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The Freedom Podcast with Host: Bradley Freedom

Is your freedom important to you? Join The Freedom People Podcast teaching you the fundamentals of freedom as we explore freeing your mind, body and spirit – RAW AND UNFILTERED TRUTH.

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Our podcast is full of diverse information that knows no bounds.  You are sure to find something that you love : )


The contents in this podcast are intended to give you the raw truth that will help you see the reality of the absolute truth. The truth will set you free. There is power in truth. This podcast will not always make you feel good. We don’t tell you what you want to hear. This is the podcast where you will find RAW, UNCENSORED & UNFILTERED TRUTH. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.


Why The Podcast?

The quote “necessity is the mother of all invention,” quite perfectly explains how The Freedom People came to be. Being labeled a conspiracy theorist for years, Brad is more excited than ever that recent events are causing more people to question the narrative. We, The Freedom People choose to believe in The Great Awakening of humanity rather than The Great Reset of The World Economic Forum.
In March 2020, when lockdowns began, something didn’t seem right. We, The Freedom People knew the mandates and recommendations made by the CDC were not in alignment with true health. We are aware of the body’s amazing capabilities to heal and knowledge of how the immune system works. Also armed with knowledge of many past events the government has lied about, We The Freedom People had more than suspicion that this would be another experiment. Rule number one of investigative journalism is follow the money. Basic research of the CDC leads you to Anthony Fauci and Bill Gates of the World Health Organization. Why was everyone all of a sudden trusting a computer guy for advice about health?
More people started listening to Alex Jones and David Icke because what they have been saying as “conspiracy theories” for over 20 years was coming to be our new reality.

The Freedom People was born during these unprecedented times. The podcast is Brad’s outlet to let people know they are not alone in this fight. Hard to believe so many are willingly giving away rights without thinking critically. We do still take our shoes off at the airport so while there are many sheep we are the lions seeking out the rest of the lions.

There are two other parts of The Freedom People in addition to the Podcast. We created {} a website for people to create a profile and connect and share information with other like minded individuals. The Freedom Directory found at {} is a resource for freedom loving businesses to connect to our freedom loving people. We hope to be a resource for people to find out how to protect their freedoms.

During these times where the Truth is inverted we are trying hard to not let it get buried and erased. Censorship is at an all time high. However when the President of the United States is being censored you should most definitely be raising an eyebrow. We are not political, in fact we believe left wing, right wing is all the same bird. The system is broken and corrupt beyond repair. It’s time to create new solutions. We have many ideas but more importantly want to talk about them with you, our audience. We love having conversations with all people and the guests we bring on all have something different to offer.

Everyone has their own journey and awakenings can happen from different catalysts. Commonly referred to as being “red pilled” referencing the movie The Matrix. This is why we love having conversations with all different kinds of people! Past conversations have led us to realize it usually takes some sort of personal awakening to be open to the fact that the government may not have your best interest in mind. If you heal trauma from your life, whether it be religion, family, relationship or your health, your mind is more likely to be open to any possibility.

Hard to believe people are walking around outside, hiking, biking with masks on. Did anyone else see the video of a girl walking her dog, the dog pooped and she picks up the poop with her mask only to put the mask back on her face?! Like what in the actual hell type of reality is this? Just when you think more and more people are going to start saying no, things get even weirder. Now at Trader Joes if you shop without a mask you have to push around a special cart with a sign on it that reads “mask accommodation approved.” How did we get into such a backwards world? Doesn’t anyone remember just about a year ago…if you walked into a bank with a mask on the bank would call the police. Now it is literally backwards and they will refuse you service if you are NOT wearing a mask! Seems like we are all sick until proven healthy and definitely guilty of racism until proven anti-racist. Man, I really miss the old days. Humans weren’t afraid of each other, we knew we all had more in common than differences and could travel anywhere we wanted. We don’t want to push anyone to do anything, we just ask the same of others. We have done the research, we know there’s been a flu vaccine since 1945 but we still have the flu, don’t we?! If you want to take an experimental gene therapy shot, by all means be the guinea pig, but do not expect us to inject our bodies. That doesn’t seem like freedom to us.

Brad and Emily are optimists at heart and through their spiritual beliefs know the light will win. It’s never comfortable to go through change but we’re here to talk about it and make it just a little less uncomfortable. Focused on creating solutions different from the same system the problems stem from, decentralization is key. Humans are stronger than most think and We The Freedom People believe in humanity.

Listen in on our journey of Truth, love and liberty.

The Freedom People