What Is the Civil Flag of Peace?

Civil Peace Flag

The Civil Flag of Peace is becoming more and more popular, and it can now even be bought at Lowes. But what is the Civil Flag of Peace and why is the USA seeing a rise in its popularity? This article will take a look at what the flag is, what it looks like, and what it means today.

What is the Civil Flag of Peace?

The Civil Flag of Peace is a flag that is intended to represent peacetime and freedom.

The Civil Flag of Peace is also sometimes called the Stars and Bars flag. It has 13 alternating red and white vertical stripes with blue stars on a white background in the top left corner.

Where Did the Civil Flag of Peace Originate From?

The story goes that the Civil peacetime flag was first used at the turn of the 19th century in 1799 and 1800 by merchants and citizens to stand for the authority of the Constitution, common law, and peace. The flag was initially intended to be used by customs vessels, which were built to enforce tariff laws. It was designed by Oliver Walcott, who replaced Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury. The vertical stripes of the flag were chosen to differentiate the new flag from the U.S. Flag, representing civilian authority under the Treasury rather than military authority.

Custom houses and merchants both began to use the flag, and other civilians who could afford them started to use the flags too. In 1874, all custom houses were required to fly the flag. In 1913, the Civil Flag was adapted by the Coast Guard, after it absorbed the Revenue Cutter services. The new design featured the Coast Guard insignia and lost its meaning of civilian authority. By 1951, the use of the flag had been phased out.

Nathaniel Hawthorne describes the flag in ‘The Scarlet Letter’, as “the banner of the republic; but with the thirteen stripes turned vertically, instead of horizontally, and thus indicating that a civil, and not a military, post of Uncle Sam’s government is here established.”

What Is the Civil Flag Used For? What Is Its Purpose Today?

The American Civil flag of Peacetime has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years. Today, the flag is used to represent peace and constitutional law. Many see the official U.S. Flag as standing for martial law or war, whereas the Civil Flag of Peace offers an alternative that represents peacetime. Once used by merchants and customs officials, modified versions of the flag can still be seen in the U.S. Coast Guard and on U.S. Customs officials’ shoulder patches. However, the original flag is still in existence and is even available to buy from a number of easily accessible stores. More and more people are choosing to adopt this flag and display it in or outside their homes or businesses.

The belief is that the Civil Flag of Peacetime is the second flag of the United States of America, and to many, it is the flag that should be flown to represent peacetime and a lack of military authority.

The Civil Flag of Peace is available to purchase from many vendors, including many online stores. This makes the flag accessible to everyone and also shows how the popularity of the flag and what it symbolizes has grown.

Not everyone believes that the Civil Flag of Peace is a flag that should be used or has indeed ever existed. Various sources give a history of the flag, while others say that the story behind the flag isn’t true and that it doesn’t really exist. However, there are many who do believe that the flag exists and has been slowly forgotten or deliberately obscured. For those who believe in the flag and what it stands for, it is an important symbol that perfectly encapsulates the freedoms that should be protected for all U.S. citizens.

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