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Video Demands Urgent Attention in 2024 Marketing – Master it This Way

If you want to effectively capture your audience in 2024, video content remains your North Star to higher conversions and more revenue. But with countless formats and complex production pathways, good intentions turn into chaos real fast!

I’m Jeff Kohler with Socialize Video. I’ve been in the marketing industry for about 15 years. Socialize Video is a group of talented video professionals that makes creating videos rejuvenating. Our psychologically-based video sets perform much better than the typical throw-spaghetti-on-the-wall” approach.

Recently we did a deep dive and reviewed the thousands of videos we’ve created for our clients and isolated what really yielded results for our customers. In doing so, we’ve decoded seven key video types that work together and drive revenue results (not just views).

First, Not All Content Works Equally Hard

Many video production groups are pushing their clients to chase trends or follow a certain style. You’ve got to resist the fear of missing out on those potentially “viral” videos. I hate viral videos by the way but that’s another discussion.

Here are some other challenges:

One Hit Wonders

Some expect a single master video to carry all their marketing weight and that typically leaves brands overwhelmed and underwhelming. 

Flailing Freestylers

You create random videos without connecting them to funnel stages or reinforcement across your overall strategy – aka freestyling. This lacks intentional, choreographed content.

Passive Order Takers

All too often video production professionals quickly ask what you want to create or what your strategy is rather than guiding you to a process that actually works.

The SevenPlus

That’s why we’ve created the SevenPlus video package that creates the key foundational videos that act as your conversion-focused video backbone. 

Here are the seven types of videos and consider this the flow your typical customer follows when converting to your product or service.


Catching attention about how your offering delivers the outcomes your customers desire and helps them visualize achieving success through you.

Main or Homepage Video

This high-level intro video is about quickly establishing relevance, building rapport, and convincing the viewer your business aligns to their wants and interests.

How It Works or What It’s Like

This video provides more details through an overview or demonstration helping viewers clearly envision their experience with your business.

About Us

Sharing your founding vision and core values builds trust and affinity with viewers seeking more than transactions – they want a relationship rooted in purpose.


Let satisfied customers tell their success stories on camera to convince future customers that you can deliver the same results as they got.

Product or Service Showcase

Walk through key features and benefits to vividly demonstrate your complete offering so viewers can evaluate what best fits their specific needs.

Customer Journey

This video is different for each business. This could be a pre-call video, or post-purchase or another. The goal is to provide a video that helps the customer at some point in their journey through the buying process.

Together these paint a complete picture from identity and origins clarifying what you offer…to tangible examples proving claims through emotional stories.

Can you see how each video plays it’s part, communicates specific layers to your brand story, and helps customers convert? That’s what our clients are seeing!

Two Paths Building These Videos

When you’re ready to create these foundational videos, you really have two main options to choose between: Outsource to a production house to do the heavy lifting, or take the work of directing on your shoulders.

You’re the Quarterback

For those needing to bootstrap, you can take on the QB role and personally oversee the process. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll have to pick up the camera and film. I honestly don’t recommend that. 

We offer a coaching program that shows you exactly how to write your scripts for the seven foundational videos, find a local videographer to film and hire a video editor to finish your videos. 

Our program also includes one-on-one sessions with our team of video pros to help check in on your progress, get you unstuck, and review your videos.

Be The Team Owner

Instead of taking the time to direct the process, hire professionals to do the whole thing for you from start to finish.

That’s what our SevenPlus package is designed for at Socialize Video. Our team will script, film (or animate), and polish your videos within 120 days and we guarantee our work.


Or you could always do nothing, and watch the competition flourish with their videos, but I don’t recommend that!

A Special Gift

We love working with like-minded freedom followers and if what I’ve covered in this article has helped you, please reach out. I can offer you 20% off our SevenPlus package, or 50% off our Video Marketing Fundamentals program.  

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