is? They they think that he was in the military, he was high up in the military blowing whistles and stuff and then they I think they like the courtroom they had him in was like room number like 51 50 or something and they tried to 51 50 A. M. Or something. So he was like mentally insane. So yeah so he could be, he could be that would be awesome. Yeah. No we’re always dude I love I love talking to people man about especially anything that’s going to lead us to truth and freedom because that’s what we’re about.

We’re about freeing the individual. We believe if you free the individual then you can free the family, free the community and free the county because that’s what we need to do is take back our counties. Yeah, I’d love to, yeah, I’d love to meet up with you in person. Unfortunately just broke. Well, I just got my new phone, but my old phone as you can see is broken. So I was been dicking around trying to get everything transferred over and pretty much there, but that’s uh didn’t want to fight with rush hour and wanted to finish all the phone stuff before I, I went down down yonder.

But yeah, I would love to meet up with you guys. Thanks for having me on. And it’s been a pleasure. The Liberty Advisor show dot com. And then also can bring you to all the financial stuff that I’m up to as well for anybody. Okay, The Liberty Advisor dot com, yep. That’s one of them. Then the Liberty Advisor show is all the, all the media stuff and without show the Liberty Advisors, all the financial stuff. Beautiful, beautiful, awesome, awesome tim man, great to meet you brother. Thank you again.

Thank you so much. We’ll have a great one. Thank you. You too. Bye bye. Mm hmm. Mm hmm. Mm hmm

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